Terry and Dakota’s Daughters

Jamie wakes up in the middle of the night, sweating and scared. She looks around the bedroom she is sleeping in and the pajamas she is wearing. It takes her some time to realize she is safe. She feels something wet nudge her hand. She looks down and notices it is the puppy Dakota has gotten her.

She gathers the puppy up in her arms and hugs her. It has been four months since she was turned into a duplicate of Jessica Whitehead by her father. Her father and Jessica’s father had learned about the drug that could turn any male into a female. So, they turned her into a duplicate of her friend Jessica. After her transformation, they raped her for a week.

It seemed that Jessica’s father had a thing for his daughter but couldn’t do anything about it because of his wife. His wife came from money and made him sign a prenup before they married. He knew if he acted impulsively and molested his daughter, he would lose his meal ticket.

Jamie knew her father was a bastard, but she didn’t think he would do what he did. Somehow, he had slipped a date rape drug into her food and stuck her with a needle. The needle had a sample of Jessica’s blood mixed with the drug that turned men into girls. They had stuck her with it and turned her into a duplicate of Jessica.

It wasn’t until weeks later that Jessica’s mother found the hidden room she was kept in. Jessica’s mother had been horrified by what they had done to her. A friend of Dakota’s at social services asked if they could take her in.

She sits back on the mattress and holds the puppy close to her. She gathers the covers around her as she has the puppy close to her body. She slowly fell asleep, feeling safe with the puppy snuggled against her.

The Twin’s Bedroom:
Dakota covers up a yawn as she walks into the nursery to breastfeed the girls. She picks one up and sits down in the rocking chair that used to belong to one of Terry’s sisters-in-law. She couldn’t remember which one. She opens her robe, pulls her right breast out, and starts feeding the first little girl. A sigh of relief escape from her mouth as the pressure she is feeling in her breasts is relieved.

After feeding the first girl and burping her, she picks her twin sister up out of the crib and feeds her. She knew her breasts would refill with milk in an hour or so. She’ll be glad when she can wean the girls off her breasts. They were already past the age she should have done it, but she enjoyed breastfeeding them.

Dakota still couldn’t get over the fact that their nanny Lilly had been turned into an Elf. She knew Lilly had been having plastic surgery like Lobelia to look like an elf. However, she never thought Lilly would be turned into an elf.

It wasn’t just Lilly, either. Everyone in their coven had been turned into elves by some magical artifact one of the group’s members brought back from England. According to Carla, the chalice that turned them into elves was something out of legend. No one believed the chalice was actual.

She thought she’d never know what it would be like to have a baby. Since she was a full-fledged woman, she and Terry had talked it over and asked one of Terry’s brothers if they wouldn’t mind knocking her up. She wanted to have a baby with Terry’s family genes and her genes. It took some discussion with Terry’s brothers and their wives before making the decision.

Now, she was pregnant with a baby with Terry’s family genes and her own. They didn’t know what sex the baby was, but she was hoping it was a boy.

They already had four girls, and she wanted to give Terry a baby boy. A smirk appears on her face as she walks towards the kitchen to start breakfast for everyone. She was the mother to two teenage girls and two twin girls. None of them were from her or Terry either.

While Dakota is cooking breakfast for everyone, Jamie walks into the kitchen. The poor girl looked like she had a rough night.

“Rough night last night, sweetie?” Dakota wraps her arm around Jamie’s body.

Jamie nods her head yes, to Dakota’s question. She hugs Dakota and holds onto her. She felt safe being in Dakota’s and Terry’s arms.

Dakota hugs Jamie tight to her body. She couldn’t believe what had been done to the poor child. When she discovered what happened to Jamie, she wanted to find the two men and shove a hot branding iron up their asses. She would track them down and do it if they weren’t in prison right now.

“Breakfast is going to be ready in a little bit, sweetie. Why don’t you go and wake Terry and Rebecca, please?” Dakota places a kiss on Jamie’s forehead.

“Yes, ma’am.” Jamie releases Dakota and goes to wake Terry and Rebecca.

