Lost Luggage

Synopsis: Disillusioned with his life and job, Eric Pierpont determines that he will find a new career. But is he prepared for the path that an apparent mix up at the airport launches him down?


By Breanna Ramsey

"I hate my job." I sighed, trudging wearily into Trump Tower in New York late on a rainy Monday morning in April.

Ok, so the traveling wasn’t bad. I got to see lots of places, New York, L.A, London, Paris — and the company always sprang for the best hotels. I liked the Trump, and its location was convenient to the people and corporations I had to meet with over the next several days, pitching my company’s network system upgrades to those who already used our stuff a few good prospects for new customers.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like selling either - I did and I was good at it, number one in sales for three years running. It’s just that the stuff I was selling was garbage and I knew it. I could talk executives into buying the crap though and the salary was really good — but it just never felt right to me, and the pressure had started to take its toll. I was pretty sure I was developing an ulcer, and I was only thirty five. And there was no connection with the clients, it was make the pitch, get the sale and then off to the next one. I longed to find a job where I could sell a product that I was proud of, to work for a company that truly cared about its clientele. I resolved right then that I would find another job.

This trip was off to a bad start — the airport had lost my luggage. All my suits and clothes were in limbo, all I had was my laptop satchel. I had spent four hours at the airport while they tried to find my luggage and they had finally promised the bags would be delivered to the hotel as soon as they were found. All I wanted to do was get to my room take a shower and relax for a bit. If I hadn’t heard from the airport by evening I would have to go out first thing in the morning and buy a new suit for my first meeting that afternoon. Fortunately all my sales info was packed with my computer.

"Eric Pierpont, I have a reservation for five nights." I told the young woman as I eased up to the front desk. She typed my name into her console and scanned the screen, frowned, then typed some more.

"I am terribly sorry but there seems to be a problem with the reservation Mr. Pierpont." She said. "If you will excuse me one moment, I need to speak to the manager."

"Great." I muttered as the girl walked off. She returned moments later followed by a very attractive woman, who introduced herself as Jeanne.

"It appears that the room you reserved was inadvertently booked to another person due to a data error." Jeanne said pleasantly as she typed at the keyboard. When she finished she looked up and flashed a quite disarming smile.

"I’ve upgraded you to one of our suites; the bar is fully stocked and complimentary for your stay. I sincerely apologize for the confusion, and please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further needs."

"The airport is still trying to track down my luggage. They’re supposed to be sending it over." I told her, thinking the day was finally looking up — a suite and the bar was comped!

"We’ll make a note of it and be certain to have it sent right up to your room." Jeanne assured me. "Enjoy your stay in New York."

After getting checked in I took the elevator up to my floor, used the key card on the door and stepped into my suite for the week. It was very nice; a small fully stocked kitchen and bar, a marble tiled bath with a Jacuzzi and a king bedroom and living room with a spectacular view of Central Park. Now if the airport could just find my luggage…

It was lunch time, I had taken an early flight, and so I decided I would go out and get a bite to eat. I took my time, and when I returned it was around two in the afternoon. I paid the cab driver, and as I turned to walk into the hotel, a car driving by hit a huge puddle and soaked me completely. My day was going so well.

"I would be so much better off if I’d been born someone else." I sighed. My job stunk; my life stunk. My suit really stunk.

I waited until the worst of the water had dripped off me then strode across the lobby to the elevator in a truly foul mood. Back in the suite I was elated to see my luggage! With a happy sigh I stripped out of my wet suit and hung it out so housekeeping could send it out to the cleaners, and then went to unpack, feeling a bit decadent as I walked about the suite naked.

