American Girl - Chapter 1

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Chapter One – Hello, Daddy, Hello, Mom I'm Your Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb

DuPont Circle neighbourhood, Washington D.C. 1985

The girl on the stage was wearing a little pleated skirt that didn’t quite cover her crotch, a satin blouse with a high school emblem on the pocket, black net stockings over sheer shiny fleshtoned pantyhose, red fuck-me heels, her makeup was heavy and her hair was big, big, big. She was skipping, strutting and kicking to The Runaways Cherry Bomb and doing a pretty good job of lip-syncing it.

“And she’s a boy too?” the man asked.

The man was in his early fifties: tanned, fit and ruggedly handsome. His hand rested lightly on Crystal Greystone’s thigh. He liked the feel of the silky nylon on her long leg. He didn’t grope, squeeze or fondle, his hand was just lightly settled there. He didn’t want to be too forward but he wanted to touch her and Crystal had not complained when he put it there.

She leaned into him, her emerald green eyes enhanced by heavy black eyeliner and mascara and colourful eyeshadow, her skin alabaster white, her lips full, red and pouty, her pretty face framed by a teased-out burgundy bob that was too shiny to be real hair but he didn’t know that. He just knew that she was gorgeous.

“I told you; we are all boys but don’t call the girls that to their face because some of them identify as transgender women,” Crystal whispered in his ear over the raucous noise coming from the stage.

Leaning into the man like that she was so close that her lips caressed his earlobe, her hair tickled his cheek and her perfume invaded his nostrils. His cock began to uncoil in his tailored slacks.

“I can’t believe that you are a boy under that makeup and that dress,” the man sighed.

“Well you don’t have to. You know my name is Crystal and you know that I’m a hostess here at the Pink Parrot and that all these pretty girls are here to entertain our customers,” Crystal smiled at him and squeezed his thigh with those long elegant fingers adorned with red nailpolish and the man’s cock twitched again.

The man looked around the club and took stock of the women, some of whom were exaggeratedly feminine. All of them were just downright beautiful. If one cared to stare too hard at some, you could see through their disguises but most were unclockable. Some were waitressing or bussing tables, some sat with gentlemen just like himself, engaged in conversation, listening attentively, and a few were brazenly making out.

Some of them took turns on the stage singing but mostly lip-syncing to popular songs, dancing seductively. The man was jealous of the men who were necking the girls.

The man’s name was Colonel William Spooner and if anyone knew that he was in an establishment like the Pink Parrot his career would likely be over or he would find himself posted to a missile surveillance site in the depths of Alaska. He had been brought to the Pink Parrot by a member of a delegation from The Netherlands who was attending a NATO conference in Washington. The Dutch were so modern and free-thinking; Christ, they allowed their soldiers to have long hair and women and men slept in the same barracks.

Hendrik Lotte had filled him full of martinis after a long dinner and had brought him to the Pink Parrot as a lark. William Spooner had not expected to enjoy himself in a place such as this but as soon as he met Crystal Greystone he became enchanted with her. The bar was dark, crowded and smoky and the music loud. William had sat on the only vacant stool at the bar and it just happened to be right next to Crystal Greystone who turned out to be delightful, enchanting and engaging and it wasn’t until he’d been talking to her for an hour that Hendrik told William that Crystal wasn’t really a woman.

By then William was besotted and he reasoned that no one from his circle of friends and colleagues would ever come to a place like this so he felt safe.

“The music is so loud here, it’s hard to talk,” William said into Crystal’s ear.

“Why don’t we go somewhere else then?” she lightly circled her fingertips on William’s thigh and he knew what she was implying.

William had been with his share of women during his long career and despite being married with two adult children he was known to stray whenever the situation presented itself. This charming creature was something very different and William was a man who had eclectic tastes: he’d had sex with women of almost every nationality so why not try a woman who was exotically and biologically different?

“Where and how much?” William was a pragmatist; he was happy to pay but he demanded discretion and there was no way he was bringing this girl back to his hotel room.

“I have a place just down the street. It’s very discreet. And it’s fifty for short time and a hundred if you want to stay the night,” Crystal smiled sweetly at him, her fingers accidentally-on-purposely slid along his cock.

“Can I pay fifty and leave but if I like it can I pay the other fifty and stay?” he whispered, not wanting the patrons crowded around them to hear him.

“Ah, a man who hedges his bets against post-coital regret; nothing wrong with that and you wouldn’t be the first. Let’s go,” Crystal whispered and this time she stuck her tongue in his ear and nibbled his earlobe and William’s cock became fully awake.

As they left the warm smoky nightclub and walked into the cold dark night Colonel William Spooner heard the girl on the stage shouting ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! repeatedly into the microphone. Whenever William heard that song after that memorable evening he regretted that he ever got talked into going to the Pink Parrot

In Crystal’s small warm apartment, appointed with lots of pinks and purples, satin and chiffon, he finally got a chance to see Crystal in her full magnificence. She was tall for a woman at five-eight but he figured most of that was leg. Her legs were long and shapely and sheathed in sheer flesh-toned nylons, she was wide hipped and slim waisted, her shoulders narrow. In the split-to-the-waist red satin evening gown you would never guess that it wasn’t a woman under that lipstick and powder.

She looked like a woman, she walked like a woman, she talked like a woman, her voice husky and sensual like Kathleen Turner’s. Her skin, what he could see of it, mostly her arms and shoulders, was flawless and milky with a scattering of freckles. William didn’t want to know what she had in her bra but whatever it was it filled the cups nicely and gave her a shape that any woman would envy.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. She felt as womanly as any woman that William had ever held and in fact she felt better than most. His hand went instinctively to her ass as he pushed his tongue into her mouth; his gentlemanly demeanour had vanished, replaced by lust.

“How do we do this? I don’t want to break the illusion,” William sighed when he broke the kiss.

“Then don’t. Let me do what I do best and all you will ever see is Crystal and nobody else,” she whispered and pulled his face to hers and kissed him.

She kept her tongue in his mouth while she slowly undressed him, it was an accomplished art and William appreciated it. Then she led him to the bed and laid him on the purple satin comforter and she climbed on top of him and kept kissing him. His cock brushed her nylon-clad thigh and his hands went back to her ass and squeezed her buttocks. He could feel that she was wearing no panties under her dress.

