The Angels: Rodeo Tour Chap. 2

Day Of Departure:
“Whose idea was it for us to be here at four in the morning?” Cassady had ridden in with her cousin.

“Don’t complain too loudly, Cassady.” Juni was unloading her bags from the back of her boyfriend’s pickup truck.

“Where are our driver and roadie?” Jessie was looking around for the two guys that were traveling with them.

“Right here, ladies.” Rick and Marty come walking toward the group.
Rick was completely bald and had tattoos on both arms. His right shoulder was covered entirely. He looked like he worked out a lot and appeared old enough to be their father.

On the other hand, Marty was dressed all in black and wore a black cowboy hat. He looked like he used to spend time outdoors. His face had a weathered look to it. He was also very observant as well.

Marty looks at the young woman standing beside the tour bus. He has heard some good things about them and watched some of their YouTube videos. He noticed the one named Juni kiss her boyfriend goodbye. The other ladies were still unloading their equipment and clothes.

He spotted the road manager and smiled as he recognized who it was. He walks over to Cynthia “long time no see.”

Cynthia was unloading her stuff from the back of her SUV when she heard a familiar voice. She turned around and couldn’t believe it was Marty.

“It’s good to see you again, Marty.” Cynthia walks over and hugs Marty.

“And you.” Marty returns the hug.

“I thought you were traveling with Wild Streak as their roadie?” Cynthia didn’t think that the Marty she knew would be the one traveling with them.

“I did until we got to New York. The group had a major falling out.” Marty couldn’t believe certain group members were smuggling drugs for their supplier.

“Well, I’m glad you are traveling with us, and I love your outfit. You remind me of a young Johnny Cash.”

“I’ve always been a country music lover. I prefer the older generation of country singers, but some newer artists are growing on me. So, you will be the road manager on this trip?”

“Yep, this will be the fourth group I’ve managed.” The first two bands she managed did pretty well. The third one, the guys she was managing, just wanted to party too much.

“Well, it will be nice working with you again.” Marty liked working with Cynthia.

“And you.”

Jessie, Cassady, Debbie, Angela, and Juni board the tour bus and look around. They noticed that there were enough bunks for twelve people to sleep in. There was a small kitchen and a small bathroom.

“Man, this bathroom is small.” Debbie couldn’t believe how big it was.

“Good thing none of us are huge.” Jessie had come over to look at the bathroom. It had a shower that wasn’t very big.

“Hey, we have a lounge area at the end of the bus.” Angela returned to the back of the bus and found the lounge area.

The lounge area had a sofa section all around the bus’s end. There was a skylight to let in some sunshine.

“At least we can come back here and relax.” Jessie had moved from inspecting the bathroom to the back of the bus.

“You know, there is one problem.” Juni looks at her bandmates.

“What is it, Juni?” Cassady looks at Juni for an answer to her question.

“There’s not much room for us to change and prepare for our show. Sure, there might be dressing rooms for us, or there might not be.”

“That is true, but you ladies must work out everything.” Cynthia looks at all the Angels.

“We’ll figure something out. If nothing else, we can get ready back here.” Juni figures they could all do their makeup back in the lounge area.
They could set up a table or something.

“True. So, how long is the drive to the fairgrounds?” Cassady turns to look at Cynthia.

“Four hours, and I suggest you use that time to go through your songs to play for an hour gig.” Cynthia was informed that they were first up.

“Only an hour gig?” Both Debbie and Jessie were disappointed.

“Look, you guys are the opening act for Luke Bryant and Little Big Town.” Cynthia knew there was one more group but couldn’t remember who they were.

“We’re opening up for Luke Bryant and Little Big Town?” All the girls look at Cynthia when they hear whom they are opening for.

“Yes.” Cynthia knew Luke was a judge on American Idol along with Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.

“Oh, man. We better be good for him and Little Big Town.” Angela loved Little Big Town songs.

“Well, you girls have VIP passes. So, you’ll be able to visit them. Also, the rodeo’s sponsors have asked if some of you would be willing to judge some of the contests they are putting on.”

“Sure, it would be fun.” Jessie has been a judge before.

“What type of contest are we judging?” Cassady looks at Cynthia with a suspicious look on her face.

“Well, since I didn’t volunteer any of you for anything. I’ll let you choose for yourself.” Cynthia looks at her tablet.

“Up! Oh! We’re in trouble.” Debbie knew this trip was going to be trouble.

“Here are your choices. Chili cookoff, Pie contest, Barbecue cookoff, and Animal judging contest.” Cynthia looks at the girls.

“I’ll volunteer for the Chili contest. Hot stuff doesn’t bother me.” Juni loved hot stuff.

“I’ll take the pie contest.” Cassady figures she would give that a try.

“That leaves, Barbecue and Animal judging.” Cynthia looks at Debbie, Angela, and Jessie.

“That leaves one of us free.” Angela figures she could help out the vendors.

“I’ll take the barbecue contest.” Debbie figures she could do that.

“What the hell? I’ll do the animal contest.” Jessie figures she could pick out a cute animal.

“You girls better get seated. We’re moving out.” Rick calls back to the girls.

“Thanks, Rick.” Cynthia leads the way toward the front of the bus.

“I’m taking a top bunk.” Debbie climbs into one of the top bunks and sets it up for herself.

“Fine with me. I’ll take a middle bunk.” Cassady starts making her bunk.

The three girls walk up to where Cynthia is and sits down. They sit down on the sofa section. Jessie looks toward Cynthia “do we have internet access?”

“Yes, and satellite access as well. You can keep up with your favorite stories/shows. However, I recommend you guys choose your song lineup
before we arrive.” Cynthia looks at Angela since she is the lead singer and one of the owners of the band.

“I nominate our version of Moonshine.” Cassady liked the way they rewrote Ray Stevens’s song Moonshine.

“Yeah, we can also do Looking for a decent cowboy afterward.”

“Don’t forget I’m a sexy cowgirl.” Angela liked that song a lot.

“Or weed and whiskey, either.” Juni liked that song.

“I think you ladies have everything worked out.” Cynthia sits back on the sofa and answers some emails.

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