Parker looks at her reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of her closet door. She couldn’t believe her parents had accepted that she had wanted to be a girl since she was little. True, she has to see a counselor about how she feels. But she didn’t mind.

The counselor she has been seeing wants to see how she looked as a girl today. Her friend Tony was coming to pick her up to take her. He stood by her when she came to him about how she was.

“Parker, Tony is here to pick you up.” Mary sticks her head into her daughter’s bedroom.

Parker turns around to look at her mother “Okay, mom. How do I look?”

Mary looks at her new daughter, and a smile appears on her face. She was standing before the closet door mirror wearing a lovely sundress. Her make-up was just the right amount, and her light brown hair was brushed out and looked good after the styling she had done to it.

“You look beautiful, sweetie.” Mary still couldn’t get over how cute her son was dressed as a girl.

She should have seen it when he was little. He had dressed in her clothes and always liked dressing as a Disney Princess or some popular female character he saw. Sure, he had his teenage mutant ninja turtle stage and a few other male superheroes, but he always liked wearing girlish things.

“Thanks, mom.” Parker walks over to her mother and hugs her.

Mary returns the hug. She should have realized that her son was different long ago. She breaks the hug ‘now go and join Tony. I’ll see you for dinner tonight.”

“Okay, mom.” Parker places a kiss on her mother’s cheek before leaving.

She grabs her purse from the back of her computer chair and walks down the stairs carefully. She was still getting used to wearing high heels. She loved feeling the bottom of her dress bounce each time she walked.

She walks outside and spots Tony driving his mother’s convertible. She gets in on the passenger side.

“I wish you had told me you would be driving your mother’s convertible. I would have brought a scarf to cover my hair.” Parker looks at Tony when she makes that statement.

“It was a last-minute decision. While you are with your shrink, I’ll be over at the Muffler shop having the oil change and a tune-up done.” Tony
figures it was better than waiting for Parker in the parking lot.

“How about after my meeting? Why don’t we go to Frank’s for lunch? My treat?” Parker loved Frank’s homemade hot dogs and sausages.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Tony puts the car into gear and drives Parker to her doctor’s meeting.

Parker’s doctor’s office is located when they arrive at the building. He pulls up to the curb to let her out. He watches as she opens the passenger side door and gets out.

“Know, I want you to strait towards the door in your best sexy walk.”

Parker shakes her head as she starts walking towards the front door of the building. She tries her best to make her hips twist like she saw a maid do once in a movie. She had practiced the way the actress walked in her bedroom.

“Yeah, baby, baby. You know how I like it.” A smile appears on Tony’s face.

Parker stops just before she enters the building and looks over her shoulder toward Tony. She placed her hands on either side of her dress and lifted the back of the dress so that she could flash Tony.

Tony lets out a wolf whistle when Parker exposes her panty bottom at him. He honks his horn as he drives off. He couldn’t believe Parker had done that.

A playful smile appears on Parker’s face as she smooths the back of her dress. She couldn’t believe she had just done that. She walks into the building foyer and over to the elevators. She presses the button, and the elevator door behind her opens.

She turns around and enters it. She pressed the floor her counselor was located on. The elevator starts moving upwards as Parker watches what floor they are passing. When the elevator stops, the doors open.

Parker walks down to the office where her counselor is. She stops at the reception window to check-in. She notices that Elizabeth and two other women she knew are working.

“Good morning, Elizabeth. Is Doctor Penn in?”

“Morning, Parker. Yes, she is in, and I’ll let her know you have arrived.” Elizabeth smiles at Parker.

“Thanks.” Parker turns around and walks over to her favorite chair in the reception area. She picks up a magazine from the pile spread out on the table.

It was a home gardening magazine. Parker loved reading about how you could rearrange your plants and gardens. She has tried several times to have a garden in the backyard of her parent’s place. She succeeded the first few times she did it, but lately, the garden she planted this year wasn’t doing so well. She’s hoping she’ll spot some information in the magazine that might help.

As she is reading an article that caught her attention. The door to the back office opens, and Doctor Penn appears in the doorway. Doctor Penn spots Parker reading a Home and Gardening magazine. A smile appears on her face.

“Parker, how much longer do you need to finish reading?”

