Lilith's Despair Chapter 4

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Authors Note: I did not realize I had not published this chapter before publishing chapter 5. I am sorry for any confusion and hope that you will enjoy this chapter.

As the world anxiously held its breath, news stations relentlessly broadcasted the brazen assault on the Chinese military base. The atmosphere was charged with provocative comments from Wizard Councilman David Holmes, fanning the flames of uncertainty. Reporters frantically competed for exclusive stories and interviews, spotlighting reactions from both influential nations and people. Amidst the pandemonium, unease spread throughout the global community, as whispers of a looming showdown between wizards and the rest of the world filled the air.

The chilling video evidence provided by the council showed despicable acts of abuse and torture suffered by wizards at the merciless hands of the Chinese military. This revelation sent a shudder throughout the international community, inciting doubt about both the footage's legitimacy and the allegations made by the wizards. The public was soon consumed by fiery debate and division. As world leaders weighed in on this grave situation, attention turned to the potential human rights repercussions caused by such alleged mistreatment. Discord continued to spiral as contrasting opinions about these events only heightened an already explosive situation.

With every passing moment, the controversy over supposed human rights violations intensified. Leading figures within the wizarding community – David, Victor, and Minerva – remained adamant in their stance, voicing their horror at these apparent state-sponsored crimes committed by China. Leveraging various global platforms, these notable individuals ensured their unyielding convictions reached all corners of the earth, fueling ongoing debates even further. The collective fury displayed by David, Victor, and Minerva, along with their passionate call for justice, struck a chord with countless people worldwide. As a result, their outspoken advocacy fortified those who championed justice for wizards while adding yet another dimension to this rapidly accelerating diplomatic catastrophe.

Faced with increasing scrutiny, the Chinese government vehemently refuted any association with the horrendous acts, dismissing the recorded footage as mere disinformation designed to undermine their authority. They claimed that the strike on their military base was unprovoked, pinning the blame on Lilith and her accomplices for instigating the turmoil. Desperate to quash any emerging support for the wizards, Chinese officials demanded the swift capture and execution of Lilith and her cohorts. This bold declaration further fueled bitterness in an already contentious atmosphere, as both sides adamantly stood by their stances, leaving little opportunity for negotiation or discourse.

Amid the growing hostilities, media exposure of the turmoil worsened the existing rift. News organizations, already swayed by the divisive nature of events, frequently opted for sensationalism and personal perspectives over objective reporting and credible fact presentation. Such rampant prejudice not only obstructed public understanding of the situation but also exacerbated pre-established divisions, rendering a peaceful settlement increasingly arduous. On the brink of potential global discord, the media's role in molding and twisting public opinion was glaringly evident. This led to widespread doubt regarding whether truth would ever surface or merely remain submerged amidst a discordant chorus of opposing accounts.



Margret had become entirely disconnected from reality around her. Unbeknownst to her, she was trapped inside her thoughts; all she was experiencing at that time was merely her mind attempting to cope with getting shot. Her small physique battled to recover from the damage inflicted by the bullet as she relentlessly relived that moment within her psyche.

Within Margret's tormented subconsciousness emerged an unexpected encounter with a calm and majestic woman who exuded an ethereal soothing aura. This enigmatic entity guided Margret towards a breathtaking garden oasis and invited her to share her feelings in this idyllic haven. As they engaged in conversation, Margret's emotional suffering began to diminish, making it seem that this stranger's counsel could be the answer to her torment. Within this fleeting haven of comfort, Margret endeavored to muster the courage needed to conquer the traumatic ordeal she had faced and ultimately regain command of her besieged awareness.

"Margret, your destined potential still lies ahead. Fight to reclaim your body," the enigmatic woman advised in a calming yet urgent tone.

"What do you mean, my destined potential?" Margret inquired, perplexed.

"My dear child, if only I could unveil the details. Just know that you possess great purpose in this world. I've granted you a small gift to aid your journey. Now, hurry and awaken; your friends anxiously await your return," the woman professed as Margret sensed a powerful force yanking her back.