She goes to Terry and Dakota’s bedroom first and can hear the shower going. She sticks her head into the bedroom and notices the open bathroom door. She walks into the bedroom and over to the open bathroom door. She knocks on the door “mom said breakfast will be ready in a few.”

Terry heard Jamie’s voice from the open door. He sticks his head out of the shower and looks at her. She was still wearing her pajamas “okay, sweetie. Tell mom I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

“Yes, sir.” Jamie turns and walks out of the bedroom.

She walks down to the bedroom across from hers. Rebecca’s bedroom was next to Lilly’s bedroom. She knew Lilly was out of town visiting the high priestess of her coven. It was her weekend off. She knocks on Rebecca’s bedroom door and opens it. She spots Rebecca’s foot sticking out from under the blanket.

“Rebecca, breakfast is almost ready.” Jamie shakes Rebecca’s covered body.

She knows Rebecca has been undergoing some changes to her body. Rebecca was experiencing changes in her body and was tired all the time.

“Becca, it’s time to get up for breakfast.” Jamie knew Rebecca wasn’t a morning person.

“Fine!” Jamie starts tickling Rebecca’s foot sticking out from under the covers.

Rebecca tries kicking Jamie’s hand but misses. She feels Jamie grab her foot and start tickling it again. She uncovers her head and looks at Jamie. “I’m up. Tell mom I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

“Okay.” A smile forms on Jamie’s face.

Jamie leaves Rebecca’s bedroom and heads back downstairs. She walks into the kitchen and looks over at Dakota “dad said he’ll be down soon, and Rebecca will be down in a little while.”

“What was dad doing?”

“He was in the shower.” Jamie learned that Terry used to be a woman.

She became a man after what was done to her by the Taliban. After hearing Terry’s story, she felt sorry for him. She knew Dakota also used to be a police officer in California and changed into a woman. She also discovered that Rebecca used to be older than she was.

Dakota, Rebecca, and their friend Carla had been turned into women by the same drug that turned her. She knew Carla didn’t like her new body. She wanted breasts the same size Dakota has instead of the two giant basketballs she currently has.

Her breasts were a little big on her slim body. She wore a C-cup bra and had a tiny waist. The girl she had been made to look like was curvy and had hazel eyes. She also stood five foot five inches tall.

Dakota notices that Jamie is thinking about something. She knew the poor girl had been drugged and forcefully changed into a teenage girl by the blue lace drug. It would take her some time to adjust to her new life. She was just lucky that neither man impregnated her. She figures that would have pushed her over the edge.

“Why don’t you sit down, sweetie? I’ll serve you first.”

“Okay. Did you make cinnamon apples?” Jamie sits down at the kitchen table.

“I sure did, sweetie. I know how much you like them.” Dakota knew Jamie liked cinnamon apples on her pancakes.

Jamie pours herself a glass of orange juice and waits for Dakota to bring her plate. As she is waiting for Dakota, Rebecca walks into the kitchen wearing a silk robe that matches the material of the lingerie she is wearing. She had on an underwire sheer babydoll top and skimpy thong panty.

She noticed that Rebecca’s breasts and the body was starting to match Dakota’s. She wonders if Rebecca will have the same type of body as Dakota.

“Morning, everyone.” Rebecca walks over and hugs Dakota.

“Morning sweetie, I thought we talked about you wearing normal night clothes around the house?” Dakota looks at the way Rebecca is dressed.

“This is normal, mom. Plus, I am wearing a robe with it.”

“It barely covers your bottom, sweetie.” Dakota knew Rebecca loved showing off her new body since it had developed.

She also knew all of Rebecca’s clothes and undergarments were provided to her by the clients she modeled for. She recently signed an exclusive contract to model clothes designed and made by Lovely Ladies. All her clothes come from them every month.

“Mom, the only guy in the house is daddy, and he only has eyes for you. How are you feeling?” Rebecca knew Dakota was pregnant with a baby.

“I’m doing okay now. The throwing up phase is over with.” Dakota rubs her hand over the slight bulge of her tummy.

