Baby Sitting Job Chp.22 (Final Chapter)

Inside The Base:
Jessie had managed to fly down to the lower levels of the base. Mostly what she was seeing, was that the place had several incinerators that were used for the disposal of bodies. There were stretchers and folding wheelchairs/platforms.

It also had a smell to it. She leaves the room and searches for another room, that looked like it was used for storage. She moves up to the next floor above her.

The place looked like it had state-of-the-art operating rooms and cells to hold their victims. She notices that several of the cells were occupied. One cell had three young kids in it that were identical in appearance. The kids didn’t look like they were in good shape.

She moves to another cell and noticed that the occupant had been heavily experimented on. Their limbs and part of their face had been replaced with cybernetic limbs. She noticed that the figure had spotted her and was watching her.

“hhheeelllpp me, please.”

Tonya stops and grows to her full height. She looks at the restraints holding the person. The locks securing the restraints were mechanical and very strong. It would take a plasma torch to cut through the locks. Good thing for her that she knew how to pick locks. She radios to Striker about what she had found and where she was.

In The Mansion:
Hunter was moving quietly among the rooms on the top floor. The rooms looked like they belonged to the staff members working for the dear doctor. Several times, he had to hide as some of the medical personnel walked by him. He was sending everything back to Striker on a secure channel.

He comes to one room, that had a teenage girl secured in some sort of BDSM device. Her arms were stretched to the top corners of a rectangle frame. Her legs were spread as wide as they could be and secured to the corner of the frame. There was a spreader bar locking her knees in place.

She also had what looked like a ball gag in her mouth with a clear tube that went down to her groin area and into her urethra opening. He noticed there were little white pads all over her body, including on her nipples. A huge object had been shoved up into her anal opening and another object with wires connected to it into her vagina.

Hunter could see she was in pain, from the expression on the girl’s face. Sitting near her, was a control box where the wires were connected and a few small bottles with the strange looking liquid inside of them. A razor blade lay nearby and so did several needles.

Hunter kills the power going to the device that the electric wires were coming from. He removes the gag, that went all the way down into the girl’s throat. The look in her grey eyes looks cloudy and defeated.

“Striker, we need to take this doctor out.”

“We will, Hunter.” Striker was seeing everything everyone inside saw.

Panthro, Paul, Morph, and Hawk was disabling all the vehicles they found. Pam, Kat, Hell Cat, Angela, and Moon Spirit were taking care of the security personnel they could locate.

Brittany, Crystal, Larka, and Stacy were inside the place looking for the person assigned to them. Larka was going after Dr. Parsons because
Striker didn’t trust anyone else to go after him. He was worried they might kill the doctor.

Kat had just finished taking out a security person and was about to leave. When she spots movement coming toward her. She moves out of the way just in time.

Azrael was leaving the torture room when something didn’t seem right to her. She spotted a person wearing black cat shape armor taking one of the security guards out. An evil smile appears on her face, as she races toward the person. She pulls the knife she always carries with her out and goes to attack the person.

She is amazed that the person moved out of the way as fast as they did. She glares at the person in the armor “who are you?”

Kat looks at the woman and couldn’t believe how she looked. She was identical to her in every sense of the word. She removes her helmet and looks at the woman “the original cat girl.”

A smile appears on Azrael’s face “finally, I get to kill the bitch that Dr. Parsons has been so obsessed with.”

“You can try, bitch.” Kat watches the woman.

Azrael rushes Kat and tries to attack her with her knife. She knew that her knife wasn’t going to penetrate the body armor Kat was wearing, but Kat’s head was exposed. Azrael tries slicing at Kat’s head.

Kat blocks Azrael’s attack and backhands her with her gloved hand. She figured out what the woman was trying to do. She blocks another attack and notices the woman was getting faster.

Azrael smiles as she increases her attack against Kat. She wanted to kill this bitch and make her pay. She uses the special gifts that the doctor gave her and speeds up her attack against Kat.