The impact of Margret's consciousness reentering her body jolted her awake, disoriented and gasping for air. Gradually regaining her senses, she discerned the anxious faces looming over her – friends evidently relieved by her emergence from the comatose abyss. The mysterious woman's words reverberating in her mind, Margret brimmed with renewed determination to unravel her destined potential's true meaning. Though aware of the forthcoming perils and uncertainties, she vowed to confront impending challenges, fortified by the cryptic gift she had received.

Shielding her eyes from intense brightness, Margret was taken aback to see Lilith, Charlene, and Sara hovering as she stirred to consciousness. Their concern transformed into relief while Margret assessed her environment, grateful for their unwavering comradeship. Although the harrowing experience had ravaged her body and spirit, her friends' presence served as a soothing salve that fortified her resolve.

Margret's parched throat hindered speech as she labored to talk. "Where am I?" she rasped.

Lilith clasped her hand, eyes brimming with tears. "You're safe in our city's hospital. I deeply regret involving you in that journey and exposing you to danger. Can you ever forgive me?"

Margret gestured for water before replying, "I apologize for failing you, Lilith. I let my guard down while attempting to open the door – focusing on both tasks proved impossible." Grateful for the water's relief, she took a cautious sip.

Lilith's sympathetic gaze settled on Margret. "You never failed me or our mission. Placing you in such peril was my responsibility, and your injury weighs heavily on me. I didn't consider the potential consequences."

The doctor's timely entrance allowed him to evaluate Margret's condition and unearth an astounding revelation – her injuries had vanished, leaving no trace of harm. This miraculous recovery baffled her friends and the medical team alike, provoking questions about the source of such rapid healing.

As the doctor scrutinized her closely, he was dumbfounded by the striking shift in Margret's physical form; it was as though she had transitioned from a trans woman to a cis woman. This perplexing discovery only intensified the enigma shrouding her miraculous resurgence. Margret couldn't help but speculate if the mysterious gift she received had some connection to this baffling metamorphosis. In spite of their bewilderment, her friends and the medical staff were simply thankful for her well-being and collectively rallied behind her in support of her rejuvenated existence.

"Margret, what transpired while you were unconscious?" Lilith inquired, gripping Margret's hand as she stood by the bedside.

"I can't say for certain; I recall dreaming about being shot and then finding myself in a garden beside a woman who claimed to have a gift for me, asserting that I still had an unfulfilled purpose in life," Margret replied.

"What did this enigmatic woman address you as?" queried Lilith.

"Daughter," Margret responded, growing increasingly perplexed. "That was just a dream, right?"

"Lilith, what's happening here?" Sara chimed in.

"Mother made contact with her and performed your miracle," Lilith revealed, her face expressionless and tone devoid of emotion. As if recalling something, she gazed into the distance before refocusing on Margret with a warm smile. "I'm elated you're recovering well. After the doctor discharges you, come visit me at my home if you'd like to discuss further."

With an absent gaze, Lilith exited the room. Charlene grabbed Margret's hand, planting a tender kiss on her forehead. "Congratulations on becoming whole again, and thank you for your courage and help," she grinned before departing.

Sara lingered behind, clearly still unnerved by Margret's ordeal. "I feel like such a fool, Margret. I desperately yearn to stand beside Lilith and Charlene as equals. I was fearless in their presence, secure in their protection. But when I learned you were injured, it hit me – would I become a liability if separated from Lilith? I could have been hurt like you or worse, given my lower power level. I adore them both, but what should I do? Time won't ravage them as it will me, and ultimately, I'll succumb to mortality." Sara's voice trembled with emotion as tears spilled down her cheeks, revealing her deepest fears to Margret.

Margret stared intensely at Sara, "You're a fool. It's blatantly obvious that they adore you more than anything on this planet. They'd never let any harm come your way. I understand you had to insist on joining that mission, but I believe it was the right decision. Lilith and Charlene will always have your back. That video of them rampaging through a police station to rescue you is forever etched in my memory. If I ever found someone who loved me as fiercely, I would never want to be apart from them. As for growing old and dying, Lilith and Charlene must have considered that too, and yet, they choose to be with you regardless. You should cherish every moment of your life with them. Though I was injured out there, I'd go through it all again because it was necessary."

Sara squeezed Margret's hand, "Thank you, and I hope we see each other soon."

Sara then left to return home to be with Lilith and Charlene. She remembered the rush she felt when they stormed the police station to save her. The love she experienced from them made her feel like the most fortunate person alive. Their unwavering affection made her heart swell with happiness - having them by her side was all she needed.


