Lilith's Despair Chapter 3

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In a stunning turn of events, it was discovered that China had captured numerous wizards from the streets and detained them in secretive camps. These powerful individuals, once masters of their destinies, were now imprisoned and stripped of their freedom. The revelation sent shockwaves through the magical community, as the authoritarian regime aimed to gain control over the world of sorcery. This development not only posed a direct threat to the existence of wizards all over the world but also endangered the non-magical population as it was sure to cause a more violent reaction from the wizards than ever.

The council, deeply concerned by these events, received intelligence reports indicating that the captured wizards were being held in a heavily guarded military facility near Wuhan, China. This news only intensified the urgency of the situation, as the council members realized that breaking into such a secure location would be no easy task. The magical community was left scrambling to formulate a plan to rescue their brethren, all while grappling with feelings of anger, despair, and desperation. Meanwhile, the clock continued to tick, as every passing day increased the chances that the captured wizards could be subjected to experiments or worse.

Lilith received a request to meet with the council at their new office. Her mind was still reeling from the news that the council had announced that they were at war with the world. She had no idea what they would expect her to do now. She knew that many wizards around the world were in danger. The problem was getting information on what was happening with these wizards. We knew that many countries were actively rounding up people suspected of being wizards. What did they hope to learn from these wizards?

Lilith entered the council office to find David, Minerva, and Victor sitting at a large conference table. Lilith was surprised to see how intense they all looked. There were no smiling or scowling faces, they were all blank and serious. Whatever they had to tell her must be important, she thought as she sat down across from them. Minerva was sitting in the middle of the trio across from Lilith. She was the first to speak, "Lilith, we have some urgent business to discuss. We have been reaching out for information from wizards around the Far East and Central Europe. This is the area where we have reports of wizards being rounded up and imprisoned. Till now we did not have any information on where these wizards were being taken. We finally got information on where the wizards that China is rounding up are being taken to. It is a military base outside of Wuhan."

David continued to describe what they had found out, "This report has us worried because we believe they are using these wizards as a means to get inside information or for potential sabotage of our facilities. The Chinese are known to resort to torture to break people's minds. They may be trying to brainwash them to use as a weapon against us or just to frame us. We have no way to know what they are up to. We want to send you there so that you can rescue the wizards and destroy any information that they may have gained from them."

Lilith looked at them concerned, "We would need to have more than just Charlene, Sara, and I to go there. If that information is on a computer, then we don't have a chance of getting to it. We would also need more people to destroy the facility if it is well protected. How did you plan on getting us there, without us being seen? I can't teleport to the base since I have never been there. I am sure that my face is known to all the governments of the world, so I can't be seen walking around looking for this place or traveling inside the country."

Victor addressed this, "We have a teleportation node in Shanghai, that is as close as we can get you there magically. Unfortunately, with the way, the Chinese government is we were unable to get more than two nodes into the country. This still leaves a long distance that you would have to travel to get to Wuhan and then you would still have to find the facility once you get there. Charlene would have to use her glamour to get around but I don't know how we could get the rest of you there undetected."

"We also need to decide who will be going with you?" David said.

Lilith had to think about who else she would want to go assault the military facility, which probably means heavy weapons and explosives. She was skeptical of bringing Sara because it would be so dangerous. The chances of her getting hurt would be high, and Lilith wouldn't have been able to handle it if she got hurt.

At that moment, a new face entered the council room: a skinny man with glasses who was known for his exceptional skills in both magic and hacking. "This is Felix," Minerva introduced him, "he's our technology expert. Not only is he a skilled wizard, but he's also proficient in hacking systems and gathering intel." With Felix on their team, they now had a much better chance of accessing the sensitive information they needed to accomplish their mission.

Lilith looked over at Felix to assess him, taking note of his youthful appearance, slim build, and mouse-like features. His thick glasses rested on his face, giving a sense of intelligence and focus. She could tell that his expertise would be invaluable during their dangerous mission to infiltrate the facility and rescue the captured wizards. His combined knowledge of magic and technology would undoubtedly prove essential in overcoming the challenges that lie ahead.

