The Facility, Part 1, Samantha’s Visitor

Sam looks up at the pink tinted machinery hovering from an extendable arm two foot above his face. He could clearly see the permanent makeup tattoo brushes and eyelash extensions poised to descend and change him forever probably into a girl with light makeup, long lashes, and rouge lips. He was semi relieved that he could not see the tell-tale injectors to plump his lips as well, but he supposed they could be there.

He was strapped flat and naked onto a bed with tight constraints, his legs out on gynaecology like stirrups and his genitals laid bare. Cool air passed over his body in what he thought was a large open indoor space split into individual cells. Twice now he had heard male screams that had rapidly ascended in pitch to female, followed by quiet sobbing and hushing sounds from attentive nurses.

While his body was firmly bound, he could move his head a little, which allowed him to observe the nurse that had been filling various syringes, fiddling with settings on the machines around him and talking to other seemingly more senior nurses and staff about the process he was about to go through.


Sam turns his head back and shuts his eyes, forcing out the tears that had begun to form there, it had all been so different 24 hours before.

The wife

He hears before he sees the fast-paced well practiced click clack of heels on tile. The nurses are busy around him preparing the next phase. One of them minces over to the bed he is strapped to and presses the controls to raise him up to a 45-degree position, just in time to see his wife walk in escorted by two women in short cut French main uniforms with flouncy short petticoats, heels, and pretty makeup. His heart races, is she here to save him? But then confusion.

His last memory, now flashing back, in what has been a very fragmented few hours, was her outside the facility, watching him get taken inside, knowing his fate, but doing nothing to stop it. She was wearing Jeans, a T-shirt, and those little kitten heels she always has on. But here she is taking a seat opposite him in a short pink mini skirt, black stockings, and 5-inch pink leather heels.


“Hello Sam, it is good to see you” see purred with undisguised apathy.

Seeing his startlement she places down the pen she had picked up.

“You must be surprised at my attire sweety, they have strict rules on dress code in the facility, only truly feminine, they provided me this lingerie, skirt and heels so I could come in and complete your paperwork”

She slowly crosses her legs, briefly revealing her pink panties and picked up the pen.

“I am told the feminisation process has not yet started, if you agree to a full divorce and all my demands, I should be able to stop it.”

Sam's heart leaps: he may be able to get out of this! He gives the largest nod that his bounds permit, after which his wife turns to the nurses.

“Did you witness that ladies? his acknowledgment of my terms?” they duly nod, she then turns her attention to the paper on the desk, signs and stands. Walking over to Sam she caresses his face.

“No one knows you are here sweety, just a handful of high-ranking officials, I am going to go and get changed, but you will be spending the rest of your life in panties, stockings, heels, skirts, and dresses. and the best part, its own fortune that I have just inherited that will be funding it. Oh, do not look so sad sweety” she said wiping away a stray tear from his face, “you will love having a pussy and tits, just like the secretary that you cheated on me with!” her voice raises at the end and there is genuine anger in her eyes.

“Is it all in order?” she asks the nurses. “Yes Mrs Davies, shall we proceed?”, “Please do” his wife firmly states as she stands and walks back to pick up the papers , the sound of her heels loud in his ears. “I cannot wait to see your tits honey, see you later”, and with that turns and leaves.

The Beginning

The nurse moves over to the medical cabinets and pulls out a butt plug which Sam can see contains animate pink viscous liquid through its clear plastic sides. He only sees it briefly as another nurse is operating the controls of his bed to lay him flat again. He tries desperately to fight his bonds, but they don’t budge, tears are openly streaming down his face now and he mouths ‘no please’ over and over. Rumour has it that once that pink liquid enters the body (or serum as it is better known) there is no way back, it’s a one-way street to womanhood and right now he is powerless to stop it.

The nurse attaches the butt plug to a long mechanical arm under the table and adds generous lubrication. She then heels over to the operating console and manoeuvres the butt plug using a joystick to within just a few centimetres of Sam’s exposed anus then presses the flashing green button. It slowly moves forward, Sam squirms and tries to move out of its course, but he is firmly held, he feels its point engage with his anus tries to clamp it shut, for a brief time it seems to work then suddenly it is too much and the butt plug slides forcefully in, he screams out then defeated, whimpers. He feels the widest part of the butt plug pass his sphincter then it quickly slips into place, shortly afterwards he feels a warm sensation filling his lower body as the pink serum is pumped in.

A maid, dressed in the same short black flared dress, with petticoats, black stockings and heels as escorted his wife walks into the transformation cell and curtsies towards the nurse. Her breasts dip forward as her maid cap bobs.

“Ah Jasmine, I am glad you are here”, can you please prepare lingerie for Samantha here”, the nurse gestures towards a tearful Sam.

“Yes Mistress, what cup size should I arrange?”. The nurses picks up and consults an electronic tablet, “Samantha is due to be a 34E”. Jasmine moves over a wall of draws and cupboards, runs her finger over the labels then opens the once marked E. Inside are Bra’s with matching panties that she starts sorting through.


She pulls out a beige / pinkish lace Bra, beige thong panties, a black suspender belt, then retrieves black lace top stockings from a bottom draw. Pausing briefly, she turns back to the nurse ‘What heel size mistress?”, “6 inch please jasmine, strappy, and black, with red trim, the sponsor has ordered high end for our new girl”.

The nurse smiles at Sam, while the maid gives Sam a fleeting sorrowful look, seemingly only too aware what all that means.

Whatever is in Sam’s butt plug is starting to take effect, he can see and feel his hips widening and his arse is starting to swell. At the same time his previously hard-earned abs are softening, and his waist is getting smaller. He is starting to get goose bumps, but instead of the hair on his arms standing on end it remains flat and to his horror sees it starting to fall away. The nurse picks up a pink brush and starts wafting the hair from his chest which is increasingly hairless to the floor.

Placing down the brush she firmly places both hands on the side of Sam’s head and uses some previously unseen clamps to hold it in place. She leans in and whispers in Sam’s ear “Time to get you a nice pretty face sweety, something for you to enjoy looking at!”. Reaching up she presses a button on the contraception above Sam head which starts lowering into place over his face. The nurse steps back and the last thing he sees is her benevolent red lipstick grin and dark massacre eye enjoying his panicked tears.

Just before the machine locks into place he sees a phallic like probe where his mouth will be. it is filled with the same pink serum that is flooding his lower body, then it closes around his face, and he is left in darkness.

Now that he cannot see he is much more aware of his other senses. He can feel his hips and arse filling out, his muscle mass dropping, waist and legs thinning. His skin is now covered in goose bumps all over and he can feel that brush so casually discarding his hair all over with the light manicured touch of the maids’ hands as she brushes it to the floor.

There is a growing scent of heady perfume within the mask, maybe permanent as well thinks Sam, and then he feels his face tingle as thousands of tiny devices start the feminisation process. They begin with the cheek bones, then eyes, and he feels long lashes being put in place. Something is working on his eye lids applying permanent makeup, and blusher to his raised cheek bones. Suddenly there is a pressure on his lips from the probe. He clamps his mouth shut and its progress slows, but then something unseen squeezes his nose and after a small time he gasps and the probe lodges in his mouth. He tastes the salty serum and is soon forced to shallow. The liquid keeps coming and for a while all he can do is focus on that so as not to choke. He can feel his face changing, the bone structure altering. It does not really hurt but feels like it is being moulded like clay in an artisan’s hands. The smell of the perfume makes it almost feel erotic like a lover’s caress.

After a while it stops, and he registers that the goosebumps have now covered his whole head Whenever his blinks he can feel his new lashes and the smell of makeup is mingling with the perfume to exacerbate his feminine cocoon. The probe extracts itself from his mouth leaving a salty aftermath, he can feel and taste lipstick.

There are two sudden pricks, one in each ear and he feels earrings being inserted, his head feels strangely cold like there is no hair at all. He knows his arse is much larger, fleshier and his hips are pushing against his bounds where they were slightly loose before. Everything feels weaker, more rounded, vulnerable, softer.

The panic is now so great that he feels that he might pass out, but then a hissing noise and the machine around his face starts lifting, letting in the sterile white light of his transformation cell as the nurse had called it. Once the machine has cleared the bed the nurse steps over and removes the head clamps then twists Sam’s head from side to side inspecting the changes, he offers no resistance, he just feels numb. She smiles and says, “you look so pretty sweety, your wife will be so pleased”.

As the nurse releases Sam’s head, he is aware of every blink of his eyes as the lashes close and open, the maid has come round and is sweeping up Sam’s old head hair which is now scattered over the floor leaving him bald. Terrified he tentatively looks down the length of his partly feminised body, and immediately the tears renew and stream openly down his face, not affecting the now permanent makeup. His hips are much wider, his waist small, his long legs are held high in the stirrups and have none of the previous muscle, ending in dainty feet.


There is no hair left. Between his legs there is the snivelled remains of his now hairless penis. Letting his head rest back he wonders what it may take to get out of this, out of here, but he knows right now there is no escape.

The click clack of heels comes from behind and two halves of a metal collar are flipped from beneath the table by the nurse to encircle Sam’s neck. He can see the nurse’s bosom in his sight line as she reaches over and adjusts the clasps, her perfume mixes with his own, he feels faint. Tubes of pink serum extend down from each side of the collar to something below. There is a click sound as the clasp meets then Sam feels warmth flood his neck as happened when the butt plug that entered his anus. He is not sure what is going on, but he is left for a few minutes as whatever it is does its job.

