Comfort Women - Chapter 3

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Chapter Three – This Is For You and This Is For Me


Villawood Montana, 1959

Sunday was usually a day of rest and Sam intended to stay inside her house and not venture out into the cold cruel world. What had occurred yesterday was bizarre and terrifying. Those men had for all intents and purposes raped her and Wendy, although Wendy seemed to be rather more than a little complicit.

Bill Brody had not been involved in the aftermath in the alley outside the Copperlode but in her mind he was the instigator because he had encouraged the others to treat her and Wendy like comfort women. He may not have actively been involved when Buddy Flintock and Victor Benning had forced them to dance and pawed at them in the bar but by just sitting there and watching he had given them tacit approval to do so.

And Dale Snitterman was no saint. Although he had not participated in the antics in the bar he had been more than just a curious onlooker.

But what of her own actions?

When Wendy had shown Sam how to dress like a lady had she not enjoyed the experience? Was she not still now wearing her rayon panties and nylon stockings in bed? Was she not still wearing makeup and perfume? Those lipstick and mascara stains on the pillow seemed to accuse her thusly.

She had protested when she was forced to dress like a woman, yes she had. But had she not been a little thrilled and elated when the men marvelled at how beautiful she looked when she entered the bar. Once she got used to it, had she not enjoyed being held closely by Victor when he danced with her?

What happened after the bar closed was not her fault or Wendy’s. But Wendy had said something: ‘Sorry Sam, I should have guessed that might happen.’ Wendy had suspected that the men might be waiting for them wanting more than just to cop a feel. Had Wendy deliberately led them into a trap? She certainly seemed to enjoy what happened in the alley.

But Samantha knew that she was trying to justify her own actions.

She had tried to fight off Victor Benning, that much was true but when her cuddled and kissed her she had responded likewise. She hadn't been kissed for so long that it didn’t matter to her that she was in the opposite role; in fact it fuelled her desire knowing what it was like to be kissed like a woman.

And what happened after. There was no doubt that she was reviled by it but why had she ejaculated? What about that fleeting moment of power she had felt when she was on her knees sucking that big black cock? She couldn’t explain that any more than she could explain the erection now tenting the sheets as she recalled what had happened.

One thing was for sure. Things in Villawood would never be the same again. At least it only for one day. It would never happen again.

Then she heard rapping on the front door.

Sam cracked open the curtain and saw that Wendy was standing at her door. She was still wearing her blonde wig and her makeup was fresh and her hourglass figure divulged that she was wearing the full corset with inbuilt girdle under the sleeveless, strapless dress that she had been wearing yesterday. She had a purse over her shoulder and was carrying a small carrycase.

Two questions came to mind: why was she here and why was she still dressed as a woman?

Sam shuffled to the door in her stocking feet with a flannel nightgown wrapped around her. When she opened the door Wendy barged in uninvited and went straight to the little kitchen and put down the carrycase she had brought with her.

“Still wearing your makeup, wig and nylons? You should really take off your wig and makeup before you go to bed,” Wendy began to mooch in the case.

“Staff Sergeant Brody has called an extraordinary meeting in the conference room today at 10am,” Wendy began to put little bottles and tubes on the kitchen table that Sam recognised as cosmetics.

“You’re really going to stand there and not discuss what happened last night?” once again without forethought or effort Sam adopted the pose reflective of an angry woman with her hand on her hip, projecting femininity without really thinking about it.

“What would you like to discuss Sam? It happened, let it go. Once again I quote the bard: the lady doth protest too much, methinks, Wendy sniggered and continued to produce items from case.

“Make some coffee please Sam and then I’ll help you get ready,” Wendy fussed with the items on the table.

“What do you mean help me get ready?” Sam didn’t move.

“Bill has ordered that we show up enfemme,” Wendy said matter-of-factly.

“Before you start protesting he reiterated what he said yesterday. He said you tell Nurse Steele to put on that fucking suit or I’ll come over there and belt her into it,” Wendy looked coolly at Sam who had started to cry.

“Stop that Sam! It won’t do you any good. You go and shower and I’ll make the coffee; you’ll feel better after,” and amazingly Wendy was right.

Sam stripped naked and took off her wig and took a long hot shower washing away the makeup caked to her face. She brushed her teeth and considered shaving but her face was still smooth. She seldom shaved more than twice a week. She put on her terry robe and returned to the kitchen where she found Wendy sipping coffee.

Sam didn’t realise that subconsciously she was still thinking of herself in the female vernacular. It was probably because she was once again about to dress enfemme. Was she excited about doing it? Deep down she thought she was but she could justify making herself look femininely beautiful because Bill had ordered it.

“I stopped at the department store and brought a few things over you might need. Sit here and let’s see how much you learned about makeup,” Wendy had brought over a little vanity mirror and set it up the kitchen table.

Sam went about applying foundation and face power in between sips of coffee which made her feel better. She did her eyes next, fucking up the eyeliner twice before Wendy interceded and showed her how to do it properly. She rouged her cheeks and applied lipstick doing a reasonable job of it. Wendy had been brushing out her brunette bangs and she helped Sam position it just right and pin it in place.

The men had forgone cutting their hair except for Bill and Dale. Victor had the beginnings of a decent Afro and the others had hair long enough to give a drill sergeant a heart attack. It was another act of rebellion, like wearing civilian clothing, although Bill still insisted on wearing his fatigues when he was on duty.

Again, Sam was amazed at the transformation as she looked at her face in the mirror. She looked beautiful.

“I’ve brought you some stockings and panties too,” Wendy poured herself another cup of coffee and checked her watch.

She’d taken a nice jewelled Timex from the store and brought one for Sam too. The wondrous feel of silk, satin and nylon on bare flesh returned as Sam stepped into her underwear and stockings. She put on the suit and sat at the table to put on her high heels. Wendy helped her accessorise and doused her with perfume.

“Now what? I thought we were only ever going to be made to do this once?” Sam protested.

“Now we go to see what Bill has got to say,” Wendy packed up the accoutrements in her little carrycase and put the crockery in the sink.

“Let’s go,” Wendy said and Sam was pleased to see that Wendy had commandeered Bill’s jeep so they wouldn't have to walk all the way to the Villawood town hall in high heels.

Heads turned when the men heard the click-clack of high heels on the floorboards and when Wendy and Samantha entered the conference room Buddy let out a wolf whistle and the other cheered; except for Bill Brody who stood grim-faced at the podium.

“Can the bullshit! You ladies sit over there away from the men,” Bill pointed to chairs on the opposite side of the aisle from where the men were sitting.

“Sorry to bring you in on a Sunday but after some contemplation I’ve made some amendments to the Villawood Rules & Regulations. Bill held up the binder that contained the administration instruction for the study like it was a bible and he was a preacher.

He was wearing his fatigues and had that look on his face that he was not to be fucked with.

“Henceforth Airman Samantha Steele and Petty Officer Wendy Meakins will present themselves as women at all times. They looked so convincing yesterday and everyone had such a good time that I think it will be good for morale,” Bill began and Sam and Wendy sat there dumbfounded.

“The modern armed services are embracing women to serve their nation and so will we. Samantha and Wendy will continue in their roles as nurse and company clerk when they are on duty but after work they will perform the role of comfort women,” Bill announced.

“I’m not a nurse I’m a corpsman!” Sam felt ridiculous even as she said it.

