Native Life Chp.10

Back At the Campsite:
Amy walks around looking at all the immigrants camping out at the campsite that she and Cora have been using. She couldn’t believe how many people had left their home countries to come to the USA. She helps a few of the women fix meals and learn from them.

On the third day, Amy gets a bad feeling while out exploring. Something didn’t feel right to her. She explores the area carefully, and just as she is about to give up. She feels a sharp pain as a bullet hits her upper left shoulder. Another bullet follows the second one and hits her in the back.

Amy drops to the ground in pain. Blood seeps from her wounds as she summons her energy to force the bullets out of her body. She could feel them move as they pushed their way out of her body.

“Where’s your friend, bitch?” Alvin looks down at the woman he had been hired to take out.

Amy looks up at the man standing a few feet away from her. He was wearing army fatigues and had a gun pointed toward her head.

“She’s right behind you.” An evil smile appears on Amy’s face.

She had seen Cora stepping out of the shadows while the guy was talking. She was trying to keep his attention to herself, so he didn’t notice Cora.

“Do you think I’ll fall for that old trick?”

A smile appears on Cora’s as she punches the guy in the middle of his back. She puts enough force behind her punch to break the guy’s back, but not to put her fist through his body.

“You know, you should have listened to her.” Cora looks at the guy in the camouflage fatigues.

Alvin had lost his gun when he fell forward. Now, he couldn’t feel his legs or make them move.

“What did you do to me?” Alvin manages to roll over to look at Cora.

“I took away your ability to walk. After everything, you planned on doing to my friend. You don’t deserve to be treated like a normal person.”

Amy stands up and looks down at the guy that tried to kill her. She looks at the guy. “I should shoot you myself or tear your heart out of your chest.”

“I wouldn’t blame you if you did, Amy.” Cora was ready to kill the guy herself.

An evil smile appears on Cora’s fox face. Her eyes flash gold as she looks at the man sent to kill her and Cora.

“Who sent you to kill us?” Amy looks at the guy that shot her.

“Who do you think? You are allowing murderers and rapists to cross into the United States illegally.”

“Not all immigrants are murderers and rapists. You are no different from the assholes helping the border agents.”

“I’m a patriot trying to protect my country, where you bitches are trying to destroy it.” Alvin was pissed that the fox face woman had gotten the best of him.

Cora kneels down and looks Alvin directly in the eye “I should kill you, but leaving you like this will teach you a lesson.” As she stands up.

“You know we have to carry him back to camp, now?” Amy looks at Cora when she says that.

“No problem. This sack of shit isn’t going to be able to do anything, anyway.” Cora knocks Alvin out with a dart from her pouch.

She picks him up off the ground, while Amy collects his gear. They backtrack the path he took to hunt them down. He had a military-style desert patrol vehicle.

“Why do people like him have better toys then us?” Cora looks at Amy when she asks that.

“I don’t know, but let’s head back to camp.” Amy gets behind the steering wheel.

Cora secures their prisoner and hops on. She looks down at Amy “let’s see what this thing can do.”

It takes Amy a few minutes to familiarize herself with how the DPV works. She manages to start it up and drive back to camp. While she is
driving, she wonders if Cora managed to find some help.

She pulls into camp and park the DPV near Cora’s motorcycle. Her horse was in its makeshift corral area. She gets out first and help Cora with the person hired to kill them.

“Did you manage to get us some help?” Amy looks at Cora as they carried the unconscious guy.

“Yep, and it will be here tomorrow morning. Also, once the help we need shows up. I think we need to take another trip to Washington D.C. and start knocking some heads together to get congress to do something about the problem here as well.”

“That would be a waste of time. All they care about is their precious job and staying in power. They don’t give a damn about the common man or the problems we face.”

“You might be right, but we need to make some noise.” Cora knew she might have to go to the extreme.

“Well, count me out. You can go and do what you can. I’ll stay here and coordinate everything.” Amy had no patience with the morons in Washington D.C.”

“All right. I’ll see what I can do.” Cora makes Alvin as comfortable as she can.

Afterward, she goes with Amy to help out around the camp.

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