Bad Experiences Chap. 4

One Month Ago, At An Abandon Warehouse Near The Waterfront:
Piper slowly comes around and finds himself bent over a table and being fucked from behind. He could feel that his mouth was stuffed with a ball gag. Whoever was fucking him from behind, was banging him hard each time. He could feel his anal opening hurting and he didn’t know what he was feeling from the hole the person was using.

“Boss, turning Piper into a huge tit woman was a good idea.” Bruce was balls deep into Piper.

He couldn’t believe that the beautiful woman he was currently fucking, use to be a male. Piper shouldn’t have stuck his nose into their business. Now, he’ll be making money as one of the boss's fuck toys and with the huge breasts, he had been given. He’ll bring in top dollar.

He slaps the brand that has been burned into Piper’s left shoulder, showing she now belongs to his boss. He erupts inside Piper and leans down to whisper into her ear “you better get used to this bitch, because you’ll be spending your life like this.”

Tears were sliding down Piper’s cheeks from the pain she felt from Bruce slapping the brand on her shoulder. Somehow he has been turned into a woman with huge breasts. She knew the voice that spoke to him. It belonged to Bruce Woods and she knew how abusive Bruce could be to women.

After Bruce pulled out of Piper’s body, another person takes his place. Piper feels her head pulled back by her hair as she was forced to look up at the ceiling. Whoever was using her now wasn’t being gentle at all.

Piper passes out and wakes up hours later. She couldn’t feel anything below her waist. She was completely numb below her waist. She notices, instead of laying on her stomach, she was laying on her back and had two huge basketball size breasts on her chest. There was blood covering the top of them and metal barbells going through her thick medium size nipples.

Her jaw was hurting because of the ballgag that was still strapped inside her mouth. She could feel that she was being held by ropes on her wrist and ankles. She knew if she didn’t escape now, she’ll be used again by the men and maybe killed.

She starts trying to loosen the ropes tied around her wrist. Whoever retied her, didn’t do a very good job. She manages to get her right wrist free. After freeing her right wrist, she works on getting her left wrist free. When she sits up on the table, she feels intense pain between her legs. She reaches down between her legs and feels around.

Tears start forming as she realizes, whatever Vito did to her. She was no longer a male at all, but a woman. A woman that had been used like a piece of meat. She manages to untie the ropes securing her ankles and crawl out of the warehouse.

The numbness she had been feeling was slowly fading and she was feeling intense pain from what they did to her groin area. She could feel the blood, dripping out of her as she crawled out of the warehouse. She had no idea where everyone went, All she wanted to do now, was get somewhere safe.

Piper has no idea, how long it took her to make it to her car. She had parked a block or two away from the warehouse and walked to the warehouse. She was glad she did it now. Once she gets to her Nissan 280Z car. She climbs into it and removes the spear car key from its hidden spot.

She knew she needed to get to a doctor and she knew the perfect one to see. She removes the ball gag from her mouth and drives to Dr. Leason’s residence. If there was one doctor in all of Memphis, Tenn. She could trust, it would be her.

One Month Later:
Piper sights in on Bruce from her sniper position. She has been tracking this asshole and all the other men who had fucked her that night. That included Vito Underwood. He had been the one who turned her into a big-breasted woman with some sort of drug. From what she found out from the first guy she tracked down and interrogated. Vito ordered his men to train bang her. There had been at least thirty of them that did as he ordered.

She watches as Bruce walks toward one of his favorite hidden brothels. She knew the women inside the brothel Bruce was walking to, which was privately run and operated by a woman named Betty Marlowe. She took runaway females and women off the street and gave them a place to live. After a while, once she earned the women's trust. She turned them into prostitutes.

Some of the women that worked for her enjoyed selling their bodies. Some of them even specialized in certain kinds of kinky sex. She knew what type of kinky sex Bruce was into and there were only a handful of brothels that allowed it. This place happened to be one of those places and it was also his favorite place as well.

Just as Bruce reached the front door to press the hidden doorbell. She pulls the trigger on her sniping rifle and shoots his groin area. Her second shot, goes straight through his head, leaving a big gaping hole where the bullet enters and exits.

She secures her rifle and drives away from where she took the shot. She knew the police were going to have a hard time finding out where she took the shot from. She still had Vito to deal with, but no one knew where he went. The last any of his men knew. Vito had some sort of meeting with Alex Crowley.

Vito never returned from the meeting he had with the man. No one is sure if he either joined the man or if Mr. Crowley had him killed. She was planning on investigating this Alex Crowley because she was hearing rumors about strange things going on in the mansion he was living at.

When she arrives home. She parks the van in the garage and starts up the pressure washer to remove the fake paint from it. She got the idea from watching the movies Cannonball and The Jackal. She removes the license plates and puts new ones on the van.

Once Piper was done, with the van. She carries her sniper rifle into the house and secures it in her hidden armory.

“Did you get the person you were after?” Brandy watches Piper as she exits from the armory.

Piper looks at Brandy as she leaned up against the wall. Brandy had been turned into a woman by Vito as well. Vito had been in the process of turning Brandy into a bimbo for a client. The worst thing about it was. Brandy was the son of the client. The only thing left to be done to Brandy was brain washing her into being submissive to her father.

“He’s dead. How are you doing?” Piper knew Brandy worked at a strip club called Headlights.

Both she and Brandy were identical in build. The same drug Vito used on her had been used on Brandy. The only difference between them was the fact that she had facial surgery done on her face. She had the work done while she was recovering from what was done to her. Also, Brandy had platinum blonde hair that came down to her ass and Piper had reddish color hair that came down to her ass. Both had blue eyes as well.

Both of them had thick silver barbells that went through their nipples and were solder shut and couldn’t be removed from their nipples. They also had the same branding on their left shoulder. Vito wanted everyone to know, they were his property.

“Good! That just leaves Vito to be killed.”

“Oh, I’m not going to kill him. I have something special planned for him.” Piper had something special she wanted to do to him. She wanted him to experience what it felt like to be turned into a girl and raped.

“As long as he gets what is due to him. I want him to suffer, just like my perverted father did.” Brandy knew her father was experiencing what it was like to be a girl and molested by older men.

She and Brandy had captured her father and injected him with the same drug used on them. Instead of turning her father into a grown woman. It turned her father into a teenage girl and they gave her to a bunch of men who liked young women. A video had been sent to them, showing what the men did to Brandy’s father.

“He will, I promise. Now, let’s go to bed.” Piper wraps her arm around Brandy’s waist and leads her upstairs to their bedroom.

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