The Cartoonist

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Amanda couldn’t decide what she was going to wear to the comic con this year. This year they were bringing in some of the best comic book artists and having them interview a potential artist. She puts her portfolio together of some of her best drawings of comic book characters.

She hopes this time, she’ll get some job offers for her talent. Her parents were disappointed in her, first because she wanted to be a cartoonist. Secondly, they didn’t like the fact that she wanted to be a girl. She has always known she should have been born a girl, but she wasn’t.

She learned that to be able to dress as a girl, she needed to keep things quiet from her parents. Her parents found out one time and sent her to a Christian conversion camp. She met some others at the camp that were like her. Their parents sent them because they were like her and became friends.

They learned how to play the game and convinced the counselors in charge that they were cured. After they left the conversion camp, they kept in touch with one another and got together as often as they could.

When Amanda graduated from high school, she went to art school to improve her artistic skills. She made sure to move away from the city her parents lived in and started to dress as a girl. She just wished her parents would accept her for her and not for what they wanted her to be.

She looks through some of her drawings and decides that she would go as Squirrel Girl. Not many people at these comic cons hardly dress up as her, because she was a lesser-known superhero and not as sexy as the other female superheroes. She starts looking online and finds a custom costume site.

They build the costume to your measurements and customize it however you want. She fills in the online form with all the measurements they were asking for. When it comes to gender, it asks if the hero is female or male. Also, is the wearer of the costume male or female?

She fills in the question, that the hero is female and that she was female. She waits a few minutes as the cost of making the costume and shipping appears. The total cost comes to hundred dollars. She inputs her credit card information and gets a confirmation of when the costume will ship and by what carrier.

Afterward, Amanda starts getting ready for work. She wishes she could stay home and draw and paint, but she needs to make money to support herself and buy supplies. She grabs her laptop bag and head to her job at Charlie Smith Design. She was the youngest designer and artist they had on staff and the only transgender artist as well.

She was lucky to get the job after graduating from art school. Her parents didn’t bother to come to her graduation because they didn’t approve of her cross-dressing or the profession she choose. She had changed her name and was seeing a counselor about her gender dysphoria at her local LGBTQ center.

“Hey Amanda, are you still going to comic con?” Richard spotted Amanda coming into the office.

Amanda looks over towards Richard and smiles. He was one of her online gaming buddies when she wasn’t painting or working out. She did
yoga three times a week and still did gymnastics, even after high school. She was her school’s mascot, which happened to be the Beaver. She loved being the mascot and the kids in her school loved it as well. She got to train with the cheerleaders while in high school.

“Yep, I’m still going. How about you?” Amanda knew Richard was a big comic book person.

“Are you kidding me, of course, I’m going. Some of the best comic book artists are going to be there and of course, I’m going to try and get some of my comic books signed.” Richard knew the artist that did some of the artwork in his favorite comic books, would be there.

“Are you driving or flying to the con?” Amanda was thinking about flying.

“I and some of my friends are driving. Why don’t you come along? There’s room for one more in the SUV we are renting.”

“Have all of you already reserved your hotel rooms?” Amanda reserved hers three months in advance.

“Yeah, we reserved a suite at the Marriot down the street from the convention center. How about you?”

“I reserved a room at the Layfette across the street from the convention center.” Amanda wanted to spend all her time at the convention.

“Man, I wished they had a room there for me and my friends. They were booked full because of the convention.” Richard tried a few months ago to book them a room.

“I did mine three months in advance. I knew they would be booked from last year as well.” Amanda went to the convention center last year as well.

“As for traveling with you and your friends, sure. The money I save on the airfare, I can put towards gas and maybe lunch for all of us.” Amanda didn’t mind.

“Cool, I tell the guys and get back to you with the details.”

“Okay.” Amanda walks into the building with Richard right behind her and shows her security badge to the guards on duty.

One of the security guards gave her a bad vibe. She noticed that he was always hanging around the women’s bathroom either late in the evening when she or any of the other women work late. Or sometimes, during the day when she used the bathroom near the department, she worked.