She had just been condemned to live out her life in Villawood as woman and she was complaining because Bill had misused her MOS.

The other men all cheered and Sam and Wendy looked at each other with disbelief.

“Because Sam and Wendy’s collateral duties will be to act as comfort women, they are excused all other collateral duties,” Bill continued.

Buddy, Victor and Dale shrugged their shoulders. They didn’t mind picking up the shit details if it meant they had the company of Sam and Wendy every evening.

“We’re not doing it!” Sam stood up and stamped her feet.

Bill ignored her.

“One final thing. Samantha Steele will be my personal comfort woman. You other men get to share Wendy but from what I know of her background she won’t mind,” Bill closed the folder and put it under his arm.

Wendy blushed but her head was spinning. She was a homosexual man and yes she’d had sex with men before when she was dressed in drag, especially during her time on board USS Polari but she preferred to present as a man. Then she considered the alternative. If she came onto the men as a male they would more than likely beat the shit out of her but they all liked Wendy. Let them have their fantasy; if it made life easier for her and she got to roll in the hay with those two rugged engineers it would be worth it.

Sam looked at Wendy defiantly waiting for Wendy to join her protest but Wendy just smiled at her and shrugged her shoulders as if to say ‘what can we do?’

“Fuck this; I’m not doing it!” Sam sat down and folded her arms defiantly.

“You’re dismissed. I’ll see you all at the Copperlode later,” Bill said and the men filed out talking excitedly amongst themselves.

“You can go too Wendy. Feel free to suck a few dicks on the way out should you be so inclined,” Bill’s cruelty towards Wendy had not changed just because she was presenting as a woman but she was used to it and knew there was no real malice there.

“Nurse Steele you come with me to my office,” Bill said in his gravelly voice.

“Fuck you!” Sam sat with her arms crossed refusing to budge.

Bill walked over and pulled Sam to her feet and frog marched her to his office.

“Get with the program Nurse Steele,” Bill held Sam by the upper arm and shook her.

Bill had gone back to his quarters last night unable to get Sam out of his head. He kept seeing her pretty face, her body in that tight-fitting suit and those long shapely legs in sheer nylons. He’d been jealous of Victor Benning, who had spent most of the evening dancing with her; holding her tight, pawing at her. Bill wanted to be the one holding Samantha Steele close and gazing into those rapturous green eyes.

“What program Bill? This is bullshit!” Sam stamped her foot again like a spoiled child.

“I told you that I’d belt you into that suit if you refused to wear it, now I’m telling you that I’ll belt you into compliance if I have to,” Bill said angrily.

“Fuck you!” Sam said defiantly.

Bill spun Sam around and bent her over desk, holding her down while he whipped the belt out of the loops of his fatigue pants and doubled it over. Sam continued to struggle and kick while Bill hiked up her skirt exposing her derrière. And a magnificent derrière it was: her soft pink globes encased in almost transparent white nylon panties, creamy thighs above the dark bands of her stocking tops. Bill felt himself becoming hard.

Sam cursed as Bill pulled her panties down.

“Stop that! This is ridiculous!” she screamed like a baby girl.

When Bill brought the belt down on her buttocks Sam stopped struggling and started to cry. It wasn't so much the pain, Bill hadn't really hit her that hard, it was the indignity. Bill struck her twice more to make his point and Sam refused to cry out despite the sting of the belt. She could feel her buttocks burning and when Bill pulled her panties back up, the soft cool fabric eased her pain a little.

Bill stood back and admired his work. He had this beautiful woman bent over his desk with her skirt hiked up, her long legs sheathed in sheer hose, the backseams perfectly straight, the dark coffee-coloured bands at the top of her stockings clipped to her suspenders which poked out of those glorious white translucent panties. Her beautiful buttocks glowed pink under those full-cut gossamer panties.

The sight was wondrous to behold and Bill was unable to control himself. Sam heard him unbuttoning his flies and she started to struggle again but Bill draped his belt across her ass cheeks and she got the message: struggling would bring on the belt.

She felt Bill’s hard cock nestle in the crevice of her buttocks and he began to rub his cock on her whispy panties. She could feel the power and the heat in his manhood. She felt vulnerable and weak, her diminutive body bent over the desk, with her skirt rucked up, her ass exposed and a big burly man behind her rubbing his hard cock on her panty-clad derrière.

But she also felt something else. Her buttocks were still stinging from the belt but Bill’s cock pressing the slippery fabric of her panties into the crevice of her bottom was quite arousing and erotic. An unwanted erection grew in the front of her panties. She was mortified and glad that Bill couldn’t see it.

Bill was busy holding Sam by the hips while he dry-humped her cute little ass. It felt so good feeling the silky panties on his throbbing cock, her soft ass-cheeks caressing it while he gazed at her creamy buttocks swathed in those delicious panties, pinked by the thrashing he had given her.

Bill grunted as his orgasm approached and Sam could feel his thrusts becoming harder and faster. She gasped. His cock felt so good on her ass, his violent thrusting was causing her panties to rub on her cock and she was close to an involuntary orgasm.

She felt the scalding hot mess on her ass as Bill’s cock erupted. He gripped her tight by the hips and pushed his cock into her ass-crack and she felt his issue on her burning buttocks and her sensitive sphincter. She could smell the muskiness of it. He must not have ejaculated for some time because he continued to squirt his jism on her ass for what seemed like an eternity.

This ignited Sam’s own climax and she flooded her panties. Sam gasped and wriggled her buttocks involuntarily, it was a reflex action but Bill loved the feel of her soft ass wiggling against his steely shaft. He kept her pressed against the desk until the last of his spend dribbled from his cock then he stepped back, snatched a tissue off his desk and wiped his cock before putting it away.

Sam was bent over the desk too frightened to move. Bill put the box of Kleenex next to her face.

“Clean that mess up. Make sure you’re dressed nice this afternoon because I’m picking you up at four o’clock for drinks,” Bill pretended he was interested in some correspondence he had picked up off his desk.

“We’re going on a date? You’re insane!’ Sam laughed hysterically.

“I'm not the one dressed as girl with my skirt hiked up my ass bent over the Company Commander’s desk Sam. So who's insane,” Bill said bitingly.

Bill’s feigned interest in the document he was holding gave Sam the opportunity to dab at the mess in the front of her panties with a Kleenex. There was no way she was going to let Bill see that she had climaxed during the ordeal. Then she took another wad of tissues and wiped her ass but her panties were saturated with semen and there wasn't much she could do and if she was honest wanted to do. The silky garment, clammy with Bill’s cum felt very provocative and naughty as she pulled down and straightened her skirt.

“Can you at least drive me to my house so I don’t have to walk there in these heels,” Sam asked begrudgingly.

“Wendy is waiting for you downstairs in my jeep. She’s taking you shopping,” Bill said dismissively.

“You’ve thought of everything haven't you Bill?” Sam said indignantly but it was difficult to be indignant when your panties are soaked in semen under your skirt and you secretly like the feeling.

“Be ready at four,” Bill said and turned his back on her.

Downstairs Wendy was sitting in the jeep with a shit grin on her face.

“Did he fuck you or just make you blow him?” Wendy said insolently.

“Neither,” Sam sniped as she sat down in the passenger seat, her ass squidgy with wet semen.

“He did something. You’ve got that post-coital glow,” Wendy teased.

“I’ve got a glow on my ass where he whipped me,” Sam replied indignantly.

