Denison, Texas Jay’s Place:
Jay holds Dove in her arms as they slept. She couldn’t believe that she had shown up at her house last night. She had heard rumors that Dove had been dating the leader of a motorcycle gang and when he got too rough with her. She put him in traction in the hospital. And when that relationship had ended, Dove had met a person who worked at Interstate Trucking.

She had said the relationship was going fine until recently. The guy wanted someone who looked a lot older than her and didn’t make people think he was robbing the cradle. She was feeling lonely last night and stayed over.

Dove turns around in Jay’s arms and buries her face between Jay’s breasts. She snuggles closer as Jay rubs her back. Jay looks down at her little girl and could remember when Dove hadn’t always been like this. She spots the weird floral design running down the back of Dove’s back where the strange lightning had struck her.

Dove wasn’t changed by the blue lace drug like the other women were. She had been changed by a strange blue color of lightning during a thunderstorm. She had been out inspecting a reported hunted area. When out of nowhere, lightning came and struck her.

When she woke up eight hours later. She discovered that she had been changed into a twelve-year-old girl. After getting over the shock of being turned into a twelve-year-old girl. She called her to come and pick her up.

Jay moves Dove over to her right breast and put her nipple into Dove’s mouth. She sighs when Dove starts sucking on her nipple.

“That’s it, sweetie. Suck on mommy’s nipple.” Jay continues to stroke Dove’s emo-colored hair.

One thing leads to another and soon, Dove is exploring Jay’s body. She wanted to please her mommy. They spend a few hours enjoying each other. Afterward, Dove looks into Jay’s brown eyes as she lays on top of Jay’s mature body.

Jay looks into Dove’s violet color eyes. She is still amazed how Dove’s eyes went from being hazel before the blue lightning struck her. Everything about her had changed.

“So, are you feeling better?” Jay was rubbing Dove’s spine with her fingers.

“Mmmm!! Yes.” Dove was loving the attention Jay was giving her. She loved having her spine rubbed.

A smile appears on Jay’s face as she continues to hold Dove in her arms. She holds Dove against her chest for a little while longer and after a few minutes.

“I think it’s time to get up and get some food and potty, sweety.” Jay’s bladder was ready to let go.

“I don’t want to.” Dove didn’t want to get up.

“I know sweety, but I need to pee, and if I don’t get up. I’m going to have a wet spot here in my bed.”

“Fine.” Dove slides off Jay’s body and heads towards the bathroom as well.

Jay goes in first and sits down on the toilet. Dove watches as she splashes some water onto her face, to remove what fluids had dried on her face.

“Alright.” Dove walks over and straddles Jay’s lap.

“What are you doing?” Jay looks into Dove's young face.

“I’m peeing, so you better spread your legs or I’m peeing on you.” Dove starts peeing.

Jay opens her legs, just in time. She looks into Dove’s eyes “didn’t your mother teach you how to use the bathroom the proper way?”

“I don’t know, mommy. Did you?” Everything Dove knew about being a girl was taught to her by Jay.

Jay points her finger at Dove. She watches as a smile forms on Dove’s face. The two of them wipe each other off and walk into the bedroom, after washing their hands and flushing the toilet.

“What do you want to eat?” Jay grabs a pair of clean panties and bra out of her underwear drawer.

“What do you have?” Dove walks over to put the clothes she wore yesterday to Jay’s house on.

“Oh, no. You’re not wearing those clothes young lady. Come over here, I have some panties for you to wear.” Jay pulls out some young girl clothes for Dove to wear.

“They make me look like I’m a child.” Dove holds them up.

“You are a child, young lady. Now, put them on and join me in the kitchen.” Jay hands them to Dove, as she leaves the bedroom.

“Yes ma’am.” Dove puts the clothes on and follows behind Jay.

Dove follows Jay into the kitchen and sits down on a stool. She watches as Jay grabs items out of the refrigerator. A smile appears on her face when she figures out what Jay was going to cook.

“So, how are things going on your crusade to stop the production of blue lace?” Jay grabs her knife and starts cutting things up.

“I don’t think we're making any difference. Every time we take down a production plant or one of their mobile units. We find out about two more.”
Dove didn’t know what to do about the problem they had.

“What about this Black Cat person? Is she going to help you?” Jay knew Dove had wanted to make contact with her.

“I don’t know yet. I managed to give her and her team a tip I got from Raven, but I don’t know if the Black Cat and her people are willing to join the team I am working for. I need to set up an appointment between her and Sparrow.” Dove feels Mrs. Harding would be up to join their team.

“So, how many transformed girls do you think your group has saved so far?” Jay starts cooking them some brunch.

“Saved, at least three hundred girls. The problem is, for every transformed girl we save. Two more take their place. We need to find out the source of drugs being used to make blue lace and eliminate it.” Dove stands up and walk over to the refrigerator and grabs a wine cooler.

