Carla and Angela Part 14

Carla’s Place, 0500 hrs:
Carla didn’t know why she didn’t think of this sooner. She takes a sip from her second cup of coffee. While she was asleep an idea popped into her head. Her subconscious wouldn’t allow her to sleep, so she got up and sent a text message to the one person who she should have used from the beginning.

She then sent a text message to Ripper as well. She was waiting to hear from the first person she should have called in right away. As for her friend Rita, she was still in critical condition.

Ripper shows up first and walks into Carla’s place. She glowed about her.

“You look like you had a good time last night.” Carla noticed how relaxed Ripper looked.

“I am. I had a very good time last night. So, what is on your mind?” Ripper walks over to the coffee pot and pours herself some coffee.

“I had an idea last night and decided to call in the one person I should have from the beginning.” Carla takes a sip of her coffee.

“Oh? Who should you have called in from the beginning?” Ripper adds cream and sugar to her coffee.

“The Dark Alice.” Carla hasn’t worked with her in a while.

Ripper nearly chokes on her coffee. She looks at Carla like she has lost her mind.

“Are you crazy? She’s bat shit crazy. She hasn’t recovered from what was done to her by the vampires.” Ripper knew who the Dark Alice was.
She had been kidnapped by a group of vampires and brought near to death several times.

They would resurrect her over and over again. It caused her mind to snap and caused her to go on a killing rampage. She went after vampires and their supporters and left a bloody mess. The Hunter organization had to cover up the massacre she left behind.

They tried committing her to one of their mental hospitals, but she escaped. After that, they would hear rumors about her going on a rampage and killing vampires and their kisses.

“She’s mellowed some over the years. She had a run-in with the Mad Hatter and the two of them talked.” Carla knew Aylin had encountered
Vicky at least twice and the two crazies talked.

“Who’s the Mad Hatter?” This was the first time Ripper was hearing about this person.

“She’s one of Mr. Bounty’s agents and she’s just as crazy as Alice.” Carla knew how crazy Hatter was.

“No one is as crazy as Alice. She was at the very edge of death. The vampires that tortured her, took her to the very edge and waited just before
her heart stopped before they brought her back, over and over again.”

“Trust me, she and Hatter Aylin have a lot in common. They have become friends, helping each other out.” Carla knew Hatter has been staying in contact with Alice.

“Okay, whatever, but why do you want her to help us?” Ripper was worried about what might happen.

“Because she has a unique ability to feel for magical things. Since Rita is in the hospital and the device, I gave her to track the artifact is broken. I need somehow to locate it.”

“And because of what was done to her, she can locate it?”

“Yes. Plus, if the servant of Nyx shows up and decides to attack us. Alice can fight her off, while we get the crystal.” Carla hopes what Alice went
through, made her immune to Nya’s supernatural abilities.

“It’s worth a shot. Hopefully, you’ll hear from Dark Alice.”

North Hudson, NY:
Alice was killing the last vampire she tracked down. Blood was dripping off the huge knife she used and there was blood covering the front of her outfit. She watches as the vampire bursts into flames.

The bloodthirsty look on her face was slowly fading away when her cellphone vibrates in her pocket. She reaches in and pulls the cellphone out and looks at the text message from Carla. She hasn’t heard from her in a long time. She reads the message and sends her reply.

After sending her reply, Alice looks around for the human cattle the vampires kept. She sets them free and the ones who want to be turned into vampires, she slits their throats and sends them on their way. She has no mercy for wannabe vampires. Afterward, she starts digging a deep pit to put the wannabe vampires into it. She pours gasoline on top of them and drops a flare down into the pit.

She stands there and watches as the bodies burn. She wishes there were more vampires to kill but knew she got all of them at this site. She waits until the flames die down, before covering the pit up. Once Alice is done burying the dead. She walks over to beaten up looking jeep and drives towards Carla’s place.

Stacy’s Hotel Room:
Stacy wakes up feeling terrible. It took everything she had to recover from the damage she took. She gets up off the floor and steps into the shower. She turns the water on and adjusts it to what she likes.

Stacy looks at herself in the mirror over the sink “why were you affected like you were?”

“I don’t know why, but that weapon won’t be affecting us again.” Stacy shivers when she hears the servant's voice echoing inside her head.

“Why?” Stacy was curious why the weapon won’t affect them.

“Because no weapon made by man can affect us.” The spirit was positive that it won’t be hurt.

“Except, it did.” Stacy had to remind the spirit that dwelled inside of her.

The spirit goes quiet. Stacy knew it hated to lose. She turns and steps into the shower and takes a nice long shower. Afterward, when she gets out, she orders room service. The creature inside of her used up all her energy and she needed to replenish it.

Later in the day, she goes for a walk to work out the stiffness she was feeling in her bones. She wishes she could remove the spirit from her body, but the two of them were one spirit now. She hopes one day, she’ll be able to free herself.

Mad Alice 3.jpg
Mad Alice

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