I opened garment bag, and instead of suits I found several evening dresses! The same was true of my other two bags; all filled with woman’s clothing, cosmetics and a carton of Benson & Hedges cigarettes. The luggage all looked exactly like mine, but was obviously not. The tags said the luggage belonged to an E. Pierpoint. Well that probably explained the mistake, the luggage was exactly as I described it to the airport people; there was even a laptop case that matched mine, and the name was almost identical. Now poor Miss Pierpoint was in the same predicament as me. I idly wondered if she was standing in her hotel room naked, staring at my luggage, then called the airport and informed them they had made another mistake and they promised they would work to correct it, then I took a quick shower, wanting only to lie down for a short nap.

Now I had another problem, really just an idiosyncrasy of mine, but I did not like sleeping in the nude. Unfortunately, I had little choice however, unless…

I started looking through the luggage, hoping maybe she had a big t-shirt or something similar that I could wear to sleep in. I could have it cleaned tomorrow, since I really didn’t expect to see my luggage anytime soon. My suit should be back in the morning, and then I could still go out and pick up a few things before my meeting.

Her stuff was nice, and to my eye, very sexy. I began to wonder what Miss E. Pierpoint looked like, and from the look of her clothes I imagined she was very beautiful. I was beginning to think I would have to settle with a robe from the bathroom, which was a little more than I wanted, when I found a rather simple white silk night shirt. There was no doubt it was a woman’s, but it would not look too bad and besides, nobody would see me. Slipping it on I found it a bit tight, but it hung down far enough to cover my crotch and was acceptable, so I set the alarm clock for four thirty and lay down to take a short nap.

The alarm jarred my from sleep all too soon, and as I rolled over to turn it off I found my vision obscured by something….hair? My hair was far too short to hang down in front of my eyes, but as I reached up to investigate I found it was hair, long wavy strands of red hair, though mine was brown. Then I saw my hand.

It was small, slender, with long shapely fingers and finely manicured painted nails; a woman’s hand. The other was the same, as were my wrists and forearms. I sat up slowly in shock, and as I did I felt a strange heavy sensation on my chest. I looked down, not really wanting to but feeling compelled, to find a pair of rather large, firm breasts! I turned to look at the mirror and staring back at me was a gorgeous, voluptuous red haired woman, her face bearing the same shocked expression I felt on my own. I reached up with my delicate right hand to that face and the reflection did the same. I felt smooth, perfect skin. High cheekbones and a petite, slightly upturned nose. The satin shirt was open now; exposing my body to view, and it was a beautiful body. Wide round hips, narrow waist and a flat, tone belly. My navel was pierced and what looked like a very expensive diamond was fastened there. Then my hand dropped to my breast and I explored its curves, its firm smooth roundness, moving to the large nipple and stroking it gently. Immediately it responded to my touch as I watched the image in the mirror, mesmerized. The nipple grew larger, harder and a strange and delicious sensation spread through my body, accompanied by a growing wetness in my crotch.

Shocked from my reverie, I sprang from the bed and bent to look at my sex. My suspicion was proved true as I saw there a small rectangle of red hair just above a perfect, moist vagina.

I felt lightheaded, and as I raised my left hand to my other breast, my right dropped to explore my latest discovery. I can’t say that it was a totally voluntary action, but neither was it totally against my will. I suddenly burned to know what this strange new equipment felt like.

Settling back onto the bed, I began stroking the outer lips of my new vagina, then moved further in, finally sliding one then two fingers into the wet slit. I uttered a soft moan as my fingers penetrated the folds of skin, and continued fondling my breast, pinching and teasing the nipple until it was huge and stiff. A warm sensation began building in me, and I knew I was bringing myself towards orgasm. But before I reached climax or strayed too near my clitoris I stopped, uttering a little cry of disappointment for I did not intend to stop. But a part of my mind told me, ‘Not yet’.

There was a knock at the door just then which startled me, nearly causing me to cry out. I rose tentatively, buttoned the shirt and approached the door with trepidation.

"Who…who is it?" I asked. My voice was a soft and very sexy alto. There was no answer, and as I looked out the peephole I saw no one there. Timidly I opened the door, peeking around with just my head. There was a long box set in front of the door, gold with a bright red ribbon. I quickly retrieved the box and brought it in; opening it to find a dozen long stemmed red roses. There was a card attached.