"Felix, can you do shield magic?" Lilith asked him. He looked at her with a puzzled expression.

Felix replied, "No, Lilith, I am specialized in electricity. Why do you ask?"

Lilith turned to the council and sighed, "I'll need to bring someone to protect him while we get him inside. I am thinking Margret, she is quite proficient with shield magic."

Minerva questioned, "But isn't she, your student? Do you think she will be able to handle such a risk at her age?"

"I don't see that we have a choice, she is the best in my class at making shields and I expect we will need to use them quite a bit. I'll try to get them to focus all their fire on me while those two go in to get the information and find the missing wizards. I think we will need eight people in total to do this." Lilith said thoughtfully. "Four of us could focus on attacking the compound and drawing their attention while the other four work on getting the data and rescuing the wizards. This way, we'll be able to divide and conquer, ensuring a higher likelihood of success. We must quickly and carefully choose our team members to prepare for the dangerous task ahead."

Victor looked at me, "Lilith, you will be going against an army. You most likely won't be able to keep all the soldiers alive. I know you have tried your hardest not to kill any humans since you have been back. Will you be able to do this?"

Lilith took a deep breath as she pondered Victor's question. The reality of potentially taking human lives weighed heavily on her conscience. She understood the necessity of such actions in their desperate mission, but it still troubled her heart. Gripping her fists, she knew she needed to prepare herself mentally and emotionally for the battle ahead, and that protecting her loved ones and rescuing the captured wizards would require her to make difficult decisions.

Drawing inspiration from Kyle's experiences in war, Lilith focused her mind on adopting a similar mentality, as she knew it would be necessary for the upcoming mission. She recognized that the stakes were high, and that compromise and sacrifice would be inevitable. By placing the importance of their objective at the forefront, she hoped to gather the strength and determination needed to push through any obstacles they may encounter. Although it was difficult to embrace this mindset, Lilith understood that it was crucial for the team's success and the survival of the kidnapped wizards.

"Yes, I can live with that," she replied to Victor. "Before I decide who else I need to add to the team, I need to talk with my mates." The members of the council nodded to Lilith as she walked out of the office.

With a heavy heart, Lilith exited the council chamber and began her journey home. Along the way, she reached out to Margret with a text to her phone, requesting her to meet at Lilith's residence for an important discussion. She knew that involving her student in such a perilous endeavor would not be an easy decision, but the stakes called for exceptional measures. As she drew closer to her home, Lilith mentally prepared herself for the conversation with Margret and the inevitable choices that lay ahead.

As her thoughts turned to the upcoming mission, Lilith couldn't shake the concern she felt for Sara's safety. She tried to think of a way to convince her mate to remain behind, prioritizing her well-being over the success of their operation. Knowing the depth of Sara's loyalty, however, Lilith realized that persuading her to stay back would not be a simple task. Resolved to protecting her mates and completing the mission, she decided to put all her efforts into formulating a meticulous plan that would minimize any possible risks.

Lilith was still in deep thought when she entered her home and saw Sara and Charlene looking at her with concern. Sensing the gravity of the situation, they offered their unwavering support and stood ready to face any challenges alongside Lilith. Embracing their love and devotion, Lilith mustered the courage to share the details of the mission, knowing how crucial their involvement would be. Together, they began to discuss their strategy and the roles each of them would play in the operation, determined to rescue the captive wizards and ensure the success of their cause.

Just as they were beginning to delve into the specifics of their plan, a knock on the door interrupted their conversation. Lilith walked over and opened the door, revealing Margret standing on the doorstep. With a mix of relief and apprehension, she invited her student inside, knowing that her involvement would be instrumental in the mission's success.

As Margret and Lilith joined the others in the living room, Lilith explained the purpose of the meeting, "Margret, we have a rescue to perform. It is going to be a difficult operation, and I need your help. We have to enter a military compound in China to rescue our fellow wizards, as well as retrieve any data they might have gathered on us. This is where I need your help, we have a hacker who will be going with us to get into their computer systems. I would like you to be the one to protect him with your shields."

Margret looked at Lilith for a moment confused, "You want me to protect someone in a military compound? Why can't you do it?"