He feels totally helpless, his new body feels weak, why did she do this to him? Was it his fling with his secretary? how did she find out? People know about the facility, its privately owned and operated and he has no idea how to escape or even if anyone has? Even if he does, is his feminisation reversible? If not, what happens next? He has heard the sponsor (the one that pays) has complete control over your life from then on, is that his wife? The thought is terrifying and fresh tears spill.

Jasmine the maid is still sorting through his lingerie (HIS lingerie!) when he hears what he thinks are two pairs of heels approaching from behind. The nurse moves to the tables controls and raises Sam into a sitting position, his pretty long legs stretched out before him and padded bum nestling into the bed. She then walks over to the side and picks up the tablet again which evidently contains his wife’s instructions for his feminisation.

“A blond bob, I do so love that, such a classic style” she says. For a moment Sam wonders what she means but then remembers he is currently bald, and it all makes horrible sense. The nurse moves to a large circular cupboard and slides the door open, inside are dozens of what Sam thinks are wigs on a spinning central column, each is on a transparent ball like holder with the serum inside. She turns the wig collection looking for the one specified by his wife – was she still his wife? – then pulls out a pretty blond longish bob cut and holds it up, hand brushing it into shape. Closing the tablet lid she walks over on her stockings and heels to Sam and elevates the wig just over his head. With her face cocked slightly to one side, like admiring a favourite daughter on her way to a prom she lowers the wig onto Sam’s head.

He feels the same warmth as the other serum applications, his head feels briefly hot then he feels it fuse with his skin. The nurse brushes his hair over his ears, stroking his cheek as she withdraws her hand and steps back. He realises as she does this, he feels it tighten against his scalp, like real hair. It still partially blocks his vision on the side as she did not push it back. He feels so ashamed at the utter femininity of his new blond cut.

“How is our new girl coming along?” a voice sounds to his left. He turns to see this new arrival.


The lady before him wears a short purple flared dress, black pantyhose, heels, and a tight fitted corset with extenuates her large breasts. She has a stern gaze, one filled with authority. The nurse curtsies to her and looks on edge.


“She is coming along nicely Madame Felicity”, the nurse keeps her head lowered.

“I did not ask you Mary, I asked our new girl! Once you are finished you will report to enhancement for a cup increase, is that clear!”

“Yes Madame!” says the flustered nurse, who turns back quickly to her station and starts preparing whatever is next for Sam.

“Well Honey, how are you enjoying our little facility?”

Sam opens his mouth and starts to respond, “You have to change me back, there has been ….”, then stops abruptly, he has a high-pitched girly voice, slightly sultry, clearly sexy. That what the metal collar did. His long slim neck gulps air briefly as he comes to terms with this.

“No, no,, no, no, no, no, this cannot be happening, I am not a girl, you have to change be back”, the sentence ends in sobs as Sam breaks down in tears. In a smaller feminine voice “you have to change me back, there has been some mistake” ending in a whisper.

Madame Felicity walks slowly over on her heels and lifts Sam’s chin up with her fore finger, looking into his eyes.

“No mistake Honey, your wife has paid us very well, and I know who you are, very few know you are here, its skirts and dresses for you from now on, I will let Mary complete her work, and we will talk again later” She wipes the tears from his face and looks at Jasmine the maid who has been completely still trying to make herself as small as possible for the whole interaction. “Add a cup size Jasmine, switch out the bras for something more fitting our new girl”.

With that Lady felicity turns and walks towards the next transformation cell. Mary and Jasmine make themselves as busy as possible at their stations until she is gone.


The nurse, or Mary as Sam now knows, opens a new cupboard which contains dozens of flesh-coloured bags, she reviews the labels and pulls out two, both have large areolas and nipples on their under surface, she removes tags which say ‘F cup’, then places them carefully on her medical table. Taking a clear tube from the medical station she starts filling them with pink serum. They expand into what are clearly breasts – Sam’s breasts.

Sam fights against his bonds, twisting and wriggling, trying to find any way out but it is no use, it was hard before but in his new female body its hopeless. He cannot take his eyes of Mary as she seemingly completes the process and takes the new breasts over to a machine and deposits one in each side of what looks like a giant metal bra connected to a similar mechanical arm as the butt plug (which Sam realizes is still in and pumping serum).

Sam is still sitting up in the bed after his blond bob was added, and now the nurse uses the controls on the other end of the mechanical arm to move the metal bra, complete with his soon to be breasts into place a few inches from his hairless chest.

“Please Mary, you don’t have to do this, I have money I can pay you”, even to Sam this plea in his sexy female voice sounds pathetic, and it gets the most likely outcome, Mary presses the green button, and the metal bra moves forward and pins Sam onto the bed in his upright position. That all to familiar warm fills his chest area and suddenly he can feel the pull of the extra weight on his skin as the breasts attach and become part of him.

It is all too much, he has the hips, butt, waist, legs, neck, voice, face and hair of a woman, he has permanent makeup, and his lingerie is being prepared, and now under the metal bra he is about to have breasts, and big ones at that. His head falls back, and he passes out.

He wakes up a short time later. His chest no longer feels hot but the metal bra and its mechanical arm are still in place. Jasmine seems to have finished preparing the required lingerie and is standing in her heels near the lingerie station. Mary is watching a screen which shows a percentage number which ticks round to 100% as Sam wakes up. The nurse presses a release button and the metal bra starts to move away from Sam’s chest – should he really think of himself as Samantha now? He feels a tugging on his nipples which sends pulses of pleasure through his body, his tits seem to still be connected to the bra, but then give way. The bra backs away, and Sam’s tits drop out and jiggle in front of him. They seem massive and are clearly heavy as he involuntarily leans forward, as much as his bounds let him, with their weight. He looks down mortified, his tits – her tits probably – stand proud and firm, his nipples erect on a sea of areola.


As the bra lifts away they settle and Sam knows he can never pass for a man again. Whenever he meets someone, it will be all about his tits – her tits, that’s what his wife wanted, what his money has bought.

Mary stands and goes to sit next to the bed, Sam looks away unable to meet her gaze, and Mary starts an examination of Sam’s breasts, lifting them and palming them. He can feel they are firm under her examination. On her touch the nipples go instantly erect. She spends a minute or so doing this and seems satisfied. Sam looks back down at his breasts, taking a long sigh, making them rise and fall and jiggle unwelcomingly. His arms are still in bonds so he cannot touch them but wants to.

He is so caught up looking at his new bust that he does not register that Mary has moved over to the final machine in the room. She folds out a mechanical arm which has a large flexible suction cup like extension. Many clear tubes travel its length and descend into a vat of pink serum in the base of the machine. There is a screen where, tablet in hand, Mary is entering information and pressing conformations. The machine purrs into life and serum is sucked out of the vat and snakes invariably towards the suction like cup, which is around the size of a small half football. The serum fills the cup and swirls and eddies hungrily for its intended target. Jasmine dainty steps towards the bed and leans down to the controls to make the bed flat once more, her cleavage in Sam’s view, just like his own he thinks.

It suddenly dawns on Sam what this new machine is for, and he tries to close his legs, but the stirrups hold firm. Moreover Jasmine, her petticoats bouncing as she walks, goes to the end of the bed and makes the stirrups wider allowing better access to Sam’s genitals. The maid bites her lip and looks with despair and regret at Sam, maybe remembering the time when he was last a man, long forgotten now in a sea of petticoated femininity.

Mary moves the machine into place and aims the serum filled cup at San’s withered penis. She walks over and caresses his breasts and brushes his lips with her finger.

“You must be so excited to get your new pussy sweety, your wife has spared no expense here, it will all be over soon”

In his new feminine voice Sam just whimpers “You do not have to do this, you can let me go, you have to reverse this, I do not want a pussy, I am not a girl”

“Oh, sweet cheeks, you will be soon”

With this she presses the final flashing green button on the machine which turns a solid green and the suction cup extends towards his groin.

The cup meets then envelops Sam’s penis then moulds seamlessly around his engorged hips and arse, it forms what looks like a perfect seal and Sam sees the pumps start once again in the large vat of serum at the end of the tubes and his groin area starts getting warm. There is a tugging and pulling sensation on his penis, it is almost like he is being sucked off, though he knows he is not erect. The feeling lessens over time and it is clear there is less to tug on. As this occurs his arse and hips expand a little further to accommodate his new organs, then suddenly there is no more tugging.

His breathing becomes more rapid as he understands what is happening, making his large breasts rise and fall, blocking his sight line to the machine for brief moments. Then there is a probing sensation where his penis used to be, it is entering him! Creating outer and inner vagina lips and a cavity, it probes deeper, ever onward. There is an amazing sensation where he supposed his clit must be forming, he lets out an involuntary moan of pleasure, realises what happened then sobs “no” repeatedly willing it to stop. But it does not, he can feel it inside him now, like a dildo, nestling alongside the butt plug in his abdomen. Expanding and probing, sending out unexpected and unwelcome waves of pleasure.

Mary is smiling watching Sam squirm, like they all do at this stage. She mockingly stokes his nipple and Sam gasps out in pleasure, then clamps his mouth shut to stop a second. He cannot give her the pleasure of seeing him like this, he must resist somehow. Just when he thinks he has it under control there is a final thrust forward from whatever the machine has inside him and his whole-body arches in orgasm. His breath comes in rapid gasps, his eyelids flutter and his nipples stand pert to attention. The machine stops, and he can feel it slowly withdraw from his new pulsating pussy, the suction ends and the machine pulls away. Sam is left defeated on the bed, his wife’s cruel smile mocking him from memory within his still orgasm laced shut eyes. The pulsing pleasure from his groin dies away over the next minute or so leaving Sam high on post orgasm chemicals.