I’ve been looking forward to this night for weeks, can’t wait to see you. Pick you up at 8.


Who was Dennis? Was Erica Miss E. Pierpoint? That seemed a likely conclusion, and as fantastic as it sounded, I knew that the face that looked back at me from the mirror was Erica Pierpoint — I was Erica Pierpoint.

What was I going to do? Call the front desk and demand my body back? Run screaming down the hall? I realized I must try to find out who Erica Pierpoint was. Perhaps her computer case held some clue.

As I walked towards the living room I could feel the silk of the night shirt as it rubbed my nipples and swished at my hips, the feeling was delicious and I felt my nipples becoming erect once more. I paused to place the roses in a vase that was on the dining table, and then retrieved the laptop case from the corner of the living room where I had stacked the bags. As I looked around I saw that my own computer case was nowhere to be seen. I was certain I had left it on the couch, but perhaps I had taken it into the bedroom. I opened Erica’s case and took out a small slim laptop. As I waited for it to boot up, I looked through the rest of the contents.

There were three packs of Benson and Hedges Menthol 100’s, and I took one from the open pack, lit it and took a deep drag. The smoke filled my lungs and I let out a sigh as I exhaled realizing I had really wanted one.

There was a small ladies wallet which contained identification and credit cards, all in the name Erica Pierpoint. I looked at the California driver’s license and saw that same face that now stared back at me when I looked in the mirror. The birth date placed her age at twenty five, ten years younger than me. The address was an upscale neighborhood in Los Angeles. There was a bank book for a California bank with a sizeable balance listed, and another for an account in Switzerland with an even larger balance. Erica was a wealthy woman. There were business cards, but they were little help, they were simply printed with the name Erica Pierpoint and a cell phone number, presumably for the cell phone in a side pocket of the case.

The computer was ready, and a scheduling program opened automatically. I lit another cigarette and inhaled deeply. As I blew out a cloud of smoke, I was suddenly confused because I didn’t smoke. I looked at the crushed remains of my first cigarette in the ashtray, then at the burning one in my hand, shrugged and took another drag.

The calendar program showed me the current week, showing that Erica was to be in New York during the same time as my trip. On each day there was a name listed; Monday and Tuesday, Dennis; Wednesday, William; Thursday, Andre and Gretchen. The next week showed that she would be in London for seven nights, and once again there were names listed for each night. A light was beginning to shine in my mind; Erica Pierpoint was a call girl! Obviously a high class and very expensive one, based on the bank books, her clothing and the accommodations she could afford. Then the rest of it hit me; I was Erica and I had a date tonight at eight! What was I going to do!

I looked around the room in a panic, and then my eyes settled on the luggage. I thought, this won’t do, I haven’t even unpacked yet. Suitcases stacked in the living room do not present the proper image, you’re slacking girl.

What was I thinking? These were not my suitcases; I was not this woman! But the face reflected back at me in the glass top of the coffee table seemed to say otherwise. I crushed out my cigarette and spent the next twenty minutes unpacking. I was relieved that the evening gowns were unwrinkled as I hung them in the bedroom closet. I would wear the emerald green one with the spaghetti straps tonight for Dennis.

To say I was feeling strange and confused would be an understatement, but there was also a sense of curiosity and anticipation. I was beginning to know things, to understand who Erica was. It was not like I was losing myself, I still remembered that until a few hours ago I had been one hundred percent male. I would have bedded a woman like Erica with pleasure. Even as I thought that, I knew that Erica would do the same!

I knew that Dennis liked a woman to be elegant, sexy but not slutty; until they were in private. I knew he was young and very handsome and, um, well endowed. That thought brought an involuntary shudder of delight to me as my vagina clenched tightly.

