Some Like Blondes

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February 23, 2000, Canton, Georgia:
Thomas and Jessica Legare hold their newborn son in their arms. Thomas looks at his wife “so, what name have you settled on, sweetie?”

Jessica looks down into her son’s bright blue eyes. A smile appears on her tired face. “I have settled on the name Dakota.”

Thomas liked the name, Dakota. He was also amazed that Dakota was born with blond hair. None of his family members or his wife’s family had any blond hair people in them. Still, he knows that Dakota was his.

September 6, 2006, Dakota’s First Day of School:
Dakota stands next to his mother as they stand in the principal office of the elementary school. He was nervous and wanted to go back home with his mother.

“Good morning Mrs. Legare. I see you brought your son, Dakota.”

“Yes, it’s his first day of school.” Jessica could feel that her son didn’t want to leave her side.

“Well, I think Mrs. Williams will be the perfect teacher for little Dakota if you follow me. I’ll show you to her classroom.”

“Thank you, Mr. Penn.” Jessica follows principal Penn to Mrs. Williams’s classroom.

“Here you go, Dakota. Go and make some friends.” Mrs. Legare ushers Dakota forwards toward his class.

Dakota lets go of his mother’s hand and watch as his mother watches him enter the classroom. He is a little scared as he looks around the classroom. He spots a desk in the middle of the class.

Jessica watches her little man and waves to him as other students enter the classroom. A smile appears on her face as she watches her little man. She knew it was going to take him time to adjust.

As class begins, Jessica leaves the school and heads toward her new job. Tears slide down her cheeks as she realizes her little man is growing up. She walks out of the school and towards her SUV.

September 6, 2014, Dakota’s First Day of High School:
Dakota hefts her pink backpack onto her shoulder. She couldn’t believe she was attending high school as a girl. Her parents initially found it difficult to accept that their little boy had always felt like she was a girl.

She had told them when she was in elementary school. She had dressed up as a girl for a play the school had done and liked wearing the dress her mother had made for her. After that, she started experimenting with wearing some of her younger sister’s panties and tights.

When her mother would wear make-up, she liked watching her put it on. She would try wearing her mother’s make-up. Sure, she looked like a clown, but over time she learned how to wear make-up from watching YouTube videos.

It also helps that she joined the drama club in junior high. She learned a lot about wearing make-up and dressing in girls’ clothes. She loved playing female parts. She loved acting and did a few commercials and modeling jobs.

Her modeling coach said she had the type of facial looks and presence the camera loved. Her father tried to blame the fact of the way she felt on the parts she would play. On the other hand, her mother noticed how she acted and the compliments she would get when she was little.

She catches up with her friends from junior high. She was taking puberty blockers, so she hasn’t started undergoing the secondary characteristic most boys her age would.

“Dakota, how was your summer?” Kirk loved hanging with Dakota.

One, they have been friends since elementary school, and two, everyone knew Dakota was a good actress and model.

“Hey Kirk, I’m sorry about missing our weekly video game.” Dakota was out of town on a modeling job with her father.

Usually, her mother went with her, but this time her father did because of where they went. Her father was a SWAT officer with the Canton Police Department. He was amazed at how hard she worked. It was also the first time he had been with her. She got the feeling that he enjoyed playing bodyguard for her as well.

“That’s okay. So, where did you spend the weekend at?” Kirk knew Dakota did much traveling.

“Mexico. I was doing a commercial shoot for a new resort down there. My father went with me this time around.” Dakota knew her father got much attention from the other ladies there.

“Man, you live the high life.” Kirk was jealous of all the places Dakota went.

“Trust me, Kirk. It comes with a price.” There were times Dakota hated some of the jobs she did.

“Are you joining the drama club this year?”

“Yep, you know how much I love acting. Oh, that reminds me. I need you and Jason to come by my place so I can finish your costumes for the
Renaissance Festival this year.” Dakota liked going to the festival with her best friends. In all the years she has been going, she has only missed it twice.

“Thanks for reminding me.” The two of them enter high school and attend their new classes.

Dakota was taking some AP classes and regular classes as well. She couldn’t believe how her first day of high school was so chaotic. She got her books and reading assignments for her classes.

By the time school ended, she was happy to be heading home. Dakota watched the scenery as the school bus drove her to her bus stop, only a few blocks from her house.

When she arrived home, her mother was already home. She walks into the house “hi, mom.”

Jessica looked up from the laundry she was folding. She got home early and started a load of laundry, and finished the load she began before she left for work.