Parker blushes as she closes the magazine and puts it back on the table. She looks at Doctor Penn. “Sorry about that, doc.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, Parker. I know you enjoy gardening.”


“Now, let’s go to my office, and you can tell me how your week has been. Also, you look nice today as well.”

“Thanks, Doctor Penn.” Parker walks behind doctor Penn as she leads her to her office.

An hour later, Parker stands outside the office building waiting for Tony. He said he would be fifteen minutes late picking her up. Parker walks over to a bench and sits down on it. She pulls her Samsung tablet out and checks her emails. She was hoping to hear back from a job she applied for.

While waiting for Tony, a motorcycle pulled up to the curb. A blonde hair woman was riding it. Behind her was a young woman around her age.
Parker watches as the young woman gets off the motorcycle behind the other woman. She noticed the woman was wearing a leather vest, and on the back of the vest was a huge patch that said Sirens with a sexy-looking woman wearing skimpy leather biker gear.

Parker watches as the younger woman hugs the other woman. She was too far away to hear what they said to each other. She watches as the younger woman walks towards the office building doors. She noticed that on the back of her denim vest said Sirens as well, but below the image of the woman, it said prospect on a patch.

Parker also noticed the young woman had a nice sexy walk. She had the style of walk you see a model use. The other woman on the motorcycle rides off.

Parker searches for the name of Sirens on the internet and finds their website. She looks through the information and the different members. According to their web page, they allow lesbians and transgender women. They also ran a security business and several other companies as well. Several members were lawyers, doctors, nurses, school teachers, models, and mechanics.

The current leader of the Sirens was a woman named Rachel Allen. She was the current leader, and her co-leader was named Angel Wallace. Among the club members, she was known simply as Angel.

Parker scans the web page and locates the woman that dropped off the young woman. Her name was Barbara Jefferson, and she was the Sirens safety instructor. The other woman wasn’t listed on the website.

She browses the website and notices that women of the Sirens like to party and take part in a lot of different activities. Everything from motorcycle racing to hosting antique car shows. They also do a lot of charity work for abused women and children.

“Wow!” Parker couldn’t believe some of these women’s actions.

According to their website, they had six charters in several different states. Some were nearby or several states away from the prime primary chapter. Parker hears a car horn honking at her. She looks up and notices her friend Tony. She puts her tablet away and walks toward his car.

“Sorry for being late. It took longer than it should.” Tony had arranged for everything in advance so they would have everything they needed on hand. It turned out that someone had ordered the wrong air filter and oil filter.

“It’s all right. I had my tablet to help pass the time.” Parker turns and smiles at Tony.

“So, Frank’s for lunch?” Tony liked their milkshakes.

“Yep, I’m in the mood for a spicy Italian bratwurst, and he makes the best.”


Tony turns the volume on the radio when they start playing the song Cowboy by Kid Rock. He was a big Kid Rock fan. He looks at Parker for a second to sing some of the lyrics to her.

Parker shakes her head. She liked Kid Rock but preferred Big & Rich songs over his. She sits back and enjoys the ride over to Frank’s.

Once they arrive, Tony parks the convertible near the front door. They could already smell the aroma of the burgers on the grills inside the place. Parker leads the way inside the restaurant.

They walk over to their favorite booth and wave to a friend who works at Frank’s. After a few minutes, their friend Jessie asks, “what brings you guys in today?”

“Lunch. I promised Tony I would feed him if he took me to my doctor’s appointment.”

“Hey, I’ll do anything for a free meal.” Tony smiles at Jessie.

Jessie blushes when Tony smiles at her. She thought he was handsome and friendly for helping Parker.

“What would you like to order?” Jessie grabs her order pad out to write their order down.

“I want the number four with everything on it.” Parker already knew what she wanted for lunch.

“Do you want steak fries or onion rings with that?” Jessie looks at Parker for her answer.

“Steak fries with chili on them.” Parker loved her fries covered in chili.

Jessie writes the order down and looks at Tony “what would you like, Tony?”

“I have the number three, fully loaded, and onion rings please.” Tony loved onion rings.

“What would you two like to drink?”

“I want a chocolate milkshake. How about you, Tony?” Parker looks toward her friend.