It was after five now, and I knew that I was going to flow with whatever was happening to me. I went to the dresser and took out a small rectangular box that I had placed in with my underwear. I took the slim silver vibrator from the box slipped off the night shirt and stretched out on the bed. I began to pleasure myself, running the vibrator across my breasts and around my nipples, teasing them to full erectness. I trailed it between my breasts, stopping to circle my pierced navel several times before continuing south. I circled my vagina, staying well clear of my clitoris as soft moans and sighs escaped me. The idea was to build, not climax, and I knew Erica regularly went through this ritual so that when the time did come to bed her client she was ready to do her whorish best. I hissed as I slip the barest portion of the tip past the inner lips of my vagina. I longed to push it in deep but I did not. Finally, as I again approached climax I stopped my masturbation.

As I rose from the bed I surveyed myself once more in the mirror. I glistened with a thin sheen of perspiration, but more than that, I glowed with a fire from within. To put it bluntly, I was horny as hell!

Now it was time to get ready, and first on the list was a bath. I filled the Jacuzzi and slipped with a sigh into the warm bubbling water. I soaped and fondled myself some more, and yes I masturbated again, coming even closer to climax, but I knew instinctively when to stop. As I stepped from the tub and toweled myself dry my skin felt alive and tingly. I so wanted to be fucked and was not ashamed to admit it!

Time was growing short now so I quickly and expertly brushed my long, wavy hair until it shined and applied my makeup. I slipped into a lacy black strapless bra, black lace panties and garter, and then rolled a pair of black silk stockings onto my shapely legs. Before slipping on the green evening gown I attacked my pussy once more, pressing my panties into it until they were wet. I slipped my wallet, cigarettes and a few other necessary items into the matching green handbag. There were no condoms but that was not a problem I knew as I felt the birth control implant just under the skin of my left arm. And of course, all my clients were carefully screened for any medical concerns. I completed my outfit with earrings and some other tasteful, elegant jewelry.

I checked my hair and makeup again, and had just enough time for another smoke before I heard a gentle knocking at the door. I restrained my desire to run across the suite, pausing to check my hair and makeup one more time before answering the door.

Dennis stood there and my breath was nearly taken away. He was tall, six feet, and would have towered over my five foot seven inch frame were it not for the four inch heels I was wearing.

"Erica, you look lovely as always." He smiled charmingly, kissing my offered hand.

"Dennis, such a delight to see you again." I smiled back, all the while my mind screaming, Take me! Fuck me now!

It’s hard to convey exactly how I was feeling, what my mental state was at that moment. It may sound as though I was trapped, possessed by the desires of the luscious body that I now inhabited, but this is not the case. I was in control; so much in control that I was not kneeling on the floor in the doorway, tearing his pants open so I could suck what I knew was a magnificent cock. At the same time, it was getting harder to think of myself as Eric Pierpont. With each passing moment Eric was becoming Erica, and I savored the transformation.

"A gift for you." Dennis grinned, extending a small box to me. Inside was a gold chain and the most exquisite emerald pendant I had ever seen. I could not contain a giggle of delight and eagerly held my long hair up so he could fasten it around my neck. The pendant settled nicely in my cleavage, and I just had to find a mirror to admire the way it sparkled and shined.

"It’s absolutely gorgeous Dennis." I sighed.

"Only more so because you wear it." He said softly as he stepped up behind me, placed his strong hands on my shoulders and gently kissed my neck. I thought I would melt!

"Shall we?" he asked. I nodded, stopping to retrieve a silk evening coat from the coat closet, which he helped me into. Then I took his offered arm and we set out for our night on the town.

And what a night it was! A chauffeured limo awaited us, and we had drinks and talked during the drive. I found I truly wanted to hear what he had been doing since I last saw him. That I had actually never laid eyes upon him before tonight caused me a a slight bit of confusion but I forced it aside. I was even able to ask questions about his life, drawing on Erica’s knowledge of him, and there was a lot. Erica seemed to have a genuine affection for her clients. I artfully deflected any questions about what I had been doing, because despite the vast knowledge I had of him I still knew practically nothing about Erica Pierpoint.

