Bad Experiences Chap. 2

“The girls are in bed.” Kelly comes walking back into the living room where Nora and Circe were sitting.

“You have a nice family, Nora.” Circe watches as Kelly sits down on the sofa next to Nora.

“Thank you. So, are you visiting Memphis or are you living here, now?” Nora was curious.

“Living here. I bought the old Winchester Mansion over on Shady Groove Lane.” Circe couldn’t wait to see their expressions.

“That place is rumored to be haunted.” Nora knew about the place and the history behind it.

“It also sits at a nexus point. That’s why I bought the place.” Circe used a map of nexus points that she found at an old estate sale in
Europe. The book was written in ancient Latin, but she was able to decipher it.

“So, you’re saying the nexus point is making the place haunted?” Kelly was curious.

“Yes, and no. a nexus point is where several ley lines intersect each other. The energies in the current ley lines are extremely weak. However, if you are at a point where a large battle took place or there is a violent storm going on. Then the energies will be extremely strong. Because of
where the Winchester house sits. The energies in that area are stronger. However, because the energies are stronger in that area, it has weakened the barrier between the normal world, with the spirit world. Which allows spirits in that area or the surrounding area to appear here.” Circe was still learning about ley line energies and the effects it has on the normal world.

“So, why did you choose Memphis to live in? There are a lot better places to live than here?” Nora was curious about that.

“I think that it's better if you come to my place tomorrow, Nora. No offense to you Kelly, but what I need to show and explain to Nora is more in her field, than yours.” Circe liked Kelly, but what she has to show Nora, is just for Nora.

“No offense taken.” Kelly knew Nora did a lot of things that would kill her.

Nora looks at Kelly “are you sure sweetie?”

“I’m sure.” Kelly smiles at Nora.

“Good, I have to be going now.” Circe stands up and looks at Nora and Kelly.

Kelly and Nora stand up as well. Both women walk Circe to the front door.

“What time would you like for me to stop by?”

“Why don’t you stop by around noon time? We can have lunch.” Circe watches Kelly’s reaction.

“Okay.” Nora didn’t think Kelly would approve.

Nora watches as Circe walks out of the front door. A cloud appears out of nowhere and surrounds Circe. When it disperses, Circe is nowhere to be seen.

“How did she do that?” Kelly had stepped outside to look around for Circe.

Nora watches her wife as she looks around for Circe. She had to admit that Circe has changed since she had her run-in with her.

“Come on sweetie. Let’s go back inside and get some sleep.” Nora watches as Kelly stops and walks towards the front door.

Circe’s Place, Winchester Mansion, Shady Groove Lane:
A cloud of mist appears just outside the front of the mansion in the courtyard. She lets out a sigh as the magical energies she used from the charm around her wrist fades. It was going to take her a week to restore the magical energies in that charm.

As Circe walks into the mansion “Anastasia, I’m home.”

A young girl with long silver hair, gray eyes, and fair skin wearing a white flowing dress and silver color ballet shoes comes walking into the foyer. She looked like the Princess from Frozen named Elsa. She looks at Circe “como dice el dicho?”

“Me encontré con un viejo conocido.”

Anastasia raises an eyebrow when she hears Circe’s response. She wonders who Circe ran into it.

“Ellas intentaron matarte?” Anastasia knew Circe’s past and knew people have tried to kill her in the past.

"Hace mucho tiempo, pero ella es la razón por la que cambié" It was a good thing, Circe spoke Spanish.

Anastasia tilt’s her head to the side and looks at Circe. She brushes her hair aside exposing her pointed ears. When they were living in Denmark. A person tried to kill Circe.

“Anastasia, would you mind speaking in English or Russian, please?” Circe knew Anastasia spoke several different languages fluently.

“Fine! So, what is this person’s name that caused you to change?” Anastasia walks over to her friend.

“Nora Midnight. She’s a former DSS agent who was trained by a very talented person.” Circe knew Nora had been trained by the cat herself.
There were rumors in Russia that she took out several Russian generals and Gru officials in their sleep in two days.

The way the rumors went. She had already selected who she was going to kill and killed them in different ways. Her methods vary from slitting their throats to using unique poisons or arranging some sort of accident. She was very skillful in disguising herself. If she didn’t want you to find her, you wouldn’t find her. She was also one of the CIA’s top agents and had a partner she worked with, every so often.

“Why did she let you live?’ Anastasia was curious.

“That is a question you can ask her, tomorrow. I invited her over for lunch and to talk to her about why we are here.”

Anastasia stands there and gets a far-away look on her face. After a few seconds, she blinks her eyes.

“What did you see?” Circe knew Anastasia possessed the ability to see into the future. She could only see a few minutes, but it was enough to save them.

“What did you see?”

Anastasia looks at Circe “I saw that she will be able to help us with your current problem.”

“Let’s hope. Did you have dinner?” Circe was always motherly towards Anastasia.

“I went out and had dinner at the barbecue place up on Dickerson and Wills. I think I made a mistake ordering one of their hot wings dinners. It was too spicy for me.” Anastasia loved spicy foods, but the wings she ordered were too spicy for her.

A smirk appears on Circe’s face. She knew Anastasia loved spicy foods. “I’ll be in my work room for a while.”

“Okay. I’m going to bed.”

“Pleasant dreams, Anastasia.”

Anastasia waves at Circe as she heads to bed. She walks up the old wooden staircase to the second floor, where her bedroom was located.
Circe heads downstairs to her workroom to recharge her charm and to check something in one of her books.

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