“Was it fun?” Wendy continued to tease.

“It was demeaning,” Sam sighed.

“You're really liking this aren’t you?” Sam turned to Wendy.

“I don’t mind it all. I get to spend all day in drag and won’t have to carry out any of those shitty little jobs any longer. The men can do those while I polish my nails,” she tittered.

“What about the indignity?” Sam spat.

“Indignity? You mean being lusted after by strong young men? You know I’m a faggot! That’s my dream. The only pain in the ass is having to keep dressing like this,” Wendy put the jeep in gear.

“I’m putting all this in my diary. When Flagg hears about this there will be hell to pay!” Sam was outraged.

“Yeah, right, Flagg,” Wendy said dismissively as they drove off to the department store.

As soon as they got there Sam made an excuse to use the ladies, snatching up a pair of panties off the shelf on the way. She shucked out of her cum-soaked panties and dried herself with handtowels and put on the clean panties. She couldn’t help but bring the cum-spattered panties to her nose and inhale the musky scent of Bill’s spunk but then she came to her senses and threw them in the trash.

Wendy was loading up a shopping cart with lingerie and Sam joined her, loading up her own cart.

“There are plenty of nylons on the rack but they’re not inexhaustible. Depending on how long this study goes on stocks might get low. Best try not to snag your stockings and make them last,” Wendy said as she threw half a dozen packets in her trolley.

“Maybe you can requisition some with the next delivery of fresh vegetables,” Sam said snarkily.

“Maybe I will,” Wendy replied smartly.

Sam loaded her trolley with lingerie, cosmetics and other feminine accoutrements then she and Wendy spent a leisurely two hours trying on different outfits. Sam quite enjoyed trying on skirts, blouses, dresses and tops and she could see that Wendy did too.

Sam decided that if she was going to be forced to live as woman then she was going to look her best. She just had to reconcile herself with the sex. Had she liked it? She had to admit that she had but she didn’t want anyone else to know.

Wendy came over and studied Sam’s face and Sam looked back a little bemused.

“Take your wig off,” Wendy said.

“What?” Sam was confused.

Wendy reached out and snatched Sam’s wig off her head and Sam was about to protest when Wendy spoke.

“You have enough hair there that I can style it into a pixie cut,” Wendy said studying Sam’s head.

“What?” Sam repeated herself.

“Put your stuff in the jeep and follow me to the hairdressers,” Wendy turned and began to push her cart towards the entrance and Sam followed.

Wendy was quite the accomplished hairdresser; she had learned the skill styling wigs and cutting hair on ships she had served on. Sam was quite taken with the pixie cut; if anything it made her look younger and emphasised her cheekbones and luscious red lips. Wendy dropped Sam off at her house and left her to her own devices.

Sam wasn't sure how she felt about Wendy; she was a little too accepting of the circumstances and had certainly been a willing participant in the incident in the alley. Was she complicit? Had she helped Bill Brody put this scheme together or had she suggested it to him?

Sam unwrapped her packages and put her new clothes away. Sorting out all the cosmetics and laying them out on her vanity took a little while and when she had finished she admitted to herself that she quite liked doing so. Seeing all the little jars, tubes and palettes lined up under the mirror was comforting but it was also a little final. Bringing the cosmetics and clothes to her house and styling her hair meant that she was committed to living as a woman. There was sense of certainty and excitement but also dread.

She took a nap and arose with plenty of time to get ready for the evening. After showering she appraised herself in the mirror. She was petite and lithe but curvy, with a flat stomach and long legs. Her alabaster skin was unblemished and smooth. She didn’t mind that she was small-chested; her body was still feminine. Sam had been teased during basic for being so small and having a girly body and the medical corps had been a safe haven.

That was until two Airmen threatened to beat Samuel and bugger him unless he stole drugs for them. Once he had committed the first offence he had no choice but to keep stealing and when he was caught he refused to tell the investigators who he was supplying the drugs to. The Airmen had told Sam that no matter where they sent Sam they had friends who would find him and carry out the threats on their behalf.

During incarceration Sam had seen plenty of men taken against their will; some forced to be ‘prison wives’. Tiny effeminate men like herself were grist for the mill in the prison system. Only because his skills were invaluable had Sam escaped by working and living in the infirmary.

Now the wheel had turned. Sam was a prison wife for all intents and purposes. Forced to feminise herself and gratify the lust of desperate men. And what of Bill Brody? He had taken her for himself, made her off limits to the others. He had made his intent clear by what he had done to her in his office but she’d sensed a little reluctance at first. Maybe she could tame the savage beast?

Sam tucked her penis and scrotum between her legs and closed them and posed in the mirror. Except for being flat-chested she could easily pass for a woman… a very pretty woman.

Sam put on her makeup carefully, taking her time and making a few mistakes with her eyeliner but when she’d finished she was happy with the result. It was amazing what cosmetics did to her face. Her face was delicate anyway but with the application of lipstick, foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner and rouge it became exotic and sensual, her emerald-green eyes twinkled.

She opened the wardrobe and surveyed the clothing she had taken from department store. Where had her sense of style and appreciation of fashion come from? Sam had always admired women who dressed well but had never been tempted to don the garments himself or had she? Sam recalled playing dressup with her big sister when they were young and Sam’s father finding them and giving them a spanking.

The recollection was vivid and Sam’s sore buttocks reminded her that someone else very close to her was not averse to using the belt. She had put some lotion on her bottom and it had eased the pain but it was still a little sore. Not a burning pain, just a continual reminder that she had been naughty.

“You naughty girl,” Sam said into the mirror on the wardrobe door and then blushed with embarrassment.

Once again the sensation was indescribably delicious as she rolled her stockings up her legs and clipped them to the garters. She smoothed them and straightened the seams and marvelled that wearing such a garment could bring her so much joy. This included the delight she felt as she slipped her panties up her legs and pulled them tight around her buttocks, carefully tucking away her privates just as Wendy had trained her to do. They were red satin with black lace trim.

Sam put on the bra; it was the smallest cup in the store. Wendy had advised her to get C-cups and pad them out but Sam had decided that she would present herself as authentically as possible and decided not to pad her bra. She put on a white silk blouse and stepped into a red circle-skirt and admired the result in the mirror. She had tried on the skirt in the store but it looked even better now. She accessorised with a matching necklace and clip-on earrings made of white gold and faux rubies. She stepped into her red high heels and admired the result.

She looked less formal than she did in the severe skirt-suit she had been wearing, more bright and cheerful but still beautiful. She sprayed herself liberally with perfume just as she heard her front door open and the sound of boots on her kitchen floor.

“It’s polite to knock and wait,” Sam said to Bill Brody who was in the kitchen pouring a drink from a bottle he had brought with him.

“Want one?” Bill waved the bottle at her.

“There is to be alcohol allowed outside of the prescribed opening hours of the Copperlode bar,” Sam quoted one of Bill’s many rules back at him.

“I’m the boss so I’ll give you a dispensation,” he said handing her a glass of whisky, a cheeky grin on his face.

His fingers lingered on hers when she took it.

“You look very nice; very pretty Sam,” Bill raised his glass and took a sip.

Sam accepted the compliment but she was still a little trepidatious being alone with Bill in her home; it was very intimate and to be honest, a little weird.

