S(m)ister Wife Part 4

This story contains sex scenes

The next day I was "allowed" to wear a normal housedress, with normal underwear which included a black, open-bottom corselette. Carol was very quiet that morning. Bob had left early and after breakfast, she took me upstairs to continue my training.

She didn't want me to go down on her. She seemed upset. As I lay on my back and she gently and very slowly slid the well lubricated dildo into me. I grunted with pain.

"I'm sorry if it hurts Kirsty, but it's for your own good. You have to be stretched so Bob can make love to you on your wedding night."

"When he rapes me you mean. There is no love here Carol. I don't think you really love him."

Her expression turned from sympathy to anger. She held my semi-erect cock and shoved in hard.

"Aaaahhhh. Carol, stop you're hurting me."

I hated to admit it to myself, but I was sort of enjoying these daily sessions. I had convinced myself it was her hand on my cock. I knew the gentle stretching of my ass did feel incredible when it was combined with her soft touch.

She pulled out and turned away. She took off the dildo and said,

"Meet me in the sewing room when you're dressed. " She said as she left the room.

Sitting in the well-lit room she had me sewing an emblem of a cow with huge horns on a blanket.

"What is this Carol? Who's symbol is it?"

Her face brightened.

"It was my daddy's symbol for this farm. It used to be a wonderful place. We had cows, pigs, and chickens. Not only that we grew corn."

She had a lovely smile. She was a plain-looking woman otherwise. Very "big framed". One description could be a "big ole farm girl". The sort that is bred by generations of big farming families. She was around 6ft. Nowhere near as large as Bob, but I suspected I would never beat her in a fight, even without her martial arts training.

I saw my chance.

"Why don't you farm now? You and Bob."

Her expression changed again.

"When my mother got cancer, my father neglected the farm. The farm hands never go paid and drifted off. When he died a little later Bob married me and told me we were going to sell most of the land."

"Surely it's your farm, not Bob's. Why on earth did you marry him anyway?"

For the first time since I had been kidnapped, she let her guard down. She put her head in her hands and wept. I crossed over to the sofa where she sat and awkwardly sat next to her. The huge petticoat I was wearing spilled over the legs of her jeans.

I cuddled the woman who had emasculated me. I knew she wasn't the driving force behind this. If I was ever to get out I would need her help.

"Come on Carol, pretend I'm your sister tell me all about it."

"Oh, Kirsty. I have missed being able to talk to another woman so much. it has just me and daddy, then me and Bob."

"Tell me then. You'll feel much better. I'm all ears."

She told me that when she was young she was always a "big girl". The other kids made fun and called her lump or heifer. The nickname stuck and she never dated. She had resigned herself to thinking she would never marry. Then along came Bob. He was a farmhand that got interested in her right around the time her father was dying.

What a coincidence I thought. I had seen lipstick on Bob's shirt a few times. I never told her as I didn't know how she would react.

"Carol, you do realize he only married you for your money."

A fresh wave of tears confirmed she knew.

"I don't want to be alone though Kirsty. You understand that don't you?"

"Carol, where does Bob go every day? I have been here about a week and he goes out all day and comes home drunk every night. I know he hurts you sometimes."

She hung her head in shame. She knew the whole marriage was a sham. Someone else pointing it out just made her realize how obvious it was.

"I asked him why and whose lipstick it was on his shirt. He backhanded me and told me to mind my own business."

"Carol you can't stay with him. He'll kill you one day and feed you to the pigs"

"No, he wouldn't do that. I'm sure. No..."

I was getting through to her. I pushed on.

"Who controls the money, Carol?"

"He does. The last bank statement I read said I had $950,000. He has this banking app on his phone so he takes care of all the bills."

I bet he does. I thought.

I had to get a look at his phone, but I needed the password. I bet he goes into town every day and spends money on another woman. I needed to prove that to get her on my side. At least now I had a plan.

That night she dressed me in a short pink baby doll nighty. It came with a set of ruffled pink panties. They looked like something from a sissies dream. I had just settled down in bed and I was rubbing my sore feet. The 6-inch heels were not getting any easier.

"Kirsty can you come in here please" Carol called.

I felt vulnerable as opened the door and saw Bob leering at me. My frilly panties showed beneath the hem of the baby doll.

Bob hiccupped, he was drunk.

"My ladies all together in one room. One big happy family."

Where was this going? I glanced at Carol. She was wearing a red silk dressing gown. She shook her head in warning.

"I wanna see some lezzy action. Get to it, ladies."

I froze, not knowing what to do.

"Carol. Strip. All fours at the edge of the bed."

She did as ordered.

He slapped my pantied rear.

"You, get on the bed and slide under her. Lick her pussy you dyke. "

He laughed as I slid beneath Carol. I was staring up at the pussy that I had licked for the last few weeks. I felt my shriveled cock start to slowly harden. I had been conditioned to this. I would lick her and she would use a dildo on me and wank me until I came.

She had told Bob I was soft all the time now so I had not had my cock locked between my legs for a few days.

"Go on, thank your sister wife. Thank her for teaching you to cook and clean. Showing you how to sew and iron clothes. Thank her for giving your life meaning. You were a useless wimp of a man, and now you are useful as a woman. Lick her pussy!"

I had no choice. She lowered herself onto me. I tasted her now familiar juices as my tongue got to work.

"Oh yeah, that's hot. Use your hands, Kirsty, play with her tits."

I reached up. Her nipples felt huge. All the other times I had been alone with her she had kept her top on. I massaged her huge tits. She was groaning now. Enjoying the attention Bob never gave her.

My cock was almost fully hard now.

"Wow, this is great. We're all having fun. Carol, suck her tiny clitty. It's only fair. Help your sister out."

Her warm mouth engulfed me. I let out a deep sigh. This was only the second time in my life someone had sucked my cock.

I was actually starting to enjoy this.

Then it happened. Carol was lifted up off my face by a few inches and Bob's rock-hard cock slid between my face and her pussy. I saw it all. I saw the helmet part her wet lips and plunge inside her.

She yelped but pushed back against him.

I tried to move away.

"Stay where you fucking are bitch. Lick her pussy as I fuck her."

What could I do? If I didn't he could zap me and make me do it. Carol was sucking me for all she was worth. It felt so good, I didn't want that to stop. I angled my neck and licked her clit as his hard rod pumped in and out.

I heard muffled screams from Carol. This was driving her wild. Bob's heavy balls were blinding me as they slapped into my forehead as he sped up his thrusts.

This was so bloody perverted. I felt disgusted by what I was doing. My tongue was licking her clit and his cock at the same time. They had turned me into a sex toy. But my cock felt harder than it had ever felt in my life. I was about to come. I nearly passed out as I shot the small watery load into Carol's mouth.

I was jolted back by Bob's angry shout.

"Keep licking bitch. Don't you dare fucking stop."

I continued licking and got another face full of his sweaty balls. He gave a few more hard thrusts, then shouted. I felt Carol shudder as he pumped his load into her. He withdrew quickly and thrust his member at my gaping mouth. I had no choice but to admit it.

It tasted of Carol's pussy and semen. I wanted to spit it out or bite down. The thought of the pigs made me continue sucking.

"Good girl. Clean me up. When you're done, there is plenty more in Carol to clean too."

When he had softened up a few minutes later, he withdrew and slapped it on my forehead a few times.

"Wasn't that fun for us all? I going to get a beer. Clean Carol up and get to bed."

As he left the room, Carol gently sat on my face. I could feel Bob's cum dripping onto my face.

"Sorry, Kirtsy. Better do as he says."

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