“That’s very naughty,” William chuckled as he stroked her firm buttocks.

“Panties ruin the line of this dress. Even a gentleman as manly as yourself would have heard of VPL,” Crystal smiled down at him with those perfect white teeth and those full red lips.

His wife Doris often complained of VPL but given the size of her ass there wasn’t much she could do about it and the last thing William wanted to be thinking about now was his wife. Besides, even carrying a few extra pounds now that she was well into menopause Doris was still an attractive woman and a pretty good roll in the hay but William was a serial cheater and couldn’t help himself.

William risked slipping his hands inside the split in Crystal’s dress and he stroked her pantyhosed buttocks while she kissed him passionately, encouraging him with little mewing sounds. He tentatively moved his hands down to her thighs and was surprised when he found a perfect ‘V’ in the front of her crotch.

“It’s a secret,” she whispered into his ear, teasing him with her tongue.

The secret was that her testes were safely tucked up into her inguinal canals, and her scrotum and her penis lay along her perineum held there by her tight pantyhose. What she didn’t tell him was that if she became aroused her testes were likely to descend and her penis was likely to spring free but he didn’t need to know that just yet.

Crystal snaked down William’s body until her face was level with his penis. It was a fine specimen standing proudly at six or seven inches. She looked up at William and gave him a wicked smile as she took his penis in her mouth and began to suckle it.

William groaned and put his hands on her head and entwined his fingers in her locks. He came dangerously close to pulling off her wig and Crystal moved his hands to her neck so that William could guide her face up and down on his penis. She suckled his shaft with her lips and slathered his fraenulum with her tongue, alternately moving her mouth to his scrotum and suckling his balls. She got him close to extremis a couple of times and then backed off.

William tried to force her mouth back on his penis but she had other plans for it. She slowly made her way back up his body smiling at the look of disappointment on his face.

“Don’t worry honey, we aren’t done by a long shot,” She whispered and squeezed his cock then put it between her legs.

William fucked her thighs, delighting in the feel of her diaphanous nylons on his member and her soft satin gown on his body. They kissed passionately and while he was distracted Crystal reached under the pillow and brought out a tube of K-Y Jelly.

“Put your hands back on my ass,” she whispered, pushing them down there, her dress had ridden right up exposing her bottom.

She kissed him again and then she whispered in his ear.

“Make a nice little hole in my pantyhose,” she grinned at him.

William looked perplexed.

“Just big enough for your cock to go through,” she giggled and William realised what she wanted.

He snagged a nail in the gusset of her sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose right next her sphincter. He’d once fucked a Filipino prostitute in Olongapo City up the ass and he was keen to do a bit of ass fucking again. He ripped a hole there just big enough for his cock to go through.

Crystal used her middle finger to put a dollop of lubricant in her puckered bud and smeared the rest on Williams’ rampant cock. She straddled him and gazed at him brazenly as she positioned the head of his penis in her crinkled sphincter.

“All you have to do is push honey,” she smiled down at him lecherously.

William put his hands on her hips and she put hers flat on his chest. It was muscular and covered with fine grey hairs.

She screwed up her eyes and gasped a little as William’s cock slipped inside her, stretching her sphincter.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“It’s fine. It’s always a little tight going in. Let me do the rest,” she leaned down and kissed him and slowly impaled herself on his long thick cock.

When she had his cock nestled comfortably in her anus she began to ride him, letting his penis come nearly all of the way out of her before she lowered her soft buttocks back down, driving his cock back all the way inside her. She squirmed and wriggled to increase his pleasure and William just stared up at her beauty and let her do the work, his hands holding her hips lightly.

Her anus was tight and when she wriggled it, it was like being caressed by a satin glove. He couldn’t hold on for much longer and neither could Crystal. In this position the head of William’s penis was banging on her prostate every time she lowered herself onto him.

William gripped her hips and began to thrust and Crystal held on for the ride. Her cock was rampant inside her pantyhose but still concealed from William by her dress.

When William drove his cock all the way inside her and ejaculated, pulling her face to his so he could kiss her, she came right along with him, her hot spend filling her pantyhose and soaking though her dress.

Not that William cared. He was in the throes of one the most intense orgasms he had ever experienced as Crystal’s anus pulsated and her buttocks wriggled, milking every drop from him.

William flipped Crystal on her back; his cock still buried in her ass and went at her again. He fucked her until her anus was sore but she didn’t complain. By then she had stopped pretending and had freed her cock from her pantyhose and was stroking it while William fucked her tight ass.

Just as they were both about to come, he smacked her hand out of the way and he jerked on her throbbing cock, causing her to splatter semen all over them both when she ejaculated which caused William to empty his sac deep in her tight ass.

William paid the hundred and stayed the night, although they got little sleep. His inhibitions abandoned, William became very adventurous and one point they were sixty-nineing, Crystal now undressed down to her pantyhose and heels, her dress, bra and silicon breastforms discarded.

William never did tell Crystal his real name or what he did for a living. He told her it was John and never gave her a last name but he did give her a fifty dollar tip on top of the hundred when he kissed her goodbye in the morning.

Crystal took off her wig, heels and pantyhose and sat at her vanity with her makeup wipes and cleaned away her makeup. She took a long shower and it wasn’t Crystal Greystone that emerged from the bathroom it was Kyle Gordon.

At thirteen hundred that day the attendees of the NATO sub-committee on nuclear deterrence took their lunch break and William was glad to get away from the crowd and just sit and eat a sandwich on his own in Grace Murray Hopper Park. He was very tired, having hardly slept the night before but it was worth it. He smiled as he recalled all the lecherous things he had done to Crystal Greystone and she to him. He was slightly annoyed when a man sat down across the wooden picnic table from him but it was a public park so what he could he do.

The man looked vaguely familiar and William was just about to say something when the man pulled a manila envelope out of his coat and slid it across the table. William was in civilian attire for the conference: a dark suit, white shirt and blue tie and there was no reason for the man sitting opposite him to know who he was. He noticed that the man was wearing gloves; but the day was a little chilly he supposed.

William was wary of the man but he snatched up the envelope and shook the contents on the table. A series of eight by ten glossies picturing Colonel William Spooner engaging in sex with the transvestite he knew only as Crystal slid onto the table.

William was speechless and he looked up the slim, handsome man and realised who it was.