She heads towards the bullpen, where she and several other artists worked. Richard worked in a different department from her. She waves to Milly and Sakiya as she walks to her desk. Trace and Benny haven’t arrived yet.

All of them were artists and have done a lot of different designs and artwork. She knew Sakiya’s parents owned an import and export company. Milly, on the other hand, her parents were blue-collar workers. Her mother worked at one of the automobile plants and her father was a heavy equipment operator.

“So, how was everyone’s weekend?” Amanda sits down at her station and turns her computer on. She doesn’t leave it on during the weekend unless the IT department were doing a system update.

“It sucked.” Milly looks at Amanda.

“Why’s that?’ Amanda was curious.

“Because the men I was supposed to meet for a date on Friday and Saturday lied about everything on their profile on the dating app I used.”

“You should know by now, that you can’t trust those apps.” Sakiya has had a bad experience with them.

“With our work schedule and all the things, I do after work. I just don’t have time to go out and meet people the old fashion way.” Milly tried going to single bars and a few other things single people do to meet people.

“You’re lucky, a friend of mine went to a bar and woke up nine hours later in a hotel room. She had no memory of what happened to her or how she got there. On top of that, she had been violated and had an STD from the guy that drugged her.” Amanda looks at Sakiya when she talks about her friend.

“Dam! I’ve been warned by several of my girlfriends about that happening, but I’ve never known anyone who that has happened to.” Milly looks at Amanda.

“Still, it’s bad when people use dirty tricks to get into our panties.” Amanda knew she needed to be extra careful because her plumbing was a normal girl’s. She still had her birth defect, but it was extremely small.

Amanda gets to work on the project she’s been assigned. She needed to have a rough sketch done and turned in by tomorrow by noon. The project was a new sporting good job and she had to come up with a new package design for the object.

She works late into the evening. She gets up and heads toward the ladies' bathroom. As she walks into the bathroom, she feels something sting her, and the next thing she knows. She falls forward towards the bathroom floor.

“Amanda, are you okay?” Barbara had come into the ladies’ bathroom and found Amanda on the floor with her panties halfway down her legs.

There was a huge dildo sticking out of her ass. Barbara also noticed; that someone wrote FAKE WOMAN on Amanda’s forehead in red letters. She called the police and paramedics because she didn’t know what happened to Amanda.

Amanda woke up when she felt someone shaking her shoulder. She looks through blurry eyes at who it was. She felt like she had to take a huge dump and pain coming from her ass. When she tried to speak, her tongue wouldn’t respond to her thoughts.

Barbara saw Amanda coming around, but when Amanda tried to speak. It was like she couldn’t say anything.

“Amanda, are you alright?” Barbara spoke slowly, so Amanda could understand her words.

Amanda looks at her head and shakes her head back and forth, which was a bad idea. Now she wanted to throw up. She falls back down to the bathroom floor unconscious.

Amanda wakes up a day later in a strange room. She felt like throwing up as she reaches down and grabs the trash can near the bed. Whatever had been in her stomach came up. Her head hurt like hell. She puts the trashcan back on the floor.

Amanda looks around the room and figured out that she was in a hospital room. The last thing she could remember was a blurry Barbara asking her if she felt okay. She presses the little device near her right hand for the nurse.

A few minutes later, a male nurse comes walking in wearing blue hospital scrubs. Roger looks over towards the brown hair woman laying on the bed.

“How are you feeling, Mrs. Ward?” Roger walks over to the bed.

“Sick to my stomach. How did I get here?” Amanda was still confused about what led to her being in the hospital.

“You were brought in from your work. One of the cleaning people found you passed out in the women’s bathroom.” Roger noticed the trashcan was close to the hospital bed.

“Can you give me something for this damn headache I have?” Amanda's head was pounding.

Roger just smirks “I think I can give you something for your headache.”

“Thanks.” Amanda watches as Roger checks her vitals.

“You’re welcome.” Roger checks Amanda Ward's vitals and notices her blood pressure was low.

He makes a notation on his pad about her vitals. Once he was done, he sends a message to Mrs. Ward's doctor.