Meanwhile, Mu'thar returned to his father's abode with a sinister scheme to get closer to Elizabeth. "My lord," he began deviously, "I require your assistance in getting near those women. They seem fiercely protective of their loved ones. If I appear at death's door after suffering a brutal beating, Lilith may provide help and let me into their domain."

Kar'tar pondered over Mu'thar's wicked plan, "And are you certain about reaching out for aid? What will happen when Shri'la lays eyes on you?"

Sporting a devious grin, Mu'thar replied, "That's exactly why I need to endure a merciless attack, granting me an opportunity to allege your treachery. Furthermore, as soon as Lilith beholds me, I can quickly ensnare her vulnerable mind and convince her to not only help me but also to manipulate both Shri'la and Shar'li."

Kar'tar's eyes gleamed with fervent curiosity. "This strategy could very well triumph. Acquiring Lilith's loyalty will make overpowering the remaining two a piece of cake. Lilith has already displayed an imperviousness to human weapons and the sheer might to obliterate vast armies on a whim. None in this world would dare to challenge me. By the way, who is that fiery-haired mortal captivating Shar'li and Lilith?"

Mu'thar elucidated, "She is the human enchantress entwined in a passionate romance with both Lilith and Shar'li."

Kar'tar stroked his chin thoughtfully. "We shall utilize her bond as an advantage too. How far they have gone to protect her unmasks their weakness. Set our ploy into motion without a moment's hesitation," he commanded with a dominant tone.


Following another round of strenuous examinations, Margret was at last discharged from the hospital, though bound by firm instructions to recuperate for several days: this was despite the absence of any discernible injuries on her body. Her miraculous recovery left her feeling rejuvenated yet guarded about her recent encounters. She was thankful for Sara's unwavering support and their heartfelt conversation further cemented their connection. Despite their strained relationship, Margret grew disheartened that she hadn't heard from her parents in some time. She had expected them to reach out and check on her wellbeing.

Ruminating on her own difficult relationship with her parents, Margret was suddenly consumed by an irrepressible desire to reunite with Sara once more. Rumors had reached her ears that Sara's familial relations mirrored Margret's own turbulent situation. Their shared tribulations forged a powerful bond between them and intensified their emotional ties. Margret believed that by offering mutual support, they could learn how to face the trials imposed by their respective family conflicts together.

With trepidation, Margret stood before Lilith's ominous door, her hand trembling as she hesitated to knock. Her nerves were frayed, anxious that she might intrude upon Lilith during these trying times and impose an unwanted burden. However, the unshakable feeling that discussing their family issues with Lilith would serve as a catharsis for both of them continued to surface. Summoning her courage, Margret inhaled deeply and finally rapped on the door, bracing herself for the unknown that lay ahead.

The door creaked open, revealing Sara who was taken aback by Margret's presence in the dimly lit hallway. "Hi Sara," Margret uttered carefully, her voice quivering, "I was hoping we could talk." Her candid tone sought comfort in their mutual tribulations. Realizing the gravity of this moment, Sara gestured Margret into the shadowy room, willing to delve into a profound conversation that would solidify their alliance and guide them through the intricate web of their family ties.

As Margret timidly initiated the discussion, her vulnerability became apparent. "I'd like to know how you cope with a family that doesn't want you?" The heavy burden she carried etched in every word. Drawing courage from within, Sara opened up about her own survival strategies and encounters, hoping to offer some respite to Margret. As their dialogue deepened, the duo unearthed newfound strength in each other – now fortified with a rejuvenated resolve to confront challenges posed by their families.

Pondering over Margret's inquiry, Sara eventually replied with apprehension in her voice, "I'm not sure whether I deal with my family not wanting me because I'm a lesbian. Is it due to you being trans?" A glimmer of empathy resounded with each word. Nodding earnestly, Margret found solace in the fact that she wasn't the only one battling such demons.

Margret laid bare her soul to Sara, uncovering the overwhelming loneliness enveloping her within her own family. "It's not just about being trans. I've perpetually felt alienated by them. They were constantly enthralled by my older sister's perfection and radiated pride for my brother's accomplishments. While for me, they seemed to just go through the motions, having already found their ideal children. When I came out as trans, they deliberately chose to ignore it. To add insult to injury, my magic was nothing like the rest of the family's – ostracizing me further from gatherings. I was akin to a child they never wanted."