“My colleague wants to speak to you,” the young man got up from the table and an older man in a dark suit sat down in his place.

“Don’t worry Colonel, your wife and your family and your superiors in the Pentagon will never see these photographs. Of course that will require your cooperation,” the man said.

"You can keep these; I have the negatives," the man waved his hand dismissively at the pictures on the table.

The man had a slight accent that William couldn’t place but that didn’t matter. William knew that his life had changed forever.

Arlington Virginia, 1965

Mikael and Petra Karikova had arrived in the United States when they were in their early twenties and they assumed the identity of a couple killed in motor vehicle accident in Florida. A check on their background would reveal legitimate social security numbers, driver’s licences, passports and a family history that wasn’t theirs. Mikael and Petra Karikova had their stolen family history memorised and had perfect American accents. They had spent a year acclimatising to American culture in a special facility in the USSR, run by the First Chief Directorate of the Committee for State Security, colloquially referred to as the KGB.

They lived under the names Michael and Petra Gordon and were truly happy when their son was born, as was the KGB Chief of Foreign Intelligence. Mikael and Petra were valuable assets and as illegal resident spies they provided valuable intelligence through their handler to the Soviet rezidentura. Now they had a son Kyle, who was a legitimate American citizen and as such it was very unlikely that Kyle would ever be exposed as a Soviet spy.

When he was fourteen-years-old Kyle’s parents explained to him exactly who they were and what they did and instilled in him a love for the mother country and educated him regarding the cancer of capitalism and the evils of American world domination whilst stressing that he must present himself as an American patriot.

It was around this time that disturbingly they discovered Kyle had a penchant for crossdressing. Masters at concealing contraband in their own home they easily discovered Kyle’s cache of makeup and women’s clothing. At first they were terrified as such activities in their homeland would require the culprit be sent to a gulag or worse, but keeping such a secret from their handler was unthinkable.

Stephan Boriliski operating under the name Steven Boland was their handler and he immediately saw the potential that this development offered. He had Mikael and Petra bring their son to a safe house where a terrified Kyle Gordon was presented with the evidence of his crossdressing and to his amazement was not chastised. It was explained to Kyle that his compulsion to present as a girl could be used as an advantage.

Steven brought in a sleeper agent named Marilyn Deville who worked in the theatre and had contacts in the gay community. It was her job to feminise Kyle to the extent that he would be undetectable when presenting enfemme. It was briefly contemplated that Kyle assume a transgender identity but as various scenarios were explored it was decided that someone with chameleon-like abilities would be more valuable.

A person that could present undetected as either a man or as a woman had the prefect disguise and the woman could move in circles that Kyle would normally never be able to infiltrate and she would also able to set intricate honey traps.

Mikael and Petra were at first apprehensive but as they watched Marilyn Deville groom their son from an awkward, gangly teenager into a sophisticated young woman they too became impressed. Kyle Gordon could transform into Crystal Greystone very quickly and adopt feminine mannerisms so womanly that they didn’t recognise their own son. He had grown out his hair and had it cut in a unisex style that had been made popular by pop stars and celebrities. When Kyle presented as Crystal it was directed the she be treated as a woman, no reference was to be made to her male persona.

To Kyle it was a dream. If he had his way he would have loved to fully transition into Crystal and live his life as her but he was loyal to the party and grateful for the opportunity he had been given to serve a country he had never seen but loved regardless and be able to spend some of his time as Crystal.

His psyche was such that when he transformed into Crystal Greystone he didn’t just present as Crystal; he became Crystal. A whole new identity was created for her including expertly forged documentation. By the time Kyle turned eighteen he was living a triple life. Kyle Gordon was a wholesome American college student but he was also a Soviet spy skilled in tradecraft and he was also Crystal Greystone, an attractive and alluring teenage girl.

When she was ready, Crystal was taken out and about in the world to give her confidence, sporadically at first and then for increased periods of time as Marilyn Deville taught Crystal how to feel comfortable in her own skin. Crystal was a quick learner and was soon given low-risk tasks such as collecting dead-drops or tailing persons of interest. These were tests of her abilities to blend in and to present as a woman without anyone suspecting that she was not. She was learning the tradecraft of on operative of the KGB.

Crystal was introduced into the local gay and lesbian scene by Marilyn and she auditioned for a part-time job at the Pink Parrot as a waitress and performer. The job gave her even more confidence and introduced her to a heterogeneous circle of acquaintances who would never suspect that Crystal was an operative for a foreign power. It was the perfect camouflage because neither the FBI nor the CIA would go looking for a Soviet sleeper agent in the gay community. It was unthinkable.

When Crystal turned eighteen it was time to teach her how to use her sexuality. Marilyn Deville would introduce Kyle to the carnal delights to be had with a woman and Stephan Boriliski volunteered to deflower Crystal himself. By then Kyle was very anxious about his sexuality because he knew that he was the last of his friends to lose his virginity.

Marilyn took Kyle to her bed as a birthday present on his eighteenth birthday. She dressed in sexy lingerie, stockings and heels and as much as it was a treat for Kyle it was also a learning experience.

“Make sure you observe what I do to please you and remember the things I do to your body and your cock because Crystal is going to have to learn to do it to men,” Marilyn said as she drew Kyle into her arms.

She taught Kyle how to French kiss, how to tease and caress, how to rub her body and her legs against a man’s sensitive areas. She showed him how to use her hands, how a soft featherlight touch felt delightful and how a gentle squeeze and a hard tug also had their uses. Then she demonstrated how to use her mouth on his genitals and gave him his first non-masturbatory orgasm.

“You need to know how that feels so that you know what the men you are making love to are experiencing,” Marilyn explained as she brought Kyle’s cock back to full tumescence.

When she opened her legs and invited him inside her, Kyle was enraptured. While he fucked her, Marilyn showed him how to wrap her legs around his torso to encourage him, how to kiss him and nibble his ears, how to hold him close as he climaxed.

Over a series of sessions they experimented with many sexual positions and practices.

“While you’re enjoying my body, you must take mental notes of how I’m dressed, how I use my mouth, my hands, my legs, how I move under you, how I present myself on my hands and knees, because it will soon be you in my position. We use sex as a weapon as much as we use a blade or poison. Your sexuality will be your most effective instrument,” Marilyn explained.