The nurse makes some further notes on the tablet then reattaches the metal collar that changed Sam’s voice. Sam is worried that there is more to come, but then the nurse releases the other bonds, and it is clear the collar is just to keep him on the bed. She elevates him so Sam has a good view of his new female body.


Free of his bonds Sam – probably Samantha now – is free to touch and feel his new body. His moves his hand tentatively down to his new pussy and clit and is rewarded with a jolt of pleasure. His fingers slip inside then circle around his new pussy lips, it is too much right now so he focuses instead on his breasts and his new hips and narrow waist. There is nothing left of Sam’s body, it is just Samantha.

This is what his wife wanted, for him to be trapped a girl – to be Samantha – but Sam has always been a fighter, and he considers that if HE still thinks of himself as a man then HE will find a way out of this. He vows to keep remembering that he is Sam even if everyone around him calls him Samantha.

Mary closes the lid on the tablet and places in among a pile of others, she walks over to the lingerie cupboard, opens it, and finds a red satin bra in the G cup section. She shoots Sam a malevolent stare, then carrying the bra walks over to the bed.

“I will see you in a couple of days for a check-up, Jasmine will dress you then take you to Processing”

And with that she walks out of the feminisation cell.

Sam is left alone with Jasmine who picks up some lacey black stockings and walks over. She releases Sam’s collar and gives him a friendly smile. Sam studies Jasmine. When he was being feminised to his wife’s instruction, he was too distracted to take in anything more than the changes to his body but now he has a moment.

“Mary is pissed at you for adding her a cup size, after Madame Felicity’s rebuke, it wasn’t your fault, but it is not good” says Jasmine.

Jasmine wears a simple black dress with lace details and a pinafore. It is complemented with expansive petticoats which do not quite cover her stocking tops. She has pretty black heels and a maid’s cap over her tied back blonde hair. Her makeup is expertly done and compliments her natural female beauty.


“Were you once a man?” asks Sam.

“Yes”, replies Jasmine, “I was a banker in the city, I was caught embezzling funds, and the bank privately sent me here to learn the consequences of that”

“Has it been long?”

“Long enough, I hate being a girl. Shortly after they feminised me, they dressed me as a slutty secretary and sent me back to the bank as an example. I had to work on the front desk and serve all the people that previously reported to me. They made me give all the senior execs blow jobs, then the CEO took me over a desk”

Jasmine looks down at her heels, there is moisture in her eyes.

“The worst part is my body responded and I orgasmed, I was so ashamed.” She takes a deep breath, “Anyhow they sent me back and put me on the maid roster and I have been here since”

A thought occurred to Sam

“What size are your breasts?”

“C Cup, I got them back down after doing a few things wrong”

“I don’t understand” said Sam, his female tones still unnatural to him.

“They don’t really tell you anything when they, you know, … feminise you, I think you are just expected to work it out yourself” says Jasmine, relaxing slightly, and absently stroking the bed sheet flat with her manicured red nail varnish hand.

“But you are feminised to your sponsors standards, in your case I think it is your wife’s. Every aspect, your tits, vagina, legs, hips, waist, permanent makeup hair, lips are defined by the sponsor and the more feminine the more it costs. That defines the minimum level of femininity you can be. But there are lots of rules and regulations enforced by Madame Felicity and her staff and if you break them, they can make it worse for you. They can ratchet it up from where your sponsor started. You saw it just there when madame Felicity added you a cup size right at the point of your feminisation!”

Jasmine turns and lifts herself up to sit on the high medical bed alongside Sam, her petticoats bunch up in front of her and her stocking tops are clearly visible. In the mirror opposite Sam can see Jasmine’s lace panties, she swings her stocking clad legs and 4-inch heels back and forth in what to Sam seems a very girly gesture.

“You can reverse these penalty hyper feminine changes with good behaviour, but you can never go below your sponsors specification. For example, your tits will never be less than an E cup, maybe even F depending on what Madame Felicity decides after that event today”.

“So, the bank assigned you C cup breasts?” asked Sam

“Yes, and for now at least I have kept them at that”

“Are there other punishments?” asks Sam

“Oh yes, lots but that’s for later, if we do not get your dressed then we both might get cup sizes added”.

Jasmine daintily drops of the bed onto her heels and picks up the black lace top stockings she had brought over.

“How do we get out of here?” says Sam

“When the sponsor stops paying, we are allowed to leave” says Jasmine, she follows on “is your wife rich?”

“I think she and Madame Felicity know each other, and that in some way she has inherited my wealth, if that true she is very rich” Sam looks down at his tits and the visible part of his pussy, tasting the lip stick as he nervously nibbles his lip. “I don’t think I am leaving here soon” says Sam dejectedly.

The first dressing

“Sit up Samantha and hang your legs down from the bed so I can start to get you into your lingerie”

It does not sound like much of an offer to Sam, but he complies anyhow. As he edges himself up and swings his legs down, he notices just how curvaceous his new bum and hips are, like sitting on a pillow, then he gives a little yelp. The butt plug is still in there, it is not too much of an issue with his newly cushioned backside but she can clearly feel it.

“The nurse forgot to take my butt plug out” he tells Jasmine.

“That would be nice grimaces Jasmine, but she did not forget, we all have one, even Mary your nurse. The facility uses it as a means of control. It has got a reservoir of pink serum that continues to impregnate your body, the girls say the administrators can track them as well, but I am not sure.”

“One punishment involves switching it for one that both vibrates and probes up and down. When I was sent back to the bank as a Facility girl, they gave me one of those. I was sitting at the reception desk when it came on, I was trying to help an employee and despite trying, I had an orgasm right there and then. I think it was obvious, it was so embarrassing”.

“When you, you know, need the loo, a machine switches it out for a new one as part of the process, they change size sometimes, it is horrible.”
“Anyhow, enough on that, let’s get you ready”

Jasmine kneels in front of Sam and rolls up the first stocking. Reluctantly Sam holds out his foot.

“Point your toe Samantha” – that name again thinks Sam!

Toe pointed Jasmine expertly rolls the stocking halfway up the leg, then repeats the process with the other. She then instructs Sam to drop down from the bed so she can finish the process.

That’s when Sam notices another change.

“How tall are you, Jasmine?”

“The feminization changed me to 5’5, I was 6 foot before, now I need heels to feel tall again, which is obviously not a problem here!”

Sam notes that he is probably the same height as Jasmine without her heels, another gift from his wife it seems.

She slowly, almost sensuously rolls the stocking until they sit high on his calves where they are held in place by silicone strips. Sam just stares at his black stocking clad legs mortified, they look so feminine, and are he thinks.

Jasmine retrieves a suspender belt from the selection of lingerie she has prepared for him, encircles her arms around his waist and fastens the belt at the front. She adjusts it slightly, so it is level then smooths down the 4 straps which extend to the top of Sam’s stockings.

“You will have to learn to do this yourself soon Samantha, if you cannot do it quickly you will get punished with enhancements”. Jasmine looks up and gives Sam an apologetic smile, she is close and her strong perfume mixes with his own. Her expert hands attach the straps to the top of the stockings making them tight against Sam’s hip and calves, every movement Sam takes rubs them against his feminine skin and he feels his nipples harden, is he turned on by his own lingerie?

It is not lost on Jasmine as she brushes Sam’s breast with the back of her hand, “the stockings and suspenders feel nice don’t they, despite you not wanting to them to, it never goes away that feeling for a facility girl”.

At that point the two women hear the approach of heels on the tiled floor. Sam’s transformation cell has 3 walls, with the fourth open onto a corridor marked with signs and arrows on the floor. The walls end about 10 feet up and there is a cavernous warehouse like ceiling above. He supposes there are dozens of these cells in a massive room. Two maids, their petticoats bobbing, are escorting a third girl along the corridor past Sam’s cell following the floor arrows. The girl is about 5’4, slim, long dark hair with small breasts held in a push up bra and white panties. She is being ushered along in her 2-inch kitten heels by the maids who are making hushing noises to try and quell the girl’s shuddering sobs as they dab a tissue to dry her tears. The girl’s posture is drooped and defeated; she seems utterly docile.

“She got of lightly says Jasmine, probably a state prisoner, they do not pay as much as the private sponsors.”

Sam looked on enviously at the girls’ small breasts, simple bra and panties and low heels. He had to get out of here somehow. He looks down and lifts his own breasts, feeling their generous weight and lets them fall and jiggle back into place. Then lets out a sign and looks back to Jasmine.

Jasmine has returned with a lace beige thong and a handheld mirror.

“Do you want to see it before we put these on?” says Jasmine holding up the lace thong.

Sam is briefly confused. She flicks her eyes down towards Sam’s groin in a gesture so fast he is not even sure he saw it. Jasmine notes the mixed emotions in Sam’s face.

“Hop back up onto the bed Samantha she said soothingly, you need to see your new pussy”

Sam obeys and lifts his pillowy backside on to the bed and takes the mirror from Jasmine. He opens his stocking clad legs, feeling the suspenders straps rub his calves and angles the hand mirror so that he can clearly see his new vagina.

Sam has seen his fair share of vaginas in his time and knows enough to see his wife’s handiwork here. The outer lips are puffy and extended, showing an enticing and perpetually present open slit with a large clitoris and vaginal opening. Its an exaggerated porn star pussy, puffy and appealing, wanting to be fucked. He cannot help but stroke it with his index finger which sends tingles of pleasure through his body.

Sam angles the mirror down a little and see's the crystal jewelled end of his butt plug, nestled between his ample arse cheeks. There is faint liquid movement through fractured light of the jewel from the pink serum drip feeding him feminisation. He hands the mirror back to Jasmine.

"Have all the girls got a pussy like mine?"

"No, your wife paid a lot for that"

"Pass me the panties, let's get on with this" says Sam, it was his money that gave him a porn star pussy, and that hurts.

