Fighting The System

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Hope High School, Hope, Arkansas:
“Jackie West, why aren’t you dressed out for gym?” Coach Rivera looks at Jackie as he sits against the wall.

He had been warned about Jackie West being added to his class and that Jackie was a transgender girl. He didn’t need the headache and felt all transgender students like Jackie West should be sent to special schools instead of letting them attend regular schools with typical students.

“Asked that question to our bitch of a governor?” Jackie and her parents were told when she started school that she would have to use the bathroom facilities and locker room that correspond to the sexual identity recorded on her birth certificate.

“Look, you don’t use that language in this school, which also doesn’t excuse you from attending the gym. Now change, or you’ll receive a zero for this class.”

“Then I’ll take the zero. Because the homophobic Republicans at the state capital and that bitch of a governor isn’t going to make me feel like a second-class citizen.” Jackie wouldn’t mind blowing up all of them for what they were doing to trans students like her.

“You just want to go and look at the girls in our class as they undress.” Kevin looks over toward Jackie. He didn’t know much about him but knew he was a boy dressed as a girl.

“If I want to do that, moron, I’ll go on the web and look at porn like the rest of you do.” Jackie has caught Kevin and some guys watching porn on their cell phones.

“Enough; give me fifty laps around the gym.”

“Yes, sir.” As the students start running around the gym.

“As for you, Mr. West.”

“That’s Mrs. West, Coach Rivera.” Jackie wouldn’t stand for teachers not calling her by the proper nouns.

“Your no girl, Mr. West. No matter how delusional you act.”

“That’s one person’s opinion.” Jackie looks up at Mr. Rivera when she says that.

“It’s everyone’s opinion. You can’t change biology, no matter how hard you try.” Coach Rivera was already regretting having Jackie West in his class.

“Well, you know what they say about opinions, don’t you? They are like assholes, and everyone has one.” A smirk appears on Jackie’s face.

“You have an answer for everything, don’t you?” Coach Rivera was getting angry with Jackie West.

“Only with stupid, arrogant people. You’re a coach and should have learned that just because a person is born, one gender doesn’t mean they are that gender. I’m just surprised someone with your college degrees would follow the law based on hatred and religious backing.” Jackie has researched the new law passed by the bitch and liar in the governor’s office.

“Your parents could have just enrolled you in a private school.” Coach figures private schools didn’t have to follow the new law.

“First, they are expensive, and my family isn’t rich. Secondly, they pay taxes here, and I have every right to go to this school and be treated fairly, even if that bitch of a Governor and the other morons at the capital make stupid laws.”

“I won’t spend the entire class arguing with you.” Coach Rivera turns and walks away from Jackie.

Jackie gets up, walks out of the gym, and heads towards the library. Why waste time sitting on a hard floor doing homework when she could sit at a table and do her homework? She could care less what the school or the damn local government said or did. She won’t dress out for gym or use the bathrooms here at school because of some such law passed.

Jackie works on her homework until the bell rings. When it does, she goes to her next class. She skips lunch and as she is getting ready to leave school. Some students corner her she doesn’t know.

“What can I do for you guys?” Jackie looks at the four of them.

“You think your so special, don’t you?” Bobby looks at the new student.

“Yep, I sure do.”

“I don’t want perverts like you looking at my sister or girlfriend.” Bobby pokes Jackie in her shoulder.

Jackie doesn’t do anything yet. She reaches into her pants pocket and puts her hand around the small bottle of pepper spray she carries. She had problems at her last high school with bullies.

“Like I said before. I don’t care about how your sister or girlfriend looks. Suppose I want to see naked women or young girls. I’ll go on an anime site or a porn site.”

“Bobby Lawson, leave that young girl alone.” Lori was on her way out the door when she spotted Bobby and several boys from his neighborhood cornering the new girl.

She heard about the new girl, how she told coach Rivera off, and several of her teachers that didn’t address her adequately. She walks over to the group and looks at the guys.

“Stay out of this, Danielle.” Solomon turns around to look at Danielle.

“I don’t think so.” Danielle looks at Solomon. She wasn’t scared of Solomon.

“I have an idea. Instead of us fighting or arguing. Why don’t we all go home.” Jackie knew who Danielle was. She lived down the street from the house her parents had just bought.

