The Struggle of Bean Chapter 1

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Author's note: I came up with this idea while I was struggling with writer's block while working on a new chapter of Lilith's Despair. I will continue to work on the adventures of Lilith, but I decided to put this idea on paper as well. I am still developing the story in my mind. I have figured out the first part of the story and hopefully I will be able to flow through it as it comes together. I hope you enjoy my new character Bean. I pulled a lot of experience from my life to help create this character.

Life in Demeter was anything but thrilling. My parents, who blossomed here, built a sprawling farm and a tight-knit family. As the middle child among two older and two younger siblings, I struggled to find my place on the farm and within my family. I was the untamed one, forever seeking adventure.

My older brother, Chris, embodied the quintessential farm boy – uninterested in excitement beyond the farm's boundaries. Destined to inherit our parents' legacy, he boasted of the sturdy physique of a dedicated farmer.

Kate, my older sister, followed in our mother's footsteps as the archetypal farm girl. With her girl-next-door looks and generous heart, she was already married off to a neighboring farmer. Meanwhile, my younger sister Becca was Kate's spitting image - a true youngest sibling who relished attention from both our family and townsfolk.

On the flip side, David (just a year younger than myself) was unequivocally the family intellectual. Accelerating through school faster than any of us, he currently studies at Alliance University, located in the esteemed core cluster; it’s one of the most prestigious universities throughout Alliance Space.

As for me? The middle child through and through; I loathed anything farm-related. I fixated on news vids about the Alliance fleet battling at Alliance Space’s fringes, daydreaming about exploring far-off galaxies and stumbling upon exhilarating escapades daily. At our local spaceport, as we offloaded goods destined for other planets, I would gaze longingly at ships leaving our atmosphere en route to celestial adventures.

However, life had different plans for me. My academic performance wasn’t stellar enough to secure an off-world university spot or absolve me from farm duties. My physique didn’t scream "farmer" either – tall and lanky like my mom and sisters instead of robust like my dad; hence my parents dubbed me Bean from birth, after my bean sprout-like appearance.

Growing up in a farming world, I never really had friends due to the lack of schools. We all learned through vid school, which I found incredibly dull and tedious, sitting in front of a screen all day. To top it off, the boys in my town were preoccupied with sports and farm work - activities that didn't quite resonate with me. So, there I was once again, in the hauler and en route to the spaceport, transporting a load of goods.

I let out a sigh as I waited for the inspectors to reach my vehicle so I could wrap up my delivery. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted an Alliance fleet ship hovering near the outskirts of the spaceport. It was rare for them to visit our unremarkable planet, and I couldn't help but wonder about their purpose here.

As I passed through security scanning, I observed them setting up a recruiting station just outside the spaceport. With some time to spare while waiting for loader bots to transfer my cargo from the transport, I decided it was worth checking out - it could be my only shot at escaping this lifeless rock.

Approaching the checkpoint, two elite Alliance Rangers caught my eye. They were renowned for their skills in handling ground incursions. How incredible it would be to join their ranks and earn respect from those around me, returning home as a celebrated hero adorned with medals like these two impressive figures.

A welcoming officer greeted everyone approaching the table. He probably recognized desperation in my eyes because he instantly asked if I wanted "to go out and see the stars." That question alone sold me to the idea; I was ready to do whatever it took to venture amongst celestial wonders.

With an enthusiastic smile, I eagerly signed up then and there - Bean Carver was joining the Alliance military! While he couldn't promise me a position as a ranger, he assured me that with enough determination and passion, I might achieve my dream. Eager and excited, I signed my name and said goodbye to farming, embracing a potential odyssey into the vastness of space.

Hurriedly, I dashed home to stuff my clothes into a bag and glanced at my reflection in the mirror by my dresser. My long, wavy hair cascaded down to the middle of my back. I knew they would chop it all off once basic training started. Visualizing myself clad in a uniform after the training was both frightening and intriguing. I had no plans to disclose my intentions to my parents, fearing they'd attempt to dissuade me.