Jasmine hands over the beige thong, Sam slips his feet through and up his legs, nestling them around his vagina, the thong wraps round one side of the butt plug and slips unnaturally into his arse cheeks. It feels so awkward, he fiddles with it for a time trying to make it more comfortable. There is a mirror opposite and he catches sight of his reflection. The contour of his pussy lips is clear through the panties revealing an obvious camel toe.

While Sam has been contemplating his new lingerie Jasmine has recovered two pairs of heels from the rack to the side of the stocking and pantyhose draws. One is slip-on and patterned and has maybe a 3-inch heel, the other pair are towering platform stilettos in shiny black with red trim. Sam grimaces at the stilettos, and Jasmine gives him an apologetic look.

"My sponsor's choice, right?" says Sam.

"The black ones, yes, that's what you will be walking out of here in, but I thought maybe you would like to practice a bit in some smaller heels first?"

She squats down and helps Sam into the heels. They feel tight and sexy. He takes a few tentative steps and hears that same high heel click clack that has haunted him since this whole process started. But now from his own stocking feet. The suspenders, panties and heels help create perfect unescapable femininity, his breasts jiggle as he walks, and his butt sticks out because of the heels. He notices a distinct sway in his hips which was not there before.


Using small steps he walks over to the mirror and gazes at his reflection, a curvaceous blond, in sexy lingerie, big tits and heels looks back, can it get worse he wonders?

Jasmine totters over with a beige / pink lacy bra and Sam, seeing her in the reflection, turns to meet her.

"Let us get those girls properly supported shall we" says Jasmine, "hold out your arms and I will help you on with it. Sam obediently extends his arms and Jasmine puts the bra straps through his hands and moves the bra towards Sam's breasts. On her heels she nimbly slips behind Sam, ducking under his elevated arm, tickling him with her petticoats. She brings the rear clasps together, before seating and adjusting the straps on his shoulders. Gently she turns Sam to face her and puts her hand into each bra cup one at a time to move his tits into the right position for greatest cleavage. This causes both his nipples to turn rock hard and a shiver to run down his spine and settle in his groin. Looking down he now just sees an abundance of lacy tits, restricting his view of his stockings and heels.


"You are almost ready Samantha, do you want to practice a bit more in your heels?"

It seems like a good idea so Sam minces around the transformation cell trying to stay upright and not damage an ankle. He finds if he takes small steps and keeps his poise upright then it is not too bad, but his girly body and lingerie are a massive distraction right now.

"Ok, we need to get you to hair and makeup" says Jasmine, so let's get you in the heels your sponsor selected and get you over there"

Sam moves over to the bed and sits back down, "What happens after that?" he says

"You will have an appointment to meet your sponsor in the visiting area, after hair and makeup you will go to wardrobe to get dressed, then she will see you"

"I have to see my wife like this!" says Sam, everything so far has been awful but being in front of his wife fully feminised fills him with abject humiliation. Fresh tears mist his eyes.

"Sorry Samantha, it is what they pay for, there is nothing us facility girls can do, let us hope she has not picked out anything too bad for your first outfit"

"The sponsor chooses the outfit? not the facility?"

"They choose all your outfits, they can choose from pre-formed packages, or customize it to their liking. Apart from some standard stuff the facility provides, everything you will be wearing will have been picked out by your sponsor, your wife in your case. As long as they continue to pay, they can continue to send in new outfits, lingerie and heels. They can even dictate on which days you have to wear which items, but most allow you to choose after a time. There are some rules though, only skirts and dresses, no trousers, 2-inch minimum heel, though I am not sure you will see much of that I am afraid"

This latest revelation is almost as bad as everything which came before, his wife will continue to exact her revenge for as long as she chooses and can visit when she likes to see him. Sam lies down on the bed and stares at the ceiling. He knew vaguely about the facility, had read about it on the news, but he never expected to be in it, and now even the tame rumours he had heard seemed nothing in comparison.

Jasmine walks over to the bed and leaves Samantha alone with her thoughts. She knows how she feels, it was the same for her when she was paraded in front of the bank's CEO in a thong Bunny costume at the visitor area that first time. There is little she can say however so carefully removes Samantha's training heels and places them back on the rack. She then takes the towering black stilettos and straps them onto Samantha's dainty feet. Sam's only paying partial attention as Jasmine changes the shoes. Finally Jasmine touches Sam's arm to bring him back round.


"One more item, then off to hair and makeup ok, it will be alright, by this evening you will be in your room, the visit all over".

Sam, sits up and manoeuvres himself off the bed, he does not have to drop far as the heels are so high. Jasmine has gone over to the lingerie cupboards and now turns around with a new black satin item in her hand. Sam wonders what more could possibly be required then realises that the thing in Jasmine's hand is a corset.

"Please no!" says Sam

"I am sorry Samantha, it is on your sponsor's instructions, I have one on too, it is fairly common here", Jasmine pulls down her dress past her black bra to reveal a similar corset tightly strapped around her waist. "Your one is not so bad, no steel strips, so it will not be too tight, you should still be able to take a full breath".

Sam takes a few unsteady steps on his new heels and takes the corset from Jasmine. He holds it up to his waist looking at his reflection in the mirror, then wraps it around and turns his back to present the laces to Jasmine. Jasmine expertly straps up the corset and gives a few tugs to make it tight. She then ties it off and gently turns Sam back around.


"There, all done she whispers, what a pretty facility girl you are"

The corset is tight and further restricts his movement, between that and the heels he feels utterly powerless. Jasmine takes his hand and starts leading him towards the corridor that extends off all the transformation cells. She takes a right following a sign labelled 'Processing centre’. Sam is grateful for Jasmine's hand as the heels are so unfamiliar, he takes small dainty steps, feeling his generous hips and backside sway and acutely aware of his jutting breasts, made more prominent by the clinch of his corset.

Their heels sound loud on the tiled floor, His heels he thinks dejectedly.

Passing multiple transformation cells, only some are in use. They pass one with an unconscious man on the bed, two mini dress clad nurses are stripping off his clothes. In another cell a partially transformed man is staring down at the metal bra attached to his chest. Sam can see the butt plug still attached to its mechanical arm firmly inserted in his arse. He wonders how big the tits are in that bra, and stares enviously at the man penis which has not yet been morphed to a vagina.

In another cell three maids are dressing a girl in white lingerie who is resisting slightly but the maids are firm and the panties they are pulling up slips over and encases her pussy. Sam wonders why he let Jasmine just dress him so easily, but it is all too late now.

Finally, they get to a pair of double doors, Jasmine pushes one open with her free hand and they step into the Processing centre.

The Processing Centre

They have clearly left the warehouse as this room has a normal height ceiling. About twenty meters opposite are a similar pair of doors to the ones they just came through. To get there they need to pass through one of ten or so clinical looking booths that are lined across the room like checkout isles at a supermarket. The booths each have a stand on weighing machine, a gynaecology chair with stirrups, a desk and a couple of normal chairs. Most are empty and neatly roped off, two seem to be occupied. One has the dark-haired girl he saw walk past earlier in her white panties standing on the weighing machine. Her bra lies discarded on the desk and a stocking clad short skirted nurse is using a tape measure to record her bust, waist and hip measurements, while a conservatively skirted women in entering the information into what looks like an electronic tablet. The girl’s face is glossy with tears as she stares straight ahead avoiding all eye contact.


Jasmine leads Sam over to the other occupied booth where a nurse and official looking grey suited women await. As they approach the lady in the grey suit picks up a tablet.

“Name!” she says directing the question at Jasmine.

“Samantha Lovelace Madame Ashworth” says Jasmine and then deeply curtsies bobbing her petticoats and exposing her panties to Sam a pace back.

Sam shoots Jasmine a shocked look when she is back upright. His surname is Davies but Jasmine just silently mouths ‘Sponsor’ at Sam and it all kind of makes sense. He has been secretly sent here and it is unlikely they would use his surname. Clearly ‘Lovelace’ is of his wife own choosing. Samantha Lovelace the Facility girl.

The stern lady who is dressed in a very conservative grey business suit, grey tights and flat black shoes turns to Sam


“My name is Mrs Ashworth, but you, being a facility girl, will call me Madame Ashworth. This is Nurse Honeywell” she says gesturing towards the other occupant in the room, who is wearing a white nurse’s uniform, with white stockings, white lace panties and clear platform stilettos.


“Welcome to the facility Miss Lovelace, I do hope you enjoy your stay” this is said by the nurse with all the all the irony required to make Sam flinch.

“Before entering the facility proper we need to ensure that you have been feminised to your Sponsors standards. Nurse Honeywell will conduct the inspection. Jasmine you may wait by the facility entrance”. Jasmine bobs another deep curtsy then goes to stand by the exit door with her hands neatly folded in front of her and her legs crossed at the ankle. There is another maid near her which Sam suspects is assigned to the dark-haired girl in the other booth.

“Please take of your panties” says the nurse to Sam. Sam is not sure with the corset and heels he will not be able to do this standing up so uses one of the available chairs and carefully takes down his panties. He hangs them on a hat rack, and the nurse directs him to sit in the gynaecology chair with his stockinged and heeled legs in the stirrups. The nurse picks up what looks like a dildo with measurement markings along its length and applies lubrication to its tip.

Madame Ashworth seems ready with the tablet as nurse Honeywell also lubes Sam’s pussy lips. Her touch makes Sam flinch with pleasure, and he almost gasps out but manages to bite his tongue, which comes across as a very girly gesture as her eyes widen to saucer like proportions. The nurse then brings the tip of the dildo to Sam’s pussy and starts to push it in. It is to much for Sam who groans in enjoyment and squirms slightly as the dildo penetrates further.