“Why don’t you just shut your faggot mouth before I shut it for you.” Bobby looks at Jackie with a disgusted look on his face.

“All right, you kids, break it up.” Michele spotted many kids cornering the student she and the rest of the security personnel were informed about.

Danielle spots Michele walking toward them. She knew Michele was a lesbian and was married to a cute Puerto Rican woman. She once saw them at the local gay club she and her girlfriend liked attending.

The four guys cornering Jackie spotted one of the security guards the school hired to patrol the school approaching them. Bobby turns back to face Jackie “we’ll continue this some other time.”

Michele watches as the four guys walk off. She saw that Danielle had stuck around.

“Don’t you have a bus to catch, Danielle?” Michele knew Danielle had caught the school bus.

“Nope, my girlfriend is picking me up.” Danielle was dating a twenty-two-year-old woman.

“Well, there’s no reason for you to be hanging around, then.” Michele gives Danielle a look that is meant to beat it.

Danielle holds her hands up “all right. I’m going.”

Michele watches as Danielle begins to walk away.

Danielle turns to leave, but before she does, she looks at Jackie “see you tomorrow.” Danielle walks off.

Michele turns her attention back towards Jackie West. She noticed that Jackie had her hand in her pants pocket.

“What’s in your pocket?” Michele was curious about what Jackie had.

“Military grade pepper spray.” Jackie managed to get her hand on military-grade pepper spray.

“How did you get your hands on military-grade pepper spray?” Michele was puzzled by that.

“I have a cousin in the Army. Thanks for showing up, security officer Michaels.” Jackie takes her hand out of her pocket.

“You’re welcome. Let’s get you to your ride.”

“Okay.” Jackie changes out her books and shuts her locker.

Michele escorted Jackie to the parking lot, where her scooter was parked. Jackie drove her scooter to school whenever she could.

“Thanks, Mrs. Wilder.” Jackie puts her helmet on as she unlocks her scooter.

“You’re welcome.” Michele watches as Jackie rides off.

Afterward, she turns around and heads back into the school. There were a handful of teachers that stayed behind to help their students. She patrols the upper floors first and makes her way down to the main floor.

Jackie listened to some music as she rode home on her scooter. She knew that she would have to catch the bus when winter started. That’s if her father or mother isn’t offered another job elsewhere. She hated living in this backwater state and its homophobic laws. She has to go out of state to continue her transitioning. At least there was nothing the sack of crap lying governor could do to stop that.

She makes it home and spots a note her mother left for her. She worked late at the Hospital tonight and wouldn’t be home until midnight. Her father would be home around seven if she wanted to eat dinner. It was in the refrigerator.

Jackie hoped to talk with her mother tonight about what went down at school. She sets her backpack by the dining room table and enters the kitchen. She opens the refrigerator to see what her mother left to defrost for dinner.

She notices it is a roast. She pulls the roast out and the vegetables her mother selected to cook with it. She preps the roast and puts it in the oven to cook. She’ll work on the sides when the roast is ready.

Jackie wasn’t as good as a cook as her mother or father, but she knew how to follow her mother’s cookbook and follow directions after getting the roast cooking. She sits down and works on what homework is due tomorrow. She grabs her calculator and uses it to solve the math problems in her math book.

For her government class, she had to write a report on the current issues going on in government. An evil smile appears on her face as she starts writing. She was going to lay out everything wrong that was going on and make sure the blame was laid out on the right people.

When she comes to the governor, she lays into her. She ensures that her teacher realizes the type of homophobic person the governor is. She didn’t care if her teacher was a republican or a democrat. All she cared about was who caused the current laws being passed restricting access to medical treatment for trans kids and the recent stupid bathroom and locker room rules.

She takes a break and walks into the kitchen to check the timer. She wanted to have everything ready by the time the roast was ready. She starts working on the sides.

Steven pulls into the driveway and notices his wife’s car isn’t there. He checks his cell phone and sees that his wife has sent a message informing him that she is working late. He gets out of the car and walks into the house.

“Jackie, I’m home.” He walks into the kitchen and spots his daughter fixing dinner.

“Hi, dad.” Jackie heard her father’s voice when he called out.

“Looks like you have been working on dinner.” Steven walked into the kitchen and saw that everything was almost ready.

“Mmm. Everything smells good.” Steven had to admit that his daughter did good.