“Do you and daddy know the sex of the baby yet?” Rebecca knew her adopted aunts were planning a baby shower for her mother.

“Nope, not yet. However, I am hoping we will have a baby boy to carry on your father’s last name.” Dakota was hoping for a boy.

“A boy around all us girls? He won’t stand a chance.”

Dakota shakes her head “here, take this to your sister, please.” As Dakota hands a plate filled with pancakes, bacon, and fried cinnamon apples to Rebecca.

“Okay.” Rebecca takes the plate to the table and hands it to her new sister.

Jamie looks up at Rebecca “thanks, sis.”

“Any time, squirt.” Rebecca liked having a younger sister.

When Terry entered the kitchen, everyone was eating at the table. He stops and looks at his ladies “what? You can’t wait until I get downstairs?”

“You snooze, you lose, sweetie.” Dakota gets up, walks to the stove, and pulls a plate of pancakes out for Terry.

A smile appears on Terry’s face as he sits down after fixing himself a cup of coffee. He watches as Dakota places the plate of pancakes in front of him. Several sauce bowls were filled with cinnamon-fried apples, blueberries, and bacon jam.

Dakota looks at Jamie and Rebecca “so, what are you girls going to do today?”

Jamie looks at Dakota after swallowing the pancakes she is eating. She didn’t want to talk with her mouth full of food,

“Dad said he would help me tune up my race car for next weekend’s race.” Jamie liked dirt racing and was good at it.

“That I did, and I planned on helping you today.” Terry always kept his promises.

“How about you, Rebecca? What are your plans for today?” Dakota looks at Rebecca for an answer.

“I need to meet the designers at Lovely Ladies today. They want me to come in and model some of their new cold-weather clothes.” Rebecca takes a bite from her pancakes.

“I guess I’ll go and do the grocery shopping by myself, then.” Dakota was hoping one of her family members would join her.

“Sorry, mom.” Rebecca looks at Dakota.

After breakfast, Terry helps Dakota clean the kitchen while the girls get ready. He steps behind Dakota, pinning her against the stove “how’s the baby?”

“The baby is doing fine. Don’t you have to take Jamie to the dirt track?” Dakota wiggles her ass against Terry’s groin since he is pressing against her.

Terry leans down and kisses Dakota on the neck. He reaches around and squeezes her breasts. He loved hearing Dakota moan when he did that. He might have been a female, but he had never played with his breasts before.

“God! I would love to have you do that all day.” Dakota loved Terry massaging her sore breasts.

Terry places a kiss on the side of Dakota’s neck. “I’ll take care of you when I get back.”

“Promise?” As Dakota turns around to face Terry.

“Promise.” Terry kisses Dakota on the lips.

Dakota returns the kiss and lets Terry go so he can take Jamie to The Valley of Speed to practice. He would like to take her on the same track he and Leia uses, but Jamie’s race car wasn’t built for asphalt racing. It was built to race on dirt and mud.

They walk out the front door and across the street. Terry noticed that Jamie had her racing suit and helmet in hand.

“You look like you’re ready for some fun.” Terry glances toward Jamie.

“I just hope the new fuel injection system we installed helps.” Jamie loved working on her car.

“It will, kiddo. Let’s get to the track and see what she got.” Terry unlocks the garage and helps Jamie push the car out of it.

Terry walks around to the back of the building and gets his truck. The trailer was already attached to it. He drives towards the front and loads the trailer with Jamie’s car.

“You ready, kiddo?” Terry looked at Jamie to see if she was ready.

“Yes, sir.” Jamie hops into the truck.

Terry waits until Jamie is buckled in before putting the car into gear. He knew Jamie couldn’t wait to get out on the track and try the modifications she made to the vehicle. It was the one thing that made her feel safe.

City Fresh Market:
Dakota was glad that Jamie’s wife, Taskhtali, could come over and babysit the girls while she ran some errands. She couldn’t believe Jamie had married a woman from ancient Egypt. She also couldn’t believe how she had arrived at this period either.