Mrs Ashworth makes notes.

Nurse Honeywell moves the Dildo in and out, going a little deeper each time until she seems satisfied that it is fully inserted. Sam’s body shudders with unwelcome but deeply pleasurable sensations. The nurse stands and walks over to the desk to retrieve some kind of camera, leaving Sam to look at the end of dildo past his heaving breasts. The camera is lined up with Sam’s pussy and a photo taken. Nurse Honeywell reads ‘11’ to Mrs Ashworth.

“Another excellent job by Mary I see” says Madame Ashworth, “You will be pleased to know Miss Lovelace that you will be able to receive some of the facilities largest Dildos in due course, and of course almost any man”.

The nurse slowly removes the dildo, takes a couple more measurements around Sam’s vagina, reading of the results to Mrs Ashworth, then checks the butt plug by pushing it in a faction deeper into Sam’s arse. Happy that the plug is secure she steps back.

“Please come down from the chair and remove your bra Miss Lovelace” says the nurse. Sam duly does so, still experiencing a wetness in his pussy. He puts his hand behind his back to take of the bra but he cannot find the clasp and fumbles around. Mrs Ashworth signals Jasmine who clicks clacks over and quickly undoes the clasp and Sam’s breasts jiggle and bounce from the confines of the lingerie. Sam hangs the bra up with his panties and unconsciously wraps his arms around his body to hide his breasts.

Jasmine skitters back to the door, while the nurse firmly lowers Sam’s arms and leads him to the weighing machine. While standing on this she measures his tits, waist, and hips, then leg and arm length. Before carefully studying his makeup and hair, all the time reporting back her findings to Mrs Ashworth who notes them down.

“Thank you, Miss Lovelace, you may now put your bra and panties back on.”

Sam takes the lingerie and slips the panties back on through his stiletto feet and to his still moist pussy. Jasmine once again helps with the bra.

“Jasmine, you may take Miss Lovelace to hair and makeup, and Miss Lovelace please learn to put on and take off your own bra by the next time meet or I will send you to Enhancement”.

The Facility

Jasmine takes Sam’s hand again and leads him towards the exit doors The other maid and the dark-haired girl seemed to have already left. Jasmine presses a buzzer and after a short time the door is opened by a female security guard who lets them into the main auditorium of the facility.

The Auditorium is massive. It has a high domed ceiling, maybe 4 stories high that cumulates in a glass dome through which late afternoon sunlight pours. There are clearly some other floors to the facility as there are walkways on the 3rd and 4th level off which there are many marked doors.

Jasmine follows Sam’s gaze, “Administration” says Jasmine, those floors are reserved for staff.

Down where Sam and Jasmine are there are plenty of sofas and pod like seating areas, many occupied by facility girls some chatting, some reading. There is also a fountain in the middle, which is spewing pink water of all things from classical naked female dancer statues. Some vending machines are against a far wall and a reception style desk which appears manned by staff members.

There is even a bar Sam is surprised to see, and girls are standing around drinking from pretty jewelled glasses. All the women in the bar area are wearing cocktail dresses in a dozen designs, so it seems a sea of colour, sequins, tits and heels. There is a security guard at the entrance to the bar who seems to be checking the girl’s attire as they enter. Sam looks around and sees a number of other security guards. They are all female, carry no visible weapons and have below the knee skirts, plain cotton blouses and tights with flat shoes. They do not seem threatening as such but vigilant, he kind of sees the point, how much damage can a girl in heels and a cocktail dress do?

There are many exits from the auditorium, all with glossy pink signage. Sam can see signs for Residences (which seem to be sectioned by letter, A, B, C and so on), Hair and Makeup, Nails, Wardrobe, Ballet and Dance, Sex Training, Maids Quarters, Administration, Enhancements, Shops, Restaurant, Visitor Centre, Brothel and more besides. He starts to get a feel for just how big the facility is and how much money goes through it.

There are women everywhere in dozens of outfits, all skits, and dresses Sam notes, none seem to be just in their lingerie like Sam though. Some throw him an apologetic look, maybe remembering the first time they came through those doors. The women are in all shapes and sizes, but they are almost all pretty. Jasmine, still holding Sam’s hand walks towards the ‘Hair and makeup” sign. She picks up the pace a little to see if Sam is getting on better with his heels. The faster Sam walks the more his tits jiggle from side to side and his blond hairs bobs at the edge of vision. He unconsciously tucks his hair behind his ear brushing his dangly earring in the process.

“What’s Enhancement?” says Sam to Jasmine as he notices a sign and remembering what Mrs Ashworth had said about his bra training.

“They call them enhancements, but it is basically punishment” says Jasmine, “If you break the rules you are sent to enhancement, exactly what happens is normally based on what you did wrong”

“What kind of things do they do to you?”

“Breast enlargement is common, putting in a vibrating butt plug for a time, hair extensions, long nails, chastity belts, Dildos, wardrobe enforcement, Brothel days, FemDollar fines, there are loads of things they can do, none of it good for you”.

“What is a FemDollar Fine?”

“FemDollars is the currency in here, once you get to your room you will get a debit card style thing in a purse which holds your FemDollars” Jasmine reaches into her bra and pulls out a pink debit card with the facility logo on it. You can buy things from the facility shops, restaurants and bars, even trade with other facility girls for things using FemDollars. They give you a cute little handbag to carry the card around but most girls just use their bra.”

“How do you get FemDollars?”

“The facility deposits some each week onto all the cards, some will come from your sponsor who decides how much you get. You can also earn it by doing jobs, the brothel pays the best, but well … you know …” Jasmine trails of briefly and looks sheepish.

“But hopefully you will not need to. I get some for my maid duties” Sam wondered what his wife would do for him in this regard. Then something occurred to Sam.

“You said there are shops here that take these FemDollars, what do they sell?”

“Dresses, skirts, beauty products, Lingerie, heels, some food, Sex toys, nail polish” all the stuff a facility girl needs right says Jasmine giving Sam a wry look.

“So, I can buy my own clothes? Sam has noticed that some of the girls, while dressed in skirts and dresses are able to do so conservatively.

“Your sponsor can limit what you can buy, if you try and buy something they have crossed of the list they will decline you”. Sam broods on this for a bit as he and Jasmine walk hand in hand down the corridor, he nibbles his lips with his teeth as he does so and tastes the lipstick and tries to stop his old habit. His blond bob hair falls back from his ear, and he brushes it back over again.

“Is Mrs, ... sorry …, Madame Ashworth a facility girl as well?”

“God no” says Jasmine snorting, “She is on the administration staff who run the place, they, the teachers, and the security staff are all employees not facility girls. All staff members can hand out enhancements, so be on your best behaviour around them. Ultimately, they all work for Madame Felicity who created the facility”

“What do you mean by teachers?”

“I do not know what you did before Samantha Lovelace”, says Jasmine using Sam full new name, “and in truth it does not matter. But in here you have not just been turned into a girl, you will learn to be a girl, and they are very good at it. You will have lessons most days which will vary from Hairdressing, Makeup, Fashion and glamour, housekeeping, sex training, Nail care, Hostess training and so on, you get the idea”.

Will it affect him, Sam thought If his wife kept visiting would she see an increasingly girly Samantha? He was so lost in his thoughts that when Jasmine turned a hard right, he only briefly glimpsed the ‘Hair and makeup ‘sign overhead as they entered the salon.

Hair and Makeup

Sam becomes acutely aware of his Lingerie. The salon looks reasonably busy with women working on other girls’ hair and beauty across dozens of mirrored stations. It is a hive of talk and bustle, but no one else is in just their lingerie. His pussy now at least feels normal after the impact of the dildo that nurse Honeywell had used. But his panties still feel damp from the lube and his own juices. His stocking straps which he felt on every step and corset are a constant reminder of his femininity and he can do nothing to hide them like the other girls here.

Jasmine leads him to the front desk of the salon and gives the receptionist Samantha’s name. The receptionist checks her system and turns and calls across the room at a girl who was arranging her makeup equipment at a station. She places her last item down and walks over.

“Hi, I’m Annabel, you must me Samantha my 4 O’clock”. Jasmine looks at Sam in askance, and Sam replies “er, yes, I guess so”. Annabel looks Sam up and down “welcome to the facility baby, lets get you ready for your sponsor, shall we?”


Sam guessed that Annabel was not staff. She is wearing a short tight miniskirt and tan stockings or pantyhose (he was not sure), and a blouse that frequently reveals her floral bra which only just contains her bountiful cleavage. The 5-inch black heels do not seem to impede her as she turns and ushers Sam to follow. Jasmine looks briefly around, gives a little girly wave to Sam, then walks over to a waiting area where she sits down and crosses her legs lifting her petticoat up and exposing a mass of stocking clad thigh. Picking up a girly magazine she seems to relax until she is next needed. Sam follows Annabel to her makeup station where he is told her to sit. Turning the chair to face the mirror Annabel ruffles Sam’s blond hair and studies her permanent makeup.


Sam was now staring at his feminised features, blond hair, his lacy bra contained tits and permanent makeup. He felt renewed tears and tries to suppress them, he should not be here, was he really about to have his hair and makeup done, he was not a girl!

Annabel grabs a tablet from the makeup station and brings up whatever she needs to progress.

“You sponsor has specified your hair and makeup for today baby, so just relax and I will get you sorted.” She reaches over his shoulders with both arms and squeezes his tits, “they did a great job on you didn’t they, you must have one hell of a sponsor, love your outfit sweetheart!”, and with that she gets to work.