Lilith explained, "Charlene and I will be the distraction with two others so that the team that is going with you can enter the compound and find the wizards and the data. You will only need to protect the hacker from any attacks that may happen. I plan to draw all the military forces to me so that you should not have to worry about any attacks once inside the compound. But I want to be prepared just in case they have guards that stay behind. "

Sara interjected, "What team will I be on?"

Lilith gave her a sad look but failed to answer her question.

Sara jumped out of her seat and started to pace, "No! You are not leaving me behind! We said we will always protect each other, and now you want me to stay here while you and Charlene go off to China. You want to leave me here worrying about your lives while you are gone." She turned to face Lilith with a fiery look in her eyes and anger on her face.

"Sara, please, this is going to be so dangerous. I could not stand it if you got hurt there. I love you too much to put you in that kind of danger." Lilith said pleading with her eyes.

Charlene looked at Lilith like she was crazy, her hand flew up and smacked Lilith across the back of her head. "You dummy! Remember what happened last time you went to go fight without your family with you? We all lost you for three thousand years. You will not put Sara through that. We will protect her from harm," she said in a commanding tone.

Lilith stood there rubbing the back of her head and looked at Charlene with a confused look. After a moment of silence, she finally conceded, realizing the truth in Charlene's words. "Alright, you're right. We're stronger together, and we'll ensure Sara's safety as a team." Lilith turned to look at Sara with a stern look on her face, "You need to stay with us at all times. Like I said I couldn't bear to lose you."

Sara nodded in agreement and walked over to Lilith, gently placing her hands on Lilith's cheeks. "I will be right next to you always," she solemnly vowed her expression a mixture of determination and affection. The bond between them was stronger than ever, forged by their shared experiences and unwavering trust in one another. Together, they would face whatever challenges lay ahead, confident in their ability to protect one another and achieve their goal.

Lilith turned to Margret; her expression serious as she addressed her trusted student. "Margret, you are the only one I trust to protect the hacker effectively," she stated with conviction. "However, I understand the magnitude of this responsibility, and I want you to know that the choice is ultimately yours." As Lilith awaited Margret's decision, the gravity of the situation seemed to weigh heavily upon everyone present, each person preparing themselves for the trials they would soon face.

Margret pondered what Lilith had told her, carefully considering the weight of the responsibility that was being entrusted to her. She knew that the success of the mission and the safety of the hacker would largely depend on her abilities, and she couldn't help but feel both honored and anxious. In the end, her desire to be of service to Lilith and her team outweighed her fears, and she made her decision. "Lilith," Margret said confidently, looking her mentor in the eyes, "I accept this responsibility, and I promise to do everything in my power to protect the hacker and ensure the success of the mission."

Hearing Margret's determined response, Lilith let out a sigh of relief, grateful for her student's unwavering support. She believed wholeheartedly in Margret's capabilities and knew that placing her trust in her was the right decision. "Thank you, Margret. I do not doubt that you'll be an invaluable asset to this mission," Lilith said, her voice full of appreciation and trust.

With confidence, the four women walked back to the council office to discuss the rest of the details of their upcoming mission. Their strides were purposeful, reflecting their determination to succeed and the trust they placed in one another. As they entered the office, they prepared themselves for the intense planning, strategizing, and training that lay ahead. United in their common goals of protecting their loved ones and achieving victory, they knew that together, they were unstoppable.

As they settled into the council office, Lilith took the opportunity to formally introduce Margret to Felix. "Felix, this is Margret," she began, her voice calm and sincere, "she will be your shadow and shield during this mission, ensuring your safety at every step." Felix nodded in acknowledgment, sensing the gravity of the situation, and offered Margret a small, grateful smile. With the introductions complete, the group was now fully prepared to tackle the challenges ahead, united in their unwavering commitment to their mission.

As the team gathered around the table, Minerva provided an update on the additional support they could expect during the mission. "We will have our informants and three other wizards that will be waiting for you in Shanghai," Minerva said, ensuring the group had the necessary resources to complete their mission successfully. The added magical support would be crucial in ensuring victory and safeguarding the group against unexpected challenges. Lilith and her team listened intently, knowing that every detail from their allies would be vital for their success.