She parks the family SUV in a nearby spot. She grabbed her purse and walked towards the store entrance. She was mentally going over her list of what she needed to purchase. The girls had their favorite cereal, just as Terry had his.

She walks around inside the grocery store, selecting everything she needs for the house. She also picks up a few special items for herself and Terry. She spots a few things on sale that the girls will love. She picks those up and heads towards checkout.

She noticed that the girl at the register checking her out was new. And her name was Diana. She looked to be around her age. She sees Diana wearing a wedding ring.

“Your total comes to sixty-five dollars and seventy-five cents.” Diana smiles at the Hispanic-looking woman. This was the first time she had seen this woman in the store.

“Here you go.” Dakota hands eighty dollars to Diana.

Diana hands back the change “have a nice day.”

“You too, Diana.” Dakota picks up her groceries and walks out of the store.

Just as she walks out of the store, a black van pulls up in front of her. The side door opens, and a person dressed in black fatigues from head to toe tosses out a young woman right in front of Dakota. Once the young woman hits the ground in front of her, the van speeds off.

Dakota looked at the young woman and saw how scantily dressed the young woman was. The girl even had a jewel butt plug in her ass. When
Dakota looked at the girl’s face, she noticed she was a younger version of herself. The only difference between her and her look-alike is that the girl has breasts twice as big as hers.

Dakota had parked nearby, so she picked the girl up and threw her over her shoulder. It was a good thing that she worked out lifting weights. She could feel the young girl’s body tremble as if she were having an orgasm. She also noticed that the girl looked like she was drugged.

Dakota puts the unknown girl and the groceries into the family SUV and takes her to Elizabeth’s clinic. She glanced a few times in the rear-view mirror and couldn’t believe the girl looked like a younger version of herself. She wonders how the girl came to look like her, why her breasts were so huge, and why she was dressed so scantily.

She pulls up behind Elizabeth’s clinic and knocks on the door. A few seconds later, one of the nurses that work for Elizabeth opens the door.
“Kimmy, I have an emergency.”

Kimmy was surprised it was Dakota at the emergency door when she checked to see who it was. She knew Elizabeth worked with an exceptional team and that they sometimes used the clinic if someone was hurt.

“What’s wrong?” Kimmy was wondering who was hurt.

“I have an unknown woman in the SUV that needs medical help.” Dakota opens the SUV and pulls the scantily clad woman out.

Kimmy looks at the woman “oh, my god. She looks like you, Dakota.”

“I know, but something is wrong with her.” Dakota helps Kimmy with the young woman.

“Let’s take her to examination room four.” Kimmy escorts Dakota to examination room four.

“Where is Elizabeth?” Dakota lays the five-foot, three-inch woman down on the examination table.

“She’s with a patient in examination room one. We’ve been slammed this morning.” Kimmy starts examining the woman. She finds a weird-shaped dildo shoved up inside the woman’s vagina.

Kimmy manages to remove it without hurting the woman. It had a precise penis shape with small spikes that extended out and were hollow. The minor points could be extended to stay inside a woman’s vagina or a man’s rectum. She noticed it had some drugs still inside it.

“Now, what is that?” Dakota was curious.

“I don’t know, but why would someone put something like that up inside her?” Kimmy pulls the butt plug out, and a white milky fluid comes squirting out of the girl’s anal opening.

The woman stops moving as the white fluid empties from her ass. The poor girl passes out and lies unconscious on the examination table. Kimmy takes a sample of the liquid so she can get it analyzed.

“Are there any clothes around here that will fit her? Because whatever she is wearing now makes her look like a BDSM porn star.” Dakota wonders why someone dressed this poor girl this way. Were they mocking her, or did it have something to do with what they did to her?

“I think we have some medical scrubs that might fit her. Whatever was done to this poor girl, she didn’t deserve it.” Kimmy couldn’t believe how big these poor girls’ breasts were.

“I want to know why she looks like me?” Dakota couldn’t believe how the young girl was identical to her but younger.

