Lilith's Despair: Prelude

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Author's note: I am still working on my edits of The Return of Lilith. It has been taking me a lot longer than I planned it too. I hope that these edits will make the story better overall. I decided today that I was going to take a break from editing and knock out the prelude to the next adventure of Lilith and her family. This one will contain some violence against women and some graphic descriptions of rape and abuse. I wanted to warn you up front since this will be a common theme throughout the book. I hope you enjoy the new adventures.

Mu'thar stalked through the old home which housed Shri'la and Lilith. The home was cleaned out very thoroughly, nothing was left on the inside. The magic that should have been there was dissipated. The only traces of magic left on the property were in the garden out in the back. This magic was different than any other magic that he had ever felt before. It was an all-encompassing feeling of hope and joy. It disgusted him in a way that he could not define. The only thing he knew for sure was this was something very different than any other magic he had ever experienced.

He was hoping that he would be able to uncover some information about how to get to Shri'la and Lilith. These women would make great tools for father's army. He would be able to use them to create stronger soldiers so that we could finally rule over the humans. Shar'li might end up being a problem for father to control. She is the queen of succubus, but father has been able to bring any woman to heel with his magic.

Lilith has shown her power by fighting the Archangel Michael, and rumors from the underworld are that Lucifer has also put her on the do not touch list. How can a human gain the power to bring both powers to their knees? She must have a weakness. She must have something that father can exploit. We might have to find a way to draw them out individually so that we can get them to submit to us.

Mu'thar cannot stand that these women have commended so much power over the humans. Women are to be used for their bodies and should not be above their male betters. They must be put in their place and used as they should be, as sex slaves.

Mu'thar received a message from his father to get an update on obtaining the women. Mu'thar sent a message to his father telling him that he had found more information about the women he desires. Kar'tar gave Mu'thar the task of finding out how they can bring these women to their knees in front of him.

Mu'thar's phone rang, "yes father. I am at the home Shri'la was inhabiting recently. The magic in the house is gone, the only source of magic now is this garden in the back of the house. That magic is definitely not from Shri'la, I am guessing it was from Lilith. The magic is like nothing I have ever felt before."

Kar'tar growled into the phone, "I don't care about some stupid garden! I want to know what they were up to before moving into that wizard city."

"Yes father, I have found that Shri'la was living with a human man for the last twenty years. They had a son together who is sixteen now. They both were teaching history at a human university here, until Lilith and Shri'la freed Shar'li from the Vatican. That is also where Lilith fought the Archangel Michael and won. Her magic is not something we should take lightly," Mu'thar told his father.

"What weaknesses have you found for the three?" Kar'tar asked his son.

"The only weaknesses I have found are their human families. Lilith and Shar'li have taken another human woman to be their mate. We might be able to use them as leverage against the three of them." Mu'thar said.

"Yes, those humans would be easy to corrupt and use against the rest of them. Those women care to much about family, and it will be their undoing. Have you found a way of getting to them in the city?" Kar'tar asked.

"Not yet the portals the human's set up to get into the city are protected against demons now. The only way would be to get invited in by them or find a way to separate them when they leave the city." Mu'thar answered.

"How can these stupid humans prevent us from entering the city? Their limited magic is nothing compared to ours," Kar'tar said angrily.

"I do not know father; they have warding ruins set up around their portals that prevent us from getting through. I tried to sneak through, but the ward prevented me entry. These wards rival those of the angel's, I have no idea how they got them." Mu'thar answered.

"Find a way to bring them to me or don't bother coming back," Kar'tar ordered. The line went dead with that. Mu'thar walked off the former property of Shri'la.

Getting access to these women was the priority, but it was not going to be easy. They have protected themselves from any type of demonic attack. This was not some simple kidnapping. Those three women together could probably destroy me if I attack them all. But by themselves I should be able to easily dominate them. They are only women after all, and they are all weaker than I am.

That would be the answer separate and dominate, I’ll use one to bait the other two. What could I use as bait to get one of them to come out of that giant snow globe?

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