Ambushed Part. 10

Buck’s Place:
“Wakey, Wakey, Mr. Seavey.” Falcon injects Buck with a strong stimulus to wake him up from the shock to his system.

Buck jolts awake and finds himself looking at two women. The shorter of the two he recognized the outfit she was wearing and noticed she wasn’t wearing the helmet.

“Who the fuck are you two bitches?” Buck tries to move but finds his arms and legs are secured to the operating bed in his experiment room.

“For a man who is strapped down and naked with two beautiful women looking at him. You are rather rude.” Falcon runs her glove hand down Buck’s arm.

Sparrow stood nearby watching Falcon play with Buck. She knew Falcon had a talent for extracting information from people.

“What the fuck do the two of you bitches want from me?” Buck looks at both women.

“You know, you just asked the most important question, Mr. Seavey. We want to know where you are getting these drugs that enlarge women's breasts?” Sparrow looks directly at Buck’s face.

“Why? Do you want your breasts enlarged sweetheart?” A smirk appears on Buck’s face.

“Big mistake, fuck face.” Falcon slaps two clear patches on each Buck’s chest.

“Get those things off me.” Buck couldn’t believe the shorter of the two women just put four patches on his chest.

He could already feel the chemicals starting to soak through his skin and into the breast tissue and muscles under his skin. He knew within twenty minutes his body was going to start developing breasts.

“Look, his penis is getting hard.” Falcon spotted Buck’s penis starting to twitch when she slapped the patches on his chest.

Sparrow spotted Buck’s penis getting hard and standing straight up. She could see the veins under the skin becoming thick.

“You seem to be enjoying those patches, Mr. Seavey. I wonder what would happen if I slap one on your penis.

“No! Don’t!” Buck’s eyes get big when he spots the silver hair woman reaching forward with a clear patch towards his penis.

“I think he is enjoying it, sparrow.” Falcon saw how excited Buck got.

“Let’s see what happens when I do.” Sparrow slaps a patch around Buck’s penis.

No sooner does she slap it on Buck’s penis, that it erupts? Buck’s hips lift off the examination table as sperm squirts upwards and falls downwards. He keeps squirting for a good ten minutes. Afterward, his body starts shaking and panting as he tries to catch his breath.

“Wow! I have never seen a guy last so long.” Falcon was impressed with how much came out of Buck.

“Yeah, but what happens when you put these patches on his testicles?” Sparrow slaps two patches on Buck’s testicles.

“NO!” Buck feels the chemical entering his scrotum.

Falcon and Sparrow watch as his testicles start shrinking. Both women watch as they go from being the size of lemons to being the size of peas. They also notice his penis shrinking as well.

“So, that’s what happens when you give a man a large dose of estrogen. I always wonder why doctors prescribe estrogen to males who were transitioning to female.” Falcon watches as Buck’s penis becomes the size of her thumb.

Sparrow looks at Falcon “I thought you were smart.”

“I am. Now, let’s see what some of these surgical instruments do.” Falcon starts typing away on the control pad for the hi-tech examination table.

Buck watches as the different attachments above him start to come alive. He watches as the robotic arm that has a huge spiral dildo attached to it starts spinning as he is flipped over so his butt is exposed.

“Oh, this is so much fun.” Falcon was enjoying herself.

Sparrow watches as Falcon has her fun. If Falcon wasn’t doing it, she would be.

“You know, that’s going to hurt him if you're going to do what I think you are about to do.” Sparrow looks at Falcon.

“Why should he be special?” Falcon causes the spiral dildo to penetrate Buck’s anal opening without lubrication.

Buck screams out as he feels the spiral dildo enter his anal opening. He now knew how it felt when he did it to all the women he broke on this table.

“Now, Mr. Seavey. Why were you changing those women into humanoid cat people?” Falcon wanted to know why he turned those women into halfbreeds.

“Who doesn’t love a little pussy?” Buck wasn’t going to answer this woman.

“Wrong answer, asshole.” Falcon pushes the button to start the spiral dildo to spin.

Buck feels the dildo slowly turning in his ass. He tries to resist it, but it keeps turning.

“Now, you're going to answer my questions, or we're going to see what else this machine can do to you.” An evil smile appears on Sparrow’s face.

“I ain’t telling you shit, bitch!” Buck wasn’t going to talk to these women.

“Oh, goodie! I get to have more fun.” Falcon increases the speed of the dildo.

“You're lost.” Sparrow slaps Buck on his ass.

Falcon starts going through the menu and finds a setting for inserting a tube into the victim's mouth and down their stomach. She presses the button and watches as robotic arms hold Buck’s head and force his mouth open. A penis shape tube comes up and enters his mouth and moves down Buck’s throat and into his stomach.

“Hey Sparrow, there’s a setting here to force-feed artificial sperm to the victim. What do you think?” Falcon looks at Sparrow.

“Is there a setting to turn him into a woman?” Sparrow wonders what he had programmed into the system.

“No, but I do know he has the blue lace drug in the other room.”

“Maybe we should turn him into a woman.” Sparrow looks at Buck as he screams as the dildo drills his ass.

“I don’t think we should. He should remain like he is so he experiences everything as a male.” Falcon increases the speed.

“Go ahead and fill his stomach.” Sparrow watches as the Falcon does as she instructs.

An evil smile appears on Falcon’s face as she presses the button. She slowly increases the fluid input.

“How big should we let his belly get?” Falcon wonders how far Sparrow was going to let this go.

“Until he tells us what we came here for. Slap more patches onto his breasts, ass, scrotum, and testicles.”

“Okay.” Sparrow does as she is told.

Buck screams as he feels the effects start taking effect. He was getting horny as hell. Lust fills his mind as he starts enjoying the drilling in his ass. He starts feeling fluid moving up his intestines inside his body.

It takes Sparrow and Falcon almost three hours before they get anything out of Buck. He told them where he got his drugs and other things from a supplier that operated out of Calliham, Texas. He warns them, that the place was protected by highly trained soldiers equipped with sci-fi-style weapons.

As for Buck himself, well he no longer had a penis or testicles. The estrogen and other hormones and chemicals in the patches caused his testicles to shrink so small, that they disappeared. His penis shrunk and now he just had a hole to pee out of.

As for his ass, hips, and thighs. They filled out so his bottom looked like a big buddy woman. He also developed breasts bigger than what Scout had. His mind was overcome with lust and all he wanted to do was please himself.

Falcon and Sparrow look at Buck as he tries pleasing himself on the examination table. He was doing everything he could to satisfy himself.

“Should we do something to help him out?” Falcon just watches as Buck does what he could to himself.

“I’ll make a call and have help transferred to a black site.” Sparrow pulls out her cell phone and dials a number she got from her mother for a
special black site. She gives them the address of the resident where they are at.

“What do you want to do with Daisy?” Falcon looks at Sparrow.

“We’ll take her back to my place and help her recover as my mother did for all of you.” Sparrow will try to help Daisy get back on her feet.

“How about the cat women?” Sparrow and Falcon walk out of the room.

“I’ll get with Blake Medical and see what they can do for them.”

“You know we're going to have to scout the place out to confirm what Buck said.” Falcon knew they were going to need to do recon.

“Yeah. We better call in Dove, Hawk, and some of Cat’s people.” Sparrow figures if this place Buck told them about, they were going to need everyone.

“Are you sure about this Sparrow?” Falcon knew this could be a big job.

“Yes. Let’s check on Daisy and I’ll call Raptor and see what he has learned from the men.”

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