The following morning, I woke up before dawn, sneaking out of the house undetected. A pre-recorded video message informed my parents of my decision to enlist in the Alliance military and reassured them not to worry. Afterward, I hailed a transport car to whisk me away to the spaceport.

As I queued behind ten others, anxiety blanketed us all while we anticipated the arrival of an officer who would escort us onward. The jovial man we had met yesterday was long gone; he now wore battle-ready fatigue and a stern expression.

"Listen up, recruits! You are to deposit all personal belongings in designated receptacles within that room and enter the address for their delivery," he commanded with an intimidating undertone. "From this point on, the military supplies everything you need. Is that clear?"

Our response was far from unified. "Yes Sir."

"Now, quit dawdling and get it done," he ordered.

Upon entering, I threw my possessions into one of the bins and punched in my parents' address as swiftly as possible, all while enduring persistent shouts urging us to hurry. My heart raced as I took my place in line, body tensed like a coiled spring.

A second officer appeared from another room; her demeanor calmer than her colleague's. She addressed us: "Recruits, you'll now proceed to this desk for an injection of nanites into your arms. These nanites will cure any ailments and rectify genetic anomalies you may have during the stasis period of our flight. Rest assured this procedure is entirely safe, though infrequent body changes might occur as a result of the nanites."

"Once I inject you, you will enter one of these rooms where you will strip naked and put on a stasis suit. Then you will enter the pod that is located in the room. Once you lay down the pod will automatically close and when you wake up, we will all be at our destination at the Apollo training station. That will be your new home until you complete your training. Your classification will be decided by the computer aboard your stasis pods in conjunction with the nanites that will be injected into your body."

My thoughts drifted aimlessly as I anxiously awaited my turn to receive nanites. I hardly felt the prick on my arm when the doctor administered them. "There you go, recruit. Good luck," she said, her voice almost fading into the background. Entering the adjacent room, I was met with the sight of a massive grey tube, its metallic frame split open in the center of the chamber. A white elastic bodysuit hung across the wall, appearing too small for my frame. However, once worn, it clung to my body like a second skin, tighter than I initially imagined.

Upon placing my hand on the stasis pod's control panel, it scanned my palm and a voice emanated from within: "Welcome, Bean Carter. I am the AI of this stasis pod, here to facilitate the modification of your physique by the nanites for optimal performance. You may hear me communicate with you telepathically during stasis – just respond in kind with your thoughts. While you rest, I shall integrate a new combat AI platform into your brain to aid you during battle. Once the nanites are done with their task, I will conduct a full-body scan and ensure your custom-fitted uniform is ready upon your awakening at Apollo Station."

I reclined into the pod and witnessed the grey tube encasing me. A fleeting moment of panic seized me before I succumbed to oblivion.

Awash in darkness, only sporadic instances of hearing AI's voice interrupted the silence. Initially incomprehensible murmurs, sometimes its words became discernible.

Error: Anomaly detected - adjusting accordingly. Redirecting nanites to counter anomaly. Power surge stabilized; resuming nanite programming.

I had no strength to inquire about the issue as my brain struggled to grasp a single thought.

Initiating combat AI platform: Kitty.

Activating optical analysis interface: Night vision mode; combat reticle; message interface.

Enhancing muscular system: Improved agility, speed, and stealth.

Tuning hearing: Amplified pitch sensitivity; directional auditory detection.

Boosting olfactory capabilities: Heightened scent sensitivity and downloaded data on the identification of chemicals and biological substances.

Despite my mind's foggy state, the AI's voice echoed in my thoughts.

At last, I heard it conclude, "Body scan finalized. Uniform order and designation submitted to command."

Then, a new presence resonated within me. "Greetings, Bean. I am Kitty, your combat AI, and will be your unwavering ally throughout your time at the Alliance Military. For you to acclimatize to the nanites' upgrades, I will induce hibernation mode. Once the stasis pod reopens, you shall awaken anew. Sweet dreams."