“You have mastered all facets of the tradecraft required of a field operative and on Saturday you will have your final lesson with Stephan. It will be a test. You are to seduce him and show him what you have learned,” Marilyn stroked his hair as he slowly fucked her.

“I will do well,” Kyle said, holding back his orgasm as Marilyn had taught him to do until she was also ready to climax.

On Saturday evening Kyle was taken to the safe house and told to prepare an intimate evening for Stephan Boriliski. To ensure a potential disastrous lapse never occurred, Stephan Boriliski was almost always addressed by his American name Steven Boland. Operatives seldom used their Russian names if ever.

Crystal dressed carefully, selecting expensive fully-fashioned nylon stockings, red satin panties with a black lace trim, a matching brassiere and garter belt and a red satin sheath dress cut short with a plunging V neckline. The bra was an A-cup and worn merely for aesthetics. As Crystal’s only task was seduction she did not use the prosthetic breastforms that she usually wore when presenting enfemme.

As she slipped on her patent leather Chanel slingbacks with four-inch heels Crystal felt both trepidatious and excited. The pleasure she felt dressing in lingerie, hosiery and heels was not so much sexual as reaffirming but there had always been a sense of lasciviousness associated with it. The feel of the garments kindled her libido and titillated her. She liked to masturbate into nylon stockings because she liked the feel of the slinky fabric on her cock.

She was feeling concupiscent now and had difficulty tucking but she exercised control over her mind and body and was able to lose her erection so that she could tuck and tape. She wanted Steven to be impressed with the perfect V-shaped pubis she intended to present to him. This was an exam after all.

When her makeup and hair was perfect she examined herself in the full-length mirror. Tonight she was wearing a stunning black bob with bold magenta highlights, she had opened wine, laid out nibbles and napkins and put on some mood music and lowered the lights. She nervously smoked a cigarette and went into the bedroom to adjust the lighting and to make sure all preparations were made. She tapped the tube of K-Y Jelly with a lacquered nail and slipped it under the pillow. She knew its purpose and had practiced a little with a small dildo that Marilyn had given her.

The one part of presenting enfemme for seduction that she found a little unsettling was douching. Marilyn had stressed on her the importance of it and Crystal was now accomplished and knew that she would need to adjust her diet accordingly whenever sex was in the offing.

She cleared her head just as a polite knock came from the front door. Her exam was about to start.

Steven was dressed in chinos, white cotton shirt and brown brogues, very casual for a man who nearly always wore a suit. Steven was more than twice Crystal’s age in his early forties but he was a handsome man and had a very pleasant disposition but was forthright. Kyle had known Steven since childhood. At first he was a shadowy figure known only as ‘Uncle Steve’ then when Kyle’s parents confessed to him their true identities they explained that Steven was their handler. Steven would become Kyle’s handler too if he succeeded in becoming a field operative.

Now it was Crystal Greystone’s opportunity to prove herself. It was time to take the test.

“Come in,” Crystal gave Steven a beaming smile at the door and welcomed him inside.

She leaned into him and kissed the side of his mouth, enveloping him in a miasma of Dior Poison. She took his hand and led him into the lounge room which was seductively lit and invited him to sit on the sofa.

Steven had been monitoring Crystal's progress and had seen her quite often but tonight she was radiant and beautiful; so youthful and sexy. A man of veracious appetites, he wanted to drag her down on the sofa and ravish her but that was not the test. Her task was to seduce him.

So far so good. The room was intimate and inviting; she poured wine and offered nibbles. Steven took the wine and declined the nibbles; he noticed she ate nothing either, she just sipped her Bordeaux as she alighted herself beside him. She sat close enough that he was very conscious of her presence but not so close as to crowd him. She crossed her legs and the hem of her red satin sheath dress slid up her thigh seductively revealing the dark welt of her stocking. She did nothing to correct the couture faux pas nor did she acknowledge that she was displaying her finest assets or that she was doing it deliberately.

They made small talk, speaking of current events, everything from the United States invading Grenada, President Ronald Reagan’s proposed Strategic Defense Initiative, the deployment of cruise missiles in Europe at the Greenham Common Air Force Base in England and the latest fads such as the new game called Mario Brothers and Cabbage Patch Kids and a new television show called the A-Team.

Crystal’s dusky voice was easy to listen to and she didn’t dominate the conversation but she steered it, which Steven admired because when she started to operate in the field it would be an invaluable skill. Her gestures were restrained and understated but she occasionally touched him on the knee or shoulder, her long elegant red-painted fingernails seeming to leave behind their presence after she had brushed against him.

Steven was captivated by her beauty. He stared into those green eyes and beheld her sensual red lips while they talked and sipped wine. When she leaned forward to replenish their glasses he scooched over and lay his arm along the sofa so that when she sat upright he was sitting very close to her and his arm was behind her.

She looked down demurely when Steven stroked her cheek. He lifted her chin and put his lips on hers and she sat still while Steven gently kissed her. He put his arm around her shoulder and leaned in closer and kissed her a little harder and put his hand on her knee. He felt her breathing quicken.

Crystal opened her lips slightly to allow Steven to put the tip of his of tongue in her mouth. She liked the presence of this handsome older man paying attention to her. His hand on her knee softly caressing her skin, she could feel the silky fabric of her stocking sliding sensuously across her flesh, his arm around her holding her close, making her feel both safe and wanted. His thick mannish mouth pressing on her own delicate bowed lips, his tongue in her mouth excited her. She could feel his body and smell his cologne: something musky and masculine.

She returned his kisses and snuggled into his embrace. Being held by this giant of a man made her feel all the more feminine. His hand slid under the hem of her dress and found the soft creamy flesh of her upper thigh and she gasped. She put her hand inside his shirt and lightly raked her fingernails across his hairy chest and she felt his heart beat faster.

His hand slipped inside the plunging neckline of her dress and he unclipped her brassiere which served no purpose except decoration because she had no real breasts but Steven still fondled and squeezed her nipples making them harden and send out little rings of pleasure.

Crystal opened her mouth wider and their kisses became passionate and demanding, Steven’s thick tongue explored her mouth and her hand suddenly rested in his lap.