“Well, I got a sample of her blood. I’ll send it to our lab and get a rush order done.” Kimmy had taken six vials of blood from the girl.

“All right, let me know what you find out.”

“What do you want to do with the young lady/” Kimmy looks at Dakota for an answer.

“I’ll take her home with me. Something tells me this was done on purpose, and I want answers.” Dakota wants to know who this girl is and why she looks like a younger version of her.

“Okay, I’ll let Elizabeth know.” Kimmy leaves to grab some medical scrubs for the young woman to wear.

Dakota just looked at her and wondered who this girl was. She knew she had no siblings or cousins that looked like her. The closet that even came close to her was an aunt that was dead. She even had the same birthmark in the same place that she did.

Kimmy comes back with the scrubs and starts dressing the young girl. Dakota helps her and wonders what is going on. She felt sorry for whomever this girl was.

Terry and Dakota’s Place:
“How were the modifications?” Dakota looks at Terry and Jamie as she finishes cooking dinner.

After she got home and asked Taskhtali to help her bring the unconscious girl into the house, she started dinner while Taskhtali did her thing upstairs in the spare bedroom with the girl. When Taskhtali came back downstairs, she had a confused look on her face.

Someone had wiped the girl’s mind clean and reprogrammed her. All she had on her mind was pleasing whomever she went to bed. Also, someone had dialed up her sex drive and made it, so that was all she wanted to do. It was a powerful desire, and it took Taskhtali some time to suppress the urge.

“The car did a lot better, mom.” Jamie loved how her car responded on the dirt track and handled the mud.

“That’s good to hear. Do you think it will hold up for next weekend’s race?” Dakota knew there was a race next weekend.

“Yes, ma’am.” Jamie was confident that her car would do well during the race.

“Where’s Rebecca?” Terry noticed their oldest daughter wasn’t home yet.

“She’s going out with some friends. She finished the shoot early and wanted to hang out with some of her friends. I told her it was okay, but she needed to be home by eleven.” Dakota tries to give Rebecca some freedom and treat her like an adult, but she is still a minor in the eyes of the law, and that means she has a curfew she has to obey.

After dinner, Dakota takes Terry upstairs to the spare bedroom. He had a confused look on his face “what’s going on, sweetie?”

“I had a package dropped at my feet this morning at the grocery store.” Dakota opens the bedroom door and steps inside.

Terry followed behind Dakota and spotted a figure lying on the bed. He walks over to the bed and turns the lamp on, sitting on the nightstand next to the bed. He looks at the black hair woman lying on the bed and notices she looks like a younger version of Dakota. Her face was identical in every way except younger.

“Where did you find her?” Terry turns to look at Dakota.

“She was dropped at my feet by a man dressed in black fatigues inside a black van. He and his partner just pulled up in front of me and rolled this young woman out the side door. Afterward, they drove off as fast as they could.”

“Did you get in touch with Morgana?” Terry knew they had been using Morgana for their missions and war against the HSL and the Hunter organization.

“Yes. I sent her a picture of the girl’s face and a set of her fingerprints. As you know, I don’t have any. I had mine removed when Bart and his wife took me in and gave me a new identity.”

“What did she find out?” Terry knew about Dakota’s past.

Everyone on the team has had their fingerprints removed from every law enforcement and government computer. Morgana made sure of that.

“Morgana said that the girl was coming back as being me. Her facial features are so identical to mine. That it was causing the software to identify her as me. Even her eye color and shape are like mine.”

“How is that possible?” Terry looks at Dakota for an answer.

“The only way I can think of is if she’s either a clone of me or someone got their hands on my blood and mixed it with that Blue Lace drug.”

“But why are her breasts much bigger than yours, sweetie?” Terry noticed that the girl had breasts as big as round watermelons.

“I don’t know. If she was given my blood with the drug, she should be as big as I am.” Dakota was puzzled by that.

“Well, let’s head to bed; hopefully, we will learn more in the morning.” Terry turns to walk out of the room.

Dakota keeps staring at the young woman, wondering why she is like this and who the men are. There had to be a reason for all of this.