Kat strikes Azrael right in the middle of her chest. She hears several ribs break when she struck the woman. She blocks a knife attack to her face and kicks the woman’s knee out.

Azrael lets out a scream from Kat breaking her knee and heard several of her ribs crack from Kat’s punch to her chest. She backs up and looks at Kat with a sneer on her face.

Kat looks at the woman “give it up. You don’t stand a chance against me.”

“Never bitch. I should have killed you and your damn brats when we first had you.” Azrael was disappointed she couldn’t do anything against Kat the first time they kidnapped her.

“Your funeral, bitch.” Kat pulls out her handgun and puts a bullet right between the woman’s eyes.

She puts a second bullet in Azrael’s chest to make sure she didn’t live. Kat couldn’t believe how this woman looked. She was identical to her.

“Striker, how is everyone doing?” Kat knew Striker was monitoring everyone.

“Everyone is doing fine Kat. The dear doctor has been apprehended and is safe. His medical staff has also been arrested as well.”

“Good. What are we going to do with the ones called brutes?”

“I’m going to relocate them to a special farm out in Wyoming. There people out there that will be able to help them.” Striker also figures his teammate Jerry could use his ability to restore or fix what has been done to the brutes.

“Striker, I have a problem. It seemed that the dear doctor was experimenting with cybernetics as well. I found one of his experiments locked up and his cybernetic limbs need recharging.”

“Can’t you recharge him?”

“My power doesn’t work like that.” Jessie knew her ability didn’t work like how Striker was thinking.

“I got her covered, Striker. There’s a portable generator in the tank I can use to charge the cybernetics.”

“All right, Panthro.”

Hunter had covered up the teenage girl he had found. The poor thing looked like whoever had been torturing her, has been doing it for a while. He carries the girl up to where everyone was gathering.

He walks over to the tank and lay her down on the seat. As he releases her, she grabs his hand and squeezes it.

“You’re safe. I won’t allow anyone to hurt you ever again.”

The girl slowly releases Hunter’s hand as she falls asleep. Hunter grabs a blanket and covers the girl up. He hopes doctor Webster will be able to help her.

Pam was carrying a little girl that had been locked up in a cage. She looked like Bree but was more like a cat. The poor thing looked like she had been abused. The girl was clinging to her.

“Look what I found?” Pam shows the little girl to everyone.

“She looks like the doctor was trying to make another Bree.” Brittney was looking at the young girl and how she was holding tight to Pam.

“There seems to be a lot of experiments he has been conducting. Most of these people can stay at Cat’s Lair with us.” Angela looks towards Panthro to see what he thought.

“We got the room and they would blend in with us.” Panthro knew what Angela was thinking.

Striker looks over towards the man Jessie found and figures he would fit in with him and his people. He is curious why the doctor did what he did to the man.

“What is your name, sir?”

“Guy Conley.” Guy wonders who all these people were.

Striker does a background search on Mr. Conley and discovers that he was a former special force soldier. He had lost his right arm and left leg while serving overseas.

“Do you have anywhere to go, Mr. Conley?”

“No, why do you ask?” Guy looks towards Striker for an answer.

“I own a ranch down in Texas and also have a team there. I think you would be a good fit and I think I can help you out as well.”

“Do you mind if I think about it? I’m still getting used to what was done to me.”

“No problem. I’m going to send you to our rehab place.”

Guy ends up joining Striker’s team in Texas. As for Bree, Kat and Paul end up adopting her. All the other experiments, including the teenage girl, end up at Cat’s Lair where Hunter takes her under his wing.

The Brutes end up going to Wyoming to help them cope with what has been done to them. Jerry manages to undo a lot of the modifications that had been done to them, with his abilities. Some of the brutes appreciate that they were more human looking.

As for the doctor and his medical staff. They are taken and imprisoned in a secret black site. They were going to spend the rest of their life there. As for the base, the department that handles the abuse of science and medicine comes in and removes everything.

After they remove everything, April uses her ability to seal up the lower levels and restore the top portion to nature.

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