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Kassidy leans back in the worn passenger seat inside the van. She looks over toward Jerry as he drives the van. She glances toward the back of the van and notices the rest of their band drunk or stoned out of their minds.

“Tonight was a total mess, Jerry.” Kassidy couldn’t believe how terrible the group sounded.

“I know, and I wish I had an explanation for what happened, but I don’t.” Jerry was pissed that the band did so badly tonight.

It was just one cluster fuck after another. Their soundboard crapped out on them. Then Eddie started vomiting on stage, finally, to top it off. Shawna’s bass guitar caught fire. Luckily it had been at the end of the set they were playing.

Kassidy knew they were lucky she could play guitar and sent Eddie off the stage after he started puking. It turns out he had ingested some bad mushrooms beforehand. Kassidy knew Jerry had warned Eddie about his drug habit and tonight was the last straw.

He was lucky that Jerry was friendly and willing to give him a ride back home. Otherwise, they would have left his ass in Salt Lake City. Kassidy had worked hard to get them the gig at the music festival. So much has changed since she joined the band. After the last round, she was left stranded in San Diego, California. She thought she would have to call her friend Rose for help.

It was good that she ran into Jerry and that he needed a lead singer for his band. His last singer decided they had enough of being on the road and took a gig at a club. She knew Jerry from a gig that his band and the one she had been in play at. He knew how well she sang and played.

“So, how much money did we lose tonight?” Kassidy liked to keep track of how much she might be short.

“We’re in the red. I don’t know if I’ll have enough to cover our next gig.” Jerry has been working hard to make a name for the band.

“Look, if it helps, I know a fellow who can help us with a used soundboard. As for replacing Eddie, I can cover for him until we find someone
else.” Kassidy didn’t mind playing guitar.

“That’s only the tip of the iceberg, Kassidy. We won’t have the finances to buy fuel to get to the next gig or to pay for our rooms and food.” Jerry lets out a sigh.

“Look, pay Eddie, and I’ll cover the rest. I’ve been saving my money since I started singing.”

“Oh? When did you start performing?” Jerry wanted to know more about Kassidy.

“Back when I was a senior in high school. I sang at different restaurants and clubs in my hometown.” Kassidy remembers the first time she performed at ACES nightclub. She was nervous, but once she opened her mouth and started singing, she began to feel better.

“I didn’t know that about you. You do know, I asked around about you?” Jerry glances toward Kassidy when he says that.

“I know, and I have nothing to hide.” Kassidy looks at Jerry with a smirk on her face.

“Then tell me, what is going on between you and Mike Novak?” Jerry heard that Kassidy and Mike had been friends, and things turned sour between them.

Kassidy looks at Jerry “it’s a long story.”

“Well, it’s going to be a few hours before we get back to Fallon. So, you have time.” Jerry was curious.

Kassidy knew this day would come sooner or later. She makes herself comfortable as she thinks about what she wants to say. She looks over towards Jerry as he drives.

“He discovered my name hasn’t always been Kassidy Foster.” Kassidy watches Jerry’s facial expression.

“What did it use to be?”

“Ryan Brooks. I used to be a skinny, geeky, nerdy teenage male whose father was a hitman.” Kassidy couldn’t believe that his father was a hitman and his mother had been a Russian sleeper agent.

“No way.” Jerry looked at Kassidy and couldn’t believe she used to be a male.

“What you see now is different than how I used to look. Also, not only was my father a highly skilled hitman, but my mother was a Russian sleeper agent. I’m not even related to them by blood.” Kassidy was shocked when she found out.

“How did you find all this out?” Jerry was curious.

“A friend of mine, her sister, had an encounter with my father. He had been hired to take her out.”

“You got to be kidding. Who is your friend, and what does her sister do?”

“You might have heard of her. She’s the daughter of Sasha Wolfhart and Susan Wolfhart from Wild Fire.”

“They have many kids. You need to be a little bit less cryptic.” Jerry knew Wild Fire was owned by Sasha and Susan Wolfhart.

“Their oldest daughter, Rose Wolfhart. The lead singer from Electric Colors.”

“You’re friends with Rose Wolfhart?” Jerry glances towards Kassidy with a disbelief look on his face.

“Yep, we went to the same private school in California.” A smile appeared on Kassidy’s face when she saw Jerry’s reaction.

“Okay, what does her sister do that would cause your father to go after her?”