“How was your first day, sweetie?” Jessica was proud of her daughter.

“Hectic, there were so many new students today.” Dakota puts her book bag down in the dining room and walks into the kitchen.

“Well, the first day of school is usually busy, sweetie.” Jessica knew the first few days of school were busy.

“I know, mom.” Dakota walks back into the living room and sits next to her mother.

Jessica looks at her daughter “so, what do you think of your teachers?”

“Too early to tell mom. I’ll know more by the end of the week.” She takes a sip from the cup in her hand.

During the first few weeks of school Dakota and her friends settle into a routine. She manages to join the drama club, and instead of acting, she volunteers to help make costumes and scenery. She does that because she disappears on the weekends and sometimes during the week for modeling jobs or to appear in a commercial. Sometimes, she doesn’t get back from the job until just before school starts. She tries not to let the modeling and acting appointments interrupt her school work or grades.

She is busy designing her own clothes collection when she isn’t doing acting jobs or modeling. Sometimes, she designs clothes for some kids in her class or makes something special for them. When October arrives, the drama club gets permission from the principal to put on a Halloween production and school dance. She dresses up like Elvira with her mother’s help.

She learns some of Elvira’s catchphrases and practices speaking like her. Her friends Kirk and Jason dress up as zombies. She helps them with their makeup and clothing. She has become talented at being a makeup artist.

Her little sister dresses as a fairy, and her little brother dresses up as a power ranger along with several of his friends. At the Halloween dance, she gets hit on by many boys older than her. Some of the older girls at the dance become jealous because of it.

After the Halloween party, she helps the drama club prepare for the Christmas production they were planning to do. That takes up most of her free time. She spends most of the time making outfits and doing fittings. Sometimes, she had to go back to the drawing board and redo a few costumes because they didn’t fit the period the production was supposed to be in.

She finishes her first year of high school with straight A’s and several certificates from the school for special projects she helps out with.
For summer vacation, she takes her family to Hawaii. While she is there on vacation, she gets involved in doing a swimsuit shoot. The person doing the shoot heard she was visiting Hawaii with her family and did a family shoot with her whole family.

When Dakota and her family returned home from their trip, her father and mother had to return to work. So, she had to babysit her sister and brother. Sometimes, her parents would hire Mrs. Moore to come over and watch them, or they would go over to her house.

Dakota knew Mrs. Moore used to be a model as well but left to pursue other interests. She finds out that Mrs. Moore used to model lingerie and other sexy exotic items. She looks wistfully at some of Mrs. Moore’s pictures of herself dressed in underwear and kinky items.

She was already feeling jealous of her little sister, who had just started her period when they returned from Hawaii. She felt cheated and resentful that she couldn’t experience what her mother and sister were going through. She knew sooner or later that her sister would start developing breasts.

When Mrs. Moore asked her why she was in a bad mood one day, she explained why she wasn’t in a good mood. Mrs. Moore knew she was trans and how much she wanted to be like her sister and mother. She wanted to experience everything they went through each month. She felt cheated out of that experience.

A smile appears on Mrs. Moore’s face “has your doctor started you on any hormones yet, Dakota?”

“No, ma’am, why?” Dakota looks at Mrs. Moore with a puzzled look on her face.

“I might have something to jumpstart your body, but you can’t tell anyone.” Mrs. Moore looks at Dakota.

“Is it dangerous? Because I don’t want to ruin my modeling or acting career.” Dakota loved what she liked doing.

“No, it’s not, but usually, I wouldn’t offer this to someone your age, but I know how responsible you are.”

“What is it?” Dakota was curious now.

“I’ll show you, but you have to promise not to reveal this secret to anyone else.” Mrs. Moore hopes she isn’t making a mistake.

“I promise, Mrs. Moore.” Dakota wonders what it could be.

Mrs. Moore gets up and heads toward her bedroom. She grabs an old tin. She keeps what she is looking for. She grabs one of the herbal pills she used to take when she was a model. She hopes she isn’t making a mistake introducing Dakota to these pills.

She walks back into the living room where Dakota is sitting. She resumes her spot on the sofa and looks at Dakota. “When I used to do modeling, I wasn’t as developed in the chest as I am now. I also didn’t have the curves most photographers and magazines wanted. So, when I was over in Europe, I learned about these herbal pills that will make you busty and give you the type of figure I have.”

“Are they safe?” Dakota looks at the pill resting in the palm of Mrs. Moore’s hand.