"They will get you from Shanghai to Wuhan and help you infiltrate the military compound," Minerva continued, revealing the next phase of the plan. The team took in this crucial information, aware that their allies' support would be essential in navigating the complexities of the operation. Each member focused on understanding their roles while fully grasping the scope of the mission. With the combined skill sets of Lilith's teams and their magical allies, success seemed more tangible, and the group faced their path forward with determination and unwavering resolve.

Recognizing the importance of remaining inconspicuous during their journey, Lilith turned to Charlene with a determined expression. "My love, from the time we leave until we reach the military base, we need to blend in with the crowd. That means we'll require your glamour expertise," Lilith explained, emphasizing the necessity of their undercover status. Charlene nodded in agreement, fully aware of the vital role her magical talents would play in ensuring their successful infiltration and the overall success of their dangerous mission.

Hearing the plan come together, Charlene looked at her loved ones and smiled her toothy grin, exclaiming, "Yes, it's time to hunt!" The camaraderie among the team members was unmistakable, and their shared passion for their mission served to further fortify their resolve. As anxiety and anticipation mingled in the air, they knew that this daunting task before them represented far more than a mission; it was the ultimate test of their loyalty, courage, and determination. Regardless of the challenges they faced, Lilith, Margret, Felix, and Charlene stood ready, united in their unstoppable pursuit of freedom for wizards.

With their plan in place and their determination unwavering, the group began to gather the essential items they would need for their daunting mission. Each member carefully selected the tools, equipment, and provisions that would aid them in overcoming the challenges they would inevitably face along the way. They knew that meticulous preparation would be crucial in ensuring their safety and success, so they worked with thoughtful efficiency to gather everything they would need. As their departure approached, the team's collective confidence grew, fortified by their unity, their drive, and their shared commitment to the cause they held dear.

With their belongings secured and their spirits high, the team met at the teleportation chamber, ready to embark on their perilous journey. The chamber's enchanting aura pulsed with energy, reflecting the intense determination of Lilith and her team as they prepared to traverse vast distances in an instant. Understanding that there was no turning back, each member took a final, affirming glance at their companions before giving the signal to activate the chamber. As the mystical energy surged through them, Lilith's trusted team vanished, transported toward the beginning of the mission that would forever test their courage, unity, and loyalty to the wizarding world.

The teleportation room in Shanghai buzzed to life, its walls glowing with an otherworldly radiance as it eagerly awaited the arrival of Lilith and her team. The powerful magic hummed with anticipation, like the calm before an imminent storm. Moments later, the chamber's energy intensified, reaching a crescendo as the members of Lilith's team materialized within its confines, ready to tackle the trials ahead. Their presence in Shanghai marked the first step in their harrowing mission, and each of them stood resolute, prepared to face whatever difficulties awaited them in their pursuit of justice and freedom for the wizarding world.

As the team acclimated to their new surroundings, a figure emerged from the shadows of the teleportation chamber. This was their contact, a Chinese wizard informant who had traded loyalties to the council for the opportunity to assist Lilith and her companions. Knowing full well the indispensable role they would play in achieving their shared goals, he stepped forward and extended a hand of friendship and cooperation to the team.

"Ms. Lilith, I am Huang. I have come to offer you my assistance in getting to Wuhan. My associates are just in the other room, if you would please follow me." Huang introduced himself. Lilith grabbed his hand and shook it.

"Mr. Huang, it's a pleasure to meet you. How are we going to get to Wuhan?" Lilith asked as she followed Huang into the other room.

Upon entering the adjoining room, Lilith and her team were met by the sight of three more wizards, each poised and prepared for the journey that lay ahead. Their powerful, focused gazes spoke volumes about their dedication to the cause, leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that this formidable partnership would be a force to be reckoned with. As the group exchanged solemn nods of acknowledgment, Huang cleared his throat and began to lay out the details of their arduous journey to Wuhan. As they discussed strategies and potential obstacles, the shared commitment of each individual echoed throughout the room, amplifying their united determination to challenge the Wizarding Council and change the world for the better.