She found him hard and hot, his penis lying along one leg of his chinos and she squeezed it softly and she felt him gasp into her mouth. She caressed the outline of it making him shudder then she removed her hand and began to unbutton his shirt. When he was shirtless he pushed her down on the sofa and lay on top of her, kissing her. She loved the weight of his body pressing on her, the feel of his steely manhood prodding her belly, she wrapped her legs around his waist and he stroked her stockings, sending wavelets pleasure up and down her legs. The feel of her gossamer-clad legs on his flesh was delightful and Steven kissed her harder.

She scrambled at his belt and zipper and he impatiently pushed his pants and his underwear down to his knees and took her hand and put it on his cock. It was the first time Crystal had held a cock other than her own and it made her feel both demure and powerful. She felt so sexy and seductive.

She softly stroked it as she wriggled her tongue in Steven’s mouth and he squirmed on top of her. She could feel his impatience and she smiled inwardly. This is what it was like to seduce a man; to make him want her. She loved the power and raw sexuality of it. She squeezed his cock and he bucked so she squeezed it again and then she began to slowly stroke it, feeling the little globules of pre-ejaculate leak from the head. She worked the slippery precum into his steely flesh, feeling the veins throb, stroking the corona of his glans, tickling his fraenulum with a fingertip. She was teasing him, making him desperate for her.

Steven suddenly eased out of their embrace and pulled up his pants and for a fleeting second Crystal thought that she had failed but when he had his pants around his waist he leaned down and picked her up and carried her to bedroom and stripped Crystal out of her dress and laid her on the bed. He ripped off the rest of his clothes and stood at the foot of the bed with his erection poking out like the prow of ship and gazed at her beauty as she lay on the satin comforter in her underwear.

He fell on her, his mouth on hers, his hands everywhere, tweaking her nipples, stroking her thighs, squeezing her, holding her tight. He rubbed his cock on her stocking-swathed thighs and then on the front of her satin panties. Crystal was uncomfortably tumescent but Steven eased her frustration when his hand slipped inside her panties and tore away her tucking tape.

Crystal writhed beneath him in blissful ardour when Steven squeezed her cock through her soft slippery panties. He pressed his cock against hers; the layer of satin was all that was between their flesh. His kisses became frenetic as his ardour became overpowering. Steven desperately wanted to fuck the beautiful creature lying beneath him.

He lifted her legs and opened them and jammed his cock inside her panties and probed at her sphincter. Crystal’s hand desperately fumbled under the pillows until she found the tube of lubricant which she quickly uncapped and squeezed a dollop of the viscous fluid onto her fingers which she wedged between her legs, slathering it on Steven’s cock just before he pushed it past her sphincter.

Crystal bit her lip and hissed as the head of Steven’s prestigious shank entered her anus. Steven heard her cry and felt her shudder and he brought his lust under control and stopped.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“I became impatient. But you are so beautiful and sexy and I want you,” Steven admitted.

“I want you too,” Crystal smiled up at him.

Her sphincter had dilated and the pain was dissolving; replaced by a not unpleasant fullness. Crystal wrapped her legs around Steven’s torso and her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his and kissed him passionately as she slowly skewered herself on his hard, throbbing cock. She ignored the pain until his cock was buried in her anus right up to the hilt.

When her anus was sufficiently dilated and the sharp pain subsided to a dull throb and eventually a delightful glow she nibbled his earlobe and whispered encouragements.

“Fuck me. Come in me. Make me a woman,” her breath tickled his cheek and her lips teased his earlobe.

Steven needed no further encouragement. His cock was enveloped by her velvety anus which seemed to squeeze and caress the shaft and the glans, her sphincter opened and closed around the base of his cock like the soft hand of a milkmaid. She smelled wonderful and her body felt delightful underneath him, her mouth was sweet and her eyes were beautiful and filled with adoration.

Steven wanted so much to take his time with her but his senses were being overloaded with passion and pleasure. He cupped her buttocks in his hands and plunged his cock deep into her anus and pulled it out and did it again and then again and then he drove it into Crystal’s slick tight tunnel as far as he could and ejaculated.

Crystal shuddered and moaned as Steven thrust his bloated manhood in and out of her tight rectum, delighting in the feel of the head pressing on her prostate and his thick shaft rending sparkles of pleasure from her tight sphincter. She rose to meet his thrusts, her nails raked his back, her silken-shrouded legs scissored on his flesh, her cock pressed on his hard belly. She kissed him hard, driving her tongue into his mouth.

When he ejaculated she felt his cock expand to its full girth and judder inside her. She could feel his semen flood her passage; she could smell the muskiness of it and the warmth of it as it seeped from her tight crevice and ran between her legs. Steven could feel Crystal’s anus palpitate as she milked him of his seed and the most satisfying orgasm he had ever experienced coursed through his body.

Crystal’s cock quivered and she flooded her panties with hot semen as she climaxed along with him. His hard belly rubbed her cock though her panties as he thrust himself vigorously in and out of her anus, eliciting waves of pleasure that combined the ringlets of delight that sprang from her pulsing penis as she released.

The lovers clung to each other in a paroxysm of lust. They kissed cuddled and caressed until they were both spent and then they lay in each other’s arms until they were ready to do it all again.

Crystal used all of the skills that Marilyn had given her. She used her mouth, her hands, her anus and even her feet on Steven’s cock until he was incapable of further salacity. Crystal’s anus was bruised, her lips were swollen, her nipples were throbbing and her cock was raw by the time they had finished, but the pain was wonderful, not at all debilitating. Steven had his own wounds also. His lips were swollen, his back was scratched from Crystal’s fingernails, his flanks were sore from her high heels digging into them when she encouraged him to fuck her like a rider encourages a horse to gallop, and his cock was tender and limp.

Steven took his time showering and dressing and Crystal waited for him anxiously in the lounge having changed her panties and slipped into a gauzy black negligée.

“Will you take some more wine?” she smiled at him as he emerged from the bedroom looking refreshed and satisfied.

“I will, thank you Crystal and thank you once again for a delightful evening,” he leaned in and kissed her chastely on the cheek.

“Did I do something wrong?” Crystal asked demurely as she handed him a glass of Bordeaux.

“Oh my god, no dear. Quite the opposite in fact. I have never been so sexually entertained and you are so young and beautiful that I found myself exerting myself beyond my capabilities because I wanted to sample everything you had to offer.”

“You passed the test with flying colours but that will be the last time that we will be intimate in that way. I am your superior and it would be unwise and inappropriate for us develop a sexual relationship. But now I know your capabilities,” Steven sipped his wine but remained standing.

