Bro to Sis in Minutes

Hailey was tired of her twin brother. Howard was always that one brother who you couldn’t seem to bond with. He’s a great guy, but he always kept to himself, and Hailey rarely got to spend time with him. She’d try to take him out with some friends, or even just watch a movie with him, but to no avail. She had always wanted a sister, someone else to have by her side, but their parents stopped with just the two of them.

One Friday, after her shift at the café ended, Hailey just wanted to chill. Their mom and dad were out on vacation this weekend, so they had the house to themselves. She went to Howard’s room and asked if he wanted to play a game or something, and all he said was “no thanks” to her. He was sitting there on his laptop, stuck in his own little world. She just sighed and left the room, but on this night, her plan came into motion.

Hailey had recently gotten into hypnosis; yes, you heard that right. It’s usually seen as a phony practice, but Hailey was just drawn to it for some reason. She looked up videos, bought books, all on learning the art of hypnosis. The only attempts she’s really made were on their cat, and it seemed to work, but you can’t know for sure. After her strenuous learning of the subject, she wanted to try it out on Howard.

That night, Howard had gone to bed at his normal time. He’s usually a deep sleeper, so Hailey had no worries about disturbing him. She snuck into his room, and sure enough, he was sound asleep. She prepped everything she needed, and began the hypnosis process.

“Howard,” she whispered, “you shall become what I’ve always wanted you to be. When you wake up, you will be drawn to everything feminine. Without a second thought, you will do anything that transforms you into a girl. The more feminine you look, the more girly you feel and become. You will eventually look and act like the sister I’ve never had.”

With that, she ended the hypnosis session and rushed out of the room. Howard didn’t seem to stir at all, so it doesn’t seem like he took notice to what she had done. She really hoped that it would work. Hailey went to her bedroom and set her alarm for an early time, making sure that she would witness her brother’s transformation. She got into bed, smiling about what might be to come.

After Hailey had woken up, she remembered that she wanted to have some supplies for Howard to find when he comes to. She put some of her old clothes, makeup, and toiletries into a box, and she snuck the box into Howard’s room, in a place where he would definitely notice it. If the hypnosis worked, then he will start using the stuff in the box; if not, he’ll probably just question it and return it to Hailey. So, she waited outside of Howard’s door (which she had mostly closed), hoping to get a sneak peek of her experiment.

It wasn’t long before Howard began to stir in his bed. After a few minutes, he sat up and got out of bed to go to the toilet. He walked halfway to his bathroom before he saw the box. He was very puzzled, but decided to open it. With the feminine stuff on display for him to see, there was almost no hesitation for him to take out a nightgown and a pair of matching panties. He immediately changed into the clothes he picked out, and it seemed as though he really wanted to do it. Yes! Hailey thought, The hypnosis worked! This is going to be a great weekend.

Howard, after changing, practically dashed to the bathroom; he must have gotten so caught up in the hypnosis that he forgot why he was up. Hailey used this opportunity to go downstairs and get breakfast to seem inconspicuous. She got out some cereal, milk, and a couple of bowls, setting it all on the kitchen table. Just as she got to sit in her chair, Howard came walking down the stairs. Hailey couldn’t help but smile at her little hypnosis work, seeing him in the nightgown.

“Morning, bro!” she said, as normal.

“Morning,” he responded back. This response actually seemed genuine, as he used to just mumble, groan, or stay quiet when Hailey said that to him. Things definitely seemed to be changing for the better in her eyes.

“You want to do anything today? We can have a lot of fun with mom and dad gone.”

“Maybe. I’ll try to think of something I might want to do.”

They chatted a little as they ate breakfast. This is probably the most they’ve talked to each other since they were younger, and Hailey was really happy about it. Once they had finished eating, they cleaned up and went upstairs. They parted ways in the hallway to go to their respective rooms. As Hailey headed to her room, she noticed that Howard immediately went towards the box. She smiled and went to get ready.

Hailey was sitting on her bed with her phone, waiting for Howard to finish getting ready. She hadn’t taken long to prep herself, as she wanted to stay casual for the day. She thought about what was to come, and how Howard might end up looking. He seemed normal in the nightgown, but who knows what more he’ll become with the tools provided in that box.

She started to wonder if he was alright, when he was suddenly standing at her doorstep. And wow, did he look amazing. He had changed his hair, straightening out his matted mess into flowing locks; he had also used shampoo to make his hair soft and fluffy. He had done his makeup: mascara, light eyeshadow, foundation, and lipgloss. He shaved most of his body hair off, including face, arms, legs, and chest. He wore a white tank top with “PINK” splayed across it in pink letters, and Hailey could see a red bra strap peaking out. The tank top was kind of short, so his stomach was showing a little bit. He sported a pair of black short shorts, and he likely had panties that matched his bra. Finally, he had minimal jewelry on: just a bracelet and a couple of rings. You could barely tell that he was a guy with the way he looked.

Hailey was stunned, but she wanted to act like nothing was amiss, so she sputtered out, “did… you think of anything for us to do?” Howard, in a soft, feminine voice, said, “Can we paint each other’s nails? Mine are looking gross.” “Sure! I haven’t touched mine in weeks, either.” They both giggled and went to get the necessary supplies.

They both sat in Hailey’s room while doing their nails. Howard (or Howie, as he now liked to be called) picked out a bright pink polish to use. Over time, they chatted and took turns painting each other’s finger and toe nails with the same color. It didn’t take long for them to have completely matching nails. As they talked, it was like they had been close their entire lives. Hailey was really enjoying this.

The twins spent the rest of the weekend attached at the hip. They went shopping, watched movies, and did stuff most sisters would do. Howie fully passed as a girl, and people were none the wiser. He (now she) embraced her new persona and was the girliest girl of them all. She was the perfect sister that one could have.

Hailey, with Howie now completely female, had to take on a new task. When their parents came back, she hypnotized them into thinking they’ve always had two daughters. She also had to do the same to anyone who knew them, which actually didn’t take long. Her hypnosis skills became strong due to this.

Not long after that weekend, the twins were accepted into the same college and decided that they would go together. They chose to share a dorm room too, because why not? They were a team, an unstoppable force of newly-found sisterhood. And it’s all because Hailey had turned her brother, into her sister, in minutes.

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