Pick Me Boy

Danny Collins in…

Pick Me Boy

By Jmaster

Danny Collins was the new student to Westwood High, a school in the middle of Suburban Illinois. He was a wildcard at his past school always getting good grades and sometimes even girls but his long hair and skater boy appearance often was a turn off for some, now entering into Westwood smack dab during his Freshman year he had to make some friends.

He met a group of girls who shared a similar interest with him in maintaining good grades while also being open to partying. He was hoping to get a girlfriend out of it but he’d have to play the waiting game first. For a couple weeks he would occasionally hang out with them at the mall and in town but never did get that girlfriend with all them considering him to be more like a brother to them.

He stopped talking to them for awhile to maintain his grades near the end of his second trimester, his parents seemed relieved when he said he finally wanted to cut his traditional chest length hair in a couple weeks in an attempt to be more mature. One day he got a call from the girls asking him to hang out and he said yes. They picked him up and headed to a party.

In the car they were discussing school and wjat they missed when one of the girls said Josh gave her a cd for all of them to listen to. Josh Jones was the school’s biggest sweetheart, varsity quarterback and all, and on top of that he could sing. Danny talked to him a couple times throughout the year but not that much. He rolled his eyes as all these girls talked about was Josh as they popped in the cd.

It was a typical love song with a catchy beat. Danny was annoyed at first but after awhile he started to like it and was entranced by it. When the song was over all the girls continued to chit chat about Josh with even Danny feeling some weird feelings about the boy. When they arrived to the party Danny saw Josh and immediately went to the bathroom to check his appearance, once he realized what he was doing he went all flush and left the bathroom. Why was he feeling this strange way? He partied all night with the girls and did not see Josh again but he was still on his mind.

Over the next few weeks Danny went through a sort of transformation. He started talking to Josh more and decided to grow out his hair instead of cut it, that soon followed by him wearing subtle makeup and soft colors in an attempt to appeal to Josh. One day his parents pulled him aside, they told him whatever he did they’d still love him regardless, he was confused but told them thank you.

As the weeks grew so did his transformation, he went from shaggy long hair to styled long hair, subtle makeup to a face full of it, and his old boys clothing to more comfortable feminine clothing like skirts and croptops. He found it much easier to engage in conversation with the girls about makeup and fashion and especially Josh. He tried to talk to Josh during every passing period and what started as confusion from the boy became a more calm demeanor as Josh realized what happened.

Everyone assumed Danny wanted to be a girl as his feminine mannerisms and behavior grew by the daily, on top of his nonstop thinking about Josh, how he wanted him to comfort him and how he wanted to be filled by a real man like Josh. Mall visits with the girls involved him getting his nails done and going to the spa which ended in them arguing over who could have Josh. His parents didn’t like it but they promised to love him whatever happened and they supported him this way.

As Danny and the other girls kept trying to impress Josh and longed for him to choose them over the other, Josh hung out with each individually to get to know them more. Danny was extra flirtatious and over the top romantic with Josh, he discussed what their future could be like together and how he dreamed of being his housewife which Josh was very intrigued by. Danny’s grades started to plummet the more he partied with the girls and thought about Josh and by his Sophomore season he couldn’t take it anymore.

Josh called Danny one night and told him to come over to which he did. Danny was so nervous wearing his best skirt and his most expensive lipstick but when the hunky Josh walked in everything seemed alright. Josh told him he loved him and they started to cuddle and it started to get hot. The two of them soon took their clothing off and Danny was a little embarrassed as Josh saw his scrawny body and small balls but when he kissed him it all felt right.

Danny got on all fours and started moaning for Josh to ‘complete’ him and he did so. Josh stuck his veiny dick in Danny’s pale ass and took his virginity as he moaned his name. When they were done they were exhausted and cum was leaking out of his asshole as he sat down to pee. When he went back to bed and laid down next to Josh, Josh told him, “i never expected for you to be in the car and listen to my tape, but i’m glad it happened.”

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