Bill stepped in close and took Sam’s drink from her and put it down. He gazed into her eyes and studied her face. He was conflicted because he knew that under that womanly countenance lived Samuel Steele but Bill saw no sign of him. He saw only Samantha and that was good. He was infatuated with Samantha and Samuel had disappeared off the face of the earth.

That was the real reason he had directed that: henceforth Airman Samantha Steele and Petty Officer Wendy Meakins will present themselves as women. He could give two shits about the other men’s morale; he wanted Sam all to himself but couldn’t live with the guilt and conflict if he kept seeing Samuel around Villawood. Samuel needed to be banished.

“It’s customary for a man’s woman to greet him with a kiss,” Bill whispered.

“So I’m your woman now?” Sam searched his ice-blue eyes.

There was no doubt that Sam William Brody was a good looking man. He kept himself in good shape and he was tanned, lean and rangy, his teeth white, his breath was fresh and his sandy hair cut short in a military crew cut. Her alter ego would never consider a man as handsome, but Samantha’s brain didn’t seem to work the same as Samuel’s. She actually thought like a woman.

“You're my comfort woman and I want comfort,” Bill pulled Sam into his arms and kissed her.

It wasn't the same as with Victor. Bill kissed her softly; he held her close but he wasn't stifling. Sam’s arms remained by her sides and her lips remained firmly shut. She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of letting him know that she felt perfectly content in his embrace. She recalled Bill’s conversation with her in the Copperlode: telling her that she thought she was hot shit, telling she was dressed like a floozy, taunting her about putting the episode in her diary (which she had by the way) and of course there was this morning’s spanking.

Bill was persistent but still tender with her, his kisses remained soft and gentle and it was hard to deny him. Sam was really enjoying being held by him, feeling the rasp of his 5 o’clock shadow on her cheeks, smelling his cologne, feeling his taunt body against her slender self, and those soft lips were delicious.

Bill broke the kiss and Sam was sad that he had done so.

“You really are a beautiful woman,” Bill sighed.

He pulled her tight and kissed her harder, more instant, pressing his tongue against her mouth.

There was the Bill she expected! The one who demanded what he wanted and expected to get it. But wasn’t she also a little delighted by that? That he wanted her so bad he was prepared to take what he wanted. Wasn’t that a little exciting? Should she be flattered? Should she berate herself for liking it? Should she berate herself for the feelings of femininity and also the feelings of power his lust for her illicited?

Bill leaned into Sam and she involuntarily put her arms around him to stay on her feet. It was instinct right? She was still getting used to wearing high heels right?

Then why was she pressing her lips against his and opening her mouth for him? Why did she greet his tongue when it slipped into her mouth with her own? Why did the taste of him, the smell of him, the feel of his body make her feel a little giddy? Why was her penis distending uncomfortably along her perineum?

Bill sighed contentedly and continued to kiss her and Sam allowed herself to enjoy the experience and stop playing head games. One of Bill’s hands had moved from the small of her back and found its way to her ass and was gently squeezing it but Sam made attempt to move it. It felt comforting and besides her circle-skirt would make it difficult for Bill’s hand to proceed any further.

Bill was surprised and delighted when Sam returned his kisses. It was just as he had dreamed it would be. She felt so delicate and precious in his embrace, she smelled divinely and she tasted sweet. He allowed his hand to drift form her shoulder, down the small of her back, her silk blouse felt sensually sleek to his touch and then he found her buttocks and was able to cup them and softly squeeze them.

Sam had presented herself magnificently in the red circle-skirt, white silk blouse and red high heels; he even liked her new hairstyle which made her look younger and opened her face. But the construct of the skirt, the way it flared, made it difficult for him to get to those long sexy legs. The legs that had kept him awake last night even after he had masturbated thinking about them and her ass in the tight-fitting pencil skirt.

He wondered if she had worn the skirt deliberately to make it difficult for him to get to her nether regions and her legs. Bill suppressed his knowledge of what was inside the front of her panties; he lusted only after what was in the back of them: those rounded soft shapely buttocks, encased in gauzy satin, nylon or rayon.

Bill became tumescent and wanted relief.

Sam could feel Bill’s hard cock pressing into her belly. She imagined she could actually feel the girth and the heat of it. She had felt it pressed to her buttocks only this morning so she knew what it felt like but this different. He was kissing her, he was stroking her ass, he was whispering endearments between passionate kisses, he was being charming.

Conflicting emotions welled up and Sam was confused. She asked herself two questions: Was she afraid? Was she aroused? The answer to both was yes and the solution appeared to be to submit to Bill’s desires and save herself from his wrath and a possible belting or was she justifying her behaviour by projecting that Bill would become angry if she refused him?

The point was moot because when Bill gently guided her hand to the front of his pants she instinctively and competently took his phallus in her hand and squeezed it.

Bill gasped and so did she.

Their kisses became more passionate and Sam got out of her head and into the present and found herself utterly enamoured with Bill. His body was powerful and so was his phallus. Sam squeezed it again and felt it throb. That sense of power returned as she pressed her lipsticked-lips to his, slithered her tongue in his mouth and began to stroke Bill’s cock through his pants.

Bill squeezed her ass and pawed at it; his fingers pressing into her soft flesh. The feel of his hand through the heavy fabric of her skirt was very satisfying but more importantly the feel of her buttocks being caressed through her red satin panties felt very lascivious.

Bill led Sam’s hand to his flies and she unzipped them without hesitation. He was wearing a nice pair of cotton slacks, an open-collared shirt and light jacket rather than his fatigues and the zipper was easy to manipulate. Now that she had him unzipped she lost her confidence and got back into her head.

Why was she doing this? Because if she relieved him with her hand he would not demand anything else from her she lied to herself. Having justified her actions to herself she slipped her fingers into Bill’s pants and found his warm, sleek flesh, rampant and coiled like a dozing snake waiting to be awakened.

Sam awakened it, freeing it from the confines of his trousers and holding it tightly. It felt like she was holding a dangerous and powerful smooth-skinned reptile. Sam began to lightly stroke the pulsing organ and Bill moaned into her mouth and his whole body shuddered. He held her even tighter, his fingers dug into her buttocks, his mouth pressed on hers as Sam used featherlight strokes to tease and delight the long, thick, sleek appendage with her delicate fingers.

Bill was overwhelmed with the sensations that Sam was eliciting from his throbbing manhood. Rings of delight radiated from his cock and combined with the sensuality he felt by holding her in his arms, caressing her ass and kissing her deeply. His cock began to dribble pre-ejaculate and Sam expertly gathered it and used it to lubricate the head and the shaft.

Sam was almost delirious with desire and was acting instinctively. Her cock had somehow managed to free itself from between her legs and pressed against the fabric of her panties and her testes had descended into her scrotal sac. She hoped that the flare of her skirt and the heavy material hid the evidence of her tumescence from Bill as he pressed his body against her. Whenever he moved slightly her cock rubbed against her satin panties.

She could feel that she had wet the front of her panties with her pre-coital discharge and her cock was so sensitive with arousal that she was afraid that she would ejaculate right then and there.

This caused Sam to grip Bill’s cock tighter and to earnestly stroke it. She felt the veins swell and the glans balloon to its full girth just before Bill ejaculated in her hand.

His seed felt like hot lava on her fingers, hand and wrist but she didn’t stop. In fact the salacity of the act of masturbating him to fulfilment spurned her on and she whipped her hand up and down Bill’s cock, milking it of every drop. His cock erupted and his semen sprayed everywhere. She felt it spatter on her legs, on her feet, soak into her dress and splatter on her arm, seeming to scorch her flesh.