“Are you coming, sweetie?’ Terry looks at Dakota.

“I’m coming.” Dakota turns around and walks with Terry to their bedroom.

When they enter their bedroom, Terry starts kissing Dakota and undressing her. Dakota returns the kiss and starts undressing Terry as well. She may be pregnant, but she still got horny. Once all their clothes are off, the two fall onto the bed, entangled in each other’s arms.

Spare Bedroom Around Midnight:
Amber woke up and noticed she was in some room. Her head still felt fuzzy, and she had no idea where she was. It isn’t the first time she has woken up in an unknown room. Usually, she would be naked and covered in fluids. However, in this case, she was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of panties. Usually, she wouldn’t have either on.

She sits up and notices that the only light in the room comes from a nightlight plugged into an outlet across from the bed. She reaches down between her legs and notices the missing butt plug and spiked dildo. She was typically forced to wear it unless she was entertaining some men.

She spots the lamp next to her and turns it on. The light from the lamp lit up the area around her. She removes the bed sheets and blanket and slides off the bed. There were a pair of slippers by the bed. They looked like they would fit her feet.

She slips them on, walks to the door, and turns the handle. She was surprised it wasn’t locked. She opened the door slowly, just in case of a guard or something else on the other side. Her head was still feeling fuzzy, and her body felt drained.

The hallway on the other side of the day was lit by nightlights plugged into outlets along the wall. She notices how the walls are decorated and that she is inside someone’s residence. She didn’t feel cold, but a little warm. She sees there is another room across from hers. The door was
closed. She steps out of the bedroom and into the hallway. She noticed the bathroom was next to her bedroom. There was another door directly across from the toilet.

She takes a few more steps and notices a room at the end of the hallway. She spots the stairs that lead downstairs. It looked like she was in a corner room. There was one more corner room at the other end of the hallway. She tried the door handle and noticed it wasn’t locked.

She opens the door and looks inside the room. She spots a massive bed in the middle of the room. Laying on the bed were two figures. She could barely make out the figures on the bed because of the darkness in the room. There were different color lights in the room from the electronics.

She walks over to the bed to see what one of the occupants looks like. She couldn’t make the person’s features out, but from what she could see.
They looked like her. She stands there looking at the sleeping form of the person. She couldn’t make the person’s features out, but there was something familiar about them. She turns to walk away from the bed.

Dakota was a light sleeper thanks to her training, and the girls sometimes cried during the night. She felt a presence near the bed. She pretended to be still asleep as she opened one of her eyes to see who it was. Her hair had concealed her face, so the person couldn’t tell she was looking at them.

She notices it was the girl that was dropped in front of her. She watched the girl standing beside the bed, looking at her. When the girl turned to walk away, “if you want to sleep next to me, you can.”

Amber stops when she hears the woman’s voice coming from behind her. She turns around and looks at the woman. She wonders how the woman knew she was there.

“Where am I?” Amber was curious.

“You’re in my home and safe. Why don’t you come and lay down next to me? We’ll talk about this in the morning.” Dakota moved the covers so the young woman could lie next to her.

Amber noticed the woman didn’t have any clothes on. She slowly walks to the bed and slips the slippers off as she lays down next to the woman. She snuggles close to the woman as she feels the woman wraps her arm around her and pull her close to her body.

“Get some sleep. I won’t allow anyone to hurt you.” Dakota holds the young woman close to her naked body.

Amber lays there as she feels the woman slowly fall asleep. For some strange reason, she felt safe in this woman’s arms. She didn’t know why, but there was something about this woman. She closes her eyes and falls into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Terry had woken up when he heard Dakota’s voice. He had slowly turned around in bed without letting whomever it was in the bedroom. He watched as the person lay down beside Dakota and listened as she reassured the girl that she was safe.

Terry finally goes back to sleep. He drapes his arm over Dakota’s body. He scoots close so his penis is nested between her butt crack.