“I’ll get you something for your headache and have the trash changed as well.”

“Thank you.” Amanda wishes she could remember what happened to her.

Roger leaves the hospital room and walks over to the nurse’s station. He dispenses some aspirins to give to Mrs. Ward. He walks back to her hospital room and knocks before he walks in.

“Here’s some aspirins for your headache.” He hands the aspirins to Amanda.

“Thanks.” Amanda watches as Roger walks over to the sink and fills a pitcher up with water.

He walks back over to her and fills a cup with water. He hands the cup to Amanda “here you go.”

“Thank you.” Amanda accepts the cup.

She pops the aspirins into her mouth and swallows some water afterward. She knew it will take some time for the aspirin to take effect. She could live with the headache a little while longer.

Roger leaves Mrs. Ward’s hospital room. He notified the attending doctor. He hopes Dr. Michels shows up soon.

Amanda moves carefully as she adjust how she was sitting in the bed. Her anal opening hurt when she moved. She still doesn’t know everything that was done to her.

Dr. Michels shows up and knocks on Amanda Ward’s hospital room.

“Come in.” Amanda looks at the door as it opens.

A woman around Amanda’s mother's age comes walking in. There was a smile on her face “how are you, Mrs. Ward?”

“Okay, I guess. My headache is almost gone and I don’t feel sick to my stomach like I did when I woke up.” Amanda looks at the doctor.

“Well, I’m not surprised you were feeling sick. Someone dosed you with a high level of Ketamine. Whoever gave you the drug, knew what they were doing.” Dr. Michels had Amanda’s blood tested when they brought her in.

“So, it caused me to vomit and gave me this terrible headache was caused by the drug?” Amanda looks at Dr. Michels.

“Yes, do you remember when you might have been giving it?”

“I was heading to the bathroom when I felt something sting me. After that, everything goes black.” Amanda remembers going to the bathroom.

“Well, someone must have used a needle on you. Because you said, you felt something sting you as you walked into the bathroom?” Dr. Michels looks at Amanda to make sure she got everything right.

“Yes, that’s right.” Amanda was sure she felt something like a bee sting.

“Hhhmm, I think Detective Crockery and Detective Harris will like to hear that.”


“Yes, they are working on your case.” Dr. Michels was asked to call them, once Mrs. Ward woke up.

“Okay, if you don’t mind me asking, Doc. How long will I have to remain in the hospital?”

“Well, I will say at least two days. Your blood pressure was low and your body still needs to recover from the Ketamine.” Dr. Michels figures Mrs. Ward’s body hasn’t flushed the drug out of her system.

“Okay.” Amanda was glad she was three-quarters of the way done with the project she was assigned to.

For the next two days, Amanda is visited by the detectives and she tells them everything she knows. They question her several times, but she couldn’t answer most of their questions. Richard comes by to see her and so does her boss.

Richard informs her that she could stay with him and his friends at their hotel because one of the guys was going to go. The guy didn’t get approval for his leave and there was no way he could join them. Her boss said that she could work from home until they figure out who attacked her. The reason she was allowing it. It was because the security footage for that day was missing.

She was reassigned to another project that she could do from her home. Amanda didn’t mind working from home. She had the necessary software on her computer system. Her computer was a custom-built unit, that way she could upgrade certain parts of the computer.

She works on the new project at home while listening to music from her stereo system. It was tied into her computer system. That way she could listen to the music she either bought or ripped from the collection of CDs she bought at a yard sale.

As for the invitation from Richard to stay with him and his friends at their hotel, was tempting. She calls up the hotel that she rented the room from and was told she’ll have to pay a cancelation fee. She agrees to it and the money is refunded to her account.

She calls Richard to let him know, that she accepts his offer. She had to hold her cellphone away from her ear when he starts whooping and hollering.

“You were too excited about that news, Richard. Do you mind telling me why?” Amanda was curious.

“Sorry, I bet you wouldn’t accept after what was done to you.” Richard had a bet going with his friend Larry.