“You have proved yourself proficient in the field both as Kyle Gordon and Crystal Greystone. You will soon be given the opportunity to prove that you are a competent operative using both your field tradecraft and your seductive skills. This will be your final test but it will not be a drill. It will be a real mission whose outcome is important to the cause,” Steven put down his wine half finished.

“I will show myself out. Once you have cleaned up and changed please lockup and leave. Rest up and I will contact you the usual way,” Steven smiled, kissed Crystal on the cheek and left.

Belmont Communications Building, Richmond, Virginia. 1983

Crystal picked up her accomplice on the street and stayed one hundred yards behind, following him on foot to a car park where he climbed into a two-year-old Toyota Celica. Her 1963 VW Beetle was parked a few spaces over and she tailed the Celica out of the underground car park and settled in three cars back in the stream of traffic.

Kyle Gordon had seen the chalk mark on the mailbox walking to college in the morning and in the evening had gone to the dead drop in the park three blocks from his apartment and recovered the encrypted note from where it was taped under the park bench. He took his one-time pad from the concealed hiding place behind a piece of skirting board and deciphered the message. He had been given his first mission.

That evening he transformed into Crystal Greystone and wore a brunette bob, flirty pastel makeup, shiny pink footless tights with a purple leotard and a wide black plastic belt cinched around her trim waist. The ensemble was complete with pristine white Nike trainers. Her aesthetic was a teen girl wearing workout clothes as fashion. She wore a black trench coat over the ensemble to keep warm and to conceal her appearance whilst on foot. She carried a small shoulder bag and was unarmed.

The Toyota drove around Richmond’s central office district eventually pulling up outside of a nondescript office building which served as the headquarters of Belmont Communications, a defence communications contractor. The documents that the man in the Celica wanted to photograph were held in a filing cabinet in an office on the second floor of the building. The man flashed his headlights at the Beetle as it drove past and Crystal acknowledged the signal by gently tapping her brakes and then she turned down an alleyway that led to a small parking lot adjacent to the side entrance to the office building.

Crystal parked nose-in to the wall and got out of the car and took off her coat and threw it on the front passenger seat and popped the rear engine compartment. She popped a stick of bubblegum in her mouth and began to chew. After glancing quickly at the security camera she bent over and began to fiddle with the engine. She made sure her ass was facing the camera and wriggled it as she appeared to struggle with the engine.

The man sitting in the security control booth was looking at the bank of television screens mounted on the wall in front of his control console. The company had only recently installed the camera surveillance system in the building and he and the other two security guards who alternated the night shifts appreciated it. Instead of constantly patrolling the offices, returning to the security office only briefly to fill in the log, the security guards could now sit on their fat asses and watch the cameras and were only required to physically check the locks in the building once every hour.

The man wasn’t looking at the office or hallway cameras however; he was looking at the cute spandex-clad ass of the young chick in parking lot who appeared to be getting nowhere trying to fix the engine of her shit-box twenty-year-old Beetle.

The man could probably fix the problem in a jiffy, he was a weekend mechanic, but it was more fun checking out the girl’s ass in the camera.

He watched her as she gave up and turned to look around the parking lot, seemingly searching for help. Fat chance this time of night. She was dressed like she was going to the gym or out exercising but young chicks these days wore that spandex shit like it was a fashion statement. Not that he complained as he glared the V in her crotch where her leotard fitted snuggly over the tights. He rubbed his growing erection and smiled.

What the fuck?

The chick was looking up at the camera and she scratched her head and then walked towards the side door and looked up again at the camera and was mouthing something like ‘can you help me?’ She had a pretty face and the man was thinking: ‘yeah, I can help you put your lips around my schlong or you can put that teeny pooter in my lap bitch!’

Leaving his post was a fireable offence but how often did a fifty-something, overweight rent-a-cop get to engage with a pretty teenage girl? All sort of fantasies played out in the man’s head and when the girl knocked on the door, he wrested his fat ass out of the swivel chair, the seat bowed from his weight. He waddled down the corridor to the side door.

He used his passkey to deactivate the alarm and opened the door.

The chick was even prettier up close and that leotard and those tights showed off her assets to full affect. She seemed distressed and a little panicky.

“My car started playing up so I pulled into the lot here and now I can’t get it to start,” the chick said, her pretty green eyes flooded with tears.

“I can’t leave my post lady but I can call the auto club or a friend or a relative for you,” the security guard made no attempt to hide the fact that he was ogling her body.

“I’m not in the auto club and I borrowed the car from a friend and they don’t know I have it. Can you help me at all? Please? I’ll make it worth your while,” the girl pleaded.

‘Fuck me if the little minx didn’t just wink at me?’ the man thought to himself and appraised the girl even more closely.

“How old are you?” the man scrutinized her.

“I’m eighteen,” the girl smiled back at him and the man stared at those lipstick-lips as she smacked her gum and his boner returned.

‘So she’s not jailbait!’ the man thought.

He weighed up the pros and cons of the situation and in three seconds made up his mind.

“How you gonna make it worth my while?” the man grinned at her and hitched his duty belt up his fat gut.

Weighed down with a flashlight, three sets of keys, a can of Mace and several other useless accoutrements, the belt continually pulled his pants down to his hips.

“Well I got no money but I’m sure we can work something out,” she smiled at the man salaciously and smacked her gum.

“Let me take a look,” the guard stepped outside and waddled over to the Beetle.

The driver of the Celica, dressed head to toe in tight-fitting black clothing, watched the exchange from the entry to the alley and as soon as he saw the security guard leave the building he sprinted around the other side and began to work on one of the windows.

Crystal walked ahead of the guard leading the way, ensuring that she wriggled her ass seductively.

It took the guard only a minute or two to find the loose HT lead on the coil. The guard took far longer than was necessary to fix the problem so he could impress the girl with his amazing mechanical abilities. He started the car and when he was confident that it was running smoothly he shut it down and closed the hatch on the rear-mounted engine.

“There, all fixed, now I gotta get back to my post but what about that promise to make it worth my while?” the man grinned at her.

Crystal smiled back at him and stood there with her hands on her hips with her legs slightly parted and clacked her gum. The man’s gaze was riveted on her crotch. He was comparing its seamless smooth full curve to the hood of her VW. She had nice little titties too and he was sure that he could see her nipples delineated by the tight-fitting leotard.