She ground her body against his, mashing his lips with hers and wriggling her tongue in his mouth. Bill was overcome with pleasure and was astounded at Sam’s audacity. She was in charge and he was revelling in it. He subconsciously repressed the conception that he could feel a protuberance through her skirt pressing on him and a warm wetness blooming on the leg of his pants as Sam writhed against him like a slattern.

Sam had felt her own orgasm blossoming just as Bill’s cock had exploded in her hand and pressed her crotch against his upper leg and ground her pubis against his hard muscled thigh. Her orgasm exploded and her cock jittered in her tight satin panties and released a flood of hot semen. The volume of her ejaculation was such that it saturated her panties and soaked into her skirt.

The two lovers held each other tight, squeezing and caressing, kissing and canoodling, Bill spattering his seed on Sam’s body and legs and Sam filling her panties with her issue, drenching her underwear and skirt.

They clung to each other as their orgasms began so subside both of them overwhelmed and a little embarrassed.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to go that far,” Bill whispered.

“I’m as much to blame,” Sam said softly.

She could feel Bill’s semen soaking into her nylons and her skirt; her fingers and forearm were doused with his slippery issue. She was well aware that the front of her skirt was sodden with her own spend and her wet panties clung to her diminishing erection. Bill’s penis was becoming flaccid and Sam released it and Bill self-consciously stuffed it back inside his flies and zipped.

He stopped squeezing her ass but his hand remained comfortingly cupping her buttock. Their kisses became soft and a little awkward. Post-coital embarrassment overcame them both.

“I should probably go home and change. I’ll meet you at the Copperlode,” Bill held Sam by her upper arms and stared into her brilliant green eyes.

She was still beautiful, there was no doubting that but now that he had sated his lust Bill wondered if what he had done was proper. He had lusted after this attractive, feminine woman knowing that she was really an imposter but she didn’t look like one, she didn’t feel like one and she certainly didn’t behave like one.

But the evidence was right there on the leg of his pants and the front of her skirt.

A sense of reluctance and regret settled over Bill and he released Sam from his embrace.

“I’ll see you there,” Bill whispered and turned on his heels to leave.

He hadn't met her eyes when he spoke.

Sam looked down at the spreading stain on the front of her skirt and the dribbles of spunk clinging to her stockings, a gobbet of white coagulate pooled on her high heel. Her hand and forearm were sticky. She stepped up to the sink and ran the water, washing her hands and her arms. She took a dishrag and wiped away the blob of semen off her shoe and carefully dabbed at the rivulets clinging to her nylons. She kicked off her shoes and lifted her skirts and unclipped the welts of her stockings and rolled them off and carefully rinsed them under warm water and hung them on the towel rack to dry then she padded upstairs holding her high heels in one hand.

Sam slipped out of her skirt and sodden panties and went into the bathroom and cleaned herself with a warm washcloth. She put on a clean pair of nylon panties; they were yellow with white lace. Dressed only her panties and blouse she went down to the basement and put her skirt into the washer. The red panties went into a lingerie bag and followed the skirt along with washing soap; then she switched on the washer.

Returning to her bedroom she opened a package of fully-fashioned stockings, fleshtoned with black reinforcements and backseams. She delighted in the feel of the nylons on her legs as she put them on but there was no sense of arousal, Bill had extinguished her lust. She pushed the garters through the legholes of her panties and clipped the garters to the stockings and straightened her seams. She selected a green poodle skirt and stepped into it. Her blouse was still clean and did not need to be replaced.

She kicked away her red heels and stepped into a black pair and then she sat at her vanity and freshened her makeup and put on the lipstick that Bill had kissed away.

Now that the practicalities were taken care of she had time to think. Bill seemed awkward and reticent after they had been intimate and that should have been her role; she should have been feeling disconcerted. Bill hadn't forced himself on her physically but she had no choice except to accept his advances and be compliant and accommodating. ‘There went that justification again,’ she thought to herself.

She rallied. It’s just what it was! She was Bill’s comfort girl and so far the worst that she could envisage had not happened. Fuck Bill Brody! It was his idea… no it was his order that she was to be his comfort woman and if he couldn’t deal with the consequences well that was his problem.

She snatched up her cigarettes and threw them in her purse, checking she had her compact, lipstick and hairbrush, and stormed out the door.

Sam needed a drink and she knew just where to get one!

Dale Snitterman was sitting alone watching the action. Buddy Flintock was dancing with Wendy while Victor looked on enviously. Buddy had his hand on Wendy’s ass and was gently squeezing it and Wendy didn’t seem to mind at all. She was wearing a blue and white striped dress with a smooth fitting bodice, billowing gathered, skirt, Peter Pan collar and sleeve cuffs. Her legs were encased in sheer taupe stockings and feet shod in white heels. As usual her makeup was heavy. Her lipstick was smudged because Buddy kept kissing her.

Victor turned and watched Sam enter the bar, his eyes roamed over body. They were hungry and lecherous and Sam recalled what she had been forced to do to him in the alley behind the Copperlode and shuddered. Dale watched their silent exchange as Sam glared at him, daring him to make a move knowing that Bill Brody had claimed her for himself.

Sam went to bar and poured herself a drink and drank it quickly. Then she made a round of everyone’s favourites and loaded the drinks on a tray and delivered them to the tables. Victor was a little drunk and made an easily evaded pass at her trying to grab her ass.

Bill arrived not long after. He had changed his pants and there was no evidence of Sam’s transgression. Bill must have known that it was her semen on the leg of his pants. She thought that it was the sight of her semen on his pants that broke the fantasy for him that he was canoodling with a real woman.

Bill sat down beside Sam at a separate table to the others and he was morose and broody. He concentrated on drinking and it wasn’t until he was well in his cups that he asked Sam to dance. All evening Buddy and Victor had been taking turns dancing with Wendy and at one stage of the evening Wendy and Buddy disappeared for about fifteen minutes. On the pretext of freshening their drinks Sam had gone behind the bar and then out back to the rear entrance. She opened the door and peered into the alley.

Buddy had Wendy pressed against the wall supporting her herself with her hands on the clapboards while Buddy was behind her, between her legs buggering her. She gave little yips as Buddy thrust himself into her but they were not yips of pain they were yip of pleasure. She was encouraging him, grinding her fat ass into his crotch as he held her by the hips and drove his cock into her.

Sam silently closed the door; the picture burned into her brain and it would return later that night as she lay in bed in her satin nightgown, tenting her nylon panties with an erection.

A little while after Buddy and Wendy returned to the bar, Victor was up dancing with Wendy when he took her by the hand and led her out back. She went willingly and made no attempt to disguise what they were up to. She was a comfort woman and she was just doing her job.

Sam was able to talk to Wendy later in the evening and Wendy told her that Buddy and Victor had hardly left her alone.

“They keep fucking me every time their dicks get hard and will continue to do so until the novelty wears off then I suspect things will settle down. They will keep fucking me but not so much,” Wendy said resigned to her fate.

“How are things with the boss?” Wendy gave a Sam a salacious smile and ashed her cigarette.

“After everyone left the meeting he spanked me because I was uncooperative and disruptive. He had his way with me and he came over to my house later and had his way with me again,” Sam was reluctant to go into details and Wendy understood.