“How much did you win?” Amanda was curious.

“Oh, it wasn’t money, but a comic book I have been wanting.” Richard looks at the comic book in his hand.

“I can’t believe you guys were betting a comic book on me.” Amanda couldn’t believe Richard and his friends bet on a comic book.

“We’re nerds. Hey, we’ll be by your place to pick you up at six in the morning. If you don’t mind buying the snacks and some soda that would be great.”

“I think I can do that. Anything special I should look for?” Amanda reaches for a notepad on her desk.

“Yeah, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and a few other drinks. Also, bags of chips and such.”

“So, basically as much junk food I can find.” Amanda wrote everything down.

“Basically.” Richard knew what his friends liked.

“Okay, I got everything written down. So, what are you guys going to dress up as?” Amanda was curious.

“You’ll see. It’s surprising.” Richard knew Amanda would get a kick out of it.

“Alright, see you this Friday.” Amanda ends the call and gets back to work.

Later in the evening, Amanda's costume arrives. She opens the package and pulls the costume out. She looks at the costume and couldn’t believe how unique it looks. It looked so real and she wonders how it felt when she wears it.

She takes a shower and reads the instructions for the costumes. It said she needed to remove all hair from her body and baby powder.

“Okay, this should be fun.” Amanda shaves all the hair that is on her body.

She steps into the shower and takes a nice relaxing shower. When she soaps the lower part of her body, she wishes the birth defect she has, would just go away. She hated it so much.

Amanda dries off and powders her whole body. She sits down and slowly puts the costume on. It was like slipping on a second skin. When she gets to the headpiece, she puts it on and gets up to look at how she looked.

“Wow! I like and sound like the real Squirrel Girl.” Amanda looks at herself as she stood before it in the nude. The second part of her costume was the clothes still in the box.

She couldn’t believe how big her breasts were. She was almost the size of her friend Milly at work. She has dreamed about having her breasts. The hormones she was taking were working too slowly for her.

“I’m almost ready to leave you on, all night.” Amanda starts removing the costume. She wanted to wear it all the time, but she’ll wait until she gets to the comic con to put it on.

She packs her bags and makes sure the costume and everything that came with it, is in the suitcase. Once everything is packed, she grabs her car keys and heads toward the local Walmart to buy everything. She liked shopping at Walmart. She visits the women’s section to see what clothes were on clearance.

There were a few leggings, blouses, shoes, and a few more things she couldn’t afford before on sale. She finds several items in her size and picks them out. After Amanda picks out a few items. She walks over to the snack and soda aisle to pick out the sodas, chips, and a few other things to take on the trip.

She heads home afterward and put everything she was taking to the comic con near the front door. Even though she already had a shower. She takes another one and lays down to sleep.

“Ninety-ninety bottles of beer on the wall. Ninety-ninety bottles of beer on the wall. Take one down and pass it around, Ninety-eight bottles of beer on the wall.” Amanda was off-tune and a little tipsy as she sings along with the guys.

They were only thirty minutes away from the hotel. They had stopped and filled up on the gas and bought some beer as well. Amanda wasn’t driving, but she still had at least two cans of beer.

“How are you feeling, Amanda?” Richard looks over at Amanda sitting in the passenger seat.

“Good.” Amanda was enjoying herself with the guys.

It’s been a long time since she has had this much fun. She finishes the beer she was drinking and watches as Richard pulls into a gas station so everyone can make a quick pit stop. She hops out and heads toward the women’s bathroom. Her bladder was ready to let go.

She does her business and when she comes out of the bathroom. She is knocked down by a guy. She looks at him as he runs towards a waiting pickup truck. He had two twelve packs under his arm.

Just as she was about to get up, she is knocked down again by another guy. She grabs his leg and causes him to fall. When he falls, the bag he had in his hands bursts open and money goes everywhere.

The guy looks at her as he jumps up and kicks her. His foot connects with her shoulder and runs towards the truck and hops into the bed as it was driving off. He looks towards her as his partners drive off.

