Bad Experiences Chap. 5

Nora’s Home Office:
Nora looks through the pictures and records Circe gave her about a person named Alex Crowley. According to the file, Alex Crowley was the direct descendent of Aleister Crowley. She had no idea who Aleister Crowley was and did a google search on him.

According to what she found on the internet about Aleister Crowley. He was an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer. He was also the founder of a religion called Thelema. When she googled Thelema, she finds out that the religion was created by Aleister Crowley's system of Thelema and began with writings from The Book of the Law written by Aleister and his wife Rose while they were in Egypt on their honeymoon. The book was only three chapters long, but it acted as the bases of the religion.

According to what Circe had gathered about Alex Crowley, he was continuing his secret work within the religion. He was offering rich elder people immortality. According to Circe’s research, Alex Crowley had found a way to give immortality to these people.

The reason Circe, Anastasia, or Eric couldn’t get close to Mr. Crowley’s place. One, he knew about them, since Circe has been chasing after him since England. Two, he was familiar with Anastasia and protected against her magical abilities. As for Eric, Alex hired a bunch of bodyguards that protected him. The thing was, the security consultant Alex hired. He knew Eric and how he operated. The two of them had been in the same unit together. They both went to the same boot camp and served in the same unit together.

Recently, it seemed that Alex Crowley has been surrounding himself with extremely beautiful big-busted women. He also added a new person to his security team. Circe didn’t know who the person was, but he was well-built and looked like he could be a football player.

Nora scans the image into her computer system and accesses the criminal database. Cheshire had one of her people come by and upgrade her computer system. Not only did they upgrade her computer system, but gave her access to the national criminal base that the police and FBI use.

While her computer was searching through the criminal database. Nora looks at the photos Circe managed to take of everyone coming and going from the mansion that Alex Crowley was using as his base of operation. She makes notes on a legal pad on her desk. She brings up the location of the mansion and the surrounding area around the mansion.

The computer beeps, letting her know it found a match. Nora looks at the information displayed. The name of the guy was Vito Hauptmann. He was a local gang leader that specialized in drugs, illegal weapons, and prostitution. According to his file, he mostly worked in the south side area of Memphis. She knew that there were three other gangs around Memphis. Drugs and weapons were big business.

The thing was, the picture Circe took and the picture the criminal database had on file, didn’t match. The picture Circe took made Vito appear very healthy and well-developed. The picture the criminal database had, made him look like a typical male you wouldn’t remember seeing.

“I wonder what has changed between then and now.” Nora puts the two images next to each other. She wanted to make sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her.

She needed to know more about Alex Crowley and what she was going to be dealing with. Nora knew this was way outside her wheelhouse, but Circe did come to her for help. She hopes the one person she knew who was knowledgeable about the occult, might be able to help her.

Nora prints out what she needs and puts it in a folder. She hopes Julia Scott down at Smoke and Mirrors can help her. She knew Julia had several degrees in the occult and she was the daughter of a Voodoo Priestess. Julia’s mother lived in New Orleans and taught Julia what she knew about voodoo.

Nora closes the folder and put it inside her desk. She turns her computer off and heads into the kitchen. Kelly and the girls had gone to the hair salon for Daiyu to find her hairstyle. So, she had the house to herself, which was very rare. She fixes herself a small salad for lunch.

Secret Operating Room in Crowley Mansion:
Alex looks down at the newest addition to his bimbo collection. The drug that Mr. Vito had used to transform an ordinary wimpy teenage boy into a big-chested petite woman was remarkable. He looks at Vito “you weren’t kidding about that drug, Mr. Vito.”

“I thought you would enjoy seeing the transformation for yourself, Mr. Crowley.” Vito was indebted to Mr. Crowley for what he did to him. He has never been as healthy and developed as he was now.

“Where did you find this drug?” Alex picks the test tube that had a white liquid substance in it. He was amazed at how well it worked.

The white substance inside was responsible for turning whoever took it into big-chested, small-waisted women. If a woman takes it, it made her waist smaller, her feet smaller, her hips and ass become bigger and her breasts enlarge to huge cup sizes. Those were just some of the physical changes. The drug also softens and made the person’s facial features more feminine and desirable.

That included their hair as well. Sometimes it just made the hair thicker, silkier, and longer. In other cases, it changed the person’s hair color and style. It even made the person’s voice sound sweeter and softer.

If a male is given the drug, it physically changes his body to that of a woman. His testicles are sucked up into his body and change into ovaries. His penis shrinks and becomes the vaginal lining and a small uterus forms inside his body. The rest of his body undergoes the same physical development as a woman does under the drug. He also loses muscle mass, as well.

After the physical changes are done, Mr. Vito developed a technique for turning these people into total bimbos. Their whole purpose in life would be to please whoever they are given to and to crave sex. The brainwashing was so permeant, that no one has ever wanted to stop using their new bodies to please the opposite sex. Sometimes, the desire to please the same gender would surface as well.

“It was inside an old suitcase sealed up in a wall at one of the places I own. One of my workers found it and noticed how someone had taken extreme measures to seal it up. When I managed to open the suitcase. I found a journal inside written by Dr. Antione Sanger describing how he made this stuff and what it was supposed to have been. However, he found out when he tested this stuff, that it didn’t do what he thought it would do, but the opposite.”

“What was he trying to do?” Alex was curious.

“He was trying to develop a serum that would enhance the human body. It was supposed to make a weak person stronger and healthier. In this case, it turned women and men into total bimbos who only craved sex.” An evil smile appears on Vito’s face when he says that.

“Can you make more of this stuff?” Alex was already getting ideas on how he could use this stuff.

“It’s a little complex for my people, but I think I know a few chemists that might be able to recreate this stuff.” Vito was thinking about a person he knew.

“No need. I think I know the perfect person.” Alex knew the perfect chemist to recreate the drug.

“Cool, so what do you want to do with this person?” Vito looks down at the young woman laying on the operating bed.

“Start the next step. I have a client already picked out for this one.” Alex knew Federal court Judge Andrew Thomas Green and his wife were looking for a new plaything.

“Will do. Is there anything special I should program this one for?” Vito has done some special orders.

“Yes, make sure this one enjoys having pain inflicted. The judge and his wife enjoy inflicting pain and humiliating their play toys. So, make sure she enjoys it and is sexually turned on by it.”

“Oh, I can do that.”

“Good. Oh, by the way. I have two more special orders. One is turning a client’s wife into a human cow and the other client is turning his human pony girls, into actual pony girls with huge breasts. You’ll need my help with both of them.”

“That should be fun. I have never done a human cow before. I wonder why the client wants to turn his wife into one?” Vito looks at Alex for an answer.

“Who knows, I don’t ask because they are going to make a huge contribution to my organization.” All Alex cared about was money.

“Sounds good to me. I’ll get this one ready to be shipped to the bimbo facilities.” Vito leaves with Alex to get some men to prepare the girl in the other room ready for transport.

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