“Well, the sister I’m talking about is Robyn Wolfhart. And when she isn’t performing on stage. She’s a SWAT officer for the LA Police Department.”

“You got to be kidding me. Rose’s sister Robyn performs as well and is a highly trained cop?”

“Yep, she performs card tricks on stage in Las Vegas. The casinos won’t allow her to play cards because of how good she is.”

“I can see why. So, your father was hired to kill Robyn Wolfhart for something she did?” Jerry could see why with her being a cop.

“Yes, Robyn and her husband, Andrew Nicolas, busted an illegal gambling casino. The casino happened to belong to the man that hired my father.”

“Damn, talk about bad luck. How did you find out your mother was a Russian sleeper agent and you weren’t related to them?”

“During the investigation, Robyn’s husband stumbled across agents from NCIS: Special Projects investigating my mother. I don’t know the details, but let’s say when they did a DNA test on my family and me. The results came back showing I wasn’t related to either of them. I was being used as a cover for them.”

“How did Mike Novak find out about you?” Jerry was curious about that detail.

“He found my old high school yearbook at my apartment. I was in the bathroom taking a shower when he found it. He looked through it and saw several pictures of my old self goofing off with Rose.”

“How did he know it was you?”

“I introduced him to Rose and her band one time. When he asked me how I knew her, I told him the same thing I just told you about attending school with her.” Kassidy knew it was a mistake.

“Ah, the thing is. I can’t see the person you used to be. You’re too girly and look like you could be a model.” Jerry couldn’t see the woman sitting next to him as a male.

“That’s because of a drug called Blue Lace. I was accidentally exposed to it. Do you remember back in the news a few years ago of people pulling pranks by leaving mysterious boxes behind?”

“Yeah, the news report said some boxes either contained a strange color powder or other substances. They called them Joker boxes after the DC villain, the Joker.”

“Well, they weren’t joking about them. Someone knocked on my apartment door and left one disguised as an Amazon box for me. When I went to pick it up, it exploded in my face.”

“So, someone turned you into the woman you are now?” Jerry wonders why they would do something like that.

“Yeah, but I don’t know who. Rose’s grandmother came to the hospital where I was and examined me. She said that whatever was used was a different version of the original stuff that had been going around. It was the same stuff Robyn and her SWAT team members were exposed to.”

“I thought your friend Robyn was a girl already?” Jerry got that feeling from Kassidy when she first spoke of her.

“Robyn used to be trans. She had the surgery and everything. However, she was exposed to the same dust used on me. It changed her some.”

“Damn. Is that why you moved to Fallon?”

“That and I needed a fresh start. I was always good at singing, so I started singing at nightclubs. That’s how I got noticed by some bands I’ve been in.”

“Well, I’m glad that you joined my band. We needed a new guitar player and lead vocal person.” Jerry smiles at Kassidy.

“Thanks for taking me on. If there is one thing I enjoy, it is singing and traveling.” Kassidy loved traveling.

By early morning Kassidy gets dropped off since she was closer to the studio they practiced at. Kassidy watches as Jerry drives off. She feels sorry for Eddie because he has talent but needs to change his drug habit. She takes her house keys out and walks up to the second floor of her apartment building. She opens the door and doesn’t bother to turn the lights on.

She navigates through the darkness to her bedroom and takes the clothes she had on off. She tosses them into the hamper in her bedroom. She grabs a clean pair of panties and a nightshirt and falls on her bed. She doesn’t bother crawling under the sheets as she falls straight asleep.

Kassidy sleeps all night long. She was so worn out from being on the road for the last four weeks that she was catching up on sleep. She wakes up late the following day. She stumbles into the bathroom and does her morning business. Afterward, she stumbles into her kitchen and starts brewing some Hawaiian-style coffee. She loves different types of coffee.

After the coffee is brewed, she adds brown sugar and coconut milk. She looks in the refrigerator and notices she needs to go shopping. She checked the freezer and had plenty of frozen meals she made before going on the road.

“Alexa, play music list three.” Kassidy flops down on the sofa with her coffee mug. She was glad that she was using the one with a lid.

She sips her coffee and mentally lists what she needs to do. She knew she needed to see her friend at Music City about a new soundboard. She also needed to buy a bunch of picks and guitar strings. She knew Shawna would need a new bass guitar since hers had caught fire.