“You wanna do it in the car or are we going inside?” she gave him a cheeky grin and security guard came close to creaming his Jockeys.

“Like I said Missy, I can’t leave my post. I’ve been out here too long already,” the man’s face was flushed.

“Looks like we’re going inside then where it’s nice and warm,” Crystal smiled at the man and licked her lips.

The driver of the Celica by this time had opened the window and climbed inside the office building, closing the window after him. He was making his way upstairs to the office where the documents he wanted were kept at the same time that Crystal was following the guard down the corridor to the security office.

This was the critical part of the operation. The security guard must not see the security camera screens. When the guard put his hand on the door knob to the control booth Crystal put her hand over his and closed in on him, her face inches from his.

“Anything over my clothes is ok but you can’t put your hands inside them,” Crystal kissed the man closed lipped.

Even with her mouth closed she could taste the TV dinner the man had recently eaten and he smelled of stale sweat and old cigarette smoke. He’d attempted to cover up his body odours with a generous sprinkling of Old Spice but all that did was add a sweet cloying smell that created a sickly miasma.

Crystal knew that most of her work as a seductress would not be with young handsome men; the opposite was usually going to be the case, so she concentrated on her mission when the fat man began to grope her.

“Let’s go inside honey, I wanna feel that cooter through your tights,” the man reached for the door handle again and Crystal deftly placed her body between the man and the door.

“Sure daddy-o. Let’s go and have some fun,” Crystal reached behind her and grabbed the door handle.

She kept her body between the man and the screen as she walked backwards toward the console. She was leading the man by his dick though his pants and kissing his foul mouth. She was able guide him to the chair and swivel it away from console so that it faced the door.

“I ain’t getting under that console honey,” she said as she eased the fat man down into the chair.

The fat man had no interest in the console or the bank of screens mounted above it. All he was interested in was Crystal Greystone’s ‘cooter’ that was just inches from his face. It was a shame that the guard wasn’t interested in doing his job because if he was he would have seen a black-garbed shadowy figure break into one of the offices on the second floor.

As it was the guard was fingering what he believed to be the pubis of a teenage girl through her tights while his other hand was squeezing her fine young titties through her leotard. The man gave a silent prayer to the inventor of lycra because he could feel everything. It didn’t matter that what the man was actually feeling was a carefully tucked penis and empty scrotum folded and crimped to resemble a vagina and a pair of the finest prosthetic latex breasts, known in the profession as breastforms.

Crystal held the man’s head against her belly while he fondled her. This was far better than having to kiss him and she could see the screens. The fat man was in heaven feeling up this teenage girl, smelling her perfume, caressing her sweet body. His stubby cock was rock hard and leaking profusely.

Crystal watched her accomplice on the screens. He had laid out the documents on a table and was photographing them with a Minox miniature camera. She wished he would hurry up!

“Hey this is fun and all girly but I was kinda hoping my reward was going to be something a little more substantial if you know what I mean,” the fat man had stopped groping her and was trying to stand up so he could take off his duty belt and get to his pecker.

Crystal couldn’t allow this because he might be tempted to look at the screens and then she would have to kill him and that would spoil the mission’s secondary objective which was to keep it a secret that the operatives had copied those sensitive documents.

Crystal pushed the man back down into the chair and dropped to her knees.

“Just stay seated there buddy and let me do my thing. Take a load off while I lake your load,” Crystal chirped and the man chuckled at the pun.

Opening the man’s fly was like opening an animal cage. The stink of stale piss, old farts, sweat and smegma hit her in the face. She struggled to free the man’s stubby appendage from under his gut but she worked hard at it and pulled it free of his trousers. The man’s cock was all of three inches, thick and uncircumcised. Crystal stroked it and it began to dribble precum.

“Let me look at that pretty face while you get me off,” the man lifted Crystal’s face so he could look into her eyes while she jerked him off.

The man’s round face wasn’t exactly ugly, but it was bloated and unshaven, he had so many chins that he couldn’t button his shirt collar and his tie hung limply around his dirty neck.

Crystal was happy to slowly masturbate the man. Most of the stink had dissipated and all she had to do was stroke that sticky stump until it coughed up its load and she had control of it. Crystal could still see the monitors over the guard’s shoulder from where she was kneeling on the floor and the idiot guard thought that she was looking lovingly into his eyes when in fact she was watching her accomplice photograph more documents.

The man started to squirm and his cock became fully stiff and began to quiver. He was coming too soon; they needed more time!

She snatched her hand away too late and the fat man sprayed her face, hair and chest with semen as he ejaculated.

“Oh yeah, honey, that’s good, don’t stop,” the man sighed as another geyser of spermatozoa spattered her leotard.

Crystal wanked away at his stubby wang. She was already covered in his cum so what did it matter. The fat old bastard was really getting off on watching his load splatter all over the pretty teen.

She drained his cock of every drop and kept rubbing his penis even as it began to deflate.

“I think you drained it honey, there ain’t any more loads in the tube,” the man chuckled and began to reach for his zipper.

Her accomplice was still taking photographs. She needed more time!

“Oh come on honey, we’re only just getting started,” Crystal giggled as she jumped into his lap and put her hands around his fat neck.

She put her gum inside the neck of her leotard and leaned in and kissed his fat puffy lips and let him stick his foul tongue in her mouth. The man didn’t seem to care that she was covered in his sperm; he was kissing and feeling up an eighteen-year-old girl! The man began to paw at the waistband of her dance tights and Crystal slapped his hand away.

“Nothing under honey, I'm saving that for my wedding night, only over my clothes. Here how does this feel?” Crystal found the man had become erect again and she slipped his cock between her lycra-clad buttocks and began to slide back and forth.

“That feels wonderful honey,” the man said excitedly as all sorts of wonderful sensations radiated out from his wang as he rubbed his cock on the slinky fabric between her tight buttocks.

He grabbed her ass and dry humped her and Crystal worked her bottom on the man’s cock while she kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth. She rubbed her chest on his so he could feel her fake tits against his fat torso.

Now that the man had her in his grasp and was dry humping what he believed to be her ‘cooter’ he didn’t want to let her go. Crystal watched her accomplice climb out of the same window that he used to enter the building and reset the lock with his burglar tool. It was time to get this over with.

