Ghost Of The City

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Stephanie crept across the rooftop of the building she was on. Her target was across the street inside a building directly across from the one she was on. According to her sources, it used to be a high school that got shut down. However, she had never seen an abandoned high school with so much security. It had video cameras covering the front of the school and the parking lot. There were at least ten or more cars down in the parking lot. She flips off the rooftop of the building she is on and lands on her feet. She sprints across the street, using the darkness for cover. She takes her paintball gun out and blackens the surveillance cameras with paintballs.

Once they are blackened out, Stephanie moves quickly to a spot where the darkness would conceal her. She pulls out a blow gun and loads it with a needle soaked with a fast-acting knockout drug. She hopes the drug is as fast-acting as Pete told her it would be.

She aims and strikes the first guard. She quickly reloads with another needle and hits the second guard. She watches as both men fall unconscious to the ground. She tucks the blowgun into her thigh-high socks and enters the building. She spots the guards operating the security cameras and takes them out with a loaded dart.

She moves further into the old high school. She starts on the first floor and starts knocking people out. She would love to kill these men for what they did to these teenage girls, but she was under orders not to kill anyone.

She was to use nonlethal force and subdue everyone. She moves from room to room, stopping the men. She couldn’t believe the décor of each room as she entered them. One was decorated like a little girl’s bedroom, and the one next to it was like the inside of an Arab’s tent.

There were a few rooms that were decorated as BDSM dungeons. The first room she stepped into had a woman all tied up with one leg in the air and her other leg secured inside a boot on the floor. It was like she was doing a sideways split. She had a gag ball in her mouth, and her tits were wrapped with ropes that her breasts were turning purple from being tied so tight.

The man inside the room was overweight and wearing a black leather hood over his head. However, he was buried deep inside the woman’s body.

“I’ll never get that out of my head.” Stephanie throws one of her darts at him and watches as he drops to the black marble tile floor.

It takes her about thirty minutes to subdue the patrons. One room had a woman whipping a young girl around her age. The young girl had her breasts squeezed in a wooden clamp. And was hanging by her arms, causing her to stand on her tiptoes.

When Stephanie saw that, she just shook her head in disbelief. She knocks out the woman doing the punishment, unties the young girl, and lays her down on the ground after knocking her out. She checks the girl before handling the rest of the men and women in the converted high school.

Forty-five minutes later, Stephanie stands next to Detective John Brown. He looks at Stephanie and the way she is dressed. He still couldn’t get over how her costume looked like a sexy nun costume.

“Your information about this place was dead on.” Detective Brown has been after this sex trafficking ring for a while now.

“You just have to know how to talk to men with dirty minds.” Stephanie had lured a guy she had heard about that had visited this place.

The perp couldn’t resist how she was dressed when she got him to the hotel room. She used a truth drug on him and got all her needed information.

“Well, I don’t want to know how you got the information.” Detective Brown knew Stephanie/ Ghost, as she called herself, could be a lethal person.

“Hey, you said I needed to cut down on the bodies I was leaving behind, and I have. All these people were knocked out with a new drug I developed.” Stephanie was glad she was good at chemistry.

The drug she developed acted fast and didn’t leave any after-effects. At least she was able to use her knowledge for good for once. She had a lot to make up for and was glad God gave her a second chance to make up for all the wrongs she did.

“Well, I’m glad you listen to my advice for once. Why don’t you get out of here while you can?” Detective Brown knew the sergeant for the 23rd precinct would be arriving soon.

“Gotcha.” Stephanie heads back the way she came.

Her car was a Lamborghini Sian. She stole it from an arms dealer who collected rare and fast cars. The Lamborghini San he owned caught her eye, so she took it. She knew all the government would do was auction it off.

She drives back to the old garage she has been fixing up and parks the Lamborghini inside. She closes the garage door and arms the alarm system. Afterward, she heads upstairs to her apartment and changes clothes. She puts her outfit in a converted steam cabinet that will sanitize and clean it. She stands in a pair of leggings and an oversized t-shirt looking at the cabinet. She thinks back to how things have gotten so complicated for her.

It was three years ago when her life was upended. She had been a chemist making custom drugs for several gangs. The people who paid her for the drugs would tell her what they wanted, and it was up to her to make it. She has always been good at chemistry, so it was no problem.

Sometimes they would bring her samples of drugs and such to see if she could replicate or improve on them. She knew what they were doing with her medications but didn’t care. She enjoyed the money she was getting for making them and loved the freedom to do whatever she wanted.