Annabel does not talk much but just expertly applies the extra makeup that his wife has demanded he wear. Her tits and perfume are constantly in his face reminding him of his own fate. While it is being applied Sam has a chance to observe the other girls in the salon. He briefly sees one girl in just her bra and panties and realises that it’s the back haired girl who has been going through processing with him, but she is already standing up, seemingly done, and being escorted by her maid out of the salon.

In the station to his right is a girl in a full wedding dress. Her makeup artist is applying the last of her eye shadow, her hair looks already complete. Sam suddenly realises that nothing is of limits here in terms of femininity, and his wife could on a simple order do the same to him. A buxom secretary to a simpering bride, his day-to-day attire dictated by a malevolent wife. He must escape!


Annabel takes forty five minutes to add the extra makeup that Sam requires, and the hair stylist takes another thirty minutes to trim and arrange Sam’s hair in accordance with his wife’s instructions. When they are done Sam brings his hand up to his face in horror.


It started a few hours ago when that machine hung over his head. He had no idea back then what was in store but now he knows more, has a new womanly body, a new face, and every part of it says, ‘Fuck me’. Sometime soon he would be paraded in front of his wife like this, and it is all too much to bear.

Annabel escorts Sam back to Jasmine who looks in shock at Sam’s face.

“Your wife really hates you, Samantha, but Annabel is talented” says Jasmine.

Sam who has spent the last 2 hours looking at his face go through a new level of female transformation just grits his teeth. He has been told that if he cries it will smudge his makeup and he will be sent to Enhancement, so he just tries to hold it together. Jasmine escorts him to nails where he is treated to a bright red manicure and pedicure, then it is on to wardrobe for the outfit his wife has picked out for the visit.


It is a few minutes’ walk to wardrobe and Sam keeps catching his reflection in mirrors that are clearly placed for that very reason. He can see his tits every time he looks down and feel the stockings, but the mirrors bring it crashing home every few seconds with additional view of his panties and corset (which is largely obscured by his breasts from his point of view). His fresh makeup just makes him look like a whore.

Jasmine chats away a little, but Sam’s not paying attention. They reach wardrobe which has the feel of a department store, filled with every variation of women’s clothing that Sam can think of. He has no idea what his wife has in store, so he holds his breath as Jasmine leads him through a sea of ballgowns and petticoats and out the other side into Lingerie and business attire.


There is a girl in the corner of the department replacing files into a cabinet, see turns when Jasmine and Sam enter and smiles. She is wearing black pantyhose with 4-inch pink heels and a tartan mini dress which only just covers her arse.


“I am Charlotte, how can I help you today?”

“This is Samantha Lovelace, she is due in Business attrite wardrobe to get ready for her first sponsor visit” says Jasmine.

“Ah yes” says Charlotte, “I had just closed the file on my tablet as you were due an hour ago and I thought maybe there had been an enhancement situation with the new girl. It looks like maybe there was?” she says looking at Sam’s tits and makeup.

“No, just a very rich sponsor” says Jasmine, “are we still ok to get her ready?”

“Yes, all good I have her lingerie, heels and outfit over here ready to go, if you go to booth five you will find it all laid out.”

Charlotte hands Jasmine the tablet and she reviews the content as they step towards the changing booth. Sam is mortified to see that the booth has three mirrored sides and where a curtain would normally be there is nothing. It is quite large, and on the bench on the far side is the outfit he is due to meet his wife in.

He stops dead and stares at the blue mini skirt and diaphanous dark blue blouse and black bra. It is the exact same outfit that his secretary was wearing when they were last together. In fact, he had bought it for her and made her wear it to the office. Any doubt that his sleeping with another woman was at least part of the reason she had done this to him disappears.

Jasmine had stopped a few paces on with her head still in the tablet, and now looks back at the shocked Samantha.

“What wrong?”

He explains what he knows about the outfit.

“You made her wear that to the office? Don’t you think it was a bit slutty?”

“Well I did not expect this!” Sam says defensively

Jasmine gives Sam a rueful look and ushers her over to the designated changing booth, there is no one else around apart from Jasmine and Charlotte in this part of Wardrobe right now for which Sam is grateful. Jasmine enters the booth with Sam and looks through the outfit. As well as the mini peplum skirt and blouse there is a black lace bra and panties, black 20 denier pantyhose, and 5-inch black patent leather heels. She turns Sam around and unlaces the corset, he feels the immediate relief as his abdomen is free to move again and hopes that was the last of that garment.

Sam starts to take of the suspenders but remembers that his panties are over the top of the suspender straps.


Jasmine notices, “Panties always go over the top Samantha, important to remember as you can get enhancements if you do that wrong and they notice.”

He sits down and slips down his panties pulling them over his towering heels. It occurs to him that it would have been easier to take the heels of first. All of this is going to take some getting the hang of. Jasmine seems to notice Samantha’s difficulties.

“Dressing and undressing as a woman is part of the standard training, you should be fine a week or so”

Jasmine’s petticoats spill out far enough that Sam keeps getting brushed by them as she helps. He remembers the girl in the wedding gown in the Salon, and the rows and rows of prom dresses they passed to get to business attire, he can see his feminised body in multiple mirrors and the outfit he has to now wear. He feels desperate emotion building but then remembers his makeup and the consequences of smudging it so holds it all down.

Jasmine removes the bra and Sam’s breasts jiggle and spill out on full display. She then kneels at Sam’s feet and takes of the heels. This sight line gives her a full view of Sam’s engorged pussy and she is secretly happy that the bank did not go crazy on her feminisation. Sam stands and takes of the suspender belt and stockings leaving him as naked as his time back in the transformation cell. Taking the discarded lingerie and heels Jasmine carefully folds them up and puts in on the bench.

“I will take it back to your room while you are on the visit”

Sam looks confused, “It is your lingerie and heels now” Says Jasmine “your sponsor bought it for you to wear along with the rest of your wardrobe”. That includes the corset groans Sam inwardly, although he is not sure why he is surprised.

“I think you can dress yourself this time” says Jasmine in a friendly tone adding the newly folded corset to the top of the lingerie pile she has created. “It is the other way round with Pantyhose, the panties go underneath.”

Sam picks up the lacy black thong panties and slips them up his smooth hairless legs. He stands and pulls them in place to cradle his Vagina, a little tug to get them sorted reminds him of the butt plug that is nudged over so slightly deeper by the gesture. He picks up the pantyhose and hesitates. Jasmine takes them from him and shows him how to scrunch up a leg at a time so he can insert his toe and glide them up around his hips and settle on his narrow waist. The pantyhose feel cool and silky and seem to caress his thighs and pussy. When he points his toes, he can feel them move sensuously over his legs. He was not expecting this and spends a few moments wiggling his toes much to jasmines amusement. Jasmine passes Sam the bra and Sam brings it up to his tits and holds it there, unsure what to do next.


“Ok” says Jasmine, so with practice you can do it like that, but for now try reversing your bra and clasping it from the front, then turning it back round and slipping your arms through. Sam follows Jasmines instructions, then like Jasmine did before inserts his hand into each bra cup and arranges his tits for the bra. He leans back and looks at himself in the mirror.


He is not sure, but he thinks it is even the same bra as his secretary had on when they were last together. He had found it so sexy silhouetted behind that purple blouse and now here he was wearing it in support of his own tits. He picks up the blouse and tries to button it up. The buttons are the other way round and the material is awkward, so it takes him a while, but Jasmine lets him get on with it. He is dismayed to see that the top button stops about mid-way down his bra leaving his cleavage on full display. He wonders if that’s how his secretary felt and is briefly ashamed. Picking up the blue mini skirt he slips it up his pantyhose clad legs and standing pulls it to his hips. He then finds he must pull and wiggle a little to get it over his shapely arse before it settles around his much narrower waist. Jasmine steps behind and pulls the zip up, securing the skirt in place. It is extremely tight and very short. When he moves it rustles against the pantyhose and edges up slightly, he takes the hem and pulls it back down trying to show less leg, but it is hopeless.

“You will be doing that all the time with skirts like that” says Jasmine, “there are not many benefits to these” she says lifting her petticoats and letting them float back down “but that at least is one of them”. Reluctantly Sam sits back down and slips on the 5-inch heels, he stands back up and smooths down his skirt and adjusts his blouse, trying unsuccessfully to make it sit a little higher on his bra. He pushes his hair behind his ears, checks his lipstick, then brings his hair forward again to hide his earrings. He is fidgeting and he knows it, it is time to meet his wife who did this to him, time for her to meet Samantha.

He feels a little bit better now that he has clothes on and not just lingerie. His outfit while slutty is not unusual in the facility so he blends in a little more. As they walk to the visitor centre his skirt is constantly riding up like Jasmine said it would and he starts subconsciously pulling the hem back down. It holds his thighs together in a way that the lingerie did not, so he is constantly aware of the pantyhose unlike the stockings.

The Visitor Centre

There are two female security guards on the doors into the visitor centre who are staff judging by their functional uniforms. Jasmine gives Samantha’s full name, they check their tablet and let them through. Sam was expecting a big auditorium like the one he entered via the processing centre, but there is just a long left / right corridor with detailed signage. The signs make no sense to Sam, they say things like Palace, Theatre, Prison, Brothel, Office, Dungeon, Gardens, Kitchen and so on. Jasmine runs her finger down and the sign board and stops at office then leads Sam down the corridor to the left before taking a right. They are passing waiting areas in all kinds of different themes, all labelled appropriately. Jasmine is holding Sam’s hand and squeezes a little for comfort.