“I should tell you no, but go ahead and have it.”

“Thanks.” Dove takes a sip from the bottle.

“You’re welcome. So, how did you explain your appearance to your dates?” Jay has never asked Dove this question before.

“I tell them that the gland that controls my growth, was damaged from a medical treatment I had. There’s a girl who looks to be eight years old but is 22yrs old. If I remember correctly, her name is Shauna Rae.”

“I’m going to need to look that person up later.” Jay concentrates on cooking food for her and Dove.

When breakfast is ready, Jay serves it up. They sit at the counter to eat brunch.

“This is good.” Dove takes another bite of the food Jay made.

“Thanks, you said that you visited Raven. How is she doing?” Jay remembered Raven and the accident she had.

“She’s doing alright. She’s working at a bar that specializes in a vampire theme. The owner got the idea from a place called Crystal Palace in
Nevada. They didn’t copy what the Crystal Palace is, but the idea that all the waiters and waitresses are vampires. So, the owner of the place Raven works at went with that idea.”

“That fits how she is now.” Jay knew Raven was exposed to some sort of white powder that turned her skin pale white and made her look like a
vampire. It also changed her gender, as the Blue Lace drug did.

For her to go out during the daytime. She has to cover completely up either with clothes or a high SPF suntan lotion. She even had to cover her eyes while she was out in the sun or risk being blind from the sunlight.

The dust was called moon dust and it was a new drug that was being imported. The crate that it had been smuggled in, had plaster mini statues of religious gods. The statues came from Mexico, so whoever made the white powder, they were located down in Mexico.

Raven unfortunately was affected by it. The cargo she was unloading from a ship to a box truck wasn’t secure when she hit a bump. The crate fell off the pallet it had been shipped on and burst open on the loading dock. She was engulfed by the white dust and changed. Her body was already changing by the time the fire department showed up.

They had to call in the hazmat team to retrieve her from the dust. Dove had heard what happened to her and went down to see if she was alright. That is when she discovered what the dust did to her friend.

After breakfast, Jay gets dressed and so does Dove. They go into the city and do some window shopping. Some of the people they run into, that
know Jay think Dove is her niece. Which is fine with Dove. If they knew the real truth, they wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Dove was doing more than window shopping. She was looking for any illegal activity going on. She knew what to look for from the training she got from Mrs. Cynthia Drago. Who would have thought an old woman like Mrs. Drago uses to be a CIA agent? She was old-school CIA and taught her and everyone else the fine art of spying and fighting.

Dove spots a humanoid cat dancing and doing tricks out on the sidewalk. A smile appears on her because the person looked so cute.

“Who’s the cat person over there?” Dove points to the cat person.

Jay looks across the street at the cat person and smiles “that’s Katlin Shaw. You use to know her as Brandon Shaw. She’s had gender reassignment surgery and now performs at the local theater. She dresses up and comes out here and performs in front of the different shops. The shop owners don’t mind, because she draws crowds to their businesses and the kids love her.”

“Well, she’s really good.” Dove watches her perform doing tricks and such. She even had a huge beach ball she gets on and roll around on.

“I agree with you. There are a few people that don’t like her antics and give her a hard time. However, most of the people around here like her.”
Dove watches her for a while, before moving on.

“So, what are you going to do about that motorcycle gang that is after you/” Jay heard through the grapevine about the biker gang that was looking for Dove.

“If they don’t leave me alone, I’m going to burn their bar down and destroy their repair shop. I have enough material on them to turn them over to the FBI.”

“Why did you even date the leader?” Jay couldn’t figure that out.

“I love bad boys and he was sweet at first. It wasn’t until later in our relationship that he tried to control me and hit me. Once he laid his hand on me, I finally saw his true nature. So, I let him see mine. I used the skills I was taught and beat the living crap out of him.” Dove could remember the night it happened.

She had fixed a nice meal for them and he came home pissed because of something that happened inside of the gang. She tried to get him to calm down, but he wasn’t having it. He backhanded her, sending her across the living room. She got up and started beating the crap out of him.
She wasn’t going to allow someone like him to abuse her. She got enough of that when she was little.

She came from an abusive home. Her father was an asshole and her mother blamed her for ruining her life. She tried like hell to please her mother, but she was never happy with anything she did. As for her father, if you said the wrong thing or came home late. He would either backhand her or take his belt off and whip her with it.

Around lunchtime, they stop and have lunch at one of the local restaurants. They were sitting outside and eating their lunch when they spot some commotion across the street from them. They look over towards where it was happening and noticed a crowd.

“I wonder what is happening over there?”

Jay and Dove spot a person coming flying through the crowd. He was dressed in blue jeans that had holes in their knees and a dirty grey t-shirt.
He had a rugged look about him. He stands up and looks at the cat person who just threw him threw the crowd. He pulls a switchblade and charges toward Katalin.

