Native Life Chp.12

Amy’s Secret Cave:
Dulce watches as Amy walks around inside the cave. She loved watching Amy’s naked body as she moved around. She also loved the cave Amy brought her to a few weeks after meeting her. It seemed that the two of them had something in common with each other.

She was leaning back against the rock rim of the pool of water and was enjoying the warmth of the water. In the last few weeks, the weather has been changing out in the desert. Fall had finally arrived, followed by a huge snowfall. The thing was, she didn’t feel any cold air coming into the cave from the huge opening in the roof.

The weather inside the cave was very tropical, and the water in the pool was just the right temperature. She had been surprised when Amy brought her to the cave. She knew Amy retreated here when the world became too much for her or she wanted to be by herself.

“What are you making?” Dulce moves over to the rim of the pool.

She wanted to investigate what Amy was doing. Since they arrived at Amy’s cave, she has relaxed a little more around. She wasn’t as serious as she normally was when they were out among the others on the reservation.

Amy turns her head to look at Dulce. A smile appears on her face as she watches Dulce enjoy herself in the pool.

“Fixing us some dinner. If I don’t get it going now, it won’t be ready by the time we want to eat.” Amy crushes some herbs up and rubs them into the Elk meat she was cooking.

She stuffs the meat into the clay pot, along with some water, vegetables, and more spices. She seals the clay pot and put it in the firepit to cook. She makes sure the fire is right, before joining Dulce in the pool. Both women were naked she leans toward Dulce and kisses her on her soft lips.

Dulce wraps her arms around Amy’s body and pulls her close to her. Both women have been learning about each other since they met. Dulce knew Amy cared very much about the immigrants coming up from South America and Brazil. She also cared about how those people affected the people on the reservations as well.

She knew Amy’s partner Cora didn’t have much luck in congress either. Sure, there were some representatives that wanted to help. But then you had those that were being jerks that shot down every suggestion or compromise that was put forward. After Cora threatened to start cutting people’s hands off, they finally came up with a simple piece of legislation that would help immigrants. It wasn’t perfect or great, but it would help.

Amy looked into Dulce’s eyes, and a smile appeared on her face. She loved being held by Dulce, and she knew Dulce loved when she held her. She leans in and kisses Dulce again.

Dulce responds to Amy kissing her. She pulls Amy closer to her body and could feel Amy’s breasts pressing against hers.

“So, what are we going to do while dinner cooks?” Dulce loved Amy’s golden eyes.

“Get to know each other better.” Amy licks Dulce’s nose.

Cora’s trailer, Navajo Nation Reservation, Arizona:
Cora watches as the snow comes down and covers the ground. She was glad she put enough food out for the horses to stay warm. She fixes herself some coffee as she wonders how Amy was doing.

When she got back to their campsite after convincing congress to do something to help the immigrants. She noticed that Amy had fallen for someone. She noticed a young woman by the name of Dulce watching Amy. She could tell the young woman had a thing for Amy.

Once her coffee is ready and has been poured. She sits down at her work desk and goes over some paperwork that had been sent to her proving a tribe called Chippewa Indians of the Bad River Reservation, Wisconsin, was missing some artifacts. The description they had given her matched a few of the artifacts she brought back with her.

She sends them a picture of the artifacts she currently had. If they were the ones that were missing, she would ship them to them. She checks a few more letters she got and sends them emails with the information she either needs or has them clarify what the artifacts looked like.

Afterward, she goes curls up under a blanket on her sofa and watches a movie. With the way the weather was, she didn’t feel like going out anywhere, unless she had to. She was just thankful that the tribal council was taking a more active role in the immigrant situation. As long as the immigrants were on Native American land, there was nothing border agents or Federal agents could do, unless the tribal police call them.

She knows there is going to be blow back for what she did, but it had to be done. Cora snuggles deeper under her blanket and enjoys the movie.

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