Ambushed Part. 15

Sparrow’s Mansion, Four Hours Before Mission:
Owl/Grace looked at her new outfit and loved how it was tight and form-fitting on her body. It showed off her curves. She turns to face Hawk and notices Hawk wearing her new outfit. It was also tight and form-fitting and showed Hawk’s curvy body. She walks over to Hawk, lifts her mask, and kisses her lips. She was pressed up tight against Hawk’s chest. She loved feeling Hawk’s D-size breasts pressing against her own.

Hawk wraps her arms around Owl and returns the kiss. She shoves her tongue deep into Owl’s mouth. She holds Owl close to her body and wants to do more to her. They didn’t have time to do more. She breaks the kiss and looks into Owl’s eyes. “When we return from this mission, I’ll make love to you all day.”

“Deal.” Owl kisses Hawk again before she finishes putting on her new gear.

Hawk finishes getting dressed as well. She makes final adjustments to her utility belt and adjusts her gun holsters. Tonight, she switched her lethal ammo out for her nonlethal rounds.

Hawk and Owl head downstairs towards the meeting room where Dove, Black Cat, Carmen, Sparrow, and Raptor await them. Everyone was wearing their new outfits except Black Cat and Carmen.

Felica and Carmen were dressed in their standard outfits. Felica, aka Black Cat’s outfit, showed off her well-developed body and big boobs. Carmen’s outfit looked like the one the cartoon version wore.

Owl looks at the way Felica is dressed. “Wow! You can knock the bad guys out with your breasts.” She couldn’t believe how big they were.

“How do you fit in tight places with them being so big?” Hawk couldn’t believe Felica was so much bigger than she was.

“Very carefully.” Felica knew she might get some comments about how big her breasts were.

Among all the women in Sparrow’s group, she had the most significant chest and the curviest body among all the women present. She noticed that some of the women were jealous of how she looked. Hawk was the only other person who was as curvy as she was.

Carmen leans near Felica. “I think they are jealous.”

“I think your right.” Felica could see a little jealousy on some of the women’s faces.

Sparrow clears her throat to get everyone’s attention. Once she has them looking at her, “Now that I have all your attention, remember we will try to keep the body count down tonight. Also, try not to destroy those plants or any samples. Blake Medical needs them to either develop an antidote or a way to undo the effects of the drugs made using this chemical.”

“Do we have permission to use live ammo if there is no other choice?” Dove didn’t like using nonlethal ammo.

“Yes, Dove. You have permission to use live ammo if you have no other choice.” Sparrow knew how Dove was.

“Let’s mount up and head out.” Sparrow was wearing her specialty suit.

“Sounds like a plan.” Felica and Carmen head outside and mount the motorcycles they rode in on.

Hawk and Owl came in the armor police car Hawk owned. Dove, Sparrow, and Raptor mount their motorcycles as well. All of them had been given their assigned entry point and would split up before approaching the greenhouse.

Dove’s job was to take over the security center and monitor everything. She was going to be their eyes in the place. When they reviewed the information gathered, they learned that several people were being held for experimentation.

That was Hawk’s and Owl’s job to help them. They were to take them to the twins, who would be arriving fifteen minutes after they came. The twins would arrive in a custom van s equipped with light Kevlar armor.

Felica and Carmen leave first. They were approaching from a secret service road they discovered from an aerial map provided by one of the satellites owned by Felica’s company. She shared the map images she managed to get with Sparrow’s people.

Hawk and Owl were approaching from different directions. They hid their motorcycles nearby and walked the rest of the way on foot. Owl enjoyed this since she usually stayed home when Hawk went on missions. She watches Hawk as she creeps towards the entrance and uses the surveillance camera blind spot to her advantage.

Owl moves once Hawk does again. Both women were taken advantage of the blind spots in the security layout.

“Do you think Dove is in the security control room by now?” Owl was using their private frequency.

Hawk looks at the time in her helmet display. She knew how good Dove was. Scout was better, but she was still recovering from what was done to her.

Dove had hidden her motorcycle and took the place of one of the security people that was scheduled to show up for work. The person she was replacing was a guy around her size and build. No one took much notice. The person she was relieving wanted to leave.

Once she reached the security office, she noticed she could access all the cameras and security doors.

“I’ve got access, Sparrow.” Dove unlocked the security door for Sparrow and Raptor. They were entering from the main greenhouse.

“Roger, Dove.” Sparrow opens the door and enters the place.

Raptor spotted two guards they had to get by. He punches one guard and knocks him out while Sparrow takes the other guard out. They use the guard’s quick cuffs to secure them.

Sparrow and Raptor move towards one of the research labs. They were going to try to get samples of everything in the labs.

“Where are we heading, Dove?” Sparrow was communicating with Dove over their private frequency.

“Take the next left and be careful. Two guards are guarding the hallway.” Dove was watching them on the camera system.

“Dove, we need access to this hallway.” Hawk and Owl were in the hallway where the test subjects were kept.

“Okay.” Dove unlocks the security door to let Hawk and Owl into the hallway.

Dove checks on Felica and Carmen but can’t locate them at all. She switches between several security cameras and finally finds them. They
were down on the second level knocking out the guards and securing their weapons.

She couldn’t believe how fast Felica moved. She noticed Carmen was just as quickly as Felica and easily avoided attacks against her. Where Carmen used some polearm to block and defend herself, Felica used her hands and claws.

Dove had to look again because she couldn’t believe Felica had claws. The body armor the security guards wore wasn’t affected by the claws.
That didn’t stop Felica because she changed how she attacked the person and took them down.

As for the rest of the team, they ran into some resistance but managed to subdue their opponents. They didn’t have to resort to using live ammo. This was good because they could interrogate people to get more information.

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