The thing was, she knew one day something would go wrong. Not only did it go wrong, but it did it in a big way. A group of guys wearing military tactical gear assaulted her lab. They stormed the place and killed the people working there.

Someone among their group had fired at where she was hiding. The person destroyed several beakers of chemicals sitting on the workbench where she was working. She had been replicating a serum that used artificial stem cells to stimulate certain traits in a person. Also, a sample of the Blue Lace drug had been up on the workbench’s surface. She hoped to break it down and make a better version.

The thing was when the unknown assailant shot towards her location. A bullet had gone through her shoulder. The other bullets he fired in her direction shattered the beakers with the chemicals in them and caused them to spill onto her and into the wound.

Her body went into shock as the lab caught fire. Somehow, she managed to escape while the place burned around her. She wondered aimlessly until she came to the Convent of the Order of St. Anne. Sister Mary Roberts found her just inside the convent entrance. She was unconscious just inside the reception area. Sister Mary Roberts took her to their infirmary, where she slept for four days.

Sister Mary Roberts and her sisters watched over her until she woke up. She needed clarification about where she was and how she got there. Sister Mary Roberts explained that she had found her passed out just inside the reception area of the convent.

She grabs her oversized purse and sunglasses and walks out of the building she had bought with money she took from the arms dealer. He had the cash sitting around, and she needed it more than he did. She also took enough to donate to the convent. She owed those ladies her life.

Not only had they saved her life, but gave her a purpose in life. She has been using what she learned about herself and the areas where she lived. She knew about the different gangs and what they did. Who their leaders and muscles are? What drugs they sell, and what businesses they are into.

She couldn’t police them all the time or go to war with them either. However, she made it known that she wouldn’t put up with gang wars or drug sales within a specific area she protected. She made it known that if she caught anyone working those areas, she would skin them alive.

Two gang members thought they would ignore her and conduct business in the areas she said not to. They found those gang members’ bodies hanging outside, where the gang leader ran his business. She left a note saying she wasn’t playing and would do worse next time.

She knew they would test her one more time, and this time, she would up the ante. She would blow up one of their stash houses. She knew where they kept their money. Before she blew it to pieces, she would take a considerable chunk out of it for operating expenses. Also, she would give the convent some money as well.

A smile appears on Stephanie’s face as she walks down the sidewalk. After the successful mission, she had last night. She was thinking about doing some window shopping and maybe catching a movie.

A side effect of the drugs that had changed her, she didn’t need to sleep as much as other people. She could get by with only four hours of sleep per day or eight hours every two days. She stops at a sports store and looks around.

While looking around, she spots a few items she could use. She picks up some more Co2 Cartridges for her paintball gun. She also picks up some empty paintball casings she could fill with the knockout drug she developed. The air guns they were selling weren’t up to the ones she paid her friend Pete to make.

On top of constructing paint guns for her, he was a chemist like her. His knockout drug was a little better than her own. She pays for her purchases and leaves the store. Since it was still early, she stopped at Dan’s Irish Pub and ordered chicken tenders with mac and cheese. She also orders a Mudslide to drink.

Four people were sitting at the bar, drinking beer. She could smell the aroma from where she was sitting. She was sitting across from the bar by the huge glass window in a booth. All her senses had been affected by the chemicals that spilled into her opened wound.

Her body has undergone a significant change. She is still learning what was done to her as she looks out the window while listening to the music playing from the hidden speakers. She pulls her cell phone out and browses Facebook to see if anyone has responded to the minion comments she shared. She loved the different minion cartoons she got. She spots a few posts from her friend Alyona out in Montana.

A smile appears on her face as she remembers the day she met Alyona Bounty. She had been heading back from apprehending a robber. She wasn’t even halfway to where she parked her van when she heard gunshots. The gunshots weren’t far from her, so she checked them out.

When she arrived, she saw a young woman with long platinum hair. She held down a man with her foot on his neck and his arm held up with his fingers bent backward. The gun was a few feet from the guy lying on the ground.

She stood there and watched as the platinum-blonde hair girl reached into her purse and took her cell phone out to call the police. After the police arrived and took Alyona’s name and what happened. She approached Alyona and introduced herself to her.

They became friends and stayed in contact with each other. She learned that Alyona had come to compete in a chess game and decided to go for a walk before the game. She also knew from Alyona that her father was a telecommunication mogul and had taught her how to protect herself.