“Thanks, dad. I know it’s not as good as yours and moms, but I followed mom’s directions.” Jackie takes the roast out of the oven and opens the roasting bag.

“Then it should turn out good then.” Steven knew Jackie was good at following directions.

“Thanks.” Jackie puts the roast on the plate and starts cutting it.

While Steven watches Jackie as she cuts the meat, he wonders how school went for her “how was school today?”

“Terrible. I have gym this week, and this state’s new governor signed because of the new law. I have to use the boy’s locker room, which I refuse to do. You’ll probably get a phone call from the school about my behavior.”

“What did you do?” Steven wonders what Jackie did.

He knew life would be hard on her when they moved here. He and his wife couldn’t turn down the job opportunity.

“I called the republicans that voted for that crafted that stupid law morons and the governor a bitch. As well a lair, since she could never tell the truth when she worked for that moron that needs to be in jail.” Jackie knew that the country had made a mistake voting for a con man and liar for president.

“What have your mother and I said about calling the governor a bitch, and where did you learn such language?” Steven knew he and his wife had never taught Jackie those cuss words.

“Well, she is. I can’t believe that the morons of this stupid state elected her to be a governor. She’s proven that every word from her mouth is a lie.” Jackie has all the times Sarah Sanders lied on television for Trump recorded.

“You know, you’re not going to make any friends with that attitude.” Steven looks at his daughter.

“If they’re going to act like morons and believe the crap coming out of Sarah Chuckbee’s mouth, then I don’t need them as friends.” Jackie goes about fixing a plate for her mother and setting it aside for her to take to work or to eat later.

Afterward, she fixes herself a plate and sits at the dining room table to finish her government assignment. After she finishes it and checks it, she goes online for a while and designs a few t-shirts with the faces of the republicans that crafted and voted for the new law. She puts a caption above all their faces saying this is why we need birth control, to stop inbreeding morons and racist A**H***s, especially with this one, which had Sarah Sanders’s picture. She paid for several shirts to be made so she could wear them to school.

Steven knew Jackie was up to something. He knew his daughter didn’t like living in Arkansas with its new laws targeting transgender people like her. It was bad enough that his wife had to take days off from work, take Jackie out of state for her doctor appointments, and get her medication.

After dinner, he goes to his bedroom to get ready for bed. He checks in on Jackie and notices she is wearing her babydoll nightgown his wife bought her before they moved.

“Don’t stay up too late, sweetie.”

“I won’t, daddy.” Jackie looks at her father standing in her doorway.

“Sweet dreams.” Steven turns around and heads back to his bedroom.

Jackie watches as her father leaves. She goes back to the website she created that had the Governor and all the republicans that helped with the new law with their addresses, cell phone numbers, and what cars they drove. She even had to know whom they were related to. Finding all this information took her a while, but she was good at researching.

She turns her computer off and heads to bed. She hopes tomorrow will be better than today. She grabs her favorite plushy and holds it against her body as she falls asleep.

“Mr. West, will you please answer the question?” Mrs. Winters looks at Jackie West.

Jackie ignores Mrs. Winter’s question and looks down at her textbook. She wouldn’t answer to being called by a male noun or pronoun.

“Jackie, Mrs. Winters is calling your name.” Roger nudges Jackie.

Jackie looks at Roger “when she uses the proper pronoun or addresses me properly, I’ll answer her.”

“Look, she’s the teacher. You have to answer her.”

“No, I don’t.” Jackie hears Mrs. Winters call on another student.

When the class had ended, Mrs. Winters stopped Jackie before she left the classroom. Jackie looks at her “what can I do for you, Mrs. Winters?”

“Your attitude, Mr. West.” Mrs. Winters looks into Jackie’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, but there’s no Mr. West here. There’s a Mrs. West here if you can’t see that. Maybe you should get your eyeglasses checked, Mrs. Winters.” Jackie walks past Mrs. Winters and out into the hallway.

Jackie hated this school and several of her teachers. She knew it wasn’t the teacher’s fault because they were told to call each student by their proper pronouns instead of how they identify. Her old school never had this problem. They treated trans students by their identity instead of what they were born with between their legs.

Jackie goes to her next class and sits in the back of the course. Mrs. Crystal Halstead was an excellent teacher, but she was restrained by the new law the republicans passed recently. So, instead of calling on her for anything. She just let her do extra credit work to make up for class participation.