Amanda falls back down to the ground when she gets to kick. The guy didn’t hit her bone, but the flesh of her shoulder. She hears the sounds of sirens coming toward her. She slowly gets up off the ground and goes inside the store or gas station to make sure her friends were alright.

She notices Richard and Teddy laying on the floor. She spots Arnold over by the ATM, leaning against it. She gets up and looks behind the counter. She spots the cashier with a gash across her forehead. She grabs several paper towels and presses them against the woman’s forehead.

“Can you hold this, while I go and check on my friends?”

The woman nods her head yes.

“Thanks.” Amanda runs and checks on the boys.

Teddy got hit on his head and blood was coming out. She tears her shirt and places it on Teddy’s head. She puts his hand on it.

“Hold it, Teddy.”

She runs towards Richard and notices he had a bruise on his jaw where he got punched. She runs over to the soda machine and tears her shirt even more and makes an ice pack for him.

“Here hold this against your jaw.” She runs over towards Arnold.

She looks him over and didn’t notice any wounds on him. She looks at him “are you alright?”

“I’ll live. The dude shoved me hard when I tried to stop him from hitting Teddy with his gun.” Arnold was just pissed that he couldn’t stop the guy.

The police show up and so do the paramedics as well. All of them are questioned and describe the men who robbed the place. Another paramedic vehicle shows up to treat everyone. The woman whose head was bleeding was going to need stitches.

As for Teddy, he was going to be fine. He didn’t want to go to the hospital and Richard was going to be fine as well. After the police were done questioning them and the paramedics were done patching them up. They head to the hotel and check-in.

Amanda looks at the guys “are you guys up to going down to the convention tonight?”

“After what happened this afternoon? I think we just want to stay in tonight. We can go down tomorrow.” Richard was still feeling the effects of being hit on his jaw.

“Okay, I think we can skip tonight. What do you guys want to do instead?” Amanda had changed her blouse to a t-shirt.

“What do we have left in the cooler?” Teddy didn’t want to go out.

“A couple of sandwiches and a few snack packs.” Amanda didn’t mind eating what they had access to.

“I’ll take one of the sandwiches.” Arnold didn’t mind eating a sandwich for dinner. They still had a lot of chips.

Amanda grabs a snack pack for herself and a can of soda. She kicks her shoes off and relaxes on the sofa in the suite. They order a movie and end up spending the night in the suite.

Amanda wakes up first and starts getting ready for the comic con. She also grabs her portfolio to have some of the comic book artists look at and evaluate her work. She watches as the guys start putting their costumes on. Richard was going as a Shield agent. Teddy was dressing as Iron Man and Arnold was going as Nightwing from Teen Titans.

“Wow, guys! You look remarkable.” Amanda couldn’t believe how realistic Teddy’s Iron Man armor looked or Arnold as Nightwing.

“Thanks. What are you going as?” Richard was smiling at Amanda.

“You’ll see.” She goes into her bedroom and put her Squirrel Girl costume on.

Before she steps out into the living room area of the suite. She double-checks everything and adjusts a few things. She steps out of her bedroom and poses for the guys “I am going as the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.”

“Wow! You look just like the Squirrel Girl from the comic book.” Richard walks around Amanda and noticed how she looked. Whatever ever costume she was wearing fit her like a glove.

“I have to agree.” Teddy and Arnold walk around Amanda.

She looks just like Doreen Green from the comic books. She was an exact copy of the character.

“All you need now is a squirrel.” Arnold has read a few comic books with Squirrel Girl in them.

Amanda even had a leather messenger bag to carry some money, her Id, and her portfolio. She makes sure she has everything she needs.

“Alright, let’s go.” Amanda looks at the guys.

The four of them take the elevator down and walk towards the convention center. Amanda doesn’t notice, but her squirrel tail reacts to her mood. They arrive at the convention center and go inside. They had already bought their tickets earlier online.

Amanda heads towards some of the comic book artists interviewing people. The first three that she shows her portfolio to, say she has some nice work, but they turn her away. The next two she interviews with, like what they see, but are looking for contractors, not employees. She gives them the cards she had made up.