Before I had the chance to react, the hibernation mode was activated, and I heard Kitty's voice echoing in my mind, "Wake up Bean! The stasis pod is opening." As the pod's lid slid open, my senses were bombarded with stimuli, forcing me to drop to my knees and take a moment to regain my composure.

"Kitty, how long was I in stasis?" I asked.

"For ninety-five standard days, four hours, thirty minutes, and four seconds," Bean replied. "You need to hurry up, put on your uniform, and report for duty. You have precisely fifteen minutes and three seconds."

A sense of urgency consumed me as I thought, 'I'd better get moving!' Hastily grabbing my duffel bag and unzipping it, I suddenly realized that something about my body seemed off—my hands and feet appeared strangely animal-like yet still human. Panicking but equally curious, I inspected myself further only to find more changes. What once was male now bore feminine traits; a pair of voluptuous breasts had seemingly sprouted out of nowhere. My eyes darted below my waistline—a complete transformation. I was a woman now. Glancing sideways at some odd movement, I spun around only to discover that the elusive target was my tail.

Unable to process what had happened, mental overload prevailed; collapsing onto the floor unconscious. When consciousness returned, I found myself strapped down in a hospital bed. My futile escape attempts summoned three nurses into the room.

The senior nurse—a middle-aged woman with short blonde hair—attempted to calm me down. "Bean Carter, please relax. We understand your recent changes have been distressing—we're here to help." She nodded at a younger nurse beside her, "Get Dr. Anthony right away."

"What happened to me?" I questioned frantically.

"All we know is that your stasis pod experienced a power surge during transit. Regarding your altered state, that remains a mystery. Dr. Anthony will examine you and ensure your stability. If you promise to remain calm, I'll release these restraints," she offered a faint but reassuring smile.

"I'll be calm," I agreed, desperate for answers. "I need to understand what's going on and if anything can be reversed." She shrugged her shoulders, evidently unsure of the pod's malfunction and its theoretical remedy. "Could I please have a mirror so that I can see my face?" I asked.

"Darling, I can't allow you to hold a mirror until we're certain of your mental stability, but I can show you your appearance," she said, reaching for a small handheld mirror.

Upon catching sight of my reflection, I gasped. My face had transformed beyond human recognition - there were feline features all over it, including a cat-like nose, eyes, and pointed ears on top of my head. I resembled one of those cat girls from ancient animated videos. Struck speechless, all I could think was, at least I'm still cute.

Wait, did I genuinely just think that?

Kitty: Bean, the acceptance of your new appearance was programmed into your consciousness by me when you fainted in the stasis room.

Bean: Why didn't you ask for my permission first?

Kitty: Your safety and well-being are my top priorities. Your physical safety comes above everything else.

As the situation began to overwhelm me, fortunate timing brought the doctor from Demeter into the room. She scrutinized me and then consulted my chart. "Recruit Bean Carver, we're currently examining data from your stasis pod to determine the cause of this radical change in your body. My task is to perform a physical examination to document the full extent of these changes."

"The examination will be intimate – Nurse Ray will be here as an observer. I promise to make it as painless as possible," she shared while producing her scanner. The atmosphere turned awkward quickly while she scanned my newly female anatomy – no surprises there. Thanks to scans from the stasis pod, they could map out how feline DNA had intertwined with mine.

Thoroughly examined and deemed stable enough, I was allowed to dress in my uniform - tailored perfectly and even providing an opening for my tail. Subsequently, I was escorted to the recruit barracks.

Heads turned towards me as I marched toward my destination, my duffle bag slung over my shoulder. To my astonishment, its contents felt lighter than their size suggested. Reaching the female barracks, I sensed whispers around me as I found a bunk and put away my belongings according to the layout.

Various races from the alliance were there, but none bore any resemblance to me based on the records I had seen. It seemed I was the first of a new race of sentient beings. Chuckling to myself, I contemplated how far from home and entwined in a wild, unanticipated adventure I was – what other perspective might an uplifting outlook provide?

While I was unpacking my belongings, I decided I would interrogate my new companion:

Kitty, what can you tell me about what went wrong with my stasis pod?