She attended the chess match and watched Alyona compete against several opponents. There was one guy Alyona competed against that was very good. He kept Alyona on the defensive and would have won if Alyona hadn’t played a surprise move. The guy didn’t even see it coming when she played it.

A waitress brings her order and sets it on the table before her. Stephanie smiles at the woman “thank you, Carol.”

“Any time, Luv.” Carol turns and walks over to help another customer.

Stephanie takes a bite from her food and moans. She loved the food here at Dan’s Irish Pub. She takes her time eating her food and enjoying the mudslide she ordered. When she finishes drinking the first mudslide, she orders a second one to drink.

By the time she is done eating and drinking. Stephanie pays her bill and leaves a good tip for Carol. She waves goodbye as she walks out of the pub and down the street. Stephanie walks by a few shops admiring the displays in the window. Some look interesting, while the others don’t like they would fit her body.

She was still getting used to how her body worked. The Nuns at St. Anne taught her how she should act and how she should care for herself. It was weird having a bunch of Nuns teaching her about the female body. However, she was grateful for what they taught her. She did take their advice and got a birth control implant. That way, if she found someone she wanted to have sex with, she would be protected.

Stephanie walks around downtown for a while. She stops at the locally owned grocery store and does some shopping. She had always liked cooking and was thankful she hadn’t forgotten how to cook when she changed. After she finished shopping, she headed back towards the garage.

Once she was home, she started putting the groceries away. Afterward, she starts prepping everything she needs to make dinner. She covers up a yawn as she puts the ingredients in the refrigerator.

She covers up another yawn as she makes her way toward her bedroom. She strips her clothes out and lies in her birthday suit on the bed. She read somewhere that sleeping in the nude was good for the body.

It takes her body a few minutes to shut down, but eventually, she falls asleep. Since she was changed and enhanced, it took her body a while to shut down. Her body falls into a deep sleep.

She has only had to go out a few times in the following weeks. She stops a man from beating his wife and interferes in a confrontation between two police officers and a suspect they had pulled over, according to what she learned from the situation. The officers had stopped a young black man driving through the neighborhood. The young man inside the car refused to stop recording the officers and asked them several times to explain why they pulled him over.

One thing led to another, and the officers broke the driver-side window and pulled the guy out of his car. She knocked both officers out with her paintballs. She called Sergeant Tischler to come down and arrest the two officers. She got a video copy from the young man to give Sergeant Tischler.

When she wasn’t going out looking for trouble or listening to the police scanner, she worked on developing a new knockout drug. She still loved chemistry and developing new drugs. She managed to get her hands on the Blue Lace drug and some new ones for men.

She found out that there were three different versions of the Blue Lace drug. The first version was a liquid type that could be programmed to change a person. She learned that the liquid contained tiny nanites inside the liquid, which could be programmed with a particular device that she managed to get her hands on.

You could program the nanites to custom-design a person. The liquid contained artificial stem cells that could change a person’s DNA. If the nanites weren’t programmed when injected into a subject, they default to a random generator and scan the victim’s DNA to change them.

The second version was a purplish-blue pill/powder containing artificial stem cells and gene cells that could rewrite a person’s DNA. The last type was a blue crystal-like substance that stimulated the brain and changed the body. This one was new and had just hit the black market.

The new drug she recently discovered at an illegal drug lab was for men. It enhances a man’s libido to produce more semen and last longer. It also affected his penis as well. It made it thicker and longer. The side effects from what she saw of the testing the lab did, caused men to become sexually aggressive.

There were rumors of a drug being tested that could physically enhance a male’s body. It would strengthen their muscles and endurance, making their skin semi-resistant to small-caliber weapons. So far, she hasn’t managed to track down where she could get her hands on it.

The effects of the drug usually lasted for a few hours. However, the more pills or powder the subject took, the longer it would last and, after a while, cause the subject’s heart to explode. That startled her when she reviewed the testing data she had gotten her hands on.

She tried tracking the source of the artificial stem cells and artificial gene devices that could be used on a person. However, anyone connected to the device or drugs wasn’t talking. No matter what technique she used to extract the information from them.

She learned that several concealed mobile labs traveled the highways. She also knew several black ships out on the ocean were manufacturing the drugs. However, the organization that controlled them was very secretive and well-funded.

Stephanie woke up one morning and noticed it was pouring outside. She wanted to stay in bed and curl up with a good book, but drags herself out of bed and headed down to her gym to work out. The warehouse she bought was registered under an assumed name. It was listed as a privately owned research lab.

