Wendy and Casper

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Wendy and Casper

by Jennifer Sue

Wendy’s life had never been what one could call normal. Her 3 elderly spinster sisters told her she’d been a foundling baby left on the steps of their ramshackle home wearing a long sleeved footed red onesie with a matching red pointed hat. Their home was in the depths of Pigeon Swamp, 14.5 miles southwest of Staten Island, NY. Thelma, Velma and Zelma repeatedly told her they were her ‘aunts’ so were obligated to take her in. While they supplied the basic necessities they made sure Wendy knew they felt raising her was an imposition. They also never told her anything about her background. As such they never saw eye to eye.

The three were miserly scam artists targeting desperate people supplying medicines, tonics, elixirs, salves and potions. The worst part was their customers sought them out spurred on by word of mouth about witchcraft and dark magic. Her aunts were indeed witches who specialized in black magic since it was easier to get the wanted results. To save their butts, they always made sure to tell the eager customers that when dealing with magic there were usually unforseen and unpredictable side effects. Of course, all their elicit wares did what the desperate customers wanted regardless of any unwanted side effects. They took delight in the grief many of their customers developed from using their wares. Their years working with the dark side took a toll on them leaving them with warts and minor deformities and severe arthritis gnarling their hands and curving their spines and a greenish tint to their skin.

Wendy grew up believing in magic but avoided dark magic favoring white magic. The red footed onsie that clad her when she was left on front steps as an infant was infused with white magic so that it grew with her, kept her warm in the winter, cool in the summer with armor like abilities keeping her from injury. Unless going out in public she wore the comfortable onsie since it was almost impoosible to get dirty and even then self-cleaned itself. She kept their house clean and went to school. She took a lot of teasing because her clothes were always from second hand stores. Her classmates and teachers made sure the oft smiling perky girl was an outcast.

Wendy’s stellar grades upon graduating from high school provided her with a full ride scholarship in Business Administration and Chemistry at near by Rutgers University in New Brunswick just 10 miles from her home. Using her white witch abilities she developed formulations for beauty supplies and cosmetics as well as hair products. Starting while in high school Wendy sold her home made witch crafted ‘Enchanted' brands of salves, lotions, makeup, perfumes, candles and air fresheners. With her inherited Witch supernatural abilities she honed her white witchcraft combining her growing academic knowledge to develop and perfect her witch enhanced products. In her 3d year of college she jumped on the early bandwagon of the internet to sell her products so that by the time she graduated she had a successful online multi-million dollar business. She found a vacant building on Main Street in Sayreville, NJ, just 9 miles from her home. Staying true to her propensity for white magic, Wendy hired employees through local women’s shelters. She was a well known supporter of the downtrodden.

By the time Wendy graduated from college her ‘Enchanted’ brand cosmetics gave her a handsome income which she used to remodel and update the ramshackle home. Although building was prohibited in Pigeon Swamp her home was grandfathered in. By then her aunts were worn out and haggard, unable to physically pay the price dark magic demanded so much so they were unable to use their brooms. Once they were unable to use their brooms, their will to live crumbled. Just after she graduated college, they died about a week apart. Using her broom, Wendy flew over Pigeon Swamp sprinkling their cremated remains over their beloved swamp. Then Wendy had the home repaired and brought up to building codes.

Wendy worked 5 days a week at her business and spent many evenings going to meetings and such to promote har desires to help and uplift people. She also heavily supported animal rescue and adoption services. But she did her best to be sure to take Saturday evenings/nights off to visit her oldest friend. Wendy was 8 when she met him. She’d learned a spell to make herself invisible so she could freely fly about exploring the immediate area while looking for people or animals she could help. On one of those trips she’d found a decrepit turn of the century mansion just off the northeast corner of Pigeon Swamp. Gauzy curtains fluttered in the breeze in the broken windows. The deck boards of the once grand front porch were rotted, bowed and loose. She flew down to examine the derelict building.