Bean, to be perfectly honest, I don't know exactly what happened. I was not created at that time and was only privy to information available after my activation. Though I was able to retrieve data from your stasis pod, it seems that whatever caused the power surge may have caused the activation of a long-discarded protocol to try to mix animal DNA with human DNA. I don't have any other information on this though. We would have to find a connection to the Net to find more information.

Do you know what type of cat DNA they mixed with my DNA?

That would be jaguar DNA.

What are the chances of me being able to be changed back to my original self?

According to my calculations 0%. Your original DNA was lost in the power surge and without that reconstructing your DNA to match the original is impossible.

Why did it change me to female?

That is information that I do not have, Bean.

So, you are saying that I am going to be stuck like this?

According to my calculations: yes.

What functions do you perform, Kitty?

I act as a guide and support for you, provide connection to the BattleNet, control your cybernetic systems, and develop battle plans and strategies.

What cybernetic systems do I have?

Your vision is cybernetically enhanced, this allows me to put written text directly in your vision, it also allows me to superimpose an aiming reticle over your sight to allow you to shoot your weapon without sighting down the scope. You also have a reservoir that will generate more nanites when needed, like to be able to heal faster or to remove foreign chemicals from your body.

Do the other recruits have the same cybernetic systems?

No, you are unique in every way. No other AI has been bonded with a sentient brain before. I was created specifically for you due to your physical attributes to allow you to function as an infiltrator.

Assisted by Kitty, I meticulously placed everything in its designated spot, maintaining proper order and alignment, all while engaging in a pleasant exchange with my feline companion. My newly acquired cat-like ears enabled me to detect sounds far beyond my previous human capabilities, causing me to overhear the majority of the murmurs circulating around me. In their idle chatter, they sought to grasp my peculiar entrance and the nature of my existence. The relentless whispers began to irk me.

Unable to contain myself any longer, I spun around and exclaimed, "My tardiness was due to a malfunctioning stasis pod that triggered an abnormal alteration in my DNA, bestowing upon me these feline characteristics. Before joining you all here, I had to undergo a thorough examination by the base's medical team. It may surprise you to know that I was once as human as any of you before departing from my home planet. And no, I don't possess any psychic abilities; it's simply that my enhanced ears can detect your hushed conversations with remarkable clarity. So kindly refrain from discussing me in hushed tones behind my back."

An aquanid, an aquatic hominid, approached me and introduced herself. She was the first individual of her species I had ever encountered. Towering over me, she caused a tinge of annoyance as I reminisced about my lost height from my transformation. Her skin exhibited a distinctive bluish hue interlaced with hints of green and white. To maintain her hydration and supply oxygenated water to the gills at her neck's base, she donned a specialized suit beneath her uniform. Her lengthy hair shared the same blue shade, and her eyes shimmered with a vibrant aqua hue. I was nearly breathless when she initiated the conversation.

"Hello, I am Enchina. It is delightful to encounter someone as exceptional as myself," she uttered melodiously.

"Bean; lovely to meet you too," I reciprocated her sentiment. She furrowed her brow slightly. "Well, you see, my parents are hippy farmers, thus my rather unconventional name," I playfully teased while giggling. Echidna giggled in response.

While conversing with Enchina, I sensed a presence behind me, soon followed by a hand stroking my tail. Startled, I leaped up and marvelously contorted my body in mid-air to land on top of my bed – the top bunk. With a faint hiss and bared fangs, I confronted the source of my perceived danger.

The human woman, who had approached me from behind, recoiled with a terrified squeal. Realizing there was no danger, I couldn't help but feel embarrassed by my reaction. Hastily, I apologized for startling her as I climbed down from the bunk. "Please don't touch my tail without asking," I said in the friendliest tone possible. Eventually, I allowed them to feel my tail. Several girls came forward, and I playfully made my tail twitch under their touch, surprising them.

Much to my astonishment, their gentle caresses elicited purring from me, which in turn made them squeal with excitement.