The last person she interviews likes her work a lot, but can’t hire her right away. However, he does take her name and offers to call her if he needs any special artwork done for a special project he is planning. Amanda was feeling disappointed, but she hopes of the artist she talked to, they call her.

After the interview, she has fun with some people. A lot of people like her Squirrel Girl outfit. There were people dressed up as the characters
from Marvel Rising which Squirrel Girl was a member of. She even runs into Power Man and Jessica Jones who were married and hired Squirrel Girl to act as their nanny for their baby.

Amanda meets up with Teddy, Arnold, and Richard. She informs them that she didn’t exactly get hired full-time with some of the artists, but would be one of the artists they call for contract work.

The guys could see how down Amanda was. They knew she was hoping to find some type of different work from what she was doing.

“Hey, look at it this way Amanda. They took your name number and will call you to do work.” Teddy hopes to sit and cheer, Amanda, up.

“Yeah, your right. Let’s eat and have some fun.” Richard wanted to cheer up Amanda.

“Okay.” Amanda follows her friends and grabs something to eat.

After lunch, Amanda and the guys enjoy themselves. Amanda starts getting tired and sleepy. She looks at the guy “hey, I’m feeling tired. I’m going to head back to our hotel.”

“Alright, do you want any of us to walk with you?” Richard knew Amanda had a bad experience recently.

“No, I’ll be fine. I’ll call you and let you know I arrived safely.” Amanda covers up a yawn.

“Okay.” Richard was worried about his friend.

“Honestly Richard, I’ll be okay.” She places a kiss on his cheek.

Amanda turns and starts heading towards the exit. She covers up another yawn as she starts walking down the street towards the hotel. She was feeling extremely tired and just wanted to lay down.

She makes it back to the hotel without incident. She doesn’t bother taking her costume off. She just kicks her shoes off and lay down in bed. She sends a text message off to the guys letting them know she arrived safely. As soon as her head hits the pillow, she falls asleep instantly.

When the guys come home, they were tired as well. They had spent all day at the comic con in costume. Richard spotted Amanda’s bedroom door slightly open. He walks over and peeks into Amanda’s bedroom. He spots her sleeping on her side in the nude. Her clothes were laying on the floor, along with the blanket.

He walks into her bedroom and picks the blanket up and covers Amanda. He looks down at her as she slept. She looked so cute.

He turns around and heads toward his bedroom. He didn’t want to wake Amanda up. He undresses and lays down on the bed and falls asleep.

Amanda wakes up the next day and gets up to use the bathroom. She was still half asleep and sat down on the toilet. She forgets she is wearing her Squirrel Girl costume and starts peeing. When she is done, she does number two and goes to wipe her ass. She remembers that she has to wipe from front to back.

She gets up and washes her hands after flashing the toilet. She splashes some water on her face to wake up. She looks in the mirror and it takes her a minute to realize that she was wearing her costume. She goes to remove it, but nothing happened. She can’t even find the seam of the suit.

“Oh, come on. Why won’t you come off?” She pinches and pulls on her skin and feels everything.

After trying for several minutes, she gives up. She looks into the mirror “this can’t be happening to me.”

“Come on Amanda, I need to pee.” Teddy was trying to keep from peeing.

Amanda realizes she was stark naked. She takes a breath and opens the bathroom door. Teddy rushes past her and lifts the toilet seat and starts peeing. She walks out of the bathroom and back to her bedroom. She looks for the instructions that came with the costume but realizes she left them at home.

“Damn!” Amanda turns around and looks at her reflection in the mirror “why are you doing this to me?”

Amanda just looks at her reflection. She wanted to cry, but stops and think about it. She wonders if she was truly a girl. She looks in her messenger bag for a pen and finds one. She wipes it down and stick it up her vaginal opening and hit something. It felt like flesh, not plastic.

She pulls the pen out and locates her clitoris and starts stimulating it. She was feeling something she has never felt before. Her breathing starts becoming swallowing and she could feel herself becoming wet. Amanda stops herself and couldn’t believe she has become a woman.