Softly landing on the front porch, she gingerly made her way to the front door that was crookedly open hanging by a single hinge. The inside was just as abandoned as the outside, The plaster had crumbled off several walls showing the lathe board that had once petulantly it. While carefully going up what remained of the grand staircase, she was surprised when 3 ghosts flew at her with screams and hideous laughter. She was well aware that witches and ghosts were mortal enemies. In her haste to escape, the ragged carpet on which she stood tore cuasing her to tumble down the strairs. A few minutes later she slowly returned to her senses as she lay in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. She heard 4 voices.

“We didn’t mean to hurt her,” Stretch said as he wrung his hands.

“Yeah, we were just trying to have a little fun,” Stinkie added. “Not many people come here anymore.”

“It’s too bad she didn’t bring any food,” Fatso lamented.

“I’m tired of your devilish antics,” Casper scolded. “Haven’t you figured out you’re the reason so few people come here anymore? You’ve driven them away!”

“Besides, she’s a witch,” Stretch petutantly replied. “Witches and ghosts hate each other!”

Casper sighed. “You’re always saying that but can you tell me why we hate each other?”

“Well...” Stinkie started then frowned as he didn’t know the answer.

Casper slapped his forehead and shook his head. “Did you ever try to talk to a witch?”

None of his uncles spoke as once more their nephew put them in their place. Then he noticed the girl witch stirring.

“Please forgive my uncles,” Casper said. “I hope you’re all right!

Wendy looked to see a boy ghost beside her with a worried look on his face. “I thnk I’m okay.”

That had been the introduction of Wendy and Casper. Casper explained he’d been exploring the swamp, slipped and hit his head, drowning in the foul waters. His mother was so distraught she had forced the family to move away. His uncles took over the house and set up a speakeasy in the house. It didn’t last long as they were gunned down by gangsters. The 4 ghosts lived in the crumbling mansion.

Wendy and Casper became close friends. Her aunts begrudgingly put up with the boy ghost. Casper stayed the ghost of an 8 year old while Wendy aged. Still they did their best to get together every Saturday. They kept no secrets.

Their friendship took a hit when the barely standing mansion was torne down, the area leveled and a large building with huge parking area was erected by UPS to establish the UPS Cranbury hub. The warehouse was not to the liking of the ghosts and their haunting of the site ended with a exorcism. Casper was spared but left alone.

Wendy made sure she was out of touch for October 30, 31 and November 1. She found Casper and set about preparing spells and rituals. All was ready by Halloween midnight.

The prep had taken years. Previously she’d crossed a Cherry tree to an Apple tree, the resulting fruit was a Pomegranate. She’d also crossed a Lily with a Snapdragon to make an Orchid. Then the Pomegranate was crossed with the Orchid to make a Death Flowers.

She began the spell by mixing angel fish, with the Death Flower while casting a Spell of Youth to make ambrosia.

Casper watched as she worked the ate the anbrosia. Casper cunvulsed and trembled, then slowly materialized into a human 8 year old boy! Then she used the Birthday song to age him to her age.

“Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Casper,
Happy birthday to you.
How old are you now?
How old are you now?
How old are you now-ow,
how old are you now?"

Then she continued by asking,
"Are you one?
Are you two?
Are you ..." until reached 29, the same as Wendy.

The 3rd spell was one that Casper had really wanted. She cast a spell to turn him to her!

Cass, as she now named herself, hugged Wendy. The pair were life long friends and now would become lovers

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Liked the names

Clever, Thelma, Velma and Zelma, and Stretch, Stinky and Fatso. Glad Wendy had a happy ending.

>>> Kay


erin's picture

Names in the story for the aunts and uncles seem to be from the comics or animated cartoons. The middle uncle used to be Shorty in the comics but became Stinky in animation. :)

Cute story and just as much fun and silliness as the old Harvey works. Thanks. :)


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Too cute for words

Patricia Marie Allen's picture

I never knew the history of either Casper and his uncles or Wendy. Cute story.


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Favorite childhood friends

WillowD's picture

Casper and Wendy are two of my favorite childhood friends. Thank you for this story.

Favorite childhood friends

WillowD's picture

Casper and Wendy are two of my favorite childhood friends. Thank you for this story.