Disutopia 1 The Ability

This is a story set around now. Some trans women seem to have developed an "ability" . I plan to write several short stories set in distopian or utopian settings. It depends on your point of view. Hence the Disutopia title.

"Mr. President, did you see the footage I sent you?"

"I did Miranda, but I still don't know what I was looking at. It looked like some David Blaine magic show."

"Did you not read my report, sir?"

"Miranda, I'm a busy man. That report was over 50 pages long. I don't have time for that. Just explain."

"Yes sir. Can I take control of the computer and connect to the room's main display?"

The president nodded and the generals stood looking bored and agitated while Miranda fiddled about at the keyboard. The meeting was called to discuss a threat to national security and this woman was showing fake Youtube videos.

The first video was displayed on the meeting rooms screen. It showed a woman in a bar holding up a cocktail smiling.

"This is the first footage of the occurrence. Look over her left shoulder at the women at the bar. If I turn the volume up fully you can hear what was said. The woman filmed what happened after she heard the commotion."

All eyes went to the screen, they strained to hear the muffled words.

It sounded like.

"Hey you"

The woman in the background turned to a man and said.

"What me?" Her voice was a little too low for a woman.

"Yeah you, you fucking tranny. We don't want you fags in here. This is a family-friendly bar. Get out while you can still walk."

The camera now zoomed in on the large man in a check shirt as he loomed menacingly over the woman.

"Please I'm not hurting anyone. I'll finish my drink and go."

"You go now, you fucking fag" The man snarled.

He grabbed the woman by the shoulders and then it happened. The woman yelled in a masculine voice.


The man flew backward, knocking his companions over, and hit the wall. The odd thing was his feet were 2 feet off the ground. He was suspended there looking shocked.

"So what? Just a strong tranny. Just proves trans women should never be allowed in women's sports." Said, General Marsh.

Miranda looked at her in astonishment.

"Did you not pay attention? The woman never touched him. His was suspended in the air pinned to the wall."

The footage continued. The woman sobbed as she ran from the bar, The chairs and tables seemed to part like the red sea as she rushed to the door.

"Before we discuss this watch the next video. "

The screen changed to a woman's bathroom. General David Ross looked over to his friend General Howard Peters and winked.

The video showed a girl taking pictures of herself in the mirror. She was making kissy faces and playing with her hair. This went on for 20 seconds then the camera swung around towards an argument. Two women were screaming abuse at a third.

"How dare you use a woman's bathroom. Go next door and use the men's you freak."

"Please. How can I? I'm no threat to you. I just want to wash up and leave."

"No! I'm sick of you trans women coming into our spaces. You're a fucking man. You were born with a cock. Man the fuck up or just admit you're a queer. You are not a woman and never will be no matter what they chop off."

This was said by the second woman. She was very tall and overweight. She dwarfed the petite trans woman. The trans woman started to wash her hands and the fat woman dragged her from the sink and slapped her hard around her face.

The trans woman fell to the floor stunned. The woman filming the incident shouted.

"Hey, bitch leave her alone."

"Leave him alone don't you mean you nosey whore. Stay the fuck out of it tranny lover. Or you'll get some of what he's had."

She looked down at her victim and stamped on her crotch. The trans woman let out a high-pitched scream while the perpetrator laughed.

"I'm gonna save you some money honey. I'm gonna crush your little balls."

She raised he foot ready to stamp down then flew across the bathroom. The camera followed her progress. She was 5 feet off the ground and crashed through the door of an empty stall.

The footage ended with the woman filming helping the hurt trans woman to her feet.

The room fell silent as the President spoke.

"So what are we dealing with Miranda?"

"Mr. President. I have several others videos, just like this. All of these were trans women pre-hormone treatment. All display telekinetic abilities."

"My God, If this is real we could utilize this to our advantage. The offensive potential is amazing," said General Peter's

"That is probably not an option sir. We brought in two of the trans women and they could not reproduce the effect to order. It only happens when they a threatened. I took a brain scan and had an agent go into the lab and start screaming anti-trans abuse at one of the women. He should be out of the hospital next week."

The President looked thoughtful.

"Why and how is this happening Miranda?"

"It seems to be evolution, sir. Trans women have developed it as a method of survival. Did you know trans people are four times more likely to be murdered than the average person? Almost 50% try to commit suicide. They are and endangered species sir."

"That's the why. What about the how."

"Trans women especially are usually, but not always of high intelligence and creativity. We speculated that this may be how their brain connects. You know the old chesnut about men being left-brained and women being right-brained? Well some trans people have amazing connectivity with left and right. The one we had in the lab when she hurt my agent had sensors on when it happened. Her brain lit up. For a few seconds it looked like she had access to nearly all of her brain's ability. These incidents are becoming more common by the day sir."

"My God. We can't have this getting out. How can we stop them."

"A bullet in the brains should do it." said General Marsh as she cocked her thumb like a hammer of a pistol.

Miranda shook her head in disgust.

"No need for that sir. We gave our subject hormones. She was so grateful she had been denied treatment by her doctor. After a week, she could not manifest the ability. Hormones are the answer. I suggest hormone treatment is given to everyone that asks. I know trans issues area political football right now, but if we don't act people could die. If this gets out what other secrets will we have to admit to?"

The President looked grave.

"Ok. I'll see what I can do. The Republicans are going to hate this. They are trying to end gender-affirming care for children."

"I would suggest you made all anti-trans speech a major hate crime too. We need to prosecute to stop this from happening. If not we may have an army of pissed trans people coming after the TERF's, Republicans and rednecks. We may have to worry about a few other endangered people then"

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