She relaxes for a while before getting up and taking a shower. She checks the temperature outside and wears a short dress with three-inch heels. The dress she puts on emphasizes her curves and her medium size breasts. She was on the enormous size of a C cup.

Kassidy ordered an Uber to come and pick her up. She needs to buy herself a car when she isn’t on the road. Or at least learn how to handle a motorcycle. She’ll have to check into each later.

The Uber driver shows up and picks her up. She looked at the driver, who happened to be a young woman. Who looked like she was in college. She sits back against the seat of the Honda Accord and enjoys the ride to Music City.

It takes the driver twenty minutes to arrive at Music City. She gives the driver a decent tip for her services before getting out of the car. She walked into the music store and could hear AC/DC Thunderstruck playing from the hidden speakers in the wall.

A smile appears on her face as she listens to the song. She was a big AC/DC and Queen fan. She spots several new instruments that have been marked down. She walks over to look at them. A few guitars had been marked down, two drum sets, and two synthesizers. A few amps were marked down or listed as discontinued. She examines the amps and figures. She could use some new ones.

Afterward, she walks around the store looking for the soundboard she originally came to buy. She spots Henry coming from the storage room. She walks over to him.

“Hey Henry, where is that soundboard you had on sale a few weeks ago?”

“I sold it to some young kid. He’s studying to become a sound engineer. Why are you asking?” Henry wonders when Kassidy got back into town.

“The new group I’m with needs one. The one they owned shorted out in the middle of a performance two nights ago.”

“What happened to the band you were with?” Henry knew Kassidy played for another band.

“They left me stranded in San Diego, California. No goodbye letter or anything. They just left me while I was at a party with some people I knew.”

“Man, I never thought Gregg would do something like that.” Henry has known Gregg for a while now.

“Well, he did. Luckily, I had just gotten my pay from him before he and the guys abandoned me.”

“So, who are you singing for now?” Henry was curious.

“A band named Ecstasy. I ran into Jerry and his band when their lead singer decided to leave.”

“Are you talking about Jerry Johnson?”

“Yeah, I am. Do you know him?” Kassidy watches Henry.

“Yeah, I know him. He has been around for a while and has come close several times to get a record contract.”

“Why hasn’t he?” Kassidy was curious why Henry hadn’t gone pro yet.

“Let’s say, every time he has had the chance. Something always goes wrong.”

“Like what?” Kassidy wanted to know.

“Well, last time he and his second band had the opportunity. The whole group went on a drunken spree and got tossed in jail. During their celebration, they did so much damage that the record company decided not to sign them.”

“How many bands has he owned or joined?” Kassidy was curious.

“He’s been in four bands since he first entered the scene and has formed three bands under some cheesy names. It’s too bad he can’t get a record deal because he is a good player. He hires the wrong type of people.” Henry liked Jerry.

“Well, maybe his losing streak will end with me in the band.” Kassidy would love to make it big.

“Good luck. Let’s see if I can help you with a good soundboard.” Henry had several older models in storage that might be within Kassidy’s price range.

Two Days Later:
A Sexy Kinda Driver
I get on with life as a driver,
I'm a sexy kinda person.
I like football on Sundays,
I like shooting in the week.
I like to contemplate Beer.
But when I start to daydream,
My mind turns straight to Sunshine.
Oh oh oh!
Sometimes I look at myself and I look into my eyes,
I notice the way I think about Sunshine with a smile,
Curved lips I just can't disguise.
But I think it's Beer making my life worthwhile.
Why is it so hard for me to decide which I love more?
Beer or...
I like to use words like 'cranky,'
I like to use words like 'Super.'
I like to use words about Beer.
But when I stop my talking,
My mind turns straight to Sunshine.
Oh oh oh!
Sometimes I look at myself and I look into my eyes,
I notice the way I think about Sunshine with a smile,
Curved lips I just can't disguise.
But I think it's Beer making my life worthwhile.
Why is it so hard for me to decide which I love more?
Beer or...
I like to hang out with Eddie,
I like to kick back with George,
But when left alone,
My mind turns straight to Sunshine.
Oh oh oh!
Sometimes I look at myself and I look into my eyes,
I notice the way I think about Sunshine with a smile,
Curved lips I just can't disguise.
But I think it's Beer making my life worthwhile.
Why is it so hard for me to decide which I love more?
Beer or...
I'm not too fond of Rudeness,
I really hate Darkness,
But I just think back to Sunshine,
And I'm happy once again.
Oh oh oh!