She tries to get her breathing back under control and shivers. She could the wetness between her legs.

“Oh, wow!” She couldn’t believe how enjoyable she that felt.

“Hey Amanda, do you want to join us for breakfast?” Richard sticks his head into Amanda’s room since her door was slightly opened.

He notices her standing in front of the mirror mounted on the dresser. She was naked and he saw her tail move.

“Oop's! Sorry, Amanda.” He blushes from seeing her naked.

Amanda turns around and looks at Richard “it’s okay, Richard. We might have a problem.”

“Oh? What’s the problem?” Richard was curious and was developing a hardon just from looking at Amanda.

“It seems my costume has become one with my body.” Amanda watches Richard’s reaction.

“No way. Are you sure?” Richard thinks Amanda is pulling his legs.

“I’m sure. I can’t find the seam on this suit.”

“Let me see.” Richard walks over and checks where the seam should be, but there wasn’t one.

Amanda could feel Richard searching her neck where the seam should be. She could feel his finger on her skin, as it sends goose pimples down her skin. She could also smell how aroused he was looking at her.

“I’ll be dammed.” Richard steps back and looks at Amanda.

“Yeah. Don’t take this wrong, Richard. But I can smell how arouse you are.” She couldn’t believe how aroused he was.

“You would be too if you were looking at a cute naked young teenage girl.” Richard couldn’t believe how cute Amanda looked as Doreen Green.

“Well, I don’t know how this happened, but I’m going to contact the company that sent me this suit and ask how I can reverse it.” Amanda liked everything, but she hated that she wasn’t asked first.

“One question, is a fully functional woman?” Richard was curious.

“I think so. I won’t know until I have sex or visit my doctor.”

“Oh, well. Do you want to join me and the guys for breakfast?” Richard was learning things she never knew.

“Yes. Let me get dressed.”


Several Days Later:
When Amanda returned from comic con, she tried looking up the website she bookmarked and bought the costume from. She kept getting an error saying the site didn’t exist. She typed in the mailing address in Google Earth and the location showed an empty field.

When she goes to her family doctor. Dr. Jones was surprised to see Amanda with a huge squirrel tail. Amanda explains everything to her.

Dr. Jones listens as Amanda explains what happened to her and is even surprised when Amanda informs her, that she thinks she’s a fully functional woman.

“Let’s find out, Amanda.” She has Amanda undress.

Dr. Jones examines Amanda’s tail and sees it is attached to where her tailbone should be. She has Amanda put her legs in stirrups and examine her. She discovers that Amanda has everything a normal woman has. She looks at Amanda’s face “you’re right. I suggest you make an appointment with an OB/GYN.”

“Can you recommend one?” Amanda looks at Dr. Jones.

“I can do that. Dr. Green would be a good one for you.”

Amanda smirks when she hears the name. She couldn’t believe her doctor was going to have her see someone with the same last name as the character she looked like.

“Doc, you do know, that the comic book character I look like, their last name is Green.”

“No, I didn’t know that.” Dr. Jones had no idea who Amanda was talking about.

A few days later, Amanda sees Dr. Green, as Dr. Jones recommends. she gives her a complete examination and prescribe birth control pills. When she gets back home, she gets a call from one of the artists she spoke to at the comic con and is offered a contract job for doing some work on a comic. She accepts the contract job.

As for the person who attacked her in the lady’s bathroom at work. The detectives found the person. It turned out to be the security officer that gave her bad vibes. She wasn’t the only one that he attacked. They found pictures of several other women he had attacked.

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One less security guard & 1 mone super hero

Samantha Heart's picture

Well looks like Amanda got her with. She is now 100% female but now she IS Squirrel girl for real. As for the security guard I had a feeling it was him. I'm happy for Amanda getting at LEAST a contract job. Gets her foot in the door in the industry at least

Love Samantha Renée Heart.


Julia Miller's picture

Don't go to sleep wearing your squirrel girl costume, you may turn into Squirrel Girl. I wonder if Amanda will have further adventures as Squirrel Girl? Does she have any superpowers?