Most of the building had been renovated so she could do research. She had gotten the latest or a few years out-of-date equipment to reproduce or produce anything she needed. She could analyze and break down any substance or contain it. The drug dealers, illegal gaming casinos, and weapon smugglers she busted paid for most of the equipment.

She paid for the gym and her living quarters. She used the money she had stashed away when she worked for the criminals to pay for the furniture, equipment in the gym, and living quarters. She walks into the gym and starts exercising.

She had taken a few ideas from some of the obstacle courses she had seen on American Ninja Warrior and American Gladiator to design the system. The course itself had two settings. It could be set for lethal or nonlethal training. Most of the time, she used the nonlethal setting when she trained.

“Alexis, beginning training mode 3b with a ten-minute time limit.” Stephanie prepares herself as she watches the countdown.

Stephanie sprints forward as the words START flash on the big screen. She clears the first obstacle and goes on to the second part. She pays no mind to the countdown on the screen as she runs the course. She knew she would finish it and have three seconds to spare.

By the time the buzzer sounds. She had already reached the end of the course. She was still amazed at how her body was changed. All her reflexes were enhanced, and she recovered from any wounds she received faster than usual.

She runs the course a few more times but increases the difficulty of it. She practices hitting targets and trying not to hit civilians taken hostage. Detective Brown had spoken to her about the body count she had been stacking up and how the mayor, the chief of police, and the governor were talking about arresting her for her vigilante activities.

The chief of police didn’t like her at all, and the governor wasn’t a big fan of hers after she caught him cheating on his wife. She had tracked a known smuggler to the governor’s hotel. Not only did she capture the smuggler with the goods. She caught the governor having sex with his campaign manager.

Since the cross she wears contains a micro camera that records everything she does. She had footage of his transgression, which she could use to blackmail him. Or, she could give it to his wife and let her take everything he has.

So, after her talk with Detective Brown, she had to devise a different way to handle the bad guys. She did some research and developed the paintball idea after watching Dog The Bounty Hunter. It uses a strong knockout concoction to take her enemy down. She still carries a gun as a backup but won’t use it unless she has no choice.

After running the course five times, she takes a break. She grabs a flavored water bottle from the small refrigerator she keeps in the gym and takes a big gulp from it. She sits on the floor with her back against the wall, listening to the rain. She wonders how long it is going to rain.

Stephanie shuts the gym down and heads back to her apartment. Her exercise outfit was soaked in sweat. She walks into the bathroom and fills the tub. She adds a few scented bath balls to the water and watches as it changes color. A sweet floral scent rises from the water.

Stephanie lowered her body into the hot water and rest her head against the tub rim. She starts washing her body with the soap she picked up at the outdoor market. She loved shopping there. They had a lot of lovely homegrown and homemade items there for sale.

After washing her body and hair, she rinses her body off and drains the tub. She refills it again and adds more scented bath balls to the water. She leans her head back against a rolled-up towel and relaxes.

After Stephanie gets out of the tub and puts on an oversize t-shirt and knee-high socks, she slips her slippers on. She goes into the kitchen and
heats a frozen meal she made a few days ago. Typically, when she cooks something, she makes enough for two people. She freezes the leftovers so she can reheat them later.

Stephanie curls under a blanket and watches television for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Her body takes a while to relax, but she finally falls asleep. She lets herself slip into a deep sleep instead of the light sleep she normally allows.

The Next Day:
“Come on, Ricktor. You know you can’t outrun me.” Stephanie was chasing after Ricktor.

She could overtake him at any time, but she wanted to let at least him feel he was accomplishing something. She jumps over the trash cans he threw in her way. She loved the cat and mouse game they were playing.

“Enough of this.” Stephanie overtakes Ricktor and slams him up against a building wall.

She looks into his brown eyes as she lifts him off the ground. She knew he carried a message to Larry “The Snake” Jones.

“What was in your message to the Snake, Ricktor?”

“I don’t know. It was on an encrypted thumb drive.” Ricktor looks into the hazel eyes of the Ghost.

Stephanie listened to Ricktor’s heartbeat and could tell he was telling the truth. Her enhanced senses allowed her to act like a lie detector.

“Where did you take it?”

“The post office over off Maple and Ivy. Box 1312.” Ricktor knew she would make him if he didn’t tell Ghost what she wanted. He has heard stories about what she would do to make you talk.
Stephanie lowers Ricktor down to the ground, and lets go of him. With a stern look on her face “get out of here before I change my mind.”