She wriggled her ass in the man’s lap and kissed him passionately, running her fingers through his greasy hair and encouraging him to dry-fuck her.

Crystal was rewarded with a muffled moan and the seat of her ass suddenly became warm and wet. The man was coming on her ass.

As soon as she felt her tights soak up the mess the guy had spewed from his little weenie she climbed off him.

“Well that was fun,” the guard was very pleased with himself.

He couldn’t wait until his shift was over so he could race down to Harry’s Bar and Grill and tell his fat-fuck friends how he had humped a teenage girl in his office. He would probably embellish the story and say that he actually fucked her but his friends were unlikely to believe him anyway. He kinda wished that the security company had installed video recorders when they had installed the cameras but that part of the upgrade was still to be completed and as much a video would corroborate his story it would also likely get him fired.

Crystal picked the gum out from under her leotard and chewed it hoping the spearmint would take away some of the foul taste in her mouth. She showed herself out while the fat guard adjusted his clothing. She snatched a bunch of napkins off the coffee station on the way out and did her best to dab at the spunk that hadn't soaked into her leotard and tights. She threw an old towel over the driver’s seat to protect it and didn’t put on her coat despite the cold.

She parked her Beetle back in its usual spot and changed the plates before she walked home in the cold carrying her coat. She stripped out of her tights and leotard and put them in a plastic garbage bag and threw them in the trash. She jumped into the shower and took her time bathing, and brushing her teeth, washing away all evidence of the fat man with her makeup and perfume and emerged from the shower as Kyle Gordon.

Kyle had a strange dream that night. He was dressed as Crystal and was in the guard’s office bent over the console with her dance tights pulled down and the fat man was buggering her with his stubby pole and she was encouraging him. Kyle woke up having experienced a nocturnal emission.


Kyle Gordon graduated from college with a business degree. His handler wanted Kyle to have an occupation removed from politics, the military and law enforcement but close to the centre of government. With a legitimate business loan Kyle set up a small flower shop called Fresh Scents, on Connecticut Avenue in the Woodley Park neighbourhood, a twenty five minute walk or ten minute drive from The Pink Parrot where Crystal Greystone worked three nights a week as a female impersonator, performer and hostess. Kyle lived in the loft apartment above the shop.

Kyle Gordon passed as a man who outwardly appeared to be a little eccentric and had few friends and only one employee, a gay man named Jeremy Proctor, who had no idea that Kyle lived a second life as Crystal Greystone. Kyle deliberately kept to himself and had a very small circle of acquaintances who were mostly business associates.

Crystal Greystone had one close friend; an older gay man named Wesley Meakins who refused to divulge his age but was at least sixty. Wesley also worked at the Pink Parrot as the drag performer Wendy Meakins. Wendy was one of those people whose chubby face made her look younger than her years and she patrolled the Pink Parrot like a matriarch telling stories that were almost unbelievable.

Wesley was the perfect friend because he moved in the same circles as Crystal but had no clue that Crystal was really a Soviet operative. Their friendship revolved mostly around the Pink Parrot night club although they sometimes met for drinks or dinner outside of the bar but Wendy knew nothing of Kyle Gordon. Wesley confessed to having served in the navy during the Second World War and did a stint in prison for something he never professed. He too was a private person but was quite the bon vivant when presenting as Wendy.

Kyle was now alone in the world. Mikael and Petra Karikova and been repatriated back to Russia as a reward for their hard work and also to keep Kyle safe. Kyle was a legitimate American citizen but if either Michael or Petra Gordon were exposed as enemy agents Kyle’s legitimacy would be brought into question. It was safer for his parents to disappear.

The life of a Soviet operative was not so much like a tale in a James Bond book. Kyle spent most of his time working at Fresh Scents or at the Pink Parrot waiting to be given a mission or task which was usually quite boring. He tailed diplomats, government and military officials, sometimes not even knowing why, he was just required to follow them and report where they went and who they met with. He was tasked with attending various functions and eavesdropping on conversations and reporting back anything he considered of interest.

Most of the time while conducting surveillance he presented as Crystal Greystone because people were more inclined to be polite and excuse a beautiful young woman for invading their privacy.

There were the occasional missions that required Crystal to use her feminine wiles. Honey traps and bribery were two of the most effective weapons in the Soviet arsenal and Crystal was ideally suited for the work. Important men filmed in compromising situations with a pretty young woman, who if the circumstances required, revealed herself to be a transgender woman, were very vulnerable to blackmail.

Kyle was content to do whatever his handler requested of him because he believed in the cause and all around him he could see that the US was pushing their agenda on the free world. US media reporting of Russia’s intervention in the Afghan civil war was biased and the US administration had enacted economic sanctions and trade embargoes against the Soviet Union and had imposed a boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics and continued to aid Afghan insurgents.

The president was a bible-thumping, sabre-rattling, Soviet-hating madman who’s Strategic Defense Initiative, nicknamed Star Wars, proposed a strategic defensive system against potential nuclear attacks rendering the Soviet nuclear arsenal useless and threatening the delicate balance of power.

During his weekly meetings at the safe house with Steven Boland, Kyle was continually advised that he was doing important work and would soon be tasked with a mission of vital importance.

Kyle was about to find out how intriguing and dangerous that mission would be. Crystal was soon to be tasked with a mission that would require her to use all of her feminine wiles and tradecraft.

To be continued

His had

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A new Michele Nylons story. As I write...661 reads and not one comment! All you cowards out there pretending that you don't like to read a story with lots of raunchy sex, the hallmark of Michele's fiction.

Whatever, it's a story with plenty of action already and a feasible setting. I look forward to continuing to read its developments and reveling in the gratuitous sex.

That's par for the course for the most part

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As far as I can see, most stories will get one or two comments in 500-1000 reads unless people are very taken by the story. We have a classic Michelle Nylons suspense intrigue story, and it's off to a great start. We will see how Crystal evolves as a deep-cover soviet agent, even though she is an American by birth. It's a good story so far, and yeah, there can always be more comments. I also notice that only 10% of readers usually give a like to the story.

If only

If only some of us readers were given the training of transformation Kyle was given....
Fascinating beginning, wonder where it will go. Might it end with Crystal at the altar? Stay tuned to find out.

>>> Kay