Carla and Angela Part 15 (Final Chapter)

Alice, Ripper, and Carla look at the building Alice brought them to. Her ability to detect magically enhanced items was unique to her and she was never wrong.

“What you are looking for is in there.” Alice’s voice had a rough sound to it like she was sick or smoked a lot.

Ripper looks at Alice “are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m positive.” Alice looks at Ripper.

“So, how do you want to do this?” Ripper looks toward Carla for an answer.

“The direct approach.” Carla puts her helmet on and starts walking toward the building.

Alice and Ripper follow behind her. The three women walk into the building and encounter security officers with guns. The bullets they fired at the three women did nothing. Ripper and Carla’s body armor protected them. The bullets just bounced off the body armor. As for Alice, they just bounced off her skin. Carla extends her bo-staff and knocks the nearest security officer out.

Two more security officers are knocked out by Ripper. Alice picks one officer up and tosses him into several officers. These weren’t cattle or familiars, so she wasn’t going to kill them, today.

Carla smiles beneath her helmet. She knew it was a risk to bring Alice, but it was worth the risk. Alice wasn’t a blood-thirsty creature, but she did drink blood, especially vampire blood.

They make their way to the elevator and take it up to the fifteenth floor. When they step out, they are met by several guys with shotguns. An evil smile appears on Alice’s face, as she throws her butcher knives at them. She can summon her knives no matter where she is.

Ripper looks at Alice as she throws butcher knives at the men. She didn’t know that Alice could do that. As they walk past the dead men, Alice pulls two of her butcher knives from the men.

Abraham fires his gun at the creature that visited his other tower a few days ago. He thought it had been killed, but it wasn’t It had appeared out of the darkness.

“You can’t have the crystal, it’s mine!” He fires his gun at the creature as it proceeds toward him.

Alice enters the room first and looks at the creature already in there. It looked like a skeleton with flames surrounding its head. She has never seen anything like it before and didn’t sense whether it was evil or good. It was just neutral on its actions.

Carla and Ripper run into the room and spot Alice just watching the battle between Abraham and Nyx’s servant. They spot the crystal ball inside of some sort of square case. They walk past Alice and around Abraham and Nyx’s servant.

Carla goes to pick the square case up off the display and an alarm sound. The square container that has the crystal ball inside it was solid.

“That’s a solid square.” Ripper was looking at it.

“Yeah, and I can’t find how it opens.” Carla was holding the square looking for how it opens.

Alice walks over to Carla and takes the square out of her hand. She squeezes the solid clear case, causing it to shatter. She catches the crystal ball before it hits the floor.

All of them hear a scream and look over towards Abraham and Nyx’s servant. Abraham was dissolving alive. Nyx’s servant had hit him with her ability and the darkness was killing him slowly.

“Oh, man.” Ripper has seen a lot of things in her life, but nothing like this.

Carla couldn’t believe what she was seeing either. She has seen a lot of things, but nothing like this. She looks at Alice and it didn’t even seem to faze her at all.

Alice walks over to Nyx’s servant and holds her hand out to Nyx’s servant with the Crystal resting in it. She was immune to the mystical energies coming off Nyx’s servant. She stands there with the crystal just resting in her pale hand.

Nyx’s servant takes it from Alice’s hand. She looks into Alice’s green eyes and could feel the madness and vengeance in her mind and soul. What the vampires did to her, had shattered her soul and all she wanted now was revenge against them.

Nyx’s servant leans in and places a kiss on Alice’s cheek. When she leans back, she vanishes.

“What was that about Alice?” Carla and Ripper walk over to Alice.

“It was her blessing. She saw into my soul.” Alice had felt the spirit touching hers.

“Well, it looks like we accomplished what we came to do.” Ripper couldn’t believe they had accomplished their mission.

“Yeah. So, what are you going to do now, Alice?”

“What I always do. Kill every vampire and their servants until there aren’t anymore.” Alice had a menacing tone in her voice.

“Well, I wish you luck, and thank you for helping out.” Carla was grateful for her help.

“Just try and not leave a body count as high as you did in Cleveland, please.” Ripper had to help clean up after Alice.

An evil smile appears on Alice’s face “I make no promise.”

“Ladies I think we better leave. The police are on their way.” Carla was listening to the police frequency in her helmet.

The three women leave and go their separate way. When Carla arrives home. She spots Autumn and Angela talking. She removes her armor and looks at Autumn “your father has been killed by the servant of Nyx’s. You don’t have to worry about him anymore.”

“That’s good. He deserved what he got.” Autumn was kind of sad about her father and but also glad he got what he deserved.

“I can arrange for you to inherit your father’s company.” Carla knew someone in the records department that could arrange it.

“I don’t want it. I prefer to just do what I have been doing before all of this.” Autumn wanted to get back to stage acting.

“Well, it might take some time, but you’ll receive what you should have.” Carla knew a few people who buy companies and break them apart.

“Well, thank you for everything.”

“You’re welcome.” Carla watches as Autumn leaves her place.

“So, what are you going to do now, sweetie?” Angela walks over and wraps her arms around Carla’s waist.

“I’m going to give you, what you want.” Carla turns around in Angela’s arms.

“And what is that?” Angela was wondering what Carla was thinking.

“A child, sweetie. I know how much you want to be a mother.” Carla places a kiss on Angela’s lips.

“That will be nice.” Angela couldn’t wait.

Three Months Later:
Angela smiles as she looks at her developing belly. All six eggs that had Carla’s saved sperm were developing inside her body. She wanted six children because Carla hadn’t saved much of her sperm. So, she figured she would have at least six children now.

“You look pleased.” Carla walks up from behind Angela and wraps her arms around her developing body.

“I am. I am carrying the next generation of our genes.”

“Well, I hope they never follow in my footsteps.” Carla doesn’t want any of their children to follow in her footsteps.

“Well, I’ll love them with whatever they want to do.” Angela just leans back against Carla.

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