Bad Experiences Chap.11

Crowley Mansion:
Ellie comes walking out of her bedroom, with her head wrapped up in a towel. Her massive breasts were barely supported by the string bra she was wearing. The dental floss thong she was wearing barely covered her vaginal opening. A pink vibrator handle was sticking out of her opening.

She was hungry after having sex with five guys. She loved feeling the huge butt plug in her anal opening. It was holding in all the gifts the guys gave her. A smile appears on her face when she spots Victor standing guard at the elevator “hey Victor, how’s it hanging?”

Victor looks at Ellie as she walks towards him. He knew she was the mansion’s bimbo. She was ready for sex all the time.

“How are you feeling?” Victor knew Ellie loved having sex all the time.

“Horny as always.” Ellis was always horny.

“I don’t know how you do it.” He starts kissing her and activates the remote to her vibrator.

Ellis returns the kiss and clinches her vaginal muscles when she feels the vibrator in her vagina start to vibrate. She moans into the kiss as she enjoys the vibration inside her body. She feels Victor as he grabs her huge nipple and frees it from the string bra. She shivers as he rubs it between his fingers and tweaks it.

Victor felt Ellis moan from when he activated the vibrator in her vagina. He also felt her moan when he started playing with her huge nipple. He squeezes it between his fingers. He pushes down on her shoulders. He wanted to stuff that pretty little mouth of hers with his manhood.

Ellis kneels before Victor and frees his manhood from his pants. She licks her lips when she sees how thick and long he was. She feels his hands on the back of her head as he thrust into her mouth.

By the time Ellis gets to the kitchen, her mouth is sore and she is dripping from between her legs. After pleasing Victor, she had three other guards that wanted to use her mouth and vagina. She makes herself a ham sandwich and adds some potato chips to the plate. She also pours herself a large wine glass of Absinthe with water and a sugar cube.

She has come to enjoy drinking the strong drink. She takes a few more sips and heads back to her bedroom. The guards she pleased coming down to the kitchen, lightly slap her on her ass or activate the vibrator in her vagina.

She doesn’t regret begging Alex to turn her into a bimbo. She loved having massive tits, and a shapely body. She also enjoyed being used as a sex toy. He didn’t use her like the other women and men he turned into bimbos. She was special and was used to please some unique clients.

She takes small bites from her sandwich. Because of what was done to her lips, she couldn’t open her mouth very much. Her lips were formed to form a tight suction around man's manhood. Sometimes her mouth was stretched from some of the men she pleased. Victor and Zack had thick manhood and stretched her lips. She finishes her light dinner and notices she had three appointments that just popped up on her computer screen. A smile appears on her face, as she changes out of the garments she was currently wearing into something skimpier.

Once she brushed her hair and apply some light makeup to her face and lips. She leaves her bedroom and heads towards the room the men would be waiting for her. She wonders who the men were and if they will like her.

The Whorehouse:
Vito looks at the young chubby gothic girl his men took off the streets. She was naked and secured to a BDSM horse with her ass and vagina pointing toward them. He loved the fact she had piercings on her nipples and clit. She also had several more in her nose, eyelids, and her ears.

Vito looks towards Henry “where did you get her?”

“A head hunter we hired found her.” Henry paid the head hunter some good money for this girl and several others.

Vito walks into the room and over to the gothic girl. He runs his hand on her butt cheeks and smacks them. He watches as her butt cheeks absorb the shock. He smacks it again and spreads her labia lips.

He walks around her and examines her whole body. He takes a marker out and makes notes on different parts of her body. He grabs her chin and forces her to open her mouth. He notices her tongue was pierced.

He makes some marks on her face. He stands back and looks at her “I think that will do her. Now, show me the other girls and the tranny you found.”

“Yes sir.” Henry escorts Vito to another room, leaving the goth girl alone in the room.

Henry and Vito examine the other girls and the tranny. Vito makes notes on each person of what he wants to be done to them. Once he was done, they come to a young tranny that was tossed up like the women were.

“Where did you find this thing?” Vito was looking at the skinny tranny.

“Would you believe he was down on Green street selling himself?” The head hunter Henry used found the guy dressed as a girl wearing a short miniskirt and tube top.

“Well, we can’t turn this one like this.” Vito pulls out a syringe and a small vial.

He sticks the syringe into the vial and fills the syringe with the liquid. He pulls the syringe out and gets rid of the air bubble.

“Let’s see if this stuff is as good as the old version of it.” Vito takes the syringe and plunges it into a vein on the person's neck.

He pushes the plunger down and empties the whole contents into the person. He waits for a few seconds and watches as the serum takes effect.
He turns to look at Henry “let’s go.”

“Okay.” Henry knew what his boss just did to the tranny.

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