An elven woman approached me with a disdainful sneer and assessed me from head to toe. "If you can't control yourself when someone touches your tail, you'll become a nuisance to the rest of us. And I despise nuisances. Be careful, or you might just lose that tail," she warned as she flicked her hair and strutted away to join a group of five female elves glaring at me with matching expressions of contempt.

Unwilling to be easily intimidated, I retorted, "Touch my tail and find out how deeply my claws can slice through elven flesh," baring my fangs menacingly. It was clear that I now had to keep an eye on them – they viewed me as a target for asserting their dominance over them. As with other elves I had encountered before, they always seemed convinced of their superiority over everyone else.

A booming order echoed from behind the assembly of elves, "Fall in!" The girls wavered slightly as they endeavored to stand erect and composed. "Upon hearing 'fall in,' you maggots will promptly position yourselves at the foot of your bunk beds and stand at attention. Now, fall in!" Swiftly, the girls relocated to their designated spots.

A tall, middle-aged human woman with bronzed skin and ebony hair tightly drawn back into a bun emerged from beneath the hat that crowned her head. Her thunderous voice carried on, "Ladies, I detect some nervous energy amongst you; I'll only say this once – you are all squad mates and must not engage in battles with one another. If I catch even a whisper of disagreement, toothbrushes will become your tool for cleaning latrine floors. Do I make myself clear?" The women nodded and uttered muted responses.

"Excuse me? I said, do I make myself clear?" she raised her voice, demanding an answer.

"Yes, ma'am!" we unanimously roared in response.

"As your head drill instructor, Sergeant First Class Dixon, my role during your time here at basic training is to dismantle your old selves and sculpt you into formidable soldiers capable of confronting any crisis that comes our way. The origins of your planetary settlements hold no meaning to me; nor do I care for the identity of your parents or the prestige attached to your home world titles. Under my command, you are all equal recruits. Insolence, retorts, disrespect, and laziness will not be tolerated. You must perform at peak capacity or risk being sent back to square one – restarting basic training from scratch. Now commence footlocker inspections; open them up and stand attentively beside them."

Sergeant Dixon sauntered deliberately down the narrow passage between the rows of neatly arranged bunks, scrutinizing each footlocker with a discerning gaze. Halting in front of each one, she pinpointed any imperfections to the attentive owner with a curt remark or two. Every so often, she would forcefully eject an inadequately stored item from the locker, its noisy descent echoing through the tense atmosphere. The anxious recruits did their best to maintain a rigid stance, desperate to avoid attracting the sergeant's wrath.

"Collect your belongings and stow them properly; you've got fifteen minutes before you need to assemble outside the barracks for formation." With that directive, she strode out of the barracks, leaving her subordinates to reassemble their disrupted belongings.

I offered my assistance to Enchina as she meticulously organized her equipment in compliance with regulations. Given that my footlocker had remained unscathed during Sergeant Dixon's inspection, I promptly secured it shut and locked it as mandated. With hurried determination, Echidna then sprinted outside to join her fellow recruits who were already positioned in orderly formation in front of the barracks. Awaiting our arrival, Sergeant Dixon stood poised and vigilant, her eyes darting between her watch and the assembling ranks. Regrettably, not all managed to make it out in time; three tardy recruits joined us, met only by a disappointed head shake from our commanding officer – a wordless reprimand.

Sergeant Dixon diligently guided us on the appropriate protocol for assembling in formation and subsequently led our march toward the mess hall. We strode in orderly columns, ultimately forming a queue as we eagerly anticipated our meal. "You have thirty minutes to obtain your food, consume it, and report back outside the mess hall, commencing now," she commanded authoritatively.

With swift efficiency, we collected the available dishes served onto our metallic trays, followed by procuring our beverages and finding a place to sit. The majority of us were wise enough to remain silent and focus on consumption. However, one unfortunate recruit lacked such discretion and began voicing their displeasure with the meal. In response, Sergeant Dixon approached the dissatisfied individual and firmly grasped their tray before exclaiming, "If you can't appreciate the sustenance presented before you, you don't deserve to eat." She then proceeded to deposit the entire tray into a nearby waste bin.