Tony was looking at Jessie. “I’ll have a vanilla shake.”

“One vanilla shake.” Jessie smiles at Tony.

Parker noticed the flirting going on between Tony and Jessie. She knew Jessie was bi and had just gotten over a bad breakup with her ex. She thinks Jessie and Tony would make a good couple. Jessie was down to earth but liked trying different things. On the other hand, Tony was dependable and sensitive about different things.

“It will be a few minutes.” Jessie turns to walk away.

Tony watches as Jessie walks away. He liked how her butt moved when she walked “that’s how you should walk, Parker. Just like Jessie.” Tony looks back towards Parker.

“Hey, I’m still learning. She’s had most of her life learning how to walk. I’ve only had six months.” Parker couldn’t believe it had been six months since she came out to her parents.

Sure, she used to wear bras under her t-shirts and shirts when she went to school. She would also wear panties and pantyhose to school under her pants. When her parents weren’t home, she would wear her heels and such at home. She even practiced putting makeup on as well.

“I know, and I have to say, it was a big shock to some of us.” Tony was suspicious of Parker, but he could never prove anything.

“Tell me about it. I lost several friends because they thought I was betraying them.” Parker couldn’t believe the three people she trusted the most were the ones who walked away from her.

She has known these people since elementary school and slept over at their houses. She had been friends with them for a long time. She couldn’t believe they had turned their backs on her.

“Hey,” As Tony reaches across the table to grab Parker’s hand, “if they were your true friends, they would have accepted you for you. You still
have people who respect and care for you. I’m not going anywhere, and I know my sisters aren’t either.” Tony knew his sisters liked Parker more now that she was a girl.

Jessie returns a few minutes later with their order. She places them in front of them. She also slips Tony a napkin with her number on it. She winks at him before walking off.

Parker smirks as she picks a chili fry up and eats it. She eats a few of the fries first and then bites into her sausage covered in peppers, mushrooms, and chili. It had sweet sauerkraut on it as well.

“Have you heard back from Blue Cloud studios yet?” Tony looks at Parker as he takes a bite out of his hot dog.

“Not yet. I hope to hear from them soon because my gig with Dutch Girl will end soon.” Parker enjoyed traveling with them and being their mixing engineer.

“Who would have thought you had the ears for that type of work? You can’t even carry a tune.” Tony has heard Parker sing before. Despite taking singing lessons in junior high and high school, she still had problems carrying a tune.

“That’s why I became a mixing engineer. I might not be able to carry a tune. But I can make sure whoever is playing sounds well. That’s why Carol and Freddy asked me to travel with them.” Parker was thankful for the opportunity they gave her.

“Well, something will come along. I know you, and you never give up.” Tony smiles at Parker.

“Thanks, Tony. Don’t forget to call Jessie later, either.” Parker takes another bit of her sausage hot dog.

Tony and Parker spend the rest of the day going to the movies. Both of them loved Sci-Fi films, and there was one playing at the theater in town. Afterward, Tony drops Parker back at her place.

She helps her mother fix dinner. Her father comes home an hour or so later. She runs to him and hugs him.

“Welcome home, Daddy.” She loved calling her father daddy now.

Blake looks at his new daughter “how has your day been, sweetie?”

“It was okay. I had to see my counselor today, and I treated Tony to lunch as a thank you for taking me to see my counselor.”

“Anything else?” Blake knew his daughter was looking for work.

“No, the company I applied at hasn’t gotten back to me yet.” Parker was feeling depressed about it.

“Well, something will come by. Just give it some time.” Blake was proud of his daughter. She worked hard to graduate early from high school while taking courses to become a sound engineer.

“I hope so. Oh! Dinner is ready, daddy.”

“Okay, sweetie. Let me clean up, and I will join you and your mother at the table.” Blake heads to the downstairs bathroom to clean up.

He joins his wife and daughter at the dining room table. He notices his wife made a roast with carrots, potatoes, celery, and several other veggies.

Several days later, while Parker was working on some music, a friend sent her to clean up and mix for him. She receives the email she has been waiting on. She clicks on it and reads it.