Ricktor started running as fast as he could. He wasn’t about to give the Ghost a chance to change her mind. He looks back for a second but doesn’t see her anymore.

Ghost knew the post office Ricktor spoke about. She heads towards there on her motorcycle. Today she decided to take her motorcycle instead of her car. She changes out of her outfit into a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt with a nun blowing smoke from the barrel.

She goes into the post office to see if the thumb drive has been picked up yet. She used her lock-picking tools to open the book and saw that it was there. She sprays it with a radioactive solution she can track and closes the mailbox.

She leaves the post office and watches from an empty office across from the post office. She knew that sooner or later, either Snake would show up to retrieve the thumb drive or send one of his minions to do it. Either way, she will track him down to find out what was on that drive.

She sits and watches her handheld monitor. She didn’t mind the waiting, but she wished she had chosen a better office to watch from. The place had a strange smell to it.

She sits there and waits. Her monitor started beeping, letting her know the thumb drive was moving. She didn’t spot anyone going into the post office at all.

“You’re a sneaky one, Snake.” Stephanie followed the thumb drive to wherever it was going.

After thirty minutes, she spots a young woman drop the thumb drive off at a bakery. The woman walks out with several loads of bread. Stephanie watches as the woman walks away from the bakery. However, the thumb drive was still there.

Stephanie waits before leaving the office building; she is watching from. She makes her way over to the bakery and narrows down where the thumb drive is located in the building. She tracks the thumb drive to a hidden office.

She tries to find a way into the room but can’t. She looks up and spots that she could send a small drone up. She pulls out a small drone she carries with her and sends it up into the rafters. She manages to pilot it to the ceiling and drill a small hole. The drone had a small camera that she could lower into the hole.

The picture was a little fuzzy but looked like a presentation slide with pictures of a young teenage girl. The drone wasn’t equipped with a mic, so she couldn’t hear what was said on the slide. She hits the return button and has the drone fly back to her.

She puts the drone away and prepares herself. She summons her strength and spins around for a roundhouse kick on the hidden door. She put so much force into the kick that her kick forced the door open. Just as she is about to walk into the office, several bullets hit her in the chest.

She goes flying backward from the impact. She looks up and spot Snake firing his guns at her. She takes her paintball gun and fire toward his location. She fills the area with several paintballs and hears a thumping sound.

She puts her nose filter plugs in her nose and walks into the cloud. The nose plugs were filtering the effects of the cloud. She looks down at her feet and spot Snake’s unconscious form.

She drags his unconscious body back into the office and secures him. Afterward, she makes a copy of his hard drive and of the thumb drive. The encryption software he used to unlock the thumb drive she makes a copy of it.

Stephanie pulls out her cell phone and dials Detective Brown’s phone number. She knew Snake had several outstanding warrants against him.

Detroit Police Department Sixth Precinct:
Detective Brown was reviewing some notes from a snitch about a case he was working on. His partner had gone to grab a cup of coffee. As he is sitting at his desk reading his notes, his cell phone starts to ring. He looks at the number and notices it is the number Ghost used to call him.
He stands up and walks away from his desk as he presses accept. He wonders what she wants “hello, Ghost. What can I do for you?”

“You can come and collect The Snake from me.” Stephanie looks around the room and notices the collection of weapons he has.

“What are you doing with the Snake?” Detective Brown knew he was one of the most dangerous hitmen in Detroit. He was the great-grandson of one of Al Capone’s enforcers.

“Let’s say that I just prevented a hit on someone. I don’t know who yet, but you might want to come down to Yellow Flour Bakery and put him in jail.”

“All right, I’ll send a patrol car to pick him up.”

“You better come yourself, Detective.” Stephanie didn’t trust most of the police officers on the police force. She knew some of them were corrupt.

“All right, I’m on my way. Are you going to wait around?” Detective Brown knew he must be careful about his friendship with The Ghost.

“I’ll hang around until you get here.”

“All right.” Detective Brown ends the call.

Since Stephanie would wait for Detective Brown to show up, she sat at Snake’s laptop and looked at the slide show he was looking at. She noticed it was a young teenage girl with dark hair wearing blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a blue jean jacket. She also had on a light brown cowboy hat.

She was tending to some animals, and she was shown standing next to a nice light chestnut color horse in one slide. She looked like she was tending to the poor horse.

“Why would anyone want to kill this girl?” Stephanie looked confused and puzzled. She dug through the information that had been sent and noticed that the listed address was similar to her friend Alyona’s.