The three wizard men introduced themselves to Lilith and her team. Guo was the first to introduce himself saying, "I am Guo Feng. I am a water mage." His voice was strong and commanding as he held out his hand for Lilith to shake. His lithe figure moved fluidly as if he had full control of every little muscle in his body.

The next man to introduce himself was a more physically imposing person his round body hinted at great hidden power. "Ms. Lilith, I am Jian Xia. I am an earth mage."

The last wizard there looked like an average man who was just a few years younger than David. He dressed more like an office worker than someone ready to take on in the army. "I am Sho, and I am a fire mage, but I am also a very good thief."

"So, Mr. Huang, what is your specialty?" Felix asked.

Huang smiled at Felix, "Why, my boy, I am a shadow mage. I bend shadows and use them to my advantage. "This caught Lilith's attention and she studied the man.

"Mr. Huang, I would be honored if you could show me your magic after the mission is over. I have never considered moving shadows with my magic and would love to see what it is like." Lilith smiled at Huang.

Huang replied, "It would be my pleasure." He bowed slightly to Lilith as a show of respect to her. Then he addressed everyone, "Please follow me I have two cars waiting outside to take us to the train station. We will travel all night by train to get to Wuhan. I have secured two private rooms so that we may rest and to keep us out of sight as much as possible."

Adjusting to the thought of maintaining a low profile, Charlene stepped forward and faced Lilith, Margret, and Sara. She began weaving her magic around them, effectively altering their appearances to resemble Asian women. This subtle yet powerful transformation would minimize any unwanted attention and enable the group to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, embarking on their journey to Wuhan without drawing suspicion from the Chinese Government or others who might seek to thwart their plans.

Recognizing the need for her transformation, Charlene focused her magical prowess inward, shedding her succubus form in favor of adopting an Asian appearance. With a faint shimmer, she seamlessly blended in with her new guise, completing the circle of deception necessary for their covert mission. As the team stood united, their diverse abilities now concealed beneath artfully crafted disguises, the group appeared entirely indistinguishable from the local populace. Thus, looking like nothing more than ordinary travelers, they proceeded towards the waiting cars, embarking on the first leg of their treacherous journey to Wuhan.

The train ride to Wuhan proved to be uneventful, providing the team with a much-needed opportunity to rest and recuperate before their upcoming mission. As the landscape outside their windows shifted and morphed throughout the night, they found solace in the gentle rocking motion of the train, each member falling into their slumbers. The camaraderie of the group grew stronger, as the shared experience of their journey solidified their commitment to their cause. Upon their arrival in Wuhan, they were refreshed and more prepared than ever to face the challenges that lay ahead.

When they stepped out of the train station in Wuhan, they were met with a giant metal structure that reached up into the sky. The sidewalks were crowded with pedestrians starting their daily routines. The group was careful to stay together without drawing any unnecessary attention. "The facility is on the northwest side of the city," said Huang. "We can take the bus to get closer to the facility. Follow me."

As they boarded the bus, the team marveled at the bustling cacophony of city life that surrounded them. The streets were lined with a myriad of shops and restaurants, each brimming with people going about their day. Towering skyscrapers and architectural marvels dotted the skyline, creating a sense of awe and wonder as the group navigated through the urban expanse. All the while, they remained vigilant and cautious, ensuring that their true purpose in Wuhan stayed hidden from any prying eyes that might be watching.

Once they reached the furthest point accessible by bus, the team disembarked, finding themselves at the base of the majestic mountains that lined the city. These towering natural formations served as a stunning backdrop and ever-present reminder of the powerful forces that surrounded them. They paused momentarily, taking in the breathtaking view before refocusing on their mission.

With renewed determination, the group followed Huang as he led them to a dark, secluded alley away from prying eyes. Turning to Lilith, he gestured toward the towering mountain in the distance. "Lilith, do you think you can teleport us all to the top of the mountain over there?" he asked, his voice hushed but confident in her abilities.