Katalin was prepared for the guy’s attack and avoided it. She was using the guy’s momentum against him. She grabbed the wrist of the hand the guy was holding the knife in and snapped it. She pivots on foot and spins around and kicks the guy right in the middle of his back. Then she followed up with a punch to the guy’s face, breaking his nose.

“Damn! Where did she learn those moves.” Dove was impressed with Katalin's fighting ability.

“She’s changed a lot since she had her surgery.” Jay was looking at her the fight as well.

“Why did she ever come back here? People would know it was her.” Dove looks at Jay.

“Because her grandmother got sick. She and her grandmother were very close after Katlain’s parents disowned her. You know how the Shaw’s are.” Jay knew Dove had run-ins with the Shaw’s before her change.

“Yeah, Mr. Shaw is a royal prick and believes anything the damn republican party and Fox News tell their viewers. Mrs. Shaw thinks her farts don’t stink and acts as if she is entitled to everything.” Dove has had several run-ins with them. Even their kids were the same way.

The only exception was Katalin. She was a decent human being who volunteer to help people. She was always doing things that made her look good. It was common knowledge her parents disowned her.

The police show up a few minutes later and take everyone’s statement. Dove finishes her sweet tea and stands up with Jay. They walk back to Jay’s house holding hands. They had a weird relationship. Jay thought of her as a daughter, and Dove liked it. She didn’t mind dressing and acting like a daughter to Jay.

Dove spends a few days with Jay and leaves on Friday. She had a few places she needed to check out. She was driving a new Toyota Prius and heading towards Canyon Lake to check on a friend of hers.

The guy was a retired Marine and spent his time either hunting or fishing. He suffered from PTSD, but was getting better. She knew him before he joined the military and what he went through over in Afghanistan has affected him a lot.

She follows the gravel road that led to his old fashion log cabin. She knew Frank had the logs brought in. He wanted to blend with the surrounding area.

When she pulls up, she notices his 4x4 Dodge truck sitting in its normal parking spot. She gets out of her Prius and walks up onto the front porch. She noticed that the fish symbol he craved was on the door. She walks around towards the back of the house and notices his skiff was gone. However, he did leave his other boat. She goes back to her Prius and changes into her bikini. She grabs her sunglasses and straw hat.

She knows where he likes to fish as she climbs aboard the other boat and unties the mooring. She pushes away from the pier and starts the motor up. Once the motor was running, she gives it some gas and head towards his favorite fishing hole.

Frank’s Favorite Spot-on Canyon Lake:
Frank was enjoying being out on the lake. There was no one around him and he didn’t have to worry about any danger out on the lake. He was laying back in his skiff when he hears a familiar engine sound coming toward him. He knew it was his boat, after enough times he took it out. He grabs his binoculars and notices a young girl wearing a neon blue bikini was driving it. He knew right away who it was and wondered what she wanted.

He watches as she cuts the engine and just drifts towards him. He knew Dove knew how to drive a boat and how to approach him. When she was close “what brings you out here?”

“Your boat.” Dove smiles at Frank when she answers him.

“Cut the jokes, Dove. Why are you out here?” Frank knew Dove could be a smartass.

“Checking on you, Uncle Frank. I haven’t spoken to you in a while and I wanted to make sure you were okay.” Dove looks at her uncle with concern in her eyes.

“I’m doing okay. I have my good days and my bad days.” Frank knew only a few people that care about him, and come by to check on him.

“How are you doing?” Frank knew about his nephew being turned into a teenage girl.

“I’m doing okay. I’m just hiding from a motorcycle gang.” Dove hated to admit it, but she was hiding.

“What did you do, to piss off a motorcycle gang?” Frank wonders what his niece did.

“I dated their leader and when he became abusive, I put him in traction.”

“You? You’re so small and normal looking, Dove.” Frank couldn’t believe Dove who looked like a twelve-year-old girl was capable of putting a full-grown man in traction.

‘I’m tougher than I look, uncle. Just because I look like I’m twelve years old, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to seriously hurt you.” Dove loved it when people underestimated her.

“Well, you be careful. So, what is your plan for the rest of the day?” Frank looks at his niece.

“Spend it with you of course. I drove all this way and put my bikini on. I might as well, enjoy the day with you.”

“Well, if you plan on swimming. You might want to go a little further away from me, so you don’t scare the fish.” Frank didn’t need Dove swimming or diving near him while he fished.

“Okay.” Dove turns the boat around and goes a little away from her uncle. She drops anchor and jumps into the lake.

Dove and her uncle spend all day out on the lake. Later in the evening, they head back to his cabin. Over the dock, Frank takes a few of the fish he caught and cleans them. He was going to cook them for him and Dove.