Kassidy looks at Jerry since he wrote the song. It wasn’t bad and could use a little work, but it sounded good.

“So, what do you think?” Jerry looks at everyone.

“It’s original and needs some work, but I think it’s a hit.” Kassidy liked it.

"I have to agree with Kassidy, Jerry. It’s catchy and fresh.” Shawna was standing near Kassidy with a new bass. Her old one was beyond repair.

Shawna was taller and more developed than Kassidy. In comparison, Kassidy was short and had short light brown hair with a modest or slightly more chest development for a girl her age. Shawna was tall and had bigger breasts than Kassidy. She had a country rock style about her. She grew up on a farm out in Kentucky and competed in several beauty pageants, and did some modeling before joining Jerry’s band.

She had a unique voice that blended well with Kassidy’s. She also could play four different types of instruments as well. She preferred the bass guitar but could also play the synthesizer, drums, and guitar. She’s played rhythm guitar for a few bands and on a few records for other artists.

After practice, Shawnalooks towards Kassidy, “do you have anything planned for this afternoon?”

“Nope, why?” Kassidy was wiping down her guitar before putting it away.

The guitar Kassidy was wiping down used to belong to Slash from Gun-n-Roses. He auctioned it off for charity, and she managed to purchase it. It even had his signature on the guitar.

“I was given gift cards to a recently opened day spa, and I don’t like going alone. Would you like to come with me?” Shawna hated going to spas by herself.

“Sure, and thanks. I’ve never been to one before.” Since Kassidy was turned into a woman, she hasn’t visited a spa.

Eden Spa:
Kassidy relaxes as the masseuse massage her body. She couldn’t believe how nice it felt. She nearly falls asleep by the time the woman massaging her muscles finishes. She was going to have a bikini wax done after the massage. She consulted Shawnawhen they chose the services they wanted. Shawna was going to have a Brazilian wax done. When Kassidy heard that, she winced in pain.

As the two of them are soaking in a mud pool and sipping champagne, “Gloria, how long have you been playing in Jerry’s band?”

“For almost eight months now. He was holding auditions back in January when his old bass guitarist walked away and joined a hard rock group.” Shawna takes a sip from her champagne glass.

“What do you think of the group as it is now?” Kassidy was curious.

“Too soon to tell. You’ll add something we have been missing for a while and maybe straighten Jerry out.”

“What’s wrong with Jerry?” Kassidy takes another sip from her champagne glass.

“Every time he has had the opportunity to go professional. Something always happens to ruin it for him. Sometimes it’s his fault, and other times he doesn’t stop the people in his band from making an ass of themselves. Eddie is a prime example of what I’m talking about. We all knew Eddie was developing a drug problem, but neither one of us did anything to stop it.” Shawna wishes she had put a stop to it.

“Look, true, you or Jerry should have stopped Eddie. I’ve seen many young band members get addicted to drugs from being introduced to them after a gig or an after-party. Eddie will hopefully recover and learn a lesson from this. I agree that Jerry needs to be more responsible with the band. I’ll speak to him later before we head out on the road. By the way, who books all your guy’s gigs and such for you?”

“A woman by the name of Cynthia Brooks. She owns a talent agency and manages several bands. She has never sent us to a bad venue or taken a large percentage from our gigs.”

“That’s cool. I wouldn’t mind meeting her.”

“You will. She handles all our pay, insurance, and employment records. She makes sure taxes, and everything is taken out. Also, she’ll reimburse you for any cleaning or costume purchases you buy.”

“Cool, I’ve never known a company to do that.” Kassidy knew most bands had a manager, or the person who put the band together typically handled everything.

“Yeah, she’s connected with some company located in Georgia called Gasket Productions. It’s an Independent Record Label with several young new artists under its name.”

“Boy, I’m learning a lot. I never knew.” Kassidy takes another sip from her champagne glass.

After leaving the spa, Kassidy and Shawna went to dinner at a restaurant featured on Triple D. The place was packed, but the waiters and waitresses handled their orders like pros. Afterward, Shawna drops Kassidy off at her home.

Kassidy looks at Shawna “thanks for everything.”

“You’re welcome. It was nice to go out with another female. See you at practice on Wednesday.” Shawna watches as Kassidy walks upstairs to her apartment before driving off.

