Ambushed Part. 6

The Next Day, Early Morning:
Falcon activated the tracker Scout managed to put on Buck’s vehicle. She followed Buck from the club to his house. She noticed Buck had taken one of the dancers with him, leading her by a gold leash attached to a gold collar around her neck. She hung back enough not to let him know she was following him.

She had taken Scout’s souped-up motorcycle. The thing used an electric motor and was extremely quiet. It also had several gadgets built into it. Where she was a huge A-Team fan. Scout was a huge Street Hawk fan from the 80s.

What people didn’t know about Scout? Was Scout used to be a dirt track racer? She used to race under her cousin Jason William’s name. She and her cousin used to be really close until their parents found out that they were lovers. That was before Scout was turned into a woman. Scout used to be a gay guy that was in a relationship with her cousin.

Both she and Scout suspected that someone in her family had turned her into a girl. They couldn’t prove it. However, Falcon knew Scout’s family was heavily involved in the Catholic religion and didn’t tolerate anyone straying from their Catholic beliefs. That included Scout’s sisters and female cousins taking birth control or denying their husband sex.

She hangs back when Buck pulls into the driveway of a nice house. The place had to be worth a million or so. She hides Scout’s motorcycle and makes her way toward the house. She watches as he taps a code into the lock on the door. She noticed it was an advanced Ring style of lock.

She pulls a little black box from a pouch on her utility belt and aims it at the lock. She presses a button on the box and watches as little wisps of smoke emerges. She places the device back into her pouch and slips into the house.

The house looked modern and had a lot of nice stuff. She locates the kitchen to see if Buck is in there but doesn’t see him. She walks back into the foyer and hears some giggling coming from above her. She goes up the stairs and follows the moaning and giggling sounds. She follows the sound to a bedroom and peek inside the room.

She couldn’t believe what she saw when she looked inside the room. There were three anthropomorphic animal women in there. The woman Buck brought home and into the house stood on all fours as the other women played with her breasts and licked her anal and vaginal opening.
One of the anthropomorphic women looked like she had panther features. Another anthropomorphic woman with bright red hair looked like she was part Bengal tiger. The last Anthropomorphic woman looked like she was a white fluffy house cat. All of them looked like the rabbit girl back at Scout’s place.

While the anthropomorphic women are playing with the woman, Falcon watches Buck approaches a huge oak cabinet and open it with a weird-looking key. She couldn’t see what he was doing, but when he closed the cabinet doors. He had the same type of syringe that Randy found.

“Now, my dear. Let’s see what type of Cheetah woman you will make.” Buck grabs the collar around the woman’s neck to hold her.

“I don’t think so, asshole.” Falcon springs forward and tasers Buck with a baton she had drawn from her hip holster.

Buck passes out from the 300 million voltage traveling throughout his body. She couldn’t believe how big his penis was when she looked at his body. She hears a roar as she is attacked by the panther-looking woman.

Falcon is knocked backward off her feet and onto her back. The three cat-looking women were ganging up on her and were trying to bite and claw her. It was a good thing her suit was bullet and tear-proof. The panther-looking woman was trying to rip her helmet off.

“I don’t think so, BITCH!” Falcon shocks the woman with her baton.

The cat woman jerks violently before passing out. The other two women were trying to bite and tear through her jumpsuit. She tasered them with her baton until they were unconscious and secured them with two sets of zip cuffs. She looked over at the other woman, and she was pleasing herself. The poor woman looked in the same state Scout had been in when they came to her.

Falcon stands up and walks over to her. She pulls a small spray bottle off her belt and sprays the woman with it. She watches as the woman passes out from the spray. She kneels next to the woman and gets her fingerprints. She doubts the woman has a police record, but trying to identify the woman never hurts.

Nothing appears on her cellphone. She runs the woman’s face against the DMV database and discovers her name is Rachel Cornelius. She lived at 545 Cornwall Road.

Falcon looks down at Rachel. “I hope you appreciate me stopping that creep from turning you into a cat woman, Rachel.”

Falcon searches Buck’s body for the key and finds it. It looked like an old fashion skeleton key but was in a weird shape. She could see that it had circuitry embedded in it. She walks over to the cabinet and inserts the key, and tries to turn it. It wouldn’t turn for her.

“So, it only registers Buck’s finger pattern.” She turns around, walks over to Buck’s unconscious body, and drags it over to the cabinet.

She lifts Buck’s hand and uses it to turn the key. When the cabinet opened, she couldn’t believe the drugs and blood samples inside the cabinet.
She notices the readout on the inside of her helmet, showing that the temperature inside the cabinet is below 10 Celsius.

There were bags and bags of animal and human blood stored on shelves. The patches used on Scout and several small vials of Blue Lace drug were stored in there. There were about twenty small vials of some brown liquid.

Falcon taps the side of her helmet. “Sparrow, you’re not going to believe this.”

Scout’s/Charly’s place:
Sparrow was getting ready to interrogate the men when her cell phone beeps. She answers it and hears Falcon’s voice come from it.

“Why do you say that, Falcon?” Sparrow was curious.

“Switch to video and see for yourself.” Falcon switches from voice to video.

Sparrow looks at the video feed coming from Falcon’s helmet camera. She lets out a low whistle when she sees everything.

“Damn! That’s a lot of drugs.” Sparrow couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“That’s not all.” As Falcon turns to show the unconscious anthropomorphic cat women as well.

“What the hell?” Sparrow couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“That’s not all, Sparrow. It seems Buck here was about to turn his latest girl into a Cheetah/ Human cat person.” Falcon picks up the same type of syringe Randy found.

“Damn, that looks like the same type of syringe Randy found, maybe slightly bigger.”

“It is. What has Scout stumbled onto?” Falcon was curious.

“That’s a good question. I’m going to join you. Raptor can interrogate the men here.”

“All right, see you when you get here.” Falcon sends the address to her location.

Sparrow goes to talk to Raptor about the new plan.

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