Jackie gets her notebook out and starts copying the assignment on the blackboard. Her old high school had the newer whiteboards they use in colleges now. You could hook a computer to them and display or record whatever you wrote on the boards.

Jackie finishes writing down everything on the board and listens to Mrs. Halstead as she takes the roll. Afterward, she records the discussion from the class. She’ll listen to it later while she is doing her homework.

She leaves Mrs. Halstead’s class and heads towards the gym. She wasn’t going to dress out again. She enters the gym and spots Coach Rivera talking with school principal Newton.

“What do I owe the pleasure of this, gentlemen?” Jackie walks over to Coach Rivera and Principal Newton.

“Why aren’t you putting your gym clothes on in the locker room, Mr. West.” Principal Newton looks at Jackie when he asks that question.

“Which locker room do you want me to use? There’s no Mr. West here, Principal Newton.” Jackie looked at Principal Newton when she asked that question.

“You know which locker room, Mr. West.” Principal Newton gives Jackie a stern look.

“Well, since you’re just going to go along with the new law like a good little puppy, no. And stop calling me Mr. West, Principal Newton.”

“Remember what we talked about when you first enrolled?”

“Yes, sir, and I told you that if you are going to follow the lying bitch Governor’s new law, I will refuse to change and take part in gym class.”

“Mr. West, I don’t appreciate the language you are using.” Principal Newton gives Jackie a disappointed look.

“Then, stop addressing me as Mr. West. Do I look like a male to you?” Jackie wore a pair of leggings and a lightweight t-shirt dress with black leggings and calf-high boots.

“It doesn’t matter. You are still biologically male. So, you must use the locker room and bathroom that corresponds with your gender.”

“And that’s where we have a problem. So, unless you gentlemen have a solution. I’m leaving.” Jackie turns and starts walking out of the gym.

Both men watch as Jackie walks out of the gym. Coach Rivera looks towards Principal Newton. “What are you going to do with him?”

“I don’t know. This new law that governor Sanders signed into law is making things difficult. I can’t blame Jackie West for not wanting to follow the new rules. The problem is, he has a bit of an attitude.” Principal Newton was going to need to talk with Jackie West.

Jackie was getting tired of arguing with coach Rivera and the other teachers. She wants to fit in, but with some of her teachers and the new law. It was making it difficult to be an ordinary girl.

While she is walking towards class, Solomon and another guy jump Jackie. She feels a hand placed over her mouth as she is dragged into a nearby empty classroom. The next thing she feels is someone punching her in her stomach. She tries biting the person’s hand covering her mouth but is stuck in the face.

“It’s time you learn your place, Jackie.” As a person with a black mask kicks Jackie.

While the fight is going on in the classroom, the fire alarm is pulled. The security team typically patrols the halls and helps escort students out of the building. While they are busy doing that, Jackie gets beat up by five guys in the classroom.

Several Weeks Later, Hope General Hospital:
Jackie jerked awake and tried to scream but had a tube going down her throat. She noticed that her right arm was in a cast, and her left hand and forearm were in a cast as well. There was a tight feeling in her chest, and her left leg felt heavy.

Jackie’s mother, Nancy, comes running into the room. She spots Jackie sitting up in bed, looking disheveled and confused. She was trying to pull the tube out of her mouth.

‘It’s all right, baby. I’m here.” Nancy tries to calm Jackie down.

Jackie grabs hold of her mother and starts crying. She had no idea where she was or how she got here. Nancy calms Jackie and gets help removing the tube from Jackie’s throat.

Nancy was watching as her friend Sally checked Jackie over. She asked her supervisor if she could work the floor her daughter’s hospital room was on. A special investigator from the security firm at Jackie’s high school was brought in to track down the kids responsible for assaulting her.
A high-power lawyer was willing to take Jackie’s case and is suing the state’s governor, the republicans who crafted and signed the bill, and the school system itself for not protecting Jackie and the other transgender students that have been assaulted.

After Doctor Vouch checked Jackie over, Nancy knew her daughter had questions. She sits on the edge of the bed and looks at her daughter.

“Don’t try to talk, sweetie. I know you have questions.” Nancy could see how lost, and confused Jackie was.

“Just shake your head yes or no to my question, sweetie. Do you know who attacked you?”
Jackie shakes her head no.

