Taken by the Grey Folk


"So, do you think we can try for a baby then John?"

"Is that what this has been all about? The picnic, the walk in the woods?"

"I want kids John. You promised me we would try when we married."

John turned around and backhanded her across the face. Susan span, and fell to the ground hitting her head on a ragged wall of stones. John panicked. Had he killed the daft bitch? He had only married her for her money. The old country house with 8000 acres of land was not to be sneezed at. He was living the high life now since her mother had died. Now the daft cow kept going on about kids. It was getting on his nerves.

He listened to her breathing. There was no sound. What the hell could he do? He didn't mean to kill her. Not that he loved her. She was just a means to an end.

As he bent over he noticed the low wall she hit her head on was a small well about 4ft across. He had an idea. Shove her down the well then come back a fill it in. He couldn't see the bottom. Hopefully, after he had dumped enough of the wall down it she would be buried under enough rubble that no one would find her.

As rolled her body in, her eyes opened.

"John no!"

He gripped her hand and stared into her pleading eyes and let go. She screamed as she fell. He never heard a splash. It must be deeper than he thought. He kicked a good part of the slime-covered wall in after her to make sure she would drown down there and walked back to his house. He should have done this weeks ago. They had a joint bank account, so with her out of the way he was sitting pretty.

Scarcely yards away from the well a woman appeared in long white robes. His heart pounded. Had she seen him do it?

"Why do you disrespect the sacred well so hot blood? Do you know anything of the traditions like your ancestors, no?"

She was old, yet she gave off an air of authority and wisdom.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Get the fuck off my land you stupid old bitch."

He tried to push past her, but she somehow seemed to remain in front of him without walking. It was like she was gliding.

"Your land? This land has been the home of the Scullin family since before the invaders came."

"What are you talking about invaders, you daft old cow? Who are you?"

"I am the lady of the well. The well you tried to use to kill the last daughter of the Scullin's. Such disrespect shall not stand. Your ancestors knew how to talk to the grey folk. They showed respect and courtesy. In turn, I gave the water of the sacred well healing powers. Now all is forgotten. The village is gone and only the ruined well remains."

"Who are the grey folk? I have never heard of them."

"It is hot blood words for us that live behind your limited perception of reality. I think your kind also call us Fae or Fairy? We are what you see out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look properly you cannot see. The fantastic creatures you see in your dreams, that is us. Your waking minds will not allow you to perceive us. You have dreamed of monsters and dragons hot blood, no? "

"I'm not a child. There is no such thing as fairies. Nothing like that exists on earth"

"You are correct. Nothing did. My people grew in a world very different to this. The vessel that brought that life from our world departed before humankind was in its present form. We are now spread across the cosmos"

She is definitely off her rocker, thought John, Alien fairies. What a looney, but she knows what I did. He swung his fist and connected with her face. It felt odd. It felt like he had not hit anything. She fell to the ground nonetheless and glared up at him.

She stayed limp as he dragged her to the lip of the well. It felt like dragging an empty sack. She weighed nothing. She looked up at him as he fed her feet first into the well.

"No hot blood has ever shown me such disrespect. I don't care that the king commands the grey folk to leave you to live your short, bright lives without interference. Auther and Merlinus had their time interfering, I will have mine. This outrage will be paid for."

She slipped silently down the well. She didn't seem to fall, more floated. It was as if the well welcomed her back. John shook his head and returned to the old manor house.

John poured himself several glasses of whisky with shaky hands as he recalled the meeting with the old woman. He took the bottle up to bed with him as he contemplated what he was going to do with his new wealth.

Susan had no close relatives. It would be years before anyone knew she was missing. He could slowly siphon the money from the joint account into his own account. He could then leave the country. Perhaps no one would ever know she was gone.

He awoke from his drunken sleep by the sound of the bedroom door opening. His head pounded as he sat up. What was the shape in the corner? The black shape seemed to stretch until it reached the ceiling. He smelled what he could only guess at, as a damp dog smell. How could a dog be in his room standing on two feet and be 8ft tall? He must be dreaming he told himself.

He realized he wasn't when a furry hand clamped around his leg and dragged him off the bed. John screamed and kicked at the shape. It had no effect. He tried to twist free but only succeeded in pulling a muscle in his leg. When the creature reached the carpet-covered stone staircase, the creature didn't pause. The successive impact of the stone stairs knocked John into merciful unconsciousness.

When he awoke he saw he was covered in mud and was alone next to the well. He got to his knees and heard the sound of running water. A thick stream of clear water ran up from the well and pooled on the ground in front of him.

Within seconds it poured into two solid shapes, Susan and the old woman stood in front of him. Only the old woman wasn't old now, she was young, with a terrifying beauty.

As the woman spoke, she glowed. Her voice filled the dark wood and John trembled. He knew he had fucked up badly.

"What say you now hot blood? What say you before you are judged for desecrating the sacred well?"

Even though he was quaking, he wouldn't back down. He was a man for god sake. No way would he take this shit from a couple of stupid women.

"Fucking judge me you stupid bitches? When I get up I'm going to finish what I started you're both going back down the well permanently."

He tried to rise, but his legs wouldn't work.

"What have you done to me you whores?"


The power of the lady's words echoed throughout the wood. Nothing stirred. Even the sound of the breeze blowing in the trees ceased.

"Susan Scullin, what would you have me do with him? Have you a good word to say for him before I unmake him?"

"Oh, great lady I plead for his life......." Susan whispered into her ear.

John saw an unpleasant smile form on the lady's face. She gaze down at him and John saw her eyes turn black. Her eyes bored into him and he saw visions.

He saw his legs lifted as Susan smiled down at him. He saw, then felt the nappy wrap around his bottom. John looked down. he was cuddling a doll and stumbling about uneasily on weak legs.

Then realization struck him as he saw an image of himself in a school uniform looking back at himself in a mirror. He wore a grey skirt, a white blouse and white socks. The vision changed and he saw a hand with pink frosted nails reach into a small handbag and reach for a tampax. He felt a mixture of pride and shame.

Images of his body developing curves, mini skirts, panties, tights, high-heeled shoes and makeup flashed before his eyes. He tried to close his eyes and it occurred to him he was not seeing this with his eyes. It was in his mind.

A frilly dress swirled around his knees. He felt the wind lift the hem and heard himself giggle as he struggled to push down the billowing dress.

His perspective changed again. He saw the ceiling of a darkened room, felt a sharp pain between his legs. A drunken grinning face appeared above him and said. "You're gonna love it babe, I'll be gentle".

Another image of himself in a mirror wearing a large blue dress and black tights. His hands went down to caress and smooth the dress about his swollen belly.

The visions stopped.

He felt himself shrinking in on himself. He was getting smaller and smaller. Both women smiled down at him. His fat, pudgy hands waved in front of his face. He had no control.

"I know you can still understand me. You are trapped in there now. Trapped to live the life I have shown you glimpses of, but powerless to speak or change anything. You will feel and experience everything as but a passenger."

He felt himself being lifted and heard the infants cry.

The lady beamed at Susan.

"The Scullin family name will continue. Through your new baby daughter."

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