With bated breath, Sara listened to Margret as she recounted her haunting struggles with feeling unloved by her family. The oppressive weight of the world bore down on Sara's shoulders, leaving her speechless. In that eerie silence, she gently placed her hand on Margret's shoulder, letting it rest just long enough to convey the depth of her empathy. Wordlessly, they both recognized the unspoken bond that tied them together, ready to support each other as they braved the daunting challenges of familial rejection.

Although Sara confessed, she couldn't quite fathom the magnitude of Margret's pain from a cold and unloving family, she empathized deeply with her anguish. She revealed to Margret that despite having a loving family, she had also experienced the harrowing sting of rejection in other aspects of her life. As their conversation unfolded, it became evident to both that the agony of rejection was a chillingly universal human experience, regardless of specific circumstances. Bolstered by this revelation, they pledged to support one another through whatever treacherous obstacles awaited them, finding strength and solace in each other's presence.

Upon entering the room, Lilith instantly felt the chilling atmosphere of heavy emotions swirling around. She saw Sara and Margret locked in a heartfelt embrace, tears streaming down their faces. Struck with empathy for their suffering, Lilith wordlessly joined their embrace, offering her unwavering support to both. In that profound moment, Lilith understood the true meaning of family - not necessarily those we are born into but those we choose to walk beside us in life.

"Margret are you okay?" inquired Lilith with deep concern as she studied her tear-streaked face sympathetically.

"Sara and I were just discussing our nightmarish family experiences." Margret replied softly with a tremor in her voice.

"What is wrong with your family?" asked Lilith, her confusion mounting upon learning this unsettling detail about Margret's life.

"They were utterly indifferent when I landed in the hospital – not that it was surprising. Their only happiness came from sending me away to school and washing their hands of me. They saw me more as a failure than a child," Margret explained somberly.

Without hesitation, Lilith reached out and enveloped Margret in a comforting hug. "I will care for you as if you were my own daughter. Please know that I will always be here for you, Margret. You have a special place in my heart."

"Would you like to stay with us?" Lilith asked with genuine concern emanating through her voice.

"Lilith, I can't impose on you like that. I'll just continue to live at school," Margret quietly replied.

"Nonsense! We'll look after you," Lilith insisted gently. "Sara, can you please arrange another bedroom for Margret? And let's put a door in our bedroom so we don't disturb her. Margret, listen to me: you are now one of us. Together, we'll always have each other's back." With these words, she hugged Margret again tenderly.

Excitedly, Sara sprang up from the couch, her heart pounding as she hurried toward the house's control panel. She deftly navigated the interface, making crucial alterations to transform Margret's room into an extraordinary sanctuary just for her. As she worked, a gratifying feeling surged through her, realizing her role in easing Margret's life. Once finished, she gleefully faced Lilith and Margret, beaming with pride. "One room all set for you to create and adorn however your heart desires," she announced, handing the controller to Margret and escorting her to the newly personalized bedroom.

Meanwhile, Charlene returned home from her rendezvous with Elizabeth and instantly detected a peculiar atmosphere in the house. She spotted Lilith's radiant grin and curiously asked, "What happened?"

Lilith recounted Margret's story and the decision to let her stay. Tears welled up in Charlene's eyes as she tightly embraced Lilith, choked with emotion. "You have such a tremendous heart, Lilith. I'm eternally grateful for your presence in my life," Charlene gasped.

"Parents shouldn't treat their children like that! I'd like to make them suffer for imposing such pain on Margret. She deserves far better; we'll prove to her how parents' ought to nurture their kids, reassuring her that she is truly loved," Charlene declared with fierce determination.

Lilith shared Charlene's sentiment and desire to confront Margret's parents but understood that love and support would be far more beneficial than anger and aggression. She knew healing the deep scars from Margret's family neglect wouldn't be an easy task, yet she vowed to help her newfound "daughter" discover belonging and happiness. Grateful for this opportunity to change Margret's life for the better, Lilith resolved to demonstrate just how cherished and valuable she was.

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