“Do you remember how many there were?” Nancy knew the special investigator called to investigate Jackie’s attack had already apprehended two suspects.

Jackie holds up her right hand and spreads her fingers to show five. Her left hand wasn’t responding that well.

Nancy saw Jackie try to use her left hand first but couldn’t get her fingers to work right when Jackie held up her right hand and spread her fingers. She knew Jackie was trying to tell her five.

“Five? Sweetie?”

Jackie nods her head yes to her mother’s question. She could remember five people punching and attacking her.

“Do you know who they might be?” Nancy was curious as to whom it was that attacked her daughter.

Jackie holds up one finger. She remembered one voice and whom that voice belonged to.

“You know one?” Nancy takes her cell phone out and hands it to Jackie.

Jackie takes her mother’s cell phone and types Solomon’s name. She remembered hearing his voice when he leaned against her ear. Once she is done typing his name into her mother’s cellphone. She hands it back to her mother.

Nancy looks at the name, and an angry look appears. The special investigator had informed her that Solomon was on her list of suspects. He was friends with Bobby Lawson.

Jackie watches her mother’s reaction and wonders what she knew. She also wonders why her chest was tight and what injuries she had. She motions to her mother for her phone.

Before Nancy hands her cell phone to Jackie. She sends the name Jackie gave to the special investigator from Chaos Security Services. As she hands her cell phone over to Jackie, she wonders what her daughter needs with it.

Jackie accepts her mothers’ phone and types her message on the notepad app they were using. Once she finishes typing the message. She hands it back to her mother.

Nancy looks at what Jackie wrote on the notepad app. She looks up from her cell phone and towards Jackie.

“Sweetie, when the custodian found you, you were barely breathing. The injuries you sustained are going to take time to heal. Your vocal cords were bruised, so you have to be careful speaking. They broke your right arm and fractured your left forearm. The nerves in your left hand were damaged from the break and you’re going to need physical therapy to regain any use of your left hand. Your left leg tibia and fibula were
completely shattered and had to be reconstructed. You also have three broken ribs. Your right lung was punctured.” Nancy saw how surprised Jackie was.

Tears slide down Jackie’s cheeks. She couldn’t believe what they did to her. What did she do to deserve what they did?

Nancy wraps her arms around her baby and holds her tight. She makes soothing noises to calm Jackie down as she cried against her. When she feels Jackie fall asleep against her shoulder. She lowers Jackie back down on the bed.

While Jackie is sleeping, Nancy goes back to work. She felt helpless and didn’t know what to do. She hopes the special investigator manages to uncover everyone involved.

Chaos Field Office:
Amanda looks at all the notes she has put together on what happened to Jackie West. The two suspects she has interrogated already. She got their statements, but they wouldn’t give up the others involved in the attack. Which was fine, because she plucked the information from their brains.

Her boss said to use whatever methods she had to solve this case. This was a stain against the security people who had been hired to protect the high school. The students involved in attacking Jackie West had used the false fire distraction to seriously hurt her.

When the students started coming back into the high school after the false fire distraction. They blended in with them but left Jackie’s unconscious body in the deserted classroom bleeding. She was lucky that custodian Brinkley had found her when he did.

She hears her cell phone beep, letting her know a message arrived. She looks at her cell phone and reads the message. A smile appears on her youthful-looking face. She had a feeling that Solomon had been involved. That information matched what she retrieved from the other two kids involved.

The thing that bothers her, was that these kids’ parents were the ones really behind the attack. Their parents belonged to a Christian Conservative group that supported Sarah Sanders and was behind all the recent laws being passed against trans kids. The whole purpose of the new laws was to make it so that the school system didn’t have to deal with the problems trans people bring to the school. You eliminate the trans problem, you have a quiet school.

This wasn’t the first time she has encounter this group. If nothing else, they were the ones behind a lot of the new laws being passed. They were pouring money into the campaigns of the MAGA representatives currently in congress.

Amanda locks her computer and grabs her car keys. She was going to go and find the other suspects. She was glad that she looked like a high school student.

She heads towards the high school and parks her car and slips into school. The security staff that worked for Chaos Security knew she would be doing undercover work. So, she didn’t have to hide who she was from them. They were also keeping their eyes and ears on certain individuals for her.

She mingles with the students and attends some of the classes. While she is attending the classes, she watches and mentally scans several of the students. Some of the thoughts she was getting from some of the boys in the class, were disturbing.