Dear Ms. Sutton,
At this time, we have decided to go with a much more qualified candidate. We appreciate your interest in our company. Should a position open up in six months? We will review your resume again and call you for an interview.

Debbie Moore
Human resources manager.

Parker closes the email and goes back to work on the song she was working on. She should have known they would turn her down. She answered all their questions and followed the advice her counselor at school taught them about job interviews.

She continues to work on the song her friend sent her. She had to stop after a few minutes because she was feeling depressed from reading that email. She leaves her work room and heads downstairs to the kitchen to grab a beer. She was underage, but her parents didn’t mind having just one.

As Parker is sitting in the kitchen enjoying the German beer. Her cell phone starts ringing. She looks at who is calling her and notices it is her friend Tony. She presses accept on the screen.

“Hey Tony, what’s up?” Parker was curious why Tony was calling her.

“Hey, Parker. I don’t know if you have heard back from that company you interviewed for, but The Steel Diablos is looking for a sound engineer. I know you have some experience in that field.”

“The Steel Diablos? I’ve never heard of it before.” Parker wonders what type of place it is.

“It’s a biker bar owned by two women. My sister’s friend works there as a waitress. She says that they always have live bands play there every weekend. The owner is looking for a new sound engineer because their old one left to travel with a band. He didn’t even give notice that he was going.

“How much are they paying?” Parker was doing okay but didn’t want to dig into her surgery money.

“Twenty-four dollars an hour. You might have to work as a waitress when they don’t have anyone scheduled to play.”

“I can help them out there. I met a lot of nice cover bands while traveling with the Dutch Girls.” Parker had their contact information stored on a thumb drive and in the cloud.

“Cool, so do you want to see if they will hire you?” Tony knew the person Parker needed to talk to.

“Yeah, I heard back from the company, and they didn’t select me.”

“Sorry to hear that, Parker. Look, the person you need to talk to is Mercedes Barlowe. She’s the owner of the place and the manager. The general manager’s name is Cindy Crawford.”

“Isn’t Cindy Crawford an actress?” Parker was sure she had heard that name before.

“It’s not that Crawford. This one is related to her somehow, but it’s not her.” Tony knew it wasn’t the model/actress that ran the bar.

“Okay, I’ll go down and talk with her.” Parker didn’t see why she shouldn’t.

“Bye, Parker. Let me know how things go.”

“I will.” Parker ends the phone call.

Several Days Later:
Parker couldn’t believe the uniform she was told to wear. The shorts were as short as the ones the Hooter girls were required to wear. The crop top she was required to wear showed her midsection. Even though she was inside the tech booth adjusting the sound levels and running the lighting gear. She still had to wear the same outfit that the servers wore.

The band currently hired to play this weekend was a KISS cover band. The band was composed of all women wearing the same face makeup as the real KISS band. Their playing was exquisite. Cindy had them booked for the next two weekends.

Parker already learned that the group that came to the bar didn’t like Hip Hop or Rap. They didn’t mind Country Western or Blue Grass. She watches the ladies play on stage, finish their second set and take a twenty-minute break.

While the band takes a break, she does too. She walks out of the tech booth and over to the bar to grab a soda. No one was allowed to smoke or drink in the tech booth.

“Hey, Karen can I get my normal, please?” Parker looks toward a bright red-haired woman working behind the bar.

“Gotcha, you covered, Parker.” Karen starts filling up a glass with soda for Parker.


Parker sits down on a bar stool and waits for her drink. The bar was bustling tonight as she looked around at the patrons. The place might be a biker bar, but some people weren’t in a biker gang. She knew five different biker gangs visited the bar. Members of the Sirens biker group came in. The Dukes were another group. The Geezers, The Eight Ballers, and The Jokers were the other biker groups that frequented the bar.

“Here you go, Parker.” Karen sets the glass filled with cola in front of Parker.

“Thanks, Karen.” Parker picks it up and takes a sip from the glass.

“Thirsty?” Karen watches as Parker drinks half the glass of cola.

“Yes, you wouldn’t believe how hot the tech booth sometimes gets.”

“You should mention it to Cindy, so she can get it taken care of.” Karen knew that unless someone said something, nothing would get fixed.

“I’ll do that. Your busy tonight.” Parker was looking at the crowd.

