Creepy Mansion

Creepy Mansion

A group of college friends pick Creepy Mansion for their weekend fun.

But, of course, Creepy Mansion (CM) is the home and Laboratory of the county's Mad Scientist (MS).

After serving the band of friends an excellent dinner, perhaps with a bit too much wine, the Mad Scientist shows them to their quite Creepy rooms.

Around midnight, MS starts collecting his ... 'subjects'. The screaming from the first victim, of course, alerts the other friends.

They realize they must find their missing friend, then get away.

Land-lines and cell phones are found to be out of service.

The over-concussed football Team Captain says "Lets all split up to look." - (Of course the MS can now easily grab them one by one...)

The Sweet Young Thing flees out the front door of CM, and promptly breaks a high heel while running from the MS. She keeps breaking her stride by looking back. A lot. The Mad Scientist gets ever closer ... And captures her.

Everyone finding any kind of weapon, hits the MS only once, hard enough to make him an even Madder Scientist - and then they >throw away< the weapon ...

Everyone in the whole now split-up party runs into the basement, or into the upstairs/attic, or into the old shed (containing a plethora of unseen weapons) where they are easily trapped and captured by the MS, then taken to, and secured, in his Laboratory.

One Friend, of course, ran into the Forbidding Forest ... in the dark - instead of towards town, instead of towards the highway, instead of towards a nearby home with lights on...

Of course MS knows the Forest. And the MS brought his flash-light.

The Soccer Captain runs out, reaching the highway where he flags down a Police Cruiser. But the Police are in cahoots with the Mad Scientist.

So the Captain of the Soccer Team gets a free ride back to Creepy Mansion. And the Police got their usual $200 'contribution' to the Police Benevolent Fund.
Our captured friends learn the Mad Scientist wants to experiment on them by doing Body Swaps (hey, this >is< BCTS). (Why is it that Mad Scientists Never Shut Up, and must first blab out their whole Life Story and all of their Nefarious Plans?)

The sympathetic Mad Scientist's Daughter keeps trying to help them escape - all the while saying "I'm not Eyegorina - I've known since pre-school that I'm Stephen".

The Mother of All Thunderstorms is fast approaching, just in time to power Mad Scientist's Body Swap machine ...

Too late for escaping. The MS uses his Body Swap machine on three pairs, including on his own not-Daughter.

Not-daughter Stephen manages to whack her "Daddy Dearest" (not) with his celebratory Champagne bottle.

Thus the whole party plus Stephen, manage to escape, and get to their van. Six in the party, including Stephen, have fallen victim to the Mad Scientist's Body Swap machine.

As they drive away, a Zeus-Worthy thunderbolt incinerates Creepy Mansion...

When the Swapped Ones stop shaking and 'check their plumbing', all are happy with the results. Except there's always the one whiner: "I wanted to be blond with green eyes!"

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