There were a few girls that had thoughts of other items. Some of them had come to school not wearing panties under their clothes or were wearing their first pair of thongs. Some were thinking of their boyfriends or how another girl looked in their class.

Amanda knew how some of the girls felt. She had always been jealous of certain girls and guys in her school. She came from a poor family and was envious of all the nice clothes the other kids wore to school. All her clothes came from the thrift store or were passed down to her by her cousins. Her parents worked hard to support six kids and make sure they had what they needed for school, even if it was second-hand or donated to them.

She moves on to the next class and once all the kids came in and class starts. She picked up thoughts from two guys that had been involved in the attack on Jackie. She listens to the conversation as one guy comments about Jackie and how he and a friend of his, were planning on filling a squirt gun with gasoline and using it at a Drag Queen book reading demonstration.

Amanda would love to go deeper into the kids’ minds, but she would need somewhere safe to do it. Instead, she touches an app on her cell phone and scans in his direction. She manages to lock onto his Apple phone and scan its contents. She downloads the whole content from it and the other guys as well. She’ll review the contents later, but she does take a photo of both guys and send the information to security officer
Michele White. She wants to know everything there is about the two guys.

The rest of the day, she tracks the two guys and finds out who they are associating with. She makes sure to take photos of each person. She alerts the security guards to keep their eyes on the guys as well. By the end of the day, she leaves and heads back to the office.

A few days later, Amanda and several police officers show up at the high school. They go to each kid’s classroom and arrest each kid. When several of the teachers protest or interfere with the arrest. She has the teachers arrested as well. She did a background check on several of them and found out that they supported the Christian Conservative group behind the attack.

After everyone is arrested and in jail for now. She meets Jackie and Nancy at the hospital.

Hope, General Hospital:
Amanda looks at Nancy West and Jackie. The last time she saw Jackie, she was unconscious and hooked up to several machines.

“Well, you’re looking better, Jackie.” Amanda smiles at her.

Jackie writes Thank You on a small whiteboard her mother gave her. The damage to her throat was more extensive than they thought. Her doctor said that she won’t have the use of her vocal cords for a while. She’ll have to let them heal.

“So, have you found the ones responsible for attacking my daughter, Mrs. Webb?” Nancy looks at Amanda and was still amazed at how young she looked.

“Yes ma’am, I have. I have enough evidence to put them away for life. However, there is a little problem.” Amanda was informed a few minutes ago about the state AG's interest in the case.

“What’s the problem, Mrs. Webb?” Nancy was concerned.

“It seems the state AG has taken an interest in this case and he might reduce the charges against the kids.” Amanda felt that the kids should be locked up for the rest of their lives for their actions.

“How can he do that?” Nancy couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I don’t know, but the law firm Chaos Security uses will be doing everything it can to make sure those kids pay for what they did.” Amanda knew Jordan Wolf and his partners were tough lawyers and they will do whatever it takes to make the well-connected pay.

Jackie looks at Mrs. Webb and could see she wasn’t happy about the news she just delivered. There was something about Mrs. Webb that sent shivers down her back.

“I can’t believe the AG would do that.” Nancy couldn’t believe the state AG would do something like that.

“Me neither, but don’t worry about it, Mrs. West. The company I work for won’t allow those boys to get away with what they did. Also, the law firm is making the state pay for the medical care and whatever physical therapy your daughter may need. So, you don’t have to worry about any of the medical bills.” Amanda knew a special fund had been established by the Phoenix Foundation to pay for Jackie West’s medical bills.

The Phoenix Foundation was also charging the state for all medical bills and law services. If the state fells to cooperate, then they will get a visit from the special branch and god help them when that happens.

“That’s good to hear, Mrs. Webb.” Nancy knew the director of the hospital she worked, told her not to worry about her daughter’s care.

“As of now, my job here is done, but I will say this. The security guards at Jackie’s high school will be looking after her when she returns. There will also be someone from the Phoenix Foundation there as well.”

Jackie writes on the board “will I be attacked again?”

An evil smile appears on Amanda’s face “not if my boss has anything to do with it. You will always have someone looking after you. Also, you need to carry this with you at all times.”

Amanda walks over to Jackie and hands her a silver necklace with a Phoenix charm hanging from it. She puts it around Jackie’s neck.