“You haven’t seen anything yet. This place gets jam-packed when the Sirens have their auctions.”

“What do they auction off?” Parker was curious.

“Different group members volunteer their services to become the servants of whoever pays the most for a day.”

“Has any of the ladies been hurt doing that?” Parker was concerned about what could happen to the women.

“Nope, nothing wrong has ever happened to any woman who volunteered for the auction. Plus, you won’t hurt a Siren. They hurt you. You mess with one, Siren. You mess with the whole group of them. They have a strong bond among their members.”

“Hhhmm? Something to think about.” Parker spots the band coming back out from the band room.

“Time to go back to work.” Parker finishes her drink and heads back to the tech booth.

For the next few weeks, Parker stays busy at the club. Cindy books some excellent bands to perform at the place. She did make a mistake on a few that should have practiced their music more. A few bands performed and afterward ran up a hefty bar tab.

They tried to complain that they were being shorted their money. However, Karen had kept careful records of the drinks they bought on credit. The band was on the disavowed list, along with several other bands.

Parker learned that Tony and Jessie were dating, which was nice. The two of them deserved each other.

One night, while Parker is working. She notices that a fellow in the audience is interested in the current band on stage. She flags Beatrice, “hey, can you find out who that guy is over at table fourteen?”

Beatrice looks over towards the guy. “Oh, that’s Mr. Reid. He comes here off and on to listen to some of the bands we get. He’s signed at least three bands so far.”

“Ah, what do you think of the band currently playing?”

“They are nice people, and their music is pretty good. Some of their songs could use some tweaking.”

“I agree. Do you think they have a shot with Mr. Reid?” Parker was still looking over at him.

“If he’s here listening to them. I think they have a shot.”

“Okay.” Parker spots the band coming back out to play again.

Parker goes back into the tech booth and gets to work. She was recording the music the band was playing for them. They also wanted a copy to play on their website and YouTube. They had a few people recording them while they played. They had those vast cameras that the camera operators used to film shows and news on the stage out of the way and down in the crowd.

By the night’s end, Parker notices the lead singer and some woman talking with Mr. Reid. A smile appears as she watches all three shake hands. The lead singer and the woman with him had huge smiles.

“Looks like everything worked out for them.” Parker pulls the thumb drive she stored the music on out of the mixer unit.

She plays some music over the speakers for the crowd to listen to while taking the thumb drive to the band room to give to them. She knocks on the door before entering.

“Come on in.”

Parker walks into the band room and notices some members relaxing. Some of them were eating the sandwiches offered. Two of the women in the group were eating salads the bar provided. She spots the manager of the band talking to the lead singer.

“I have the recording you wanted.” Parker hands the thumb drive over to the manager.

“Thanks. How did the band sound to you?” Mrs. Wilder looks at the young woman standing before her.

“They sounded good. Some of their songs need some tweaking and maybe played in a different key, but otherwise, okay.” Parker had good ears when it came to music.

“Which songs?” A young strawberry blonde short woman walks over to Parker.

“If I remember right, song number four on your third set, song number two on your second set, and song number five on your last set. They need some serious tweaking and played in a different key.”

The young woman turns around and looks toward the bass player. “I told you so, Jerry.”

Rebecca knew the songs didn’t sound right to her. She’s been playing guitar since she was twelve years old.

“Sorry.” Parker looks toward the bass player with an apologetic look on her face.

“No, bother.” Jerry didn’t mind the suggestion.

“Well, you guys and gals did good tonight. I better get back to work.” Parker turns around to leave.

“Wait, if things go the way we hope they do. How would you like to travel with us and handle our sound?” John looks at Parker.

“Sure, but I’ll have to let my boss know.”

“Nothing is concrete yet, but we’ll let you know soon.” John knew they still had that meeting to go to later.

“All right, here’s my business card.” Parker pulls a transparent card out and hands it to John.

John accepts it. He hands it to Patti. He watches as she scans it and adds it to her cellphone. Afterward, she slips the card into her pants pocket.
Parker exists from the band room and back to the tech booth.

Several weeks later:
Parker arrives at the bar on her new motorcycle. The bar had a raffle, and she bought several tickets for it. First place was a 2014 Tiger 800 XR. The co-leader of the Sirens had donated it as a prize.