Lilith just smiled as she created a portal to take them to the top of the mountain. With a simple wave of her hand, the shimmering gateway materialized before the group, its ethereal glow beckoning them to step through. One by one, they entered the portal, their determination and focus heightened by the looming task ahead. Once all had passed through, they found themselves at the summit, their journey to the facility considerably shortened and the true challenge now within reach.

From their elevated vantage point atop the mountain, the team could see the sprawling military base below. It was heavily fortified, boasting an impressive array of defense mechanisms and security measures that stood between them and their ultimate goal. As they surveyed the multitude of buildings that made up the compound, it became apparent that discerning the exact location of the captive wizards would be no easy feat. Undeterred, the group readied themselves for the next stage of their mission, determined to overcome these challenges and free their imprisoned comrades.

Jian, the fourth member of the group, stepped forward with a confident grin and shook hands with Sara, Charlene, and Lilith. It was decided that Margret would accompany Guo Feng and the others, offering her wisdom and protection to ensure their success. Opting to drop the glamours, Lilith and her team knew that drawing the army's attention would be vital for their plan to succeed.

With their plan in place, Lilith swiftly teleported both teams down to the road about a mile away from the military base. As her group prepared to march straight down the road, drawing the attention of the base's security, the second team led by Guo Feng quietly hid, planning to slip in during the chaos. Everyone knew their role and the stakes at hand, steeling themselves for the challenges they would soon face. The moment had come, and as Lilith and her team began advancing toward the base, their courageous actions set the operation into motion.

As the group marched on, Lilith turned to Sara with a solemn expression. "Sara, no holding back; we are not here to protect the soldiers," she reminded her firmly. This critical reminder weighed heavily on the members of the team as they steeled themselves for the coming conflict. With the gravity of their mission at the forefront of their minds, they knew that completing their task and safeguarding the lives of the captive wizards took precedence over protecting the very forces that held them captive.

As they approached the heavily-guarded entrance, Lilith extended her arms, enveloping her group in a protective shield. The shimmering barrier was designed to fend off any incoming attacks and ensure their safe passage toward the main gate. With this added layer of security, the team felt a renewed sense of determination, emboldened in their assault on the military base. Unwavering in their pursuit, they continued their advance, ready to face the challenges ahead and bring an end to the oppression of the captive wizards.

When they came within sight of the main gate Chinese soldiers, started shouting at them and raising their weapons. Lilith was sure they were yelling at them to stop or something like that. She didn't care what they wanted. She built up her magic inside of herself, then let out a powerful blast of energy towards the gates. The gates exploded in a cloud of dust and debris. The soldiers were knocked back, unconscious, by the blast. The group moved through the ruined gate.

Automatic weapons fire started to pelt their shields doing nothing to the group. Jian pushed energy through his focus causing the ground to open up and swallow the soldiers. Sara fired a fireball at a vehicle that was approaching them from further in the base. The fireball hit the engine of the vehicle causing it to explode and fly into a small building. Base alarms sounded throughout the base.

Soldiers poured out of the barracks, their weapons firing relentlessly at the determined group. Bolstered by Lilith's protective shield, the team remained unscathed, their confidence swelling as they pressed deeper into the heart of the military base. With each stride, they grew closer to their ultimate goal: the rescue of their captive comrades. Chaos reigned throughout the base, but Lilith and her team remained steadfast, driven by an unwavering sense of purpose and determination.

Charlene, recognizing the need to eliminate any remaining resistance, sprinted towards the nearby barracks. As she made her way inside, her focus was entirely on securing the area and ensuring her teammates could continue their mission. However, just as she entered the building, a deafening explosion shook the very foundations of the barracks. A tank had directly struck the structure, sending shockwaves of rage through Lilith and Sara. The two women were set to tear through the remaining soldiers.

Charlene broke through the rubble of the barracks and tore into the vehicles that were responding to the attack. Lilith formed giant fiery rocks in the air and sent them crashing into the vehicles, and troops alike. The chaos the group was causing was too much for the soldiers. Many of them were doing everything they could to escape the carnage that the wizards were creating. Earth was being ripped open up right under their feet as they ran. No quarter was being given.