"Oh the usual." I would respond. "Lot’s of traveling; you know my life."

We shared a glorious meal at an elegant restaurant, and then danced for hours. I had never been much of a dancer, but now I was light and graceful on my feet, and I loved the feeling of his strong arms about me as he guided me around the dance floor.

Back in my suite I took a seat on the sofa and lit a cigarette while Dennis prepared us a nightcap. I sipped the offered martini as he sat next to me, biding my time. Dennis took out a cigar and lit it, and gradually the conversation slowed. I crushed out my cigarette, and then rose, taking our glasses and placing them on the bar, feeling his eyes follow me the entire way. He had showed me a marvelous time, and I knew it was my turn to reciprocate.

I returned to sit beside him, as close beside him as I could without jumping into his lap. I took the cigar from his mouth and raised it to my lips, drawing in the smoke and rolling it around my mouth before exhaling slowly. Then I returned it to his lips and rose once more.

My gown slipped from my shoulders and slid slowly to the floor. I moved with slow, teasing deliberation, excited by the growing bulge in his pants as I removed my bra, then my stockings, panties and garter. As I stood before him totally nude, I allowed my hands to play over my body, fondling my breasts, teasing my vagina.

"Mmmm." I sighed as for the first time my fingers touched my clitoris, but I did not linger there. I stepped forward, taking the cigar from him again. After another puff for myself I set it in the ashtray on the coffee table, and then straddled him on the couch.

Our lips met and his tongue slipped into my willing mouth, entwining with mine. His hands rose to my breasts as I began removing his tie and I gasped at the sudden pleasure brought on by the feeling of his rougher, masculine hands on my smooth skin. As I opened his shirt and began running my hands over his smooth, muscular chest he raised one breast to his lips and began kissing my nipple. I gasped again, and then let out a long sighing moan as he sucked and nibbled first one then the other nipple.

I forced his shirt down his arms and my movements became a bit more frantic as I rubbed my pussy across the stiff lump in his crotch. Then almost at the point of no return, I pushed away and rose to my feet, only to drop to my knees immediately before him. I quickly had his trousers and shorts off, and then his impressive cock was in my hand. It was so thick my fingers could not wrap around it, and I licked and stroked it as he leaned his head back and moaned with pleasure. I felt his left hand on the back of my head, gently pushing down, and I opened my mouth to accept him. He filled my mouth and I took every bit of his impressive length in, feeling the head of his cock slid back into my throat.

Now was the time my mind told me, and as I sucked him I began to stroke my pussy, though careful still not to bring myself too far, too fast. His hips were thrusting up to meet me, and as his movements became more frantic I stopped sucking and rose once more.

"I want your big cock in my cunt." I said, straddling him once more. I lowered myself onto his shaft and my eyes widened as the head entered me.

"Oh…oh..oh…fuck yes!" I cried as I settled fully onto him. I could not believe that big cock was fully inside me, yet I could not imagine it anywhere else. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the only way I ever wanted a cock between my legs again was like this, pumping in and out of my hot, wet pussy.

Dennis rose then, taking me with him, and I experienced my first orgasm as the motion forced him deeper into me.

"Never stop fucking me!" I cried as the climax washed through me. I wrapped my legs and arms about him as he carried me into the bedroom and lowered my gently to the bed. Then he pulled slowly out of me, and lowered his face to my wet pussy. His tongue was expert, darting in and out of me, licking my wet lips and flicking my clitoris. He teased and licked for several minutes, then his lips closed on my button and he began sucking it. My second orgasm was even more intense than the first.

Rising up he entered me again and I spread my legs wide to accept him. This was where I belonged, I knew, on my back being fucked until I was nearly senseless. Dennis had incredible staying power, and I came a third time. We changed position and I went to my hands and knees and he took me like the bitch I knew I was, pounding me as I moaned and cried out and begged him to fuck me harder. I was rocked with my fourth orgasm and felt as though I had died and was in heaven.