“I overheard Buddy and Victor complaining that you are off limits. You’re younger and prettier and men always want what they can’t have so be careful,” Wendy said cautiously, looking sideways at the two engineers.

“What do you make of Snitterman?” Sam asked.

“He hasn’t asked for anything. He seems content to watch,” Wendy took a gulp of her drink.

“Maybe that’s his thing? Anyway I better get back to my boys. My asshole feels like grand central station, not that I’m complaining, but I hope those boys have had their fill,” Wendy smiled wickedly and got up and went back to her table with Buddy and Victor.

Bill was pleasant enough but his mind seemed elsewhere. He complimented Sam on her looks, danced with her and even kissed her a little but there was little passion. He walked her home and kissed her almost chastely on the lips and said goodnight. Sam didn’t know if she was pleased that he was leaving or disappointed. The more she thought about his actions the more angry she got. Was she behaving like a girl being spurned by her boyfriend or a woman rejected by her lover? Shouldn’t she be glad that Bill Brody had not insisted on coming inside. Did she secretly wish he was lying beside her?

Sam finished writing in her diary, turned out the light and pulled up the comforter.

“Fuck you Bill Brody,” Sam whispered into the cold dark night and fell into a fitful sleep.

At the Monday morning parade Wendy in her role as Company clerk collected the diaries. She looked the part dressed in a smart business suit, showing a little leg and some décolletage. Being a heftier girl she could fill a c-cup nicely.

Bill glared at Sam. Although she was wearing full makeup she was wearing her usual light green surgical scrubs and white flat shoes. She glared back at him as she handed over her diary to Wendy. Bill went through his usual routine of issuing a work plan for the week and allocating collateral duties.

The town garbage dump needed attention. Although there were only six residents in Villawood their detritus was considerable and the weekly garbage haul had created a considerable sized mound over the months that they had resided in the town. A hole needed to be dug and the garbage buried for health and hygiene reasons.

“Flintock and Benning are certified on the loader and the digger, Snitterman you drive the dozer and Nurse Steele, as you are dressed appropriately, you can ensure the site is left sanitary and up to code,” Bill turned to her.

“Didn’t you say that comfort women are excused collateral duties?” Sam sniped back at him.

“Yes but health and safety are your forte, along with your medical acumen,” Bill countered.

“It’s a bullshit detail Bob!” Sam stamped his feet.

“Company dismissed. Nurse Steele, accompany me to my office,” Bill growled.

Underneath her scrubs Sam was wearing pretty pink nylon panties. After Bill applied his belt to her ass, Sam’s buttocks matched the pink nylon almost exactly. This time Bill made no sexual advances although Sam felt a little tingle in her penis when she pulled up her panties after the belting.

“Don’t you ever backchat me again in front of the men Sam,” Bill growled.

“And if you wanna wear those fucking awful pants and smock instead of dressing like a proper nurse, you can take on the shit details that come with it!” he pointed at her scrubs.

Sam stormed out of the office and slammed the door behind her, her ass stinging.

It wasn’t so much the belting, Bill applied the belt carefully: just hard enough to sting and turn her pale flesh pink but not hard enough to produce real pain or to leave permanent marks. It was the indignation of bending over the desk and having Bill pull down her panties and exposing her bottom before he applied the belt. It was degrading and Bill knew it was. It was a means of controlling her.

As she strode to the Infirmary she wasn't sure if she was more pissed that Bill had paid little attention to her at the Copperlode last night or at his anger with her for arguing about the collateral duties and her audacity to wear surgical scrubs. She wished that Bill would make up his mind. Did he really want her or was he repulsed by her? Had he made a mistake when he turned Wendy and Sam into comfort women? When he was hot and horny he desired her but afterwards he was plagued by post-coital regret.

Bill drank the hot coffee that Wendy had set before him when she brought in the diaries and other paperwork. Bill was hesitant. What would the others write in their diaries about his decision to introduce the comfort women?

He was relieved but not surprised when he read Flintock and Benning’s diaries. They made no mention of the comfort women. Why would they? They wouldn’t want Flagg to send in enforcers to make them cease their depravity. Buddy and Victor had the most to gain sharing Wendy between them and they were certainly putting her to good use; not that she seemed to mind.

Wendy Meakins had couched the subject in a shroud of half-truths. She had written that she had taken to providing entertainment in the evening by reprising her drag show, performing at The Copperlode Bar. Wendy had further confided that Airman Sam Steele had joined her in the act and was becoming quite accomplished.

This was very inventive and Bill amended his diary accordingly to the effect that Petty Officer Meakins had asked permission to perform a drag show at the Copperlode and he had granted the request in the interests of morale.

Dale Snitterman made a comment that he enjoyed being entertained by the nightly performances put on by Wendy and Sam dressed in drag but left it at that.

Samantha Steel’s diary was explosive. She complained about being forced to crossdress as a woman and about being spanked by Brody when she was disobedient or complained. She also complained about being bullied and assaulted by the others, implying that she and Wendy were being coerced into providing sexual favours although she didn’t go into specific detail as to what these acts entailed.

Bill took a razor blade and carefully cut out the pages of Sam’s diary containing the inflammatory allegations. In his best penmanship he mimicked Sam’s neat printing and made an entry to an effect that Sam was learning to perform in drag and entertain the troops under the stewardship of Wendy Meakins and that she found the task interesting and a satisfying diversion from the boredom of routine.

He scrutinized and approved some requisitions for victuals and mechanical supplies and called Wendy into his office and handed her the paperwork and the diaries. She climbed into the jeep and deposited diaries and requisitions in the locked mailbox at the front gate. Specialist Munroe arrived a few minutes later to unlock the box and put the contents in his dispatch box. Had he been there five minutes earlier he would have been surprised to see Petty Officer Meakins dressed very convincingly as a woman.

On her way back to the town hall Wendy stopped at the workshop and as promised she gave Buddy and Victor a quick blowjob. Buddy wanted to fuck her but she wouldn't let him because she didn’t want Bill becoming suspicious of her long absences. Besides, they needed to get their asses down to the town dump and start dealing with the garbage problem.

When Wendy returned to the town hall Bill commandeered the jeep and took a leisurely drive around the small town and was pleased to see that the place was being well maintained. He drove the fence line and saw no breeches. He waved at a couple of technicians working on part of the fence but kept going. Engaging with anyone outside the wire was strictly forbidden. Flagg didn’t want his experiment contaminated by outside influences.

He arrived at the dump to see Dale Snitterman bulldozing the pile of garbage into a huge hole dug by Buddy Flintock and Victor Benning using the digger and the font-end loader. They were sitting on one of the big yellow machines smoking and taking delight at Sam’s discomfort as she picked her way around the slowly diminishing mound of garbage ticking useless boxes on a useless form that Bill would file and forget about.

She saw Bill pull up in the jeep and go over to Buddy and Victor and bum a cigarette. His mood had changed and he appeared amicable and talkative. He joined in the laughter at Sam’s discomfort and her cheeks burnt with rage.

When the garbage had been buried and a cap of topsoil placed over it, compacted by the machinery, the job was done. Buddy and Victor went back to the workshop, they had a generator to service and Dale went back to the Cobalt Café to prepare the evening meal. Everyone had been provided with lack lunches today because the dump detail was an all-day job.

Sam was walking back to the infirmary when Bill Brody pulled up beside her in his jeep.

“Hop in Sam, I’ll give you a ride,” he said cheerfully enough.