“What does it do?” Nancy liked how it looked.

“It’s a safety measure. All your daughter has to do is squeeze the Phoenix and it will alert us to her location. To prevent someone from accidentally activating it, I’ll need you to squeeze it for me, Jackie.”

Jackie squeezes the Phoenix signal. She watches as the ruby color eyes flash twice. She was surprised when that happens.

An alert could be heard coming from Amanda’s cell phone. Amanda looks at her cell phone and when it beeps and shows Jackie’s location.

“Will I be alerted as well?” Nancy liked the idea to be able to track her daughter.

“Yes ma’am. Here is the secure site you need to go to to download the app.” Amanda gives a pamphlet to Nancy.

Nancy looks at it and notices it had a special code for her to enter to verify who she was. She looks at Amanda “can anyone access this information and how good is it?”

“Only authorized people can access that site and no matter where Jackie is, we can locate her.”

“Oh?” Nancy was surprised at that statement.

Amanda noticed the look on Nancy’s face. She was amused at the surprised look.

Jackie noticed the look between her mother and Mrs. Webb. She wonders who or what Mrs. Webb did.

“Well, it’s been nice working with you, ladies. Jackie, some things have changed when you go back to school. I want you to enjoy yourself and remember, someone will be watching over you.”

Jackie writes “Thank You.”

Amanda waves goodbye and walks out of the room. She knew this matter wasn’t over and it was going to be a drawn-out legal fight. As for the Governor and Republicans in the state government, they better watch what they are doing, because the Phoenix Foundation is going to be digging into their activities.

The kids responsible for attacking Jackie West end up going to jail. Even with the State AG trying to have the charges against them reduced. Several undercover agents are inserted in the school system at every grade level.

The Security Guards at Hope High have increased their patrols and have installed hidden cameras, that even the principal and vice principal have no idea about. Several teachers are transferred out of the school and a few others, are currently under investigation.

As for Jackie West, she has to undergo physical therapy. Also, the new law violates her constitutional rights. The state is appealing the decisions handed down by judges.

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I was just wondering...

charlie98210's picture

I was just wondering is this short story will be continued. Or if there are any other stories about Jackie's journey. There doesn't seem to be a way to follow related strings of short stories that are written by this author. They don't seem to be grouped together in any fashion (like, by title or sub-series). Just random, listed in the order they were added here.

Makes it hard.


Only one

Samantha Heart's picture

As far as I am aware this is the only story with Jackie in it, & as this has an Epilogue I'd say it's a stand alone, HOWEVER t if you have followed with the Bounty Family stories you''d KNOW who Owns Chaos Security & Who runs it, AND WHY it's called Chaos Security. *Hint hint* if you haven't already done so; I suggest you do read the Bounty Family stories it'll make a few things more clear.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

Genocide Practiced on a Class of People

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Sadly, with all the rhetoric and hate floating around the smallest class of people, transgendered, it is beginning to be acceptable to attack us not only verbally but physically. In their Rush to Judgement it seems governors and legislatures, along with news has ignored Medical Science and condemned all transgender. Oklahoma and Tennessee have passed bills forbidding gender care at any age. (not signed into law yet) Texas AG wants neighbor squealing on neighbor (God shades of Hitler) if their child acts or is treated as transgender.
This nation is being torn apart piece by piece. Where to start? With the smallest minority of course. They have no voice. Destroy the smallest link in society, transsexuals. A nation and the people now in political office, I once fought for now wants me to disappear from the human equation. I fought against an oppressive regime and now am treated by my own government the same way those people were.
Hugs LadyDragon, I guess you can tell I got pulled into your story.
Why am I still here? I'm way past the expiration date.

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You had me

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Right up until the psychic detective.

The state can appeal all they want

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But as it is Jackie's constitutional rights that are violated they won't win especially with Jack Bounty's money & assessments, plus he's a special agent for the gov so state won't win & Jackie & her family will never have to worry about money or her Safety at school.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.


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This story is a fantasy. Much as I would love it if that weren't so. The damage Trump did is going to last and last. Even if he is convicted, he will never go to jail.

Jackie can't be Mrs. West, as

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Jackie can't be Mrs. West, as she isn't married. So it's either Ms. West, or if they object to using Ms (which wouldn't surprise me at all) then it's Miss West.

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