His grunts were becoming more labored now and I knew he was going to cum soon, and I wanted to taste it. I spun eagerly and took him in my mouth once more, stroking him with one hand as I greedily licked and sucked him off. Then I felt his cock swell and tense and as he shot his load I sucked it down, again and again, swallowing every last drop and savoring the taste and the feel as it slid down my throat.

We repeated the lovemaking three more times that night. I experienced my first anal sex, and after the initial pain as his big shaft popped into my anus I couldn’t get enough. He came in my ass, then the next two times he came in my pussy.

It was time now for him to go and he dressed. I slipped the evening gown back on and rode the elevator down with him and gave him a blow job for the road. He kissed me once again in the lobby, a long, lingering kiss, then he gently caressed my cheek.

"I’ll see you tomorrow at six?" He asked, smiling.

"Yes the party at the consulate, I’m looking forward to it so much." I replied.

Upon returning to my suite I undressed, carefully hanging my gown up and depositing my lingerie in the mesh bag I carried for that purpose. Then I took a long hot bath. Dressing again in my silk night shirt I settled into bed and fell immediately into a deep, restful sleep.

I awoke the next morning and stretched sensuously, remembering my activities of the night before and smiling.

Then I really remembered and I sat bolt upright in bed and nearly screamed!

"Oh my God, what did I do?" I gasped. More importantly I wondered why I had done it.

I rose from the bed, my body feeling quite comfortable to me now, and that was both gratifying and disturbing at the same time. I walked to the dresser and stared into the mirror.

"My name is Eric…a Pierpoint." Dammit no! I tried again. "I am Erica Pierpoint."

No matter how hard I tried I could not say that my name was Eric Pierpont. Was Erica now in my body experiencing the same thing? I walked to the phone by the bed and called the front desk.

"Yes Miss Pierpoint?" A woman’s voice said.

"Could you connect me with the room of Eric Pierpont?" I asked, and then spelled out the last name. At least I could still say the name when I wasn’t trying to say it was me.

There was a brief pause before the woman finally spoke again.

"I’m sorry Miss Pierpoint, we have no one registered by that name."

I thanked her and said I must have been misinformed, and then hung up. I was now really confused. If Eric was not registered here in the hotel then where was he…where was I? I picked up the phone again. It was a real struggle to even remember the number, but I finally did and called my office. The receptionist answered and asked how she could direct my call.

"I’d like to speak to Eric Pierpont in sales please." I said. As I waited I absent mindedly lit a cigarette.

"I’m sorry Miss but we have no one by that name employed here."

My mind was reeling as I thanked her and hung up. I sat heavily on the bed and started crying.

I didn’t exist! My whole life was gone, erased as if it had never been. And yet even as I thought that, part of me insisted that it was a silly notion. Of course I existed…Dennis certainly knew I was real. I smiled at the thought and felt a warm sensation spreading between my legs.

Dammit no! My mind rebelled again and I stood up, crushing my cigarette out in the ash tray. Something or someone had done this to me.

Or had I done it to myself? I thought back to my arrival at the hotel. My words and thoughts. I was so determined that I had to change my career, set myself on a new path. I remembered the words I had spoken as I stood dripping on the sidewalk - that I would be better off if I was born someone else.

Was that it? Had I somehow willed this new existence for myself? Or was I perhaps locked up in a rubber room somewhere and this was all some delusion after a total breakdown?

No, it was all too real, and way too much fun to be a delusion. But could I have done it to myself? I didn’t believe so, but I was beginning to suspect that my desires at the time had something to do with it.

Whatever had caused this, I could think of no way to undo it, and I was not really sure I even wanted to. Even as I thought that I knew it was true. I had more fun the previous night than I had ever experienced in my life. I had also made more money from that one encounter than I made for a whole week’s work as Eric.