Fighter jets were flying to strike at the wizards with their bombs and guns. The bombs never made it to their targets, instead they disappeared and then appeared again behind the planes that fired on them. The fight was so lopsided that the soldiers had no chance to win this fight. None of the wizards took any damage from any of their weapons.


The second group entered the buildings moving quickly trying to find a computer terminal to hack into the military's mainframe. They were looking to find where the wizards were being held. It took them a little while to find an unlocked computer terminal that they could access. Felix looked through the files trying to locate any information about the wizards. The sound of the battle shook the building that they were in. They found where the wizards were being held but any information that they had was not on the mainframe.

The group moved on. They had to get to another building so that they could find the wizards. The five of them ran through the halls to the exit of the main building. As they exited the building they were hit by gunfire. The surprise of the shots caused them to pause for a second until they realized that Margret's shields were holding. Felix let a bolt of electricity fly from him and stunned the soldiers. They moved on quickly getting to the right building.

Felix's group rushed into the building, their footsteps echoing in the narrow corridors as they made their way through. They managed to navigate the dimly lit stairwell and proceeded to descend to the third basement level. Their hearts raced with anticipation, knowing they were closer than ever to finding their captive comrades. The group maintained their focus, determined to complete their mission no matter the obstacles that lay in their path.

As they approached the room where their comrades were held captive, Felix's group found themselves confronted by a thick metal door, secured by an electric lock. They quickly realized this would not be as easy as it had been to get here so far. Felix tried using his electrical magic to bypass the lock but he could not get to the lock itself. Margret turned to Guo and Sho, "Protect our backs I'm going to need to drop our shields while I try to get past the door." The two nodded their approval.

Margret looked at the door, focusing her energy on trying to use her shields to crush it. She mentally braced herself for the potential repercussions, knowing that this powerful move could have undesired consequences. Despite the risks, she pressed on, fully aware of the importance of rescuing their fellow wizards. Guo and Sho kept a watchful eye on the surrounding area, prepared to defend their group as Margret focused all her strength on breaking through the door.

With unwavering determination, Margret channeled her shield to envelope the formidable metal door. As she concentrated, she began to manipulate the energy, gradually shrinking her shield in an attempt to exert enough pressure to crush the door. The metal groaned and creaked under the immense power of her magic. Sweat beaded on Margret's forehead as she pushed her limits, knowing that every second mattered in their daring rescue attempt.

The door twisted and bent under the crushing force of Margret's shield. With a final scream, she ripped the door from the wall, leaving the entrance open for her group. However, in the process, she heard a loud pop, but at first, couldn't discern what it was. It wasn't until Margret glanced down at her belly that she realized she had been shot, her expression shifting from determination to shock.

Sho's instincts kicked in as he spotted the guard responsible for Margret's injury. Without hesitation, he quickly turned and sent a cone of white-hot fire at the assailant, engulfing them in a blaze of relentless fury. His powerful display served as a warning to any other adversaries who might be lurking nearby. The group knew that time was running out, and they needed to act fast, determined to see their mission through while ensuring Margret's safety.

Nothing could have prepared the group for what they would see once they entered the room. There were surgical suites that were covered in blood with dissected bodies lying on the tables. Another room was filled with the bodies of those that were done studying. They were just piled up on top of each other, with no care for the bodies at all. They were just discarded like garbage. The metallic smell filled the air as they looked in other rooms to find any survivors. They finally found a half-starved family sitting on the concrete floor. A man and a woman with a young child around seven years old. Signs of torture were all over their bodies, including the child.

Felix found an office with a computer in it. He quickly started hacking into the computer. He copied all the files from the computer and then used his electrical magic to wipe the computer off any files. He used his coms to contact Lilith. He told her what happened and where they were. Sho worked on trying to Margret bandaged until they could get her to a hospital.

Lilith felt like she had been punched in the stomach. Margret had been hurt because she insisted on having her come along. She had had so many struggles in her life and was just starting to experience a happy life. Gone was the girl with male features and massive depression to a beautiful young woman with a happy personality. She could not lose her now that she was finally happy. "Margret has been shot!" Lilith shouted out to the others and started to run toward the location where the other team was.