The browbeaten recruit was left in stunned disbelief, tears welling in their eyes. Sergeant Dixon remained unyielding as she tersely announced, "Ten minutes remaining, ladies," and then calmly strode from the dining area. In her wake, we exchanged apprehensive glances before hurriedly devouring our meals. The remainder of our dining experience was characterized by silence as we gulped down our food before promptly regrouping outside the mess hall in formation – this time without any stragglers.

We trudged back to the barracks, and as we stood in formation, Sergeant Dixon declared with authority, "Lights out at 2200 hrs., wake up at 0400 hrs., and first formation at 0530 hrs. Don't be late, ladies." I winced at his taunting words. Although Kitty had helped me overcome any dysmorphia related to my new body, I couldn't shake the lingering self-consciousness regarding my gender transformation. The thought of showering alongside others left me apprehensive.

Upon entering the barracks, we were met with utter chaos. It resembled the aftermath of a tornado's wrath – beds were flipped over, sheets and blankets were strewn wildly across the room, and mattresses were piled haphazardly on the floor. Miraculously, locked foot lockers remained untouched amidst the disorder. With collective groans, we began the daunting task of restoring order to the room. Throughout most of the night, we battled to reassemble beds and locate everyone's belongings before securing them safely in their respective foot lockers.

Naturally, the haughty elven woman and her clique of cohorts couldn't stop grumbling, attempting to offload responsibility onto everyone else in the barracks. They directed their frustration at other recruits for the disorderly scattering of their belongings. As if theirs were the sole possessions that suffered from this mess. Eventually, I reached my boiling point with their insufferable attitudes. "Had your things been properly secured like they should've been, they wouldn't be strewn all over! This chaos serves as a lesson for everyone - store your items appropriately and safely!" I shouted back at them.

A member of her entourage, visibly infuriated, burst out with indignation, "How dare you speak to her like that! Do you even know who she is?"

Remaining calm and collected, I replied sharply, "Nope, and honestly, I couldn't care less! You're all just fellow recruits like the rest of us. Time to deflate your egos!" With a smug grin, I turned away and caught sight of my squad mates' stunned faces. They too were aware of her identity; clearly, she held a level of importance that garnered unwavering loyalty from others.

Feeling an impending danger creeping towards me, the hair at the back of my neck bristled – instinct prompted me to act. Dodging swiftly to the left, I sprung off an adjacent bunk as a crackling orb of electricity struck where I had previously stood. Deftly navigating between bunks throughout the room until I closed the distance with the spell-wielding elf, I leaped forward and drove my knee into her chest. We tumbled together onto the frigid floor; breathless from the impact, she gasped for oxygen while sprawled beneath me.

I gracefully rolled off her and sprang to my feet, poised for another strike. My gaze flitted between the elf and her remaining followers – fear shimmered in their eyes as they took stock of what had transpired. Disbelief clouded their expressions as they questioned my ability to close in on their comrade in mere moments despite never having witnessed magic before. My instincts had guided my movements expertly, allowing me to subdue the elf with incredible efficiency.

The elf eventually regained her footing and glared at me with disdain. "My father will see to it that you pay dearly for this," she threatened.

"Will he do so before or after I flay you?" I shot back. "As I've already stated, your identity and lineage mean nothing to me – here, you're a simple recruit just like myself," I added.

"One of her attendants piped up, "This is the Second Princess of the esteemed high elven kingdom of Silvarin, Mir'tan Silvarin." The words were spoken as though they should have been blatantly obvious. Suddenly, Sergeant Davis' earlier remark made more sense. I was well aware that all elves were mandated to serve in the military upon reaching adulthood, but the prospect of encountering actual royalty never crossed my mind.

A subtle grin appeared on my face as I shook my head in disbelief. The notion that I had managed to irk elven royalty made this entire expedition feel like some cosmic prank. My grin escalated to boisterous laughter when I acknowledged the downright terrible luck I'd been experiencing. "Naturally, since it's not like things have been going smoothly since the moment, I left home. You'd think I was some nefarious warlord considering the series of misfortunes I've encountered."