“They are safe and will give you what you are looking for.”

“Just one pill will do that?” Dakota could see it had chopped-up herbs in it.

“No, you’ll have to continue to take them until you reach what size you want. I’m willing to give you what I have left.”

“What do you get out of return? My father has warned me that people who offer drugs always want to get something in return.”

“Nothing, I’m just trying to help you.” Mrs. Moore knew how Dakota felt.

Dakota looks at the pill and wonders should she should take it. She knew she wanted to be like her mother and sister.

“All right. I promise not to say anything.” Dakota was willing to try it.

“Okay, you don’t want to take more than one pill weekly. So, I’ll give you another one next week.”


Mrs. Moore hands Dakota the pill. She knew they were safe but hoped Dakota would be all right. She watches as Dakota pops the pill into her mouth.

For the next few weeks, Dakota slowly started to fill out like Mrs. Moore said she would. She even starts to hang out with Mrs. Moore more than she used to. Mrs. Moore starts teaching her things she never learned in her modeling classes.

She even starts wearing corsets, garter belts, and six-inch stiletto heels. Mrs. Moore ensures she can walk, dance, and move around in the six-inch heels without any problems before taking Dakota to a party.

Before they leave, Mrs. Moore’s place. She is instructed to put on fishnet stockings, a garter belt, and panty style bottom with black lace. The corset was tight on her chest, and Mrs. Moore showed her how she moved around in it. She also wore six-inch black stiletto heels, black lace gloves, and an old-style half mask that hid her features. An inch-wide black ribbon held the mask on her face.

Mrs. Moore informs her that where they are going, there are specific rules she needs to follow. The first rule is never to tell them her actual name or age. The second rule is that whatever transpires inside stays inside. She is to never speak of anything that goes on inside the club they are going to. Rule three, she is not to have sex with any of the men she will meet. She may have oral sex with them, but no intercourse or anything. Rule Four is never to remove her mask.

Mrs. Moore informs her of the rest of the rules en route to the Gentlemen’s club. Dakota listens and tries to remember the rules. When they go to enter, the doorman blocks their entrance until Mrs. Moore moves her hair aside on the left side of her head and shows the door person a mark she has just behind her left ear.

“Ladies, may I take your coats?”

Dakota removes her coat as she follows Mrs. Moore’s lead. She felt exposed, dressed as skimpy as she was. She and Mrs. Moore are escorted
to a set of double doors. They stop and watch as the door opens. When the door is opened, it is filled with women dressed in similar clothing and a bunch of men.

“Come, Josie, let’s introduce you and entertain your future sugar daddy.” Mrs. Moore walks into the room.

Years Later in France:
Dakota wakes up still wearing the burgundy thong body suit she went to bed in. She felt the wetness between her legs and the inner part of her thighs. She was sandwiched between two strong men. A smile appears on her face as the events of last night surface.

She extracts herself from between the two naked men as she gets out of bed. She moves carefully as she heads toward the bathroom. She was sore from last night’s sex marathon with the two young studs in her bedroom. She knew she should have used more lube the previous night.

She does her business in the bathroom. She doesn’t bother to clean the sperm leaking from her vaginal opening. She walks downstairs towards the kitchen to grab something to eat. She was hungry from burning all those calories last night.

As she walks into the kitchen, she wonders what she will do today. As far as she knew, her schedule was clear. She grabs a small bowl of fruit from the refrigerator and pours herself a glass of wine. She walks outside and sits down on a lounger. She looks out towards the fog covering the Vineyard she owned.

She couldn’t believe that old man Tremblay had left her his vineyard in France and his house in the Hampton’s. She had met him at the gentlemen’s club. Her friend and mentor, Alice Moore, had introduced her to him eight years ago. She reaches and runs her finger over the fleur-de-lis that had been burned into the skin behind her left ear.

The thing was, she wasn’t looking for anything from him. She made money from her modeling and acting career. Plus, her clothing collection was doing well.

Her clothes were for the average to plus-size women. She takes a piece of fruit from her bowl and eats it. Her parents never found out that she had become a lifetime member after six months of attending the club with Mrs. Moore.

She became the favorite plaything of several men. They always showed love towards her by stuffing fifty and hundred-dollar bills into the top of her corset or between her legs. She would show her appreciation by giving them the best blow job she could or go over to their homes and let them do whatever they wanted to her within reason.