Sara looked confused by Lilith's statement. How could Margret get shot? Here shields were just as strong as Lilith's were. She started to think about why Lilith had not wanted her to come along. That could have been her that was shot just as easily as Margret. She quickly followed Lilith as they all ran toward the location. Sara was running on fumes magically but she had plenty of adrenaline in her system to keep her going. They had to get there so they could save Margret.

Once they got down to the bottom floor of the building they found Margret laying on the floor blood seeping through the bandages that Sho was applying to her wound. Sho looked up at them, "I have done the best I could do but we need to get her to a hospital quickly."

Lilith didn't hesitate. She created a portal that would take them to the medical wing in the wizard city. She yelled as Margret was carried through the portal followed by the family that was imprisoned in the building. It was only Lilith and Charlene that stayed behind. Lilith had to see for herself exactly what happened here. She had to know what kind of monsters they were dealing with. Both of them looked around the rooms that were filled with bodies. Cut open and mutilated. Why? How could they do this?

Rage built up in Lilith as the horrifying scene before her, overwhelmed her senses. Families had been destroyed, their lives brutally shattered, and the lingering question of why these atrocities occurred tormented her. Each mutilated body seemed to cry out for justice, their silent pleas resonating deep within her soul. She knew that she had to take action against those responsible, and she couldn't let their barbaric deeds go unanswered.

Lilith turned to Charlene and asked, "How can people be so cruel? There was no need for this. These were just wizards living their lives not hurting anyone. How can they be so evil?" Lilith broke down crying.

Charlene grabbed Lilith and held her, "Men can be filled with such evil and they have convinced themselves that they are on the right side. We saw much of this as we lived around those small tribes of people. There will always be evil in this world but we must not let this evil consume us. We did a good thing today stopping this but we must not let our hatred for these actions drive us to become like them. We will destroy these buildings and go home." Lilith nodded to her love. She was happy that Charlene was there to prevent her from going too far.

They climbed up out of the basement and out of the building. Lilith turned to the remaining buildings and prayed to Mother, "Please Mother do not let me become like these monsters." As she finished her prayer, she created a massive ball of fire high in the sky that would destroy everything there. She then created a portal to take them home before she released the fireball to fall on the base.

Lilith and Charlene stood there in the waiting room of the hospital waiting for news of Margret's condition. The council had already talked to them about what happened and what they saw. Now they just waited for their friend to be ok.


David addressed the world from the office of the council. The video is streamed live on the internet and to every news network in the world. "Today, we have seen what evil looks like. We received reports of families of wizards going missing in China. We were able to find the location of the military base where the Chinese government was moving the wizards to. Our goal was to free our fellow wizards from capture and what we thought would be torture."

"We were so wrong about what you people are capable of. We found families of wizards cut open after signs of torture. Their bodies were thrown into a corner while they continued to cut up more wizards. Not just adults but children as well. We managed to free one family of wizards. They showed signs of torture and starvation. The family had a child of seven years old that was barely alive when we got to them."

"The Chinese government is going to say we attacked unprovoked against their military base, but they should know we have proof of what they were doing to our people. I am happy to say though that Lilith and her team of wizards were able to prevent the Chinese government from being able to carry out such evil from that location again. They fought the army with their weapons of war and met them head-on with overwhelming superiority."

"Nations of the world, let this be a warning to you as well. We will protect our people from those who would harm them. We know which countries are perpetuating the capture of wizards from their homes. We also know that many of the people captured were not wizards at all. We originally were only going to go to the locations where you were taking wizards, but after what we saw today. We will have to rethink how we will come after you. We will come after you. You were warned before and you chose to ignore it. There are no more warnings, just action. You only have your government to blame when we come."

He cut the feed of the camera the rage still twisted his face. This was not supposed to happen. They were supposed to work together to try and coexist. These governments need to be held accountable for their actions. We will teach them that they can't just come and take from us without paying a price.

This was a solemn night throughout the wizard city. Joy just could not be found in the hearts of the citizens. They huddled together and comforted each other, trying to feel the safety of their families.

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