Dove goes into the cabin and makes some side dishes to go with the fish her uncle was cooking. She knew her uncle kept his pantry and cabinets stocked, so she had her pick of ingredients. She cooks some veggies and some rice to go with the fish. She also grabs a beer for him. She knew he liked beer.

“The sides are done, Uncle Frank.” As she walks out of the cabin.

“Good, the fish is done as well.” Frank takes the fish and put them on paper plates.

Dove serves the sides she cooked and sat down on a yard chair to eat. She hands the beer she had gotten for him, to him.

“Thanks.” As Frank accepts it.

“You’re welcome and thanks for dinner.” As Dove takes a bite from her fish.

The rest of the evening, Dove stays with her uncle. She ends up spending the night and sleeping on the sofa in the living room. She changes clothes before she falls asleep.

In the morning, Dove wakes up to the smell of hash browns and bacon. She looks into the kitchen area and saw her uncle cooking.

“You’re up early.” Dove knew her uncle has been up for a while.

“I went for my morning swim and jogged down to the post office.” Frank watches as his niece walks over to him.

“There’s fresh coffee on the stove.”

“Thanks.” Dove fixes herself a cup of coffee.

After breakfast, Dove gives her uncle a hug and leave. She needed to head back to the safe house she was staying at and check some email. As she is heading back to Dallas, she notices the fuel light flashing at her.

Dove pulls into a nearby Circuit gas station and starts filling her Prius up. As she is standing there at the pumps, four motorcycles pull in a few pumps down from her. She looks at their vest and notices right away which gang they were.

“Shit! This is the last thing I need right now.”

James was looking around and noticed right down from where he and his brothers stopped to refuel, was Dove. She was putting gas into a Toyota Prius. He looks at his brothers “hey guys, look who is here.”

Jeff, William, and Wayne look in the direction where James was looking. A smile appears on all their faces, as they walk down towards Dove. All of them were going to have fun beating the crap out of her.

Dove notices the four bikers walking down towards her. She could either run for it or defend herself. She decides to defend herself. These guys needed to learn she was dangerous.

“Look what we have here, guys. A little lost lamb. Where have you been hiding, Dove?” James looks at Dove.

“Nowhere, James.” Dove puts the handle back into its holder.

“How did someone like you put our leader in traction?” Jeff gives done a menacing look.

“The same way I will put all of you in traction if you don’t leave me alone. You don’t want to end up being like your leader.” Dove crackles her knuckles.

“Get her guys.” James charges toward Dove first.

Dove waits until he is close and kicks him so hard in his groin area, that it causes James to scream and throw up. She dodges as Wayne tries to punch her. She gets grabbed and put into a bear hug. She feels William trying to squeeze her hard enough to break her bones.

Dove brings her left leg up behind her and kicks William’s testes hard. When he loosens his grip on her, she tosses him over her body. He lands on his back in front of him.

Jeff tries to grab her, but she turns her grab on him and swings around his body. She lands in front of him and kicks his knees out. He goes down screaming in pain. She looks at all four of them “I told you what would happen when you attack me.”

Dove stumps on their arms until she hears them break. Then she stumps on their legs until she sees the bones poke through the skin.

“That should be a reminder of what will happen to anyone else who comes after me.” Dove walks into the gas station and buys a bottle of water. She knew the police will arrive soon.

Officer Kent and Officer Cornelius arrive at the gas station where they see four bikers on the ground screaming from pain. A young twelve-year-old girl was standing by a Toyota Prius.

“What happened here?” Officer Cornelius looks at the young girl.

“They attacked me, after I warned them what would happen, officer.” Dove looks at Cornelius with a smug look on her face.

“Okay, why don’t you explain everything from the beginning.”

“Okay, officer.” Dove begins.

A few hours later, Dove pulls into the driveway of the safe house. She loved the look on the two officers' faces when they viewed the security footage. They were amazed a little thing like her could fight as well as she did.

She had to show her medical card saying she was older than she looked. She walks into the townhouse she was staying in and spotted Asia asleep on the sofa. There were half-eaten Chinese food containers on the coffee table. The television was on and there was a movie playing on it. She turns the television off and places a kiss on Asia’s forehead.

She walks upstairs to her bedroom and takes her clothes off. Asia was another girl that she was looking after. The poor thing was sexually abused by her stepfather for years. She finally got tired of it and cut his penis off. Asia couldn’t afford a good lawyer, so she hired one for her.

Ever since then, she has been living with her. Asia knew what type of work Dove and her friends did. So, Asia keeps her ears open at the restaurant she works at. She was a bus boy, but a lot of important people came into it. The chief of police and several of his captains and the lieutenant’s as well.

Dove hopes Mrs. Harding will join their team, so they can stop all these drugs coming in. She lays down in bed and hopes tomorrow is better than today.

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