Sam strode on indignantly looking at the ground, ignoring him. She was fuming.

“Ok. Get in the jeep Nurse Steele before I jump out and throw your tiny ass in the passenger seat anyway,” Bill said pleasantly enough.

Sam climbed into the jeep and sulked all the way to the infirmary were she hopped out of the jeep and went inside with Bill following.

“I stink and that was a pointless exercise. Any one of those guys could have filled in this paperwork,” she tossed the clipboard on the desk.

The form was an Excelsior Mining Company proforma listing the date the task was undertaken, the location, the amount of garbage buried, the main composition of the fill, which in this case was just household trash, and the depth to which it was buried. All mundane information but important to a mining company who was regularly scrutinised for their dumping practices and audited accordingly. As the Excelsior Mining Company no longer had a lease on Villawood the whole exercise was moot.

“More busywork as punishment for me airing my views,” Sam began to undo her smock and Bill watched her, amused by her indignity as always.

“If you had been wearing that nurse’s uniform I wouldn’t have made you do the job because it would have been impractical,” Bill had followed Sam into the staff ablutions and pointed to a pristine white nurse’s uniform hanging from one of the lockers on a coat hanger.

“I keep telling you I'm a Corpsman not a nurse!” Sam stamped her bare foot and shucked out of her scrub pants and stood before him dressed only in her panties.

“Take a shower, fix your face and put on the fucking nurse’s uniform,” Bill said calmly but forcefully.

“Or what Bill? You’ll belt me into it!” Sam hissed.

“Your choice Sam,” Bill smiled at her sweetly and she hated him for it.

Bill amused himself in the infirmary while Sam showered, put on her makeup and dressed. The crisp white nurse’s uniform fitted her perfectly, belted around her slim waist, open at the collar to show her clavicles a little and the pleated skirt kissed her knees, her legs swathed in opaque white stockings and her feet shod in the white high heels Bill had obligingly brought from her house. She fitted the little cap to her hair and checked herself out in the mirror.

If she there was ever male patient in this infirmary, this was the nurse he wanted tending to his needs. Sam couldn’t help but admire herself even though she was pissed that once again Bill Brody had gotten his way.

When she came into the infirmary Bill Brody’s breath was taken away. He pulled Sam into his arms and kissed her. She didn’t return his kiss even though she enjoyed being held in his arms and his sweet tender kisses.

“You look beautiful. You look so elegant when you dress for the Copperlode so why won’t you dress like this for me during the working week?” Bill nuzzled her neck and Sam shivered with desire.

“You run hot and cold Bill. One minute you can’t get enough of me but when you're done with me you treat me like I’m a burden,” Sam replied.

“Done with you?” Bill’s brow furrowed.

“When you’ve finished having sex,” Sam blushed.

Bill’s temper began to broil.

“We haven’t had sex,” Bill hissed.

“Then what do you call it?” Sam couldn’t help needling him.

“Ok let’s have sex,” Bill grinned at her and Sam was suddenly shocked.

She’d pushed his buttons one too many times.

Bill pulled Sam into his arms and kissed her passionately and she couldn’t help but respond. He was handsome and such a good kisser and hadn't she yearned for him last night? Didn’t she yearn for him now?

She opened her mouth and accepted his tongue and offered her own. She had to stand on tiptoes but Bill held her tight and supported her. Sam was trepidatious. Bill had told her they were going to have sex but what was that going to entail? She decided that she would take the lead and ensure they enjoyed each other without any need for her to feel degraded. A little mutual masturbation maybe? She was even willing to fellate him.

Sam could feel Bill’s cock pressing into her and she unbuttoned his fatigues and freed his manhood. It was steely hard and dripping precum which she used to lubricate the shaft and glands and slowly stroked it. It felt so sleek and powerful in her fingers as she traced the veins, caressed the corona of his glans, tickled his frenulum and massaged the droplets of pre-ejaculate that she milked from it into his flesh.

Her own cock had sprung free and was tenting her panties. She was so enamoured and excited by him. The turmoil in him was excruciating but when he held her and caressed her and showed her how much he desired her she couldn’t help but succumb to his will.

Bill surprised her when he opened the top buttons of her tunic and pulled down the cups of her lace bra to expose her flat chest. He nuzzled a nipple and it radiated a seductive sensation that she hadn’t felt before. He moved to her other nipple and suckled it and she cradled his head. He used his lips and his tongue to suckle it and gently nipped it with his teeth which sent little shocks of delight through her torso. Sam was surprised that Bill would have any interest in her bosom but she liked what he was doing there.

She went back to stroking his cock which was poking her in the belly and she redirected it so that it was trapped between her thighs and she closed her legs around it so Bill could rub it on her white silk stockings. Bill delighted in the feel of the delicate hose on his flesh; they were so soft and silky. He returned his face to hers and drank in her beauty before he kissed her.

Sam put her hands around his neck and returned his kisses and swayed back and forth so that Bill was effectively fucking her thighs. The top of his cock was pressing against her nylon panties and unknown to him rubbing on her scrotum. It was Sam’s plan that she would bring him to extremis this way. She knew that he loved to rub his cock on her stockings and this way she could come with him and he would never know that she was ejaculating along with him when he saturated her stocking tops and panties with his semen as he climaxed.

But Sam had miscalculated. Bill pressed Sam into the stainless steel examination table and it was digging uncomfortably into the small of her back.

But not for long because Bill lifted Sam off her feet and set her down on the table. She automatically wrapped her legs around him and drew him close, still kissing him, still keeping her arms wrapped around his neck holding him tightly. She hardly noticed him unbuckling his belt and dropping his pants to the floor until her nylon-sheathed thighs rubbed on his muscled hairy legs.

She opened his shirt and helped him take it off along with his skivvies and she raked her fingers across his chest wanting to feel his ripped body. He felt so warm, hard and masculine and the more masculine he felt, the more feminine she felt. Bill gazed down at her as Sam raked her red fingernails across his torso, delighting in the feel of her nails scratching him. His cock was rampant, a rope of silvery precum oozed from the eye.

He wanted this woman so bad and now he was going to take her.

Sam screamed in surprise and shock when Bill pried her legs wide open and exposed her white nylon panties. He ignored the package bulging the front of her panties and took in the vista of Sam’s legs spread wide, encased in the white silk nurse’s stockings, the bands at the top a creamy white, almost the same colour as her flesh, clipped to her garters. The gusset of her panties hiding the secret he was searching for.

He pulled her legs higher and pushed Sam back so that her buttocks were exposed, encased in those sexy white panties.

“No Bill, don’t!” Sam pleaded as Bill eased aside the crotch of her panties guided his hard cock to her puckered bud.

Sam screamed as Bill’s cock pierced her virgin sphincter. His pre-ejaculate eased his entrance a little but not much and Sam felt like she was being torn open when Bill’s cock slipped past her puckered bud.

“Take it out Bill please. It’s killing me!” Sam sobbed.

But Bill couldn’t even if he wanted to. Seeing Sam lying on her back, her long sexy legs high in the air, her buttocks brazenly displayed, her dress hiked up, her pretty face painted and framed by that brunette pixie cut was a sight beholden. He leaned down to kiss her but Sam shook her head violently, tears streaming down her face.

Bill pushed and another inch went inside Sam’s tight anus and this time she screamed so loud that it hurt his ears. Sam’s tight ass clenching his hard cock felt so good but he knew that he was hurting her. Raping her. She pushed against him and beat his chest with her fists and kicked her legs, trying to break free but he held her tightly.

