Birds Of A Feather Part14

Two Days Later:
Mrs. Black looks at Patricia as she stood nearby watching the medical team that had been sent in to help the people of the village. A food tent had been set up to help feed all the people who had lost everything.

“Why does Putin insist to continue this war instead of giving up? He’s losing men and equipment for each victory the Ukrainian people win.” Black watches as several kids that have been hurt are seen by Doctors from Blake medical.

“I don’t know, I would have killed him by now. The bastard is letting his ego and pride get in the way of doing what is right and letting these people rebuild and live in peace.” Patricia has seen what war does, and it makes her sick to her stomach.

“What’s your story? How are you capable of controlling computers and such?” Black was curious about Pat.

“I was born this way. I’m one of the lucky ones born with a unique gift.” Patricia couldn’t tell Mrs. Black the real truth, sort of.

“What’s with you? Why did you leave the British Secret Service?” Patricia looks at Mrs. Black.

“I got tired of having my hands tied behind my back when I could do more. So, I resigned from the British military and went freelance.” Vera got tired of being restrained and told that she couldn’t do anything to help the people.

“I can understand that. You have a unique team. I can see why you recruited them.”

“I figured they could do more with their abilities. Plus, it helps them overcome the grief and loss of what they once had. Take Becky, for example. She was killed by a psycho that escaped from a mental hospital. He took her to an ancient burial site and was trying to summon a demon when he got to the part of the ceremony where he drove his knife through her heart to sacrifice her.

The police showed up and killed him. The mystic connection he had with her soul, allowed her to escape his control. Her body had burst into flames, and while it was burning, she tried to find another vessel. Luckily for her, there was a house nearby filled with dolls. Her soul was drawn to the doll she occupies now. She scared the owner of the house when the doll came to life. They thought she was going to kill them, thanks to that damn movie Chucky.”

“I know the movie. But I can see how people would react. So, you tracked down each member and gave them a new purpose in life?”

“Yes, it took some convincing to get Drusilla to join. She was enjoying being a full fledged vampire.” Vera had to show her what happens if she came after her.

“Let me guess, she was a Goth?”

“Yep, the thing was, she was seriously into the whole vampire culture. She had her teeth surgically altered to look like she was.”

“She would shit her panties if I introduced her to real vampires. The ones that not only will drink your blood, but chop you up and serve you on a silver platter.” Patricia remembered running into some on Hearus 4.

Vera looks at Patricia “what vampires have you encountered?”

“The kind that doesn’t like humans and like their meat rare, very, very rare.” Patricia shivers just from thinking about them.

“Hey, Pat.” Jennifer lands in front of Patricia and Vera Black.

“What’s up, Jennifer?” Patricia looks at Pat. She knew her companion was still up in the air doing recon.

“We have a problem. The Russians are mobilizing some of their long-range missiles and aiming them our way.”

“What type of missiles do they look like?” Vera was curious and looks at Jennifer.

“These.’ Jennifer shows the pictures she took of the missiles.

“Yikes! Those suckers are nuclear tip.” Vera couldn’t believe the Russians were bringing out nuclear weapons.

“They’re upping the stakes, because of us.” Jennifer looks at both women when she says that.

“It was bound to happen sooner or later.” Patricia knew this might happen.

“So, what are we going to do?” Vera looks at Patricia.

“Something I was hoping we didn’t have to do.” Patricia closes her eyes and contacts Ghost.

After a few minutes, she makes contact with him through Blake-owned satellites. She communicates what she wants to be done. She feels Ghost respond.

Aero Flight Industries, Coconino County, Arizona:
The hangar that the Ghost craft is stored in opens and launches. As soon as the fighter craft launches, it goes invisible and heads for high orbit. Ghost was in constant contact with Patricia.

Vera looks at Jennifer “what is she doing?”

“Contacting her fighter in Arizona.” Jennifer has seen Patricia do this several times.

“She can do that?” Mrs. Black was impressed.

“Yeah, and believe me that means she is going nuclear on the Russians. Her fighter craft can wipe the Russian government out on its own.”

“How?” Vera was confused about how a fighter craft could do that.

“Her copilot is an advanced AI computer that is in contact with her. The craft is equipped with advanced weaponry that is beyond anything we
currently have.”

Ghost orbits right over the coordinates that he received and opens the bomb bay doors. The rotary launcher inside turns and stops. He releases two missiles and closes the bomb bay doors.

Patricia opens her eyes and looks towards the direction the missiles were and the two red streaks heading towards them from space. One of the streaks breaks off and heads further into Russian airspace.

“Umm, Pat. Where are those going?” Jennifer could spot the streaks thanks to her enhanced eyesight.

“One is going towards the missiles coming this way, and the other is heading towards their nuclear submarines.” Pat was going to neutralize their nuclear submarines.

“Won’t that start a war?” Jennifer looks at Pat.


A few minutes later, the convoy that had the nuclear tip missiles got hit and shut down completely. A yellow energy wave emitted from the missiles directed at them and fired all their electronics and damaged the launch computers of the missiles.

The missiles going for the Russian subs equipped with nuclear weapons and reactors are affected in the same manner. They are forced to surface or sink. As for the missiles themselves, they are in the same sad conditions as the ones at the launch site.

The communication trailer they had taken over was receiving communications about what happened. Vera listens to the communications going back and forth. The signals were weak, but they could still be picked up.

“What the hell did you do and can you do it again?” Vera was impressed with what she was hearing.

“I have two more missiles left in the rack. I would need to have some more made if Russia decides to be an asshole.”

“Okay, but what did you do to them?” Jennifer was curious.

“I fried their systems. The energy wave that was released turns nuclear material inert. So, anything powered or equipped with nuclear material
goes inert as soon as the wave hits it. The thing is, the range isn't that great. So, I was only able to affect a small number of their fleet and missiles.”

“Where did you get that type of technology?” Vera looks at Patricia with a new interest.

“Can’t tell you, Mrs. Black.” A playful smile appears on Pat’s face.

“We need more weapons like that.” Jennifer could see how that could stop a lot of nuclear doomsday weapons.

“I wish I had more. My missiles payload is getting low.” Patricia knew she didn’t have many missiles left.

“We got an incoming transmission, guys.” Becky sticks her doll head out of the trailer.

“What is it, Becky?” Vera was curious.

“They are recalling several units back to the territory they are holding. It sounds like they are in a panic over something.”

“Probably with what you just did, Pat.” Jennifer looks at Pat.

“Can they track your fighter?” Vera looks at Pat for an answer.

“Nope, they can’t. Even if they could, he’s too advanced for anything to affect him. His defensive capability is just as strong as his offensive
weapons. Plus, you’re fighting against an AI that is more advance than anything here on Earth.”

“Couldn’t he go crazy and take matters into his own hands?” Vera didn’t trust AI technology.

“He’s got too many safeguards for that to happen, and plus, he has my morals as well. We have merged so many times, that my brain Ingram's make up his matrix. That’s why he is so advanced. He’ll never turn against humans and even if something or someone like me tries to control him. He’ll shut down before he allows himself to be used like that.”

"That is advance." Vera didn't know of any other AI like that.

The rest of the day, Patricia and Vera Black help out. Kara and Becky keeping monitoring the Russian communication and the explanation they give about what happened.

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