Bad Experiences Chap. 9

Nora walks out to her car and gets into it. The stack of books she ended up buying, sat on the floor on the passenger side. She had the address of where Crowley Mansion was located and decides to drive by and do some snooping around.

It takes her about twenty minutes to drive by the mansion. She could tell some modifications had been done to the grounds to allow visitors. She finds an area where she could park her car without it sticking out. She walks around to the back of her car and opens a secret compartment. She changes her shoes from the heels she was wearing, to a pair of sneakers. She pulls out a small pair of binoculars. She loved these things because they sent a signal back to her car, where she could print the pictures out.

She switches out her sunglasses for the new specialty pair that took recorded everything. She links it to her cell phone and tucks her cell phone in her pocket. She leaves her purse locked up in the trunk of her car, before leaving.

Nora walks around the block, pretending she was just out for a walk but was doing recon of the property. She spotted where there were hidden security cameras. Her cell phone sends a signal to her Hitech sunglasses and shows that there was a wifi signal, but encrypted.

She pulls her cell phone out and dials Hex’s number. If there was one person she knew, who could crack the wifi signal, it would be Hex. He was good at cracking any signal.

Hex’s Place:
Hex was cleaning his grill for tonight's dinner when his cell phone rang. He presses the side of his earbuds “hello?”

“Hey Hex, it's Nora. I need your help with a case.” Nora stays hidden, so the security cameras didn’t pick her up.

“Do I want to know what you are doing?” Hex stands up and looks at Jade’s nude body as she laid out on the lounge chair.

Hex decided that she was going to become a guy. She didn’t have any breasts or reproductive organs to worry about. Hell, she didn’t have a vaginal opening. As for Jade, she has been taking experimental estrogen and progesterone pills. Jade had her testicles removed a month after moving in with him.

“Not really. So, do you think you can help me?” Nora knew Hex was trying to be good.

“Sure, let me head upstairs to my equipment. I’ll link in through your cell phone.” Hex walks into his house and heads upstairs to his workroom.

He sits down at his desk and links in through Nora’s cell phone. He knew Nora didn’t use a standard cell phone. It was custom-made and allowed her to link to a private government satellite.

Hex brings up the wifi signal Nora’s cell phone was picking up and run it through his handwritten software. After a few minutes, the software cracks the encryption and notices it was a security feed.

“There you go, Nora. I’m uploading an app that will allow you to crack most encryptions.” Hex has been working on the app for a while.

“Thanks.” Nora looks at the security feed. Now she knew where all the security cameras were.

“That should do you, Nora. If you need any more help, let me know.”

“Thanks, Hex.” Nora ends the call.

Nora looks through the security footage. She can peek in and access all the security cameras in the place. She couldn’t believe how well-
protected this place was. She spots Mr. Crowley talking to someone else. She takes a snapshot of the person and runs their face through the database and comes back with a name.

His name was Adam Vito and was a known human trafficker. He specialized in trafficking young men and teenage girls. He had been arrested several times, but always managed to get off. He either cut a deal or the high-priced lawyer got him off.

She looked the name of his lawyer up. His name was Guy Higgins and he operated out of New York. According to some of the cases he has worked on, he either gets reduced sentences or has the cases against his clients thrown out. She notices that he normally represented murders, sexual predators, and child molesters.

While she is observing the security video, she notices a young woman storm into the mansion. She watches as the woman confronts Mr. Crawley. It looked like she had a major problem with him and after a few seconds two security guards show up to subdue her. A smile appears on Nora’s face when she observed one of the security guards being tossed into Mr. Vito.

When the other security guard goes to grab the woman, she sends him sliding across the floor. She spots Mr. Crawley step away from the woman as more security guards come running into the room. She manages to take several more guards down before she is taken down by a stun gun.

She watches as the security guards carry her out of the mansion and tosses her out onto the parking lot. She wants to go over and help the woman, but she didn’t want to expose herself yet. She does take a snapshot of the woman to look her up later.

She watches as Mr. Crawley chews out the two security guards and the person who must be the chief security supervisor. She watches as everyone goes their separate ways. She switches to the camera that covers the parking lot and watches as the woman gets up off the asphalt and limps towards a black Honda car.

Nora makes her way back to her car and follows the black Honda. She was curious about the person she saw. She watches as the person gets out of their car and walks into a one-story house. The neighborhood the woman lived in, was upper middle class and well-maintained. She takes a few pictures of the house with her binoculars and heads home afterward.

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