Native Life Chp.13

“That should do it, Cora.” George looks at Cora as she finishes loading a bunch of firewood on the sled.

The snowstorm they had on the reservation had made it impossible to travel by car. All the roads were covered in deep snow, and even her Jeep was having trouble with the terrain. She was outside helping George with the firewood she brought back through the mystical corridors.

When she put on her mask, it covered her in a new suit suited for the cold weather. Right now, she wasn’t wearing her mask, but normal clothes.

“Okay.” Cora makes her way to George. She told him everything she had been up to lately.

He agreed that there would be blowback for her actions, but with the way the reservation was now. No one was going to be coming after her. She gets in on the passenger side of her Jeep, and George gets in on the driver’s side.

It was a good thing they left the jeep running. It was nice and warm inside the jeep. George looks at Cora “are you ready, kiddo?”

“Let’s get this wood over to Henry and Willow.” Cora sits back and relaxes as George drives.

George knew all the roads and tracks on the reservation better than anyone else. So, it wouldn’t take long to make their way to people. They have been delivering blankets, heaters, food, wood, and water to different people since five this morning.

She had to use her mask a few times to help find the road, but once she did. George kept them on it. She had her mask with her, just in case she needed it. She watched as George drove and munches on some dried deer meat.

“Do you think the weather will be this bad tomorrow, George?” Cora looks over toward George.

“The weatherman at channel twenty-seven thinks so.”

“What do you think?” Cora trusted George more than she did some weatherman on television.

“I think we’ll have to shelter down and survive for the next few days.” George had a bad feeling that this was going to get worst.

“I was afraid you were going to say that.” Cora didn’t like what she was feeling.

For the next three hours, they make their way to several homes dropping off the supplies and checking on people. Cora felt she would need to
check up on some of the families during the week and bring more supplies with her.

After dropping off everything and helping a few families, they make it back to George’s place and park the jeep under the carport, next to one of the SUVs Cora kept from guys who kidnapped George and worked him over. She had a nice collection of vehicles.

Before they get out of the jeep, Cora looks at George “are you okay with me staying here with you? I could always just stay at my place.” Cora’s trailer wasn’t too far from George’s place.

“You know I don’t mind you staying at my place. It will be nice having company during this storm.”

“Okay, lead on, old man.” Cora exists from the Jeep.

George chuckles as he exits the Jeep and starts walking towards his place. He knew Cora was behind him as they made their way to the front door. He opens the door and walks inside. He doesn’t bother to lock his place up.

Cora closes the door behind her as she enters the foyer area. She starts removing all her cold-weather gear. She hangs her jacket up and leaves her gloves and beanie to dry. Once all her cold weather gear was hanging up, she follows George into the kitchen and takes a seat on a bar stool. She watches him put a kettle onto a hot plate and heat up some water.

While the water was heating up, George takes out everything he needed to make stew. He puts all the ingredients into an old crockpot to cook. He turns around to look at Cora “I was just thinking, Cora. You might want to consider finding a successor to wear the mask after you are gone.”

“What’s bringing this on?’ Cora was curious why George would bring this up.

“Because of situations you have gotten yourself into. I know you are doing what the spirits want you to do, but one day you might get into a situation beyond your control.” George turns to look at Cora as he says that.

“True, but right now I’m doing okay. I know you are worried about me, but I’m also learning more about what the magical nature of the mask is capable of. It took Wolf himself to show me a few tricks that the mask could do.”

That statement piqued George’s interest. He had heard rumors that Wolf was among their people, but he has never met him.

“Are you sure it was Wolf, instead of Coyote pretending to be him?” George knew Coyote was known to play pranks and tricks on people.

Cora raises her right hand “I swear it was Wolf himself. He was helping his daughter, Amy.”

That raised an eyebrow on George’s face. He didn’t know Wolf had a human daughter. The last relative Wolf had was centuries ago.

“I swear, George. Wolf showed me a few tricks about the mask, and I have been working with his daughter. That’s why the mask has changed shape. It no longer looks like the mask I received from the spirits.” Cora had been surprised when it changed.

George hadn’t realized the mask had changed appearance. He thought it has always looked like it does now. He looks at Cora “you better tell me again what you and Wolf have been up too.”


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