“Why are there all these different types of waiting area?” says Sam

“For many of the sponsors, who are women, putting men in here is an act of revenge or punishment” you got that right thinks Sam,” Anyhow” continues Jasmine, “the money they pay is sometimes as much about their fantasy as the original reason. When they arrange a visit, they can choose not just what you wear but in what surroundings. It is all about control, and to be fair they are pretty good at it”. Sam looks down at his soft breasts and short skirt and wonders if his wife has any fantasies, she intends to play out on him.

There are multiple posters along the corridor and in the waiting, areas promoting FemDollars, and suggesting that you ask your Sponsor for more during your meeting. Sam is not sure what the significance of this is.

“How do the sponsors send in FemDollaras?” asks Sam

“I am not 100% sure, but the rumour among the maids is that they are paid for in US dollars.

“They pay real money to the facility for us to get FemDollars!””, well that’s explains the posters thinks Sam. He is not sure he will ask his wife he thinks grimly.

They pass one waiting area where a girl is speaking on a phone to someone, she is just a fraction away from tears, a security guard stands over her. She has long blond hair and sizable tits constrained by a short pink dress. Her heels and pantyhose are like Sam’s and she holds her manicured hand up to her face.


“Sometimes the sponsors cannot make the appointment says Jasmine, and the girls are allowed to speak to them on the phone. The guard will take it away at the end, it is generally better than way, less humiliating, so she is probably lucky.”

In another area is a girl in dark tan pantyhose and surprisingly low heels, but it is more than compensated for by a very low-cut mini dress that looks at risk of spilling her boobs at any time. She is sitting nervously on the edge of a sofa keeping her pantyhose clad legs tight together.


Finally, they reach the area that Jasmine identified on the sign back at the entrance and both take a seat in their designated waiting area which is about as girly a room as Sam has ever seen, clearly a selection by his wife. Sam’s stomach is doing flips. He has no idea what to do with his legs in his skirt. He cannot easily cross them, so Jasmine suggests she just hold together like the girl they just passed or cross them at the ankle. The heels make all this harder but he knows with practice he should get better at it.


After twenty minutes a door opens and Mrs Ashworth from the processing centre is standing there in her grey suit with that ever-ready tablet.

“Miss Lovelace, Mrs Davies will see you now. There are some rules, if you break them, you will be enhanced. Firstly, she is in charge, you will do everything she says. You will not answer back unless you are asked a question. You will not approach her unless she tells you to, you will always refer to her as Madame Davies unless told otherwise. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Madame Ashworth” repeats Sam in his quiet womanly voice

“Good, you may enter, Jasmine you will wait here”

Jasmine was on her feet as soon as Madame Ashworth opened the door and now presents a deep curtsy and meekly stands there looking at her heels.

Sam takes a deep breath and walks across the hard floor; his heels click clacking towards the open door. He can see Jasmine's fingers crossed behind her back in a concealed show of support for Sam.

The Visit

Sam is forced to walk past Mrs Ashworth who holds the door open for Samantha. The visiting room is the size of a large executive office. It is cleanly furbished in a modern style with only one additional exit on the far wall, which Sam reckons probably leads to freedom, though he is in no condition to take it. A large desk sits in the centre of the room with a computer screen to one side and a plush leather executive chair behind. There is a smaller desk near the entrance he came in probably for a secretary (Samantha’s role he thinks glumly).

His wife is sitting in the executive chair watching Sam enter with a triumphant grin on her face. As if in complete mockery of Sam’s own feminine attire, she is dressed in jeans and a T shirt with small heels. Her hair is tied up and she wears only faint makeup. There is a tablet in front of her and he can see the Facility logo in the top left of the display and dresses on the remainder. Mrs Ashworth closes the door and takes a seat against the far wall behind Sam’s wife.

Sam leans against the small desk, feeling a little faint, his legs slightly crossed in a very famine poise that he is not even aware he has adopted.


“Hello, Miss Lovelace” says his wife with feigned friendliness, “How has your day been?”

“It has been fine, thank you” replies Sam in a shaky female voice.

“It has been what!” says his wife her voice rising. Sam is not sure what the question means but then he remembers the rules.

“It has been fine Madame Davies” he said in a weaker voice looking meekly down at his pantyhose and heels.

“I am pleased to hear that Miss Lovelace we do like our employees to be happy here at the Facility” his wife is very clearly enjoying this and intends to milk it for everything she can. He is so tempted to flee out the door he came through in a hope to escape but he knows it is impossible and the Enhancements have been playing on his mind ever since he learnt about them.

“I love your outfit Samantha, did you choose it yourself?” Sam is not sure how to answer this one so says “I had some help Madame Davies, … from a girlfriend”.

“And did your girlfriend help you with your hair and makeup as well?”

“Yes … sorry … Yes Madame Davies” says Sam correcting himself as quickly as possible.

“I approve, it is of the standard I expect from a secretary at this facility”. Sam interpreted that as he should always turn up to these meetings with slutty makeup.

“Please turn around so I can see your whole outfit Samantha”, Sam slowly turns around facing the door and showing his pretty backside which is pushed out slightly because of his heels.


He hears some quiet whispering, probably his wife and Mrs Ashworth conferring and is not sure what to do. About thirty seconds pass and he decides to look round.

“I did NOT say turn around miss Lovelace!” Shouts his wife, so Sam faces the door once more. He was not sure what to expect from this visit. He wanted to find out why she had done this to him, what had happened to his money, even maybe negotiate some way to end it, but in these conditions it is impossible. His feet are starting to ache from the heels and his bra straps are digging into his shoulders where it is too tight.

There is a poster on the back of the door he is facing advertising Facility girl office workers to companies who need temporary assistants. A group of three slutty looking women in questionable office attire (vs brothel that is) are standing over a desk looking at a screen, their cleavage on full display, heels at ridiculous levels. The notice at the bottom reads ‘Cheap rates, enquire within’. Was that a thing? thinks Sam, can they rent him out to an office in town dressed like this?”

Sam’s wife likes what she sees. She had suspected Sam of cheating on her and then hired a Private Investigator to find out for sure, egged on by Felicity. He had come back with all the evidence that she needed. In truth she did not care about the sordid details of her husband’s extra martial affairs, their marriage, at least the part in the bedroom had died years ago. She just wanted his money. She had been friends with Felicity who ran the Facility for some years and had helped her with a number of legal issues that had highly questionable moral implications. Turns out turning men into women was not strictly legal against their will. So having got the evidence together they had hatched a plan to make Sam disappear and ‘Samantha’ a facility girl. It was all so perfect, especially now she saw her simpering husband in his female prison. Her heels were deliciously high, her pantyhose of quality and her skirt just a shade to small for her generous hips, all planned of course. Her bra strap showed tantalising through her sheer blouse, and she suddenly had to see it all.

This was going to be so much fun, and Felicity was not even charging her for it, so apart from supplying his wardrobe there was no end in sight for Sam, or Samantha. Of course, she had to continue to provide free Legal advice to Felicity, but since it was all in the name of keeping feminized men (or women now she thought) in panties and bras she had no real issue with it.

“You may take a seat Miss Lovelace” says Sam’s wife.

Sam turns around and delicately sits in the secretary’s chair. As Jasmine taught, he keeps his legs together so as not to reveal his panties. His skirt rides way up showing a horizon of leg.


“Do you like being a Secretary Miss Lovelace?” Once again Sam has no idea how to answer this given, he is NOT a secretary, but he thinks that if he admits this is all deeply humiliating that this would likely please his wife more so says “Yes Madame Davies”.

“And do you like being a girl Samantha?” NO! thinks Sam, but its that defiance that he is sure his wife is looking for, so he mumbles “yes Madama Davies”

“I am sorry young lady I did not hear that” says his wife in sterner terms

“Yes, I like being a girl very much madame Davies” he says in a louder feminine voice. His wife smiles, enjoying the game. “And what aspects do you like best about being a girl, Samantha?”. This is going from bad to worse for Sam, he looks down at his feminized body, his tits and legs on full display. “I like wearing pretty clothes, doing my makeup, hair and nails, having girly chats with my girlfriends and shopping for new things”. Sam just tries to list of everything that he has been exposed to today to try and end the conversation, but wife is having none of it.

“Do you like pretty lingerie Samantha?”

“Yes Madame Davies”, says Sam robotically. He is looking at the floor about 3 meters in front of him, avoiding all eye contact. Sam’s wife stands up and slowly walks round the desk and over to Sam looking down at him.

“Are you wearing stockings or pantyhose Miss Lovelace?”

“Pantyhose Madame Davies”

“Show me!”

“No!” says Sam looking up at his wife, anger flaring. Mrs Ashworth reaches for her tablet, and Sam suddenly remembers the rules again.
“Sorry, yes of course madame Davies right away” Sam blurts out using his soft feminine tones. He is wondering whether he just got an enhancement. Grabbing the hem he hikes the skirt up round his hips, exposing the top of his pantyhose and black thong.


His wife smiles at his discomfort and admires the handiwork that created her husband’s smooth vagina, devoid of his beloved manhood. His wife reaches down and parts the top of Sam’s blouse exposing his bra and cleavage. he looks away the start of tears stinging his eyes knowing he cannot cry for fear of smudging his makeup.

“Take of your blouse Miss Lovelace, show me the lingerie you selected today” Sam starts to unbutton his blouse which is a little easier than doing it up, once unbuttoned his takes it carefully off, folds it on to the desk and looks at the floor again.

“Such a pretty bra, you do have lovely taste in Lingerie Samantha, we must compare notes someday. Now slip of your skirt, I want to see if you matched your thong”. Sam is starting to wonder if enhancement is a better option, but suspects if he resists, he will end up doing this anyway with the enhancements in addition. So, he tugs his skirt over his hips and folds it into the pile with his blouse.