It meant she was a lifelong member and could enter any gentlemen’s club with one of their clubs or events. Some of the men she learned were grandfathers to some of the kids she went to school with or had in her classes. She made sure to keep their secrets and never spoiled anything.

Some of them gave her yachts, money, or cars she wanted. Two of them invested in her and helped her get her clothing collection going. They gave her the start-up funds at no interest, and she paid them back for their investment.

The doctor that performed her surgeries, was the best money could buy. Two of the men from the gentlemen’s club she was dating, paid for everything and allow them to reshape her body to their liking.

The pills her mentor gave her, caused her breasts to become the size of ripe cantaloupes. Her nipples are the thickness of her middle finger and are very sensitive. She had the perfect hourglass figure, thanks to the waist clincher she wore when she was taking the pills. Her mentor Alice suggested she wears one, so she would form a small waist, but have wide hips.

“How are you feeling sweetie?” Markus bends down and kisses Dakota on the lips.

“Sore, very, very sore.” Dakota returns the kiss.

A smirk appears on Markus’s face as he sits down next to her on his lounger. He wasn’t wearing any clothes and his penis was at attention.

“Well, you did tell me and David to pound you hard last night.” A smirk appears on his face.

“You know my purpose in life is to please you and him.” Dakota loved her two husbands. Her parents thought it was weird, for her to have two husbands, but they make their marriage work.

“You know you're more than a piece of ass for me and David.” Markus loved his wife and David. He never thought he could have feelings for another guy, but he does.

“You know, if I could get pregnant, we would have three to four kids by now.” Dakota knew with as much sex they have. She would have been pregnant several times by now.

“Well, we could always adopt.” Markus knew Dakota’s parents have been pressuring her about having kids.

“I know. My sister already has two children right now and my little brother has a baby on the way. I still can’t get over the fact he married a Dallas Cowgirl.”

“Your brother has always liked cheerleaders.”

“That is my fault. I should have never introduced him to Betty O’Rourke in high school.” Dakota remembered introducing her little brother to her best friend in high school. She knew about her private life and even joined her a few times.

Betty ended up marrying a middle age man who had inherited his money from his rich grandfather. She gave him three kids and lived a high life. The two of them stayed in touch and visit each other once or twice a year.

“It’s not all your fault, sweetie. Your brother likes the attention he gets from dating a cheerleader.” Markus knew Dakota’s brother well.

While the two of them are sitting there. David comes walking outside with his expresso and naked as well. His penis was standing at attention and bouncing as he walked. He walks over to the lounger Dakota was sitting on.

“Up woman.” As he looks down at Dakota.

“Yes sir.” Dakota knew what David wanted her to do.

She stands up so he could sit down. When he is sitting down, she sits on his lap and makes sure his penis is resting in between her thighs and rubbing up against the silky cloth of her body suit. She shivers when she feels his penis rub against the material covering her clit.

Her clit was very sensitive and when the silky material of her body suit rubs against it, with David’s penis pressing against it. It causes her to shiver. She closes her eyes to enjoy how she was feeling.

A smile appears on David’s face when he feels his wife shiver. He knew she was very sensitive down in her groin area, her nipples, her inner thighs, the nape of her neck, and the back of her neck.

“So, when do we go back to the states?” David missed the United States.

Ever since he, Dakota, and Markus got married a few years ago. They have been bouncing between the United States and Europe.

“There’s a fashion show in Las Vegas in two weeks I have to attend. Then another one in New York, then one in Milan, and finally one here in Paris.” Dakota knew she was going to be busy the next few months.

“Are you going to visit your folks while in the states?” Markus looks at Dakota.

“Of course, she is. When have you ever known her not to.” David knew that Dakota always visited her folks and her siblings.

“Hey, I can’t help it that I love my family, Markus's family, and yours as well.” Dakota flexes the muscles in her thighs and squeezes David’s penis.

A moan escapes from David’s mouth. He finishes his expresso and set the cup down on the ground next to the lounger. He looks at Markus and could see he was ready.

David grabs Dakota’s wrists and slips into her vaginal opening. He watches as Markus stands up and comes closer to them.

“Open your mouth, sweetie.” As David applies pressure to the pressure points on Dakota’s wrists.

Dakota opens her mouth and faces Markus. This isn’t the first time her husbands have pulled this move on her. She prepares herself for Markus’s penis as he shoves it down her throat. It was a good thing she didn’t have a gag reflex anymore.