Stephanie takes her cell phone out and dials Alyona’s number.

Bounty Ranch, Caldwell, Montana:
Alyona stood outside by the fence watching Haylee as she tended to a horse Haylee and Dr. Gaines had rescued. The horse was a prized racehorse with an impressive bloodline. The person to whom the horse used to belong had been abusing it. The poor thing had been skin and bones when Dr. Gaines and Haylee rescued it.

She couldn’t believe someone would do something so mean to a beautiful creature. Her whole family loved horses. As for Haylee, she knew Haylee had a special bond with animals.

“Haylee, be careful. Your mom would kill me if something bad happened to you.” Alyona saw the horse getting a little aggressive.

“I’m okay, Aunt Alyona. Dusty here won’t hurt me.” Haylee pets Dusty’s neck.

Alyona shakes her head. Ever since Rae taught Haylee about her special gift, she has been helping Dr. Gaines more and more.

Alyona feels her cell phone vibrate in her back pocket. She presses the earpiece in her ear “hello?”

“Alyona, it's Stephanie from Detroit.”

“Hey Stephanie, what can I do for you?” Alyona was wondering why Stephanie was calling.

“Do you know who lives at 556 Valley Hill Way?”

“Yeah, that’s my sister Julia’s place. Why are you asking?” Alyona turns around and walks away from the fence.

“Because I came across a hit placed on a dark-haired teenage girl that lives there.” Stephanie wonders why someone would go after Alyona’s sister.

“Send me what you got.” Alyona figures she needs to take this to Julia.

“Okay, I’m sending it to your email address.” Stephanie sent all the information she had recovered to Alyona’s email address.

Alyona, hears her cellphone beep when the email arrived. She opens the email and opens the slides first. She saw that they were of Haylee.

“Stephanie, who was the hitman these photos were sent to?” Alyona knew she was going to have to tell Julia.

“Larry “The Snake” Jones. He is one of the primer hitmen here in Detroit. Do you know the teenage girl in the slides?” Stephanie was curious.

“Yeah, that’s my niece Haylee. And the horse in the slide is a good breed horse that was being mistreated.”

“So, why is someone taking a hit against your niece?”

“Because the horse is worth over a million dollars, and the owner is being charged with abuse. He’s well connected and has a lot of money.”

“That explains everything. Do you want me to come to Montana and talk with him?” Stephanie wouldn’t mind teaching this guy a lesson.

“Nay, we have that covered. Once, my older sister finds out someone put a hit out on her daughter. She’ll teach him a lesson.” Alyona knew what Julia was going to do to the man.

“Well, if you need help, give me a call. I’ll come out and teach that fellow a lesson.”

“Thanks, Stephanie. I’ll pass that along to my sister.”

“Okay, you take care.”

“You too.” Alyona ends the phone call.

Fifteen minutes later:
Detective Brown and several police officers show up. He spots The Ghost sitting in a chair waiting for him.

“It’s about time you showed up, detective. I could have gone and made myself a sandwich while I was waiting for you.” Stephanie stands up and walks over to Detective Brown.

“I had to get the warrants.” Detective Brown spots The Snake unconscious and handcuffed with a pair of zip cuffs.

“Well, he’s all yours. Oh, by the way. I think I know who hired him to kill the girl in the slides.”

“Oh? Who hired him?” Detective Brown was curious.

“I wish I could tell you, detective. However, the girl he was hired to kill is the daughter of a Montana K9 police officer.”

“And let me guess. You spoke with them and she is going to handle this herself?”


Detective Brown just shakes his head as he picks The Snake up and takes him away.

Stephanie walks out and heads home. She wonders what Alyona’s sister is going to do to the person.

Stephanie As The Ghost
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I would think the nuns would

I would think the nuns would have a heart attack if they saw that costume.


Samantha Heart's picture

If I recall correctly these weren't your average nuns you normally think about especially the way they dress. I think there was another story posted not that long ago about that, but Stephanie couldn't figure out exactly what at the time.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

Detective you DON'T want to know

Samantha Heart's picture

Impressive outfit Ghost has.... Very sexy indeed lol. Actually it's a nice trap for sex ptetitors & others lol. As for Snake he'll be in prison for a LONG TIME if they can get the death penalty so much better if they can prove murder 1. As for the hit on Halie Bounty when Julia finds out well let's just say he could wind up as wolf chow AFTER JACK & JULIA have THEIR way with him.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.