I thought about canceling the rest of my appointments for the week, to give me time to think. I tried, I really did, but I could not even make myself pick up the phone. And it wasn’t that I was worried that my clients would be angry. No, I knew they would understand if I told them something had come up and I could not see them. But the reason I could not do it is I knew they would be terribly disappointed, and I could not bear that.

There was only one thing I could do; the same thing I had done last night. I had to flow with the experience and let instinct, Erica’s instinct, guide me.

And that’s exactly what I did. Tuesday evening Dennis picked me up in a limo once more and we attended a party at the Russian Consulate. I had been presented with many shocks in the last thirty-six hours so I should have been prepared for more, but I was totally amazed when I greeted the Consular General in fluent Russian! As the night progressed I found I spoke French, German and Spanish with equal ease, and I suspected that was not the extent of my language skills. Dennis was away from my side frequently during the evening, and I realized I had no idea exactly what it was that he did. There was something enigmatic about him but when I soon found myself distracted by the splendor of the evening and pushed those thoughts from my mind.

My second night with Dennis was even more intense than the first, and this time he stayed with me until morning. Waking up with his strong arms about me was a delicious sensation. For the first time since my transformation I felt a twinge of regret as we parted company; a longing to be able to wake up to that feeling every morning. But I was too caught up in the tidal wave that was sweeping me along and I had no idea how, or even if, I could escape it.

Wednesday I spent the evening with a shy, older gentleman named William. He was nothing like Dennis, but he was kind and sweet and we spent the evening in my suite and I pleasured him as eagerly as I had Dennis. My last night in New York was spent with a couple, Andre and Gretchen, and that was another new and wonderful experience. Andre liked to watch as Gretchen and I played, and I found I was as proficient and eager to make love to Gretchen as I was to a man.

Truly the most amazing thing about each encounter was that, as it had been with Dennis, I was eager to hear what had been happening in their lives since we were last together. We laughed and talked like old friends, and yes we had sex, lots and lots of sex. But it was like the sex was the dessert; the personal contact was the meal.

Friday morning I packed my bags and called for the bell hop. Jeanne was at the desk and she smiled winningly at me as I checked out.

"Ah Miss Pierpoint. I apologize again for the earlier mix up. We will have your regular suite ready on your next visit; do you know when that might be?"

"The twenty third of next month." I replied, flashing her a coy smile. "Perhaps we could find time to have lunch one afternoon and…chat for a bit."

"I’d like that very much, Miss Pierpoint." Jeanne smiled in return, blushing slightly.

My cell phone rang as I rode in the limo to the airport, and I answered without hesitation.

"Erica Pierpoint." I said confidently. After listening a moment I said, "Hold just a minute and I will see."

I already new the answer, but it wasn’t proper to seem too willing. I called up my calendar on the phone, and then raised it to my ear again.

"Yes, I am heading to London today and will be in Paris next week. I have an opening on Tuesday in Paris, but if the Prince would like to meet me in London my weekend is free, we could spend the whole two days together."

I grinned, fitting the Prince in was not as easy as it sounded — he was bigger than Dennis!

"Excellent, I look forward to seeing his Highness in London. Yes I’ll be staying at my usual room in the Savoy. Noon Saturday would be lovely."

Putting the phone away, I took out a cigarette and lit it. Remembering my words as I had entered the hotel on Monday, I smiled. I had gotten exactly what I wanted. I was selling a product I was proud of to people I genuinely cared about. I was eager to see my home in L.A., even though I knew I wouldn’t be there very long.

I was not ready to give up on Eric completely. I truly doubted I could ever go back but something had happened to me that defied explanation and I knew I would have to find out who or what was behind it. But first, London and Paris waited.

As the limo made its way through the busy streets of New York I smiled. My life had certainly taken a turn, a very strange turn. But whatever the cause there was one thing I had to admit.

"I love my job." I sighed.

The End?

This is a slightly revised version of this story as I originally posted it on Fictionmania. I welcome any and all comments and suggestions, most importantly - is it worth seeing where Erica goes from here?

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