Puzzled expressions filled the faces of those around me, and I strolled back to my bunk. Collecting my garments and towel, I proceeded to the shower.

As hot water cascaded down upon me, a full minute elapsed before I noticed Enchina in the adjacent shower. Her melodic voice, complemented by the flowing water, inquired, "Are you okay?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure. It's been such a long and peculiar day for me. All I sought was an escape from my mundane life and a thrilling adventure. Yet now, my body is utterly transformed, and I wonder if they can even revert me to my former state. To top it off, I've angered a princess! Now, there's this nagging fear that something far worse is about to befall me," I confessed as I finished cleansing my hair.

Strangely enough, being so close to a disrobed Enchina failed to stir any arousal in me. Kitty, did you have something to do with this?

Affirmative Bean, by manipulating your body's chemical reactions, I've suppressed any immediate attraction towards seeing other women undressed. This should help you blend in more effectively until training concludes.

I suppose I should express my gratitude, as facing that challenge today would have been overwhelming. Could you clarify what transpired while I was in the bay?

Remarkably, your instincts from the feline aspect of your newfound form took over. I was genuinely astonished by your adept handling of the situation. With further training, envision the incredible feats you will achieve.

Such thoughts felt rather heavy on my mind. I had always dreamt of being an illustrious hero but assumed those aspirations vanished when I awoke in this peculiar body. Perhaps my initial assumption of this transformation being negative was incorrect. I must ponder this further.

I glanced at Enchina and offered a warm smile. "I'm grateful that our paths crossed. It seems we'll make quite the pair in this environment. If you ever notice me inadvertently irking any royalty, would you kindly give me a rap on the back of my head? I aim to support the Alliance, not become a fugitive." I chuckled lightheartedly.

"Of course! Just ensure that you assist me in maintaining my assigned space spotless to avoid Sergeant Davis' disapproval. That woman utterly terrifies me," she quipped, winking playfully.

"It's high time we finish preparing and catch some rest. Waking up at the crack of dawn tomorrow will be no easy feat," I shared with a grin on my face. Enchina rolled her eyes and gave my arm a friendly jab.

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Patricia Marie Allen's picture

I haven't been following "Lilith's Despair" so I don't mind you interrupting production on that front. I eagerly await the continuation of "The Struggle of Bean". You've created a fantastic universe that rivals any Sci-Fi I've ever read. I'm a long time Sci-Fi fan. This effort, assuming you keep to the standard you've set, promises to be among the best. I'll be sure to keep up with chapters because I'm sure that as soon as you complete it it will be published somewhere and likely come down off this site.

Please don't keep us waiting too long for the next installment.


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Semper in femineo gerunt

An old rural saying comes to mind.

Something to do with frying pans and fire. ;-) Except that, since leaving home, this particular cat has apparently been balancing along the edge of the frying pan all along. Good thing they are already showing a natural proclivity for landing on their feet, so far. It just remains to see what the fire will turn out to be.

This opening into a new Sci-Fi universe is certainly fun and I will be watching with baited breath for more to arrive.

- Leona

Excellent Pacing of Story Line

BarbieLee's picture

The flow of the story is smooth going along setting, action, dialog. I find your story line fascinating as SF is always an open subject since any concept can be right. Keep in mind the SF writers of years past wrote of impossible events and things and yet in this day and age a lot of their tale has come true. The Nautilus and Captain Nemo is our atomic submarines now.
You presented us with a strong central character which brings strength to the story itself. The descriptive of the barracks? Nothing has changed in half a century and it looks like it won't in the future. Boot Camp will be the same in the centuries to come and they drive raw recruits into professional soldiers.
Hugs Su Shi
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This story gets my stamp of approval! ****
Lots of potential and the universe is open


Great fun!

I've always enjoyed Science Fiction and this is such an entertaining story. I'm already looking forward to the next chapter. Well done!


At the beginning of this chapter it's Dixon, later it's Davis. o.O

Otherwise, thx for nice chapter^^