Baby Sitting Job Chp.16

Abandoned Finland Air Force Station, Finland, Minnesota:
Julie starts to come around slowly. Her head still felt fuzzy, and her body ached. She is lying on a stretcher and watches as she passes under some lights. She slowly looked around and notices her arm had an IV going into it. There were several people surrounding her.

“Where am I?” Julie notices her tongue felt swollen

“Dr. Parsons, she’s coming around.” Nurse Rachet looks at the young teenage girl. They were moving to start programming her mind.

All the bodywork that was planned for her has been completed. Now they just needed to wipe her mind and reprogram it. She looks down into a set of amber eyes.

Dr. Parsons grabs a syringe from his pocket and inserts it into the girl’s arm. The next thing he knows, the girl changes forms and turns into a lion. It leaps off the stretcher it had been secured on and started attacking him and the other medical staff around him.

Julie noticed the skinny man walking next to the stretcher reach into his lab coat. She noticed he had a syringe in his hand. She got scared, and the next thing she felt was her body changing. Her bones started rearranging themselves. Fur started covering her new form, and her head turned into some large predator cat.

She felt an overwhelming need to protect herself and attacked the medical doctor and staff. After she killed them, she started running the corridors hoping to find a way out. She runs right into some men in black uniforms. She notices them trying to capture a young woman dressed in some sexy lingerie. She charges through them and towards the young woman. She turns around to face the men dressed in black uniforms.

Angel spotted a weird-looking tan fur lion break through the guards trying to capture her. She watches as it turns around in front of her to face off with the security guards. When one of the guards moves towards her, he gets smashed by a chunk of wall across the corridor.

Two humanoid cat people come walking through the opening carrying swords in their hands. One was a woman who had a huge scimitar sword in her hand. She had blonde hair and was dressed in some body armor. The person standing next to her was a bald panther-looking humanoid cat who held two swords.

Angel looks at the young girl with huge boobs and the strange-looking lion protecting her. She couldn’t believe she and her partner had managed to find this base.

“If you want to live, come with me, you two.” Angela looks over at the young woman and the huge strange-looking lion.

“Who are you?” Angel runs over to the woman and the guy.

“I’ll tell you once we leave this joint.” Angela wanted to look around to see if there were others.

The lion growls and follows the young girl. She saw the security guards getting up off the floor, the ones that weren’t killed. She could tell that there were others coming their way.

Angela presses a button on her gauntlet, and the cloaking screen on their tank disappears. Angel and Julie run out with the two humanoid cat people and notice a giant tank that looked like it was a cat.

“Who are you, people?” Angel shivers from the cold air hitting her naked body.

“I’ll tell you later. Now, get into the tank.” Angela leads angel and Julie around to the back of the tank and opens a sealed door.

Angel and Julie run into the tank. She hears the door they came through close. The next thing they know, they are on the floor as the tank moves at high speed.

Angela looks at her partner. “I wonder what they had planned for that girl and her pet?”

“Who knows what that place had planned? Everything I’ve been hearing about it and picking up on their cell phones hasn’t been good.” Panthro knew Kit had been using all the equipment he had installed for her at the mansion.

Angel gets up off the floor and sits in a cushioned chair. She looks at the vast cat that came to her rescue and notices it has fallen asleep. Her stomach started growling, and she felt extremely hungry like she hadn’t eaten for two days.

“Do you have any food?” Angel yells out and hopes someone hears them.

There’s a hissing sound, and a door opens towards the front of the tank. Julie watches as the cat woman comes walking into where she is.
Julie watches as she walks over to a foot locker and opens it. She watches as Angela reaches inside and takes out a brown square shape package. “Here, this should tie you over until we reach our destination.”

Angel catches the brown package and notices it was an army-issued MRE package. She looks at it and then back at Angela “do you have any water for this thing?”

“Yeah.” Angela grabs a cold one-liter water bottle out of the mini-frig and tosses it to Angel.

“Thank you.” Angel opens the MRE package.

Angela looks at the cat sleeping and notices that its body has started to change. The cat disappears and in its place is a young naked girl with light brown hair and medium size chest. She looked to be about average height for a girl her age.

“Well, that’s something you don’t see every day.” Angela walks over to the girl, scoops her off the floor, and lays her down on the bench seat.

She secures her so she doesn’t fall off and hurt herself. She grabs a blanket and covers the naked girl up. She looks towards Angel “do you want a blanket?”

Angela nods her head yes. She munches on the candy bar that was inside the MRE kit. She didn’t care about what was done to her. She has always wanted to be a woman. However, she did have a problem with them turning her into a slut. They were going to hook her up to one of those strange chairs that turn women into empty head bimbos

Angela grabs a blanket and places it on Angela. She could tell the poor child was cold.

“Thank you.” Angela felt better with the blanket wrapped around her.

“You’re welcome.” Angela looks at Angel. “Why were you there, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I wasn’t there voluntarily.”

“So, they kidnapped you?” Angela sits down in one of the other cushioned chairs.

“I went there to apply for a job. The next thing I know, I’m waking up in a wheelchair and wheeled to a room with some looking chair in it. Whatever they gave me turned me into this big titty girl you see before you.”

“So, let me get this straight. You used to be a male, and you got changed into your current form? How about that young woman who used to be some huge lion? Do you think they did that to her?” Angela looks at the light hair girl.

“I think they did do that to her. As for me, yes, I have the desire to be a full fledge woman, but I didn’t go there for that. I went for a job, not to be turned into a woman with a huge rack.” Angel looks at her breasts and figures she must be a D-cup or bigger.

“What was the last thing you remember?” Angela was curious.

“I was taken to a room for an interview. The woman interviewing me seemed to ask me questions that no one else would know about me. I mean,
I didn’t mind answering her because she had a nice figure on her and her clothes showing off her assets.” Angel loved how the woman looked.

“Let me guess, they offered you a drink, and the next thing you knew, you were in that wheelchair.”

“Yep, that’s what happened to me. Now, I have a question for you. Why do you and your partner look like something out of an old comic book?” Angel was curious about their appearance.

A smirk appears on Angela’s face. She said she would explain, “an alien device changed my friend and me. We had gone to a comic con
dressed as humanoid cats. My friend went dressed as Panthro, and I went dressed as you see me. What I didn’t know was that the alien device that changed my friend and me was part of the decorations on my sword. When the two of us put on a sword demonstration, the device activated and turned us into humanoid cat people.”

“So, you were a female already?” Angel was curious.

“Actually, no, I wasn’t. However, like you, I have always wanted to be one.” Angela felt that she should have been born a woman.

“I wonder what her story is?” Angel was looking at the girl, that used to be a substantially weird-looking lion.

“Well, when she wakes up, she can tell us if she wants to. Go ahead and get some sleep. We won’t be back to Cats Lair for a few hours.” A playful smile appears on Angela’s face when she says that.

Angel shakes her head as she eats the meal in the MRE.

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