Parker took a motorcycle safety course and learned how to ride a motorcycle. She was still unsure about riding one, but she has been doing good on it. She parks it in the parking spaces reserved just for bikers. She takes her helmet off and walks inside the bar.

“Hey Parker, how are things going?” Tammy looks at Parker as she comes walking into the bar.

“Okay. I thought you had the day off?” Parker was curious why Tammy was working.

“I traded shifts with Gail. So, how much longer before you hit the road?” Tammy knew Parker got a new gig with the band that was in the restaurant a few weeks ago.

“It’s been set back for a while. The lead singer John Platemen was hurt in a car accident and will be in the hospital for a while.” Parker was
looking forward to the gig.

“Sorry to hear that. So, what will you do?”

“I’m still working here.”

“I know that, but I was wondering if you would offer your services to someone else while you’re waiting.”

“Just here.” Parker thought about taking another gig but decided against it.

Parker gets to work helping the other servers on the floor. Today she was tending tables and helping customers. She was still too young to work behind the bar.

She helps the customers and makes a decent tip for the rest of her shift. After work, Parker heads toward her new boyfriend’s house. He was an older man that liked women like her. Before long, they were in his bedroom having sex. By one in the morning, she leaves his house and heads home.

She takes a shower before heading to bed. She loves feeling her ass filled with her boyfriend’s sperm. She falls asleep instantly and dreams of when she’ll be a girl.

Several Months Later:
Parker wakes up in a hospital room connected to a bunch of machines. She couldn’t remember what had happened to her, but she did know it had something to do with the guy she was dating. She looked around and noticed a blonde-haired woman wearing Sirens patches on her denim vest.

Angel had heard about one of Cindy’s employees being hurt by her boyfriend and came to see her. She had called Rachel and some of the other ladies of the Sirens to bring the prick in for questioning.

She spots Cindy’s employee Parker awake and looking confused. A smile appears on her face “you’re in a hospital, Parker. Do you remember what happened to you?”

“No. The last thing I remember is feeling dizzy and sick to my stomach.”

“You were drugged. It seemed your boyfriend is a wanted pedophile. He uses drugs on innocent kids.” Angel felt sorry for Parker.

“How did I get here?” Parker looks at Angel.

“You managed to call Cindy and, in a babbling voice, told her you needed help.”

“So, I guess you tracked me down by my cellphone.”

“Yes.” Angel had Sammy trace Parker’s cell phone.

“Where are my parents?”

“I suggested they go home and get some rest. I told them I would look over you until you woke up.”


“You’re welcome.”

Angel watches as Parker falls back asleep. The doctors said she was transgender, just like she used to be. She stays until Parker’s family shows up.

Parker spends a week in the hospital recovering. One of the Sirens comes to visit her on different days. They even escort her home after her stay in the hospital.

In the following weeks while Parker is recovering at home from her ordeal. Members from the Sirens check up on her and her folks. When Parker’s mother asks why they have taken an interest in the family and Parker. Angel informs them that they found a recording of Parker having sex with the guy that hurt her. They had been made illegally and without Parker's knowledge.

She also informs them, that some of the recordings have been uploaded to the dark web. They were working with law enforcement to locate who received the recording and arrest them. Also, Parker's boss, Cindy looks after any of her girls that have been taken advantage of.

The next few months for Parker are rough. The gig she was going to have with the one band has been postponed until next year. She still had her job at the restaurant. She ends up going to court several times and the law firms that members of the Sirens own represent her.

They go for maximum punishment and settlement. Parker receives enough money from the lawsuit to have her surgery. Angel recommends a really good doctor to perform the surgery that several members of the Sirens have used.

Parker is invited to ride in the Christmas parade that the Sirens take part in. She has also been included in the Christmas and New Year's parties the Sirens have each year. On New Year’s Day, she wakes up in bed in the arms of an Asian woman named Miya Kim. Both of them were naked and Miya was holding her protectively.

Parker knew Miya worked as a lawyer and specialized in business contracts. She was also a Siren as well. She rode a custom-built Indian motorcycle that the shop Angel worked at and partially own built for her. They end up dating and three years later get married.

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