For the next few hours, David, Markus, and Dakota make love outside. Dakota is either kept on her back or on all fours as her husbands uses every orifice on her body. By the time they decide to go back into the house, she is so worn out and tired. She is tossed over Markus’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Rhythms Event Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States:
Dakota walks around and checks her models. Sometimes she fills in as a model, but with this event, she needs to watch the crowds and their reaction. She was wearing one of her designs. It had a built-in corset that showed off the tops of her breasts.

She watches as the makeup artist and hairdressers get the next models ready to walk down the runway. The first models she sent out, were getting several Oohhs and Aahhs. Her newest designs were wowing the crowd.

The next set of models she sends out gets a few reactions from the crowd. While she is watching the models, she feels a slight vibration coming from her vagina. She clinches her muscles as it simulates her g-spot. She looks behind her and notices both her husbands have their cell phones in their hands and smirking at her.

She regrets agreeing to put a remote vibrating egg in her vagina. Her husbands could control the intensity with their cell phones. She rubs her thighs together as she tries not to give into the sensation.

By the time the fashion show is over and her husbands have fucked her brains out in the men’s bathroom. She gets several orders or offers to buy her designs. A lot of her designs that she constructed for plus-size women and transwomen. She gets several orders.

For the next few days, she meets with several people. Her husbands act as bodyguards to protect her and her models. She has a security force that travels with her. The reason she has them is one time when she first started out as an owner. She and her models were assaulted by a religious group that didn’t like what she was doing.

If her husbands hadn’t been there to help keep them back. The injuries her people received would have been more serious. Since then, she invested in building a security company that can operate in every country she goes to. Her husbands run the security business, while she handles the fashion business.

After the fashion show in Las Vegas, she heads to New York. But first, she heads to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit her sister and parents. Her parents wanted to be near her little sister to help her with her kids.

Charlotte, North Carolina:
Dakota looks at her little sister as they sit at her kitchen table drinking coffee. It’s been since Christmas of last year, since she has seen her.

“I know you’re glad that kids are in school now.” Dakota takes a sip of her coffee.

“You have no idea, sis. It’s a lot quieter around here and I can get a lot more done.” Gwen looks at her older sister as she sat across from her.

“I know what you mean. I love my husbands a lot, but sometimes, they can be a major distraction.”

“How do you do it? How can you keep both men happy?” Sometimes, Gwen found it hard to keep her husband happy and look after the kids.

“I let them have their way with me. Sometimes, I come up with ways to please them, and sometimes we do some role-playing as well.” Dakota finds ways to entertain her husbands.

“You’re a better woman than I am.” Gwen didn’t have her sister's sex drive.

“It’s hard sis. I know you have a lot of demand on you. You’re a mother first and a wife second. So, how would you and the kids like to come to France this year?”

“I would love to. Let me speak to my husband and see if he can take some time off.” Gwen would love to visit France.

“Good, and don’t worry about the plane tickets or staying anywhere. I’ll handle everything.” Dakota was going to spoil her sister.

“Thanks, sis.”

Dakota spends the day with her sister. Taking her out shopping and spending time away from the house. She takes her to a spa and pampers her.

She visits her sister and family for a week, before flying off to New York for her next show. She stopped to visit her brother before she left. He and his wife are excited about having their first baby. She makes arrangements for them to buy whatever they need for the baby. She also sets up a spa day for her sister-in-law.

Her husbands keep her grounded and happy. When she isn’t working or needed anywhere, she either walks around her hotel room naked or in lingerie. Sometimes, she is wearing her favorite leather bondage gear, which always brings a smile to her husbands.

By the end of the year, she is back home in France with her husbands. She is preparing for her whole family to spend the Christmas holidays with her. Her husband’s family was going to stay in the United States.

She was dressed in a sexy ribbon outfit she made herself with a big red ribbon on her behind and her chest. She looks at her husband’s “come and get your early Christmas present boys”

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A bit too adult for me

Samantha Heart's picture

A good story don't get me wrong. Just maybe a bit TOO adult teamed for my toast right now. But that me others are likely to have other opinions.. This one just wasn't for me.

I'm glad Dakota is happy in her life. And she has 2 men to cater to her needs.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.


This is definately an "R" story. Not my cuppa joe.

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
George Carlin

Quite the alternative lifestyle

Julia Miller's picture

But I am glad Dakota was able to make it work. It helps when you are also fabulously wealthy. Not very many people can make polygamy work as well as she did. Good story, though it was off the beaten track for this site.