When morning arrives, all three of them are woken up by the girls in the nursery. Amber sits up and rubs the sleep out of her eyes. Dakota gets up and walks out of the bedroom in the nude. She heads towards the nursery to feed the babies and check their diapers.

Terry stands up and heads into the master bathroom. He was stiff as he tried to aim right. His cock didn’t want to respond right.

Amber just sat and waited to see what the gentleman would do. She was trained to please men whenever they wanted her to. She liked sleeping next to the woman and felt safe in her arms.

Terry returns to the bedroom and notices the young lady sitting on the bed and looking at him. A puzzled look appeared on his face.

“I’m Terry, Dakota’s husband. What is your name?”

“What would you like it to be, Master?” Amber gets up and walks over to Terry.

Terry watches as the young woman walks over to him. Before she got any closer to him, “stop and tell me the name you were born with?”

“My name is Amber Hardy.”

“Well, Amber, in this household. I am not your master, and you don’t need to prostitute yourself to me. You are free and can decide for yourself what you would like to do.”

Amber looked and felt confused at what Terry was saying. No male has ever turned her down for sex.

“Am I not pleasing to your eyes?”

“Amber, you have a beautiful body. However, I am married and don’t see you as a piece of flesh to be used. Is that what your life has been?”
Terry watches Amber’s reaction.

“Yes, sir. I was told that my purpose in life was to do whatever I was ordered to do. I was to please any male or woman who wishes to use my body for anything they want.”

“Is that what your life has been like? Do you remember anything before doing what you have been doing?” Terry was curious.

“No, sir. I have always been someone’s plaything. I was told that was my purpose in life. That’s was why I was made the way I am.”

“Who told you that?” Terry was watching Amber’s body language.

“Master Lucas and Mistress Miller.”

“Do you know what they look like?” Terry wonders who they are and if that is their real name.

“I remember everything. I was trained to remember what any person I please likes and give it back to them if I meet them again.”

“Do you remember your life before you became a sex slave?” Terry wonders what Amber’s life was like before she was remade.

Amber thinks about the question, and the first memory she can recall is waking up inside a glass chamber. After that, she was led away to another room and confined to a chair.

“I woke up inside some sort of chamber, and after that, I was led to another room and strapped into a metal chair, where a helmet encased my head, and I was forced to watch all sorts of images while being shocked over and over again. I felt a prick in my limbs and groin area. After that, I can’t recall anything.”

“Is that all you remember?” Terry was curious.

“No, I remember going to a party and pleasing many men. There were several other women, men, and several she-males there. After that, I was
taken to clients and did whatever they wanted me to do.”

Terry noticed Amber didn’t feel the emotion as she described everything to him. It was like she felt nothing from what she did.

“Amber, were you given some sort of drug?”

“My handlers would inject me and anyone else with some white drug. It made us feel pleasant and willing to do whatever we were told to do.” Amber loved how the drug made her feel.

“Can you tell me more about this drug?”

“Oh, there was more than one drug we were given. The second drug made us highly horny and made it, so all we thought about was being used. All I thought about was doing whatever it took to have the fire in my groin area satisfied.” Amber could still recall the emotions and how she felt.

“Do you remember how you ended up in the van?” Terry was covering everything Dakota told him yesterday.

Amber shakes her head no. She doesn’t remember a van or even how she got here.

“The last thing I remember is going to a mansion with several other people. After that, everything went blank until I woke up here the previous night.”

“How many were there?”

“At least eight of us. Four women, two men, and two she-males.” Amber remembered the others because she had worked with them before.

Dakota enters the bedroom and spots the young woman standing before Terry with her clothes off. She heard a little bit of the conversation before entering the bedroom.

“Am I interrupting anything?” Dakota looks at the young woman.

Amber looks at Dakota and realizes she looks just like the other woman. The only difference between them was their breasts. She had bigger breasts than the other woman. She was also younger than the other woman.

“You look just like me, except older.” Amber walks over to Dakota and looks at her face and body.

“You noticed that did you?” Dakota noticed they both sounded the same.

They were the same height, weight, and build, except the young woman’s breasts were more significant than her own. She was also older than the young woman as well.