Bill’s cock felt like a hot steel rod had been driven into her anus and the pain was excruciating. She struggled as much as she could but Bill held her down on the examination table and she was certain that he was not going to stop. Then it occurred to her where they were and that her salvation was at hand.

“Stop please Bill and I can make this better for you,” Sam breathed around the pain, trying to reason with him.

“No! I like it,” Bill smiled down at her wickedly.

“The top drawer. There is a tube of lubricant for rectal examinations. Take it out and use it. It will be better for us both,” Sam said through gritted teeth hoping he would see reason.

Bill stopped what he was doing and opened the drawer and searched for the item while Sam lay there feeling utterly degraded with her legs in the air, impaled on three inches of Sam Brody’s cock, waiting impatiently for him to find some lube.

“Is this it?” Bill held up the blue and white tube and Sam nodded vigorously.

Bill extracted his penis from her anus and it hurt almost as much as when he had pushed it inside her and Sam winced.

“Here; you do it,” Bill unscrewed the cap and pressed the tube into her hand.

Sam had to suffer the degradation of slathering Bill’s cock with the lubricant but she made sure she applied a thick layer.

“Put it in,” Bill smiled down at her sweetly.

Now she had to suffer the humiliation of actually guiding Bill’s cock into her asshole.

She put the glans of Bill’s penis on her sphincter and closed her eyes in anticipation of the excruciating pain.

Instead Bill rubbed his lubricated cock on her puckered bud and little ripples of pleasure began to bloom from her sphincter.

“Oh my,” Sam gasped; surprised at how wonderful it felt.

Bill kissed her and Sam returned the kiss. This was wonderful. It was a very unique and surprising situation and Sam was surprised that it could feel so good. When Bill thought Sam was ready he kissed her harder and gently pushed a third of his cock inside her tight channel, the lubricant easing his way.

Sam gave a muffled cry into Bill’s mouth when he pierced her but the pain was fleeting. She felt a fullness that was uncomfortable but intangibly nice. Uncomfortable turned to wonderful when Bill eased the rest of his cock inside her and his glans pressed on her prostate.

Being a Corpsman with some medical knowledge Sam knew about the prostate gland and its function. She knew that it could be massaged and milked but didn’t know about the wonderful sensations it produced until Bill began to slowly fuck her.

Sam wriggled her buttocks on the thin mattress to get into a more comfortable position and when Bill was fucking her just right she locked her legs around him and wriggled her buttocks to encourage him. She had never dreamed that being fucked in the ass could be so pleasurable. Ringlets of pleasure radiated from her sphincter and melded with deep pleasurable pulses of delight that Bill wrenched from her prostate every time he thrust into her. She could feel his cock fill her anus and it felt wonderful, powerful and sublime.

Sam felt ultra-feminine and submissive, but also somehow strangely powerful as Bill kissed her passionately and held her close as he fucked her with long slow strokes that produced wondrous sensations that she had never felt before. Her cock was throbbing in her panties and every time Bill thrust into her his belly pressed on her panty-clad penis causing her double pleasure.

She want’s sure if Bill was aware of this and she didn't care. She just wanted him to keep fucking her, keep kissing her, keep holding her and staring into her emerald green eyes as she returned the loving gaze into his icy blue eyes. They weren't just fucking they were making love.

Bill began to increase the tempo as he felt his orgasm approaching and Sam lifted her buttocks higher off the mattress to encourage him.

“Fuck me Bill! Come in me Bill! Oh my god!” Sam screamed.

She orgasmed first. Bill’s cock driving in and out of her tight slick back passage, his shaft grinding on her sphincter, his glans assaulting her prostate, his belly rubbing on her panty-clad cock, combined with the feel of his body and his passionate kisses caused her to climax in a way that she had never experienced before. Her anus was a ball of intense pleasure and her cock throbbed and jittered as it spewed her load into her panties.

Bill felt Sam convulse as she climaxed and it triggered his own orgasm. He drove his cock in and out of her tight anus, jackhammering it as it pulsed and throbbed and blasted her ass full of his hot spend.

The two lovers clung to each other as divine rapture coursed through their bodies. Sam raked her nails on Bill’s back and her heels grazed his flanks, Bill bit and sucked Sam’s neck, bruising her delicate flesh but to her it felt wonderful and salacious. She locked her legs around him to hold him close and she kissed him, wrapping her arms around him, feeling him inside her, never wanting to let him go. Bill had never felt so blissful and contented.

The lovers cradled each other until they started to cramp and then they reluctantly disengaged, a little embarrassed at what they had done. Bill saw the puddle of semen in Sam’s panties and saw that some of it was smeared on his belly. His semen was dribbling from her sphincter and he quickly pulled Sam’s panties back into place to absorb the mess leaking from her ass.

He reached for a handful of clinical sheets from the dispenser on the wall behind the examination table and wiped at his belly and crotch and snatched another handful and pressed them into Sam’s hand.

“Clean yourself up honey,” he whispered but there was no tenderness in his inflection.

Sam felt Bill’s coldness.

How could a man who had committed the most intimate act with her, shown her such tenderness and invoked such pleasure from her, suddenly be so cold and distant? It was happening and again and once again it rankled Sam and brought forth all the insecurities, doubts and distrust that she had felt previously. When Bill was considerate and loving it justified the feelings she felt existing as Samantha but when he became cold and distant in made her feel insecure. Even when he used his belt on her it demonstrated that he had an interest in her but this cold indifference that was the aftermath of every intimate moment was insufferably vexing.

Sam climbed off the examination table and gingerly made her way to the staff ablutions. She dropped her drawers and immediately noticed the unsightly stain in her panties and she gingerly picked them up with her thumb and forefinger and dropped them in the trash.

She had the undignified pleasure of taking a warm soapy facecloth to her nether regions and giving them a good clean while she held her skirts out of the way. She fished a fresh pair of panties out her locker and stepped into them, buttoned the front of her dress, straightened her skirts and fixed her makeup.

On the way out she stopped at the dispensary than she walked all the way to Bill’s office where he was sitting at his desk staring at the ceiling.

Sam walked past Wendy Meakins without saying a word and stormed into Bill’s office.

“This is for you,” She dropped the two packages of K-Y Jelly on his desk.

“And this is for me,” she held up a douche consisting of a white hard plastic nozzle and bright red rubber bulb.

She dropped the douche into her handbag, turned on her heels and stormed out.

Wendy witnessed the exchange and stood in the doorway laughing until Bill told her to fuck off.

To be continued

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How Feminine?

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Is Samantha going to become? I can't wait to learn her fate (and Bill's). Just how long is the "experiment" going to continue?

As expected with a Michele Nylons story there is plenty of steamy, unbridled sex and I'm a fan. It is perfectly clear that Samantha and Wendy are going to get their brains fucked out. Wendy is already enjoying it and so will Samantha in, I think, a very short time once she stops pretending that she doesn't like it.

I'm betting that she never returns to being a male.

As always

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…in a Michele Nylons story the sex is hot. What is unusual, though, is the forced feminisation and how Sam is adapting to it, both physically and psychologically.

The next big question is how the military authorities, beyond the weird Colonel Flagge, are going to deal with the consequences. While my money is on a cover up, you can never tell when Michele is in the driving seat.