His wife reaches down and slips the bra straps from Sam’s arms.


Sam has never felt so exposed in his life, sitting there in his bra, panties, heels and pantyhose, his wife studying him like some lab experiment. Mrs Ashworth has put down the tablet at least so that seemed like good news. She seems impassive and Sam reckons she has seen it all before.

“You have lovely breasts Samantha, I would like to see them, would that be, ok?”, Sam looks up at his wife, desperation in his eyes and she knows she has won this round. He looks at Mrs Ashworth for help, but her stern gaze is the answer. Slowly he slides the bra to his waist, turns it around, unclasps it and adds it to the ever-increasing pile of his clothes on the desk.

His wife walks behind the chair, then snakes her hands around Sam’s chest and fondles his tits. His nipples betray him and stand pert to attention and his wife flicks them with her fingers. She whispers in his ear, to low for Mrs Ashworth to hear “You did that to my nipples even after I asked you to stop, how sweet this revenge has become”. She hefts Sam’s tits feeling their weight and firmness then walks back round to strand in front of Sam.

Taking Sam’s hands, she guides him up from the chair and pushes him against the desk.

“You seem like an obliging girl Samantha, always ready to please, would you like to show me your pussy?

Sam shakes his head from side to side, mouthing ‘No’ silently. Sam’s wife reaches out a finger and circles Sam’s areola getting close to his nipple. She looks down at Sam (who he has just realised is now shorter than his wife) with big doe eyes and says as though to a baby “Should I get Mrs Ashworth over here to help?”


The threat of an enhancement is enough, and Sam takes the top of his pantyhose and pushes down gathering the thong as he goes. He pushes it to mid-calf exposing his pussy to his wife and the room. He cannot hold it anymore and fresh tears well and slide down his face. His wife moves towards him and places a hand over Sam’s vagina before pushing her index finger into the wet folds and massaging his inner wall. Sam gasps between the sobs and feels the familiar surge of pleasure as his pussy is touched, even by his malevolent wife.

“Rumour has it” says his wife, still violating Sam’s pussy with her finger, “that some of the office girls have taken to wearing butt plus at work, would you do that Miss Lovelace?”

Sam is in some terrible place, somewhere between utter humiliation and building orgasm. He is not really thinking anymore and just replies “I have a butt plug”, “do you like it?” says his wife, “No” replies Sam helpless to resist further.

Sam’s wife removes her finger from Sam’s pussy, moves it further back and pushes his butt plug sharply up, Sam’s cries out and his wife smiles. “Good!”

She steps back and wipes Sam’s virginal juices from her finger with a tissue. Sam collapses to the floor, utterly beaten, folding his pantyhose legs underneath himself his pussy and tits still exposed he lets the tears and sobs flow.

“I think that Miss Lovelace is an excellent employee Mrs Ashcroft, and we should ensure that she stays and develops with the company for as long as possible, what are your thoughts?

“I could not agree more Mrs Davies, I will personally see to her development”. With this his wife sits back behind the desk and Mrs Ashcroft walks over to the Sam and hands him his clothes.

“You may dress Miss Lovelace and resume your duties”.

Sam composes himself through decreasing sobs, pulls his thong and pantyhose back up and puts on his bra like Jasmine showed him at wardrobe. He then puts back on his blouse and pulls his skirt back into place and after a couple of attempts closes the zip.

“We will see you in a week to gauge how you are doing miss Lovelace, that will be all”.

Sam turns and leaves the room via the door he came in. Jasmine sees him leave and the streaky makeup and rushes over to hug him, they stand there for a few minutes embraced as Sam’s renewed tears rise and fall and finally, he slumps down in the seats in the waiting area with Jasmine at his side.


Later, as they near block C where Sam’s new room is he tries to make sense of what happened. Jasmine is staying silent letting her talk it through.

“I suppose it was inevitable that she would want to see what they had done to me, … all of it I mean … I did not really see it coming or know she would do it so callously. I understand those themed visitor rooms now. Yesterday I was her husband, today I am her slutty secretary “.

Jasmine had taken Sam to makeup and helped clean up his face which now was back to his permanent makeup. Neither of them knew if he was due enhancements now, and if so, what they would be.

“I thought I would get some answers, closure maybe on some things, but now I just have more questions … and tits” says Sam looking down at his generous bra restrained cleavage.

C-Block is decorated with pink walls, pretty signs, and lavish femininity. Jasmine explained that like the Visitor rooms the various living blocks were themed, and that your sponsor could dictate which one you were assigned to. Sam’s wife clearly wanted Sam’s life to be as girly as possible. He is assigned to room C36 and Jasmine is efficient in getting him there. Much to his distress all the doors to the rooms are clear glass, so unless you are in your walk-in wardrobe all the girls are on display, there is very little privacy.

The block is a hive of activity with girls sitting in each other rooms chatting, dressing, and getting ready for classes as Jasmine explains. They are working on various things which seem to be homework of sorts from those lessons. He is alarmed to see one girl dressed in white lingerie on her flouncy bed caressing and then sucking on a large dildo, using her tongue expertly to start then taking the whole thing in her mouth. When Sam asks Jasmine, she says that cock sucking is part of core sex training and the enhancements if you fail tend to be worse, so most girls practice outside of class. Sam is alarmed that even thinking about that cock makes his Pussy feel tingly.

They reach Sam’s room whose clear door is shut. He knew what was coming because he could see into all the other rooms but his heart still sinks when he looks inside. It is a shrine to his femininity, a silk robe that wraps itself around his male ego and makes it disappear like a handkerchief up a magician’s sleeve.


The door does not open, and Jasmine points at some kind of electronic reader at hip level.

“There is a tag in your butt plug specific to you, just move your bum near it”

Sam steps over to the reader and nudges it with his fleshy hip. The door clicks, and purrs open. He steps into his unwelcome new home. Jasmine steps inside and looks around with him. Sam smells his own perfume getting stronger but realises that its probably the room which has its own source of flowery sweetness to compliment the pinks and reds of his new abode. There are a few rugs which provides blessed relief from the constant sound of his own heels on hard floor.

“Sponsors can upgrade their girls’ rooms, and I can see your wife spent some money I am afraid.” She walks over to a far door and slides it open. Inside is a walk-in wardrobe with racks and racks of heels, dresses, lingerie, skirts, pantyhose, accessories, in short everything a girl could want. Some draws are labelled with a pretty font with things like Ballet, School, Sleep wear. He would later learn that these were provided by the facility.


Sam looks in then shuts the door again.

“There is no en-suite?” remarks Sam

“No, the rest rooms are special, to work with your butt plug, they will be just down the corridor” Sam does not ask any more questions about that for now.

“So I am going to leave you now, I have some chores to catch up on, but its nice to meet you Samantha, I am sure we can be friends” She smiles sweetly. “I will be back here at 9am tomorrow to get you dressed and add some extra makeup. As a new girl your lessons are all around the basics like hair and makeup, dressing and fashion, nails, and heel technique. There is a folder over there with the timetable, and the one next to it are the rules. You should read that carefully. New girls have a little leeway but that quickly goes. Your FemDollar card and purse are over on your makeup table, the reader on the wall over there will show your credit if you move your card close to it.”

Jasmine steps forward and embraces Sam, her petticoats rustle against Sam’s pantyhose. She kisses her on the cheek then leaves with a final glance over her shoulder, her short petticoats bobbing above her stocking tops as she heads down the corridor towards the main auditorium.

Sam is left on his own. He does not want company so finds the door controls and locks it. He then sits on the bed looking down at his pantyhose legs and heels. His tight skirt stops him moving them too far apart. He reaches down feeling his breasts shift in his bra as he does so and removes his heels then lifts himself on to the bed and curls up with his head on the flouncy pink pillow, and drifts into a pink hazed sleep.


Lady Felicity, or Felicity Drake as know by only her close friends and acquaintances stands looking out of her double height executive office windows at the suns inevitable slow-motion departure into the sea, cascading oranges, reds, and yellows in a dazzling display that felt only for her right now.

Business was good, profits were crazy, and plans were in progress. Feminizing unwilling men was of course mostly illegal (except in a few cases), but the bottom line was it solved problems for people who had a lot of money and needed discrete solutions. There were six facilities now that everyone knew about, and two which they did not. Most taking in state prisoners who crimes warranted specific punishments. Rape was now dealt with by statutory feminisation for example in many western countries, and Lady Felicity provided the serum and the know how to teach these men humility. The feminists loved it, despite the obvious exploitation of these men (well women once she was done with them) in brothels and degrading office work etc being anything but feminist (apparently it was ok if they were once men).

But the real money came in from rich people who needed people to disappear. Those two secret facilities took lot of that business, and it was so effective she sometimes had waiting lists. It was mostly men, but some women were taken too. The serum, regime of Enhancement, and general degradation worked on anyone ultimately.

The threat of feminisation however was just as powerful, very few powerful men wanted to end up as a big titted floosy in a Facility brothel and they were all scared what the others were planning. And that is where her master plan had started to form. She had been working with Linda Davies to compile the data she needed when her Husband had come across that file in her study.

Linda was not ready to commit her husband to a facility despite the breach, so Felicity had paid of a secretary at his firm to seduce him then persuaded Linda to investigate. It was easy after that, and Linda seemed to be revealing in it which was a useful bonus. The secretary who Felicity hired to seduce Sam was a casualty of course on her back, giant tits wobbling, getting fucked every day in a Facility brothel, but she might learn to enjoy it over time.

The last of the sun dropped below the horizon leaving just its distorted mirror like fire glow on the clouds above the sea. Felicity turned back to her expansive marble desk and pressed the intercom to her secretary. It was time for the next phase.

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