Kassidy arrived at practice and noticed a silver BMW convertible parked in one of the four parking spots outside the recording studio they practiced at. According to Shawna, the place was owned by the production company they were paid by. She gets out of the uber she took.

Kassidy walked into the place and could hear an unknown woman and Jerry speaking. The woman didn’t sound too happy with what happened at the last gig. She said the place’s manager wasn’t going to press charges against Eddi for bringing drugs into his establishment. She informs Jerry that the company paid for a cleaning service to go in and clean the whole venue for the manager.

“What’s this? I heard about your soundboard crapping out on you?” Cynthia wanted to know about the soundboard as well.

“It just stopped working. We were near the end of a song, and it went out on us.” Jerry couldn’t tell her that a drink had been spilled on it yesterday. He thought they had gotten all the liquid out.

“I’ll have another one FedEx from the Georgia studio.” Cynthia was about to take her cell phone out.

Kassidy steps into the room “no need. I went out and got us a new one. It’s two years old but does the job and has a nice sound.”

Cynthia looks at the young light brown hair girl. She figures this must be the new singer and guitar player Jerry added to the band. She extends her hand out to her “Cynthia Brooks.”

Kassidy shakes Cynthia Brooks’ hand “Kassidy Foster. It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Brooks.”

“Did you keep the receipt for the purchase of the soundboard?” Cynthia would reimburse Mrs. Brinkley for the cost.

“Yes, ma’am, it’s in my purse along with the service warranty. Let me dig it out for you.” Kassidy digs into the backpack she uses for a purse and finds the receipt and service contract on the soundboard.

Cynthia watches as Kassidy looks through a small dark leather backpack. She thinks Kassidy would be an excellent addition to Jerry’s band if he could get his act together.

“Ah! Here we go.” Kassidy pulled the receipt and service contract out and handed them to Cynthia.

“Thank you.” Cynthia accepts them and looks at the cost.

She was amazed at the cost of the soundboard. It was cheaper than the one they bought two months ago for the Paper Ladies. Even with it being an older model, it was a good buy. She looks up at Kassidy “you did well with this purchase. Do you normally do business with this shop?”

“Yes, ma’am. Henry tries to help out musicians and bands just starting.” Kassidy liked Henry and knew he used to travel and play with several bands from the 70s and 80s.

“I will need to set up an account with him, then. As for you, I will need to see your driver’s license, social security card, or birth certificate.”

“No problem.”

Cynthia and Kassidy fill out paperwork, emergency contact information, and health insurance papers within a few hours. Cynthia informs Kassidy that the insurance is just a supplemental insurance policy. Only essential services and such are covered. If she wants anything that covers what she needs, she can put Kassidy in contact with a few trusted insurance agents she knows.

The rest of the day, the band practices for an upcoming gig. Afterward, they get together to have dinner at a Mexican place. The place knew Jerry by name and showed them to a nice table.

A few weeks later, Kassidy wipes the sweat from her forehead as they take a break in the band room. She was wearing an outfit a friend of hers put together for her. Shawna was wearing an outfit that matched Kassidy. It wasn’t an exact match but close in design that both women showed off their assets.

Kassidy looks at Shawna. “I think some guys are going home with some major hard-ons tonight.”

“With how you two are dressed, I would say so.” Jerry had to admit that the girls were hot and upped their game.

After their break, the three of them head back to finish their gig. They finished to a big applause.

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Kitchen business

As usual, good story.

One thing caught my attention, though. "She stumbles into the kitchen and does her morning business. Afterward, she stumbles into her kitchen and starts brewing some Hawaiian-style coffee." While I assume that was an easily corrected mistake, the image of her being so out of it before her coffee that she "does her business" in the kitchen then stumbles out and back in was just so vivid.

And a minor nit pick: LAS Vegas.

Update: Fixed


Kitchen business

I have to say, that mistake is laughable. How many times has everyone woken up and stumble into the kitchen and had the urge to go pee?

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison


Dee Sylvan's picture

I like the premise of your story and using Kassidy as the narrator. It seems like they have quite a large upside if Jerry's funk doesn't do them in. I'll be interested to hear more about Kassidy and Shawna's story. Good work LD. :D


Gasket inc

Samantha Heart's picture

Looks like Lindsay is doing good for her self with an independent record lable. She was from TN and company is from GA but hey she helped come up with the name Dusty Gasket so I'm just maybe reading too much into it, but don't think so.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.