“How come we look and sound the same?” Amber was curious.

“I don’t know, but I will find out.” Dakota wanted to get to the bottom of this.

“Sweetie. I think we better let Anika or Aylin handle this case.” Terry nods toward Dakota’s belly.

Dakota was about to respond when she realized Terry was right. She couldn’t afford to fight while she was in her third month of pregnancy. She would need to be a lot more careful from now on. She looks at Terry “you’re right.”

Terry could tell Dakota wasn’t happy about stepping down. He knew she wanted to solve this problem and how Amber came to look like her. He walks over to her. “I understand how you feel, sweetie. I’ll talk to Anika, give her everything we have, and let her assign the right person.”

“All right.” Dakota relented to Terry’s demand.

“Now for you, young lady. Put your night clothes back on and join us for breakfast.” Terry looks at Amber.

“Yes, sir.” Amber does as she is told.

Afterward, they all head downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast, Terry takes Amber into his home office, brings up a facial program he got his hands on, and probes Amber’s memory for a description of the two people she answered to.

While Amber and Terry are working, Rebecca organizes the new clothes she received from her modeling job. As for Jamie, she helps Dakota in the kitchen and strips their beds. She liked helping Dakota. While doing laundry, Jamie asks Dakota, “are we getting another sister, mom?”

“It looks that way, sweetie. Do you mind having another sister?” Dakota looks at Jamie to see how she feels.

“I don’t mind. However, I think dad will feel a little overwhelmed by having more women in the house.”

“I wouldn’t worry about your father, sweetie. I feel he’ll have another male joining him in six months.”

“You’re having a boy?” Jamie looked excited.

“I’m hoping I am, sweetie. I don’t know yet.” Dakota was hoping for a boy.

“I hope you do. It will be nice having a brother with many sisters.”

“Watch what you wish for, sweetie. Boys can be just annoying as girls sometimes.” Dakota should know because she used to be a boy.

The following week is rough for Amber as her body adjusts to not being on the drug. Some days her whole-body shakes and sweats, and her groin feels on fire. On other days, she feels like she is walking around in a fog and can’t remember anything. She experienced painful cramps and was leaking menstrual blood from her vagina.

She is forced to wear thick maxi pads to absorb the excess blood. Her nipples became extremely sensitive and stiff. Every time the bra she wore rubs against her nipples, it sends shivers throughout her body.

When Dakota took Amber’s body measurements, she discovered that she’d have to take Amber to Victoria’s Secret because of how big her breasts were. Amber’s waist and hips were the same as hers, but Amber’s breasts were huge. They filled a 42H cup fully.

Dakota wanted Amber to dress more modestly than slutty. Everything Amber wanted to wear showed off her body in a slutty way. Dakota suggested it might be best for Amber to learn how to dress more modestly. That she could still look sexy without looking slutty.

As for the investigation into the people whom Amber told them about. Anika had come over and listened to everything. The pictures that Terry could generate were sent to Morgana’s company to locate. She was able to identify the people with some bad news as well. They had been found dead, along with everyone that worked with them.

The agent Anika sent had located the medical lab where they had changed Amber. However, all the computer systems had their hard drives removed, and all the blood samples these people took were destroyed.

The agent did find some security footage and showed it to Anika, Terry, and Dakota. They observed a six-member team dressed in black fatigues take down everyone there. They also freed several people as well.

The three of them felt like they had been cheated because Anika and Dakota wanted to know how Amber was created and who she used to be.
Anika looks at Terry and Dakota. “I’m going to keep Dolly investigating this matter.”

“Anika, who is Dolly?” Dakota was curious.

“She’s a new agent sent to our team by Jack. She’s been helping him during his war with the HSL and Hunter Organization.” Anika only knew a little bit about Dolly, but she knew her brother thought she would be an asset to Anika’s team.

A Month Later:
Terry and Dakota adopt Amber as their daughter. They never learn what Amber’s life was like before she was changed. However, Terry and Dakota will make sure Amber has a normal life.

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