Wannabe: The College Years Chap. 15

Emma stretches as she gets out of bed. She wishes they could have stayed a little longer in Vegas. However, she had work she had to get done and send off to the manufacturer for the fashion show. She uses the bathroom and tosses on some comfortable clothes as she heads down to her workroom. She’ll grab some coffee before getting to work.

Emma spots Peter in the kitchen “Morning, Peter.”

Peter turns around when he hears Emma’s voice. He was still getting used to the new estrogen pills his doctor prescribed him. His chest has gotten bigger. He was on his way to become just like Geri Halliwell.

“Hey, Baby. How did you sleep?” Peter knew Emma was jetlagged when they arrived home.

“Like my name’s sake.” Emma walks over to the coffee maker and brews herself a cup of coffee.

“That’s good. What are your plans for today?” Peter had a salon appointment.

“I’m going to be locked in my work room, working on some new designs to send to the manufactured. Are you still going through with the SRS surgery?” Emma knew Peter had thought about it.

“Yep, I’m still going through with it.” Peter has made up his mind about it.

“You do know, that’s going to sideline us for a while.” Emma knew it took months to recover from the surgery.

“I know, and I think it will do us some good. During that time, we might want to think about doing our own thing for a while, like the Spice Girls are doing.”

“You know, we could use the original name the girls used before becoming the Spice Girls,” Emma remembers an interview the girls did about their history.

“Are you talking about Touch?” Peter remembered reading that as well.

“Yep, we could use that until you’re fully healed or stay The Spice Girls.” Emma leans against the counter and drinks her coffee.

“I’ll think about it and let everyone know later on.” Peter knew he was going to be laid up for a while recovering.

“Okay, well I’m off to work.” Emma walks towards her workroom to sit down at her computer and start designing clothes for the fashion show.

Peter watches as Emma walks away from the kitchen. A smile appears on his face as he notices how Emma walks just like her idol. He never noticed it before, but she has the same wiggle to her butt and the same stride as she walked.

Emma enters her workroom and sits down at her desk to start creating. She selects a playlist from the numerous ones she has made to listen to while she worked. Once the music starts playing, Emma starts drawing some of the new designs she had floating around in her head.

Reggie, Michelle, and Terry come back from jogging. Michelle and Terry have been under Reggie’s watchful eyes since she was making sure everyone stayed fit. He didn’t mind and loved being responsible for the group.

“So, Reggie. When is your next photo shoot?” Michelle looks at Reggie as she takes a sip from her water bottle.

“Not for another few weeks. Sports Illustrated and another magazine want me to pose for them.” Reggie liked doing modeling jobs and photo shoots.

“Is it because you’re a Spice Girl?” Terry was curious.

“Kind of. I’m into sports and such and I have been in several competitions as well.” Reggie loved competing.

“How long have you been part of this group?” Michelle was curious.

She knew some of the basics of the group and what they did. She didn’t mind performing and the other stuff they did. She was just curious about the group itself.

“Since we first formed it. The two members you and Terry replace were original members as well.”

“Why did you guys choose to intimidate the Spice Girls?”

“They were popular and people need to be reminded of how they were the original girl band. Plus, their music transcends years.

“I remember hearing about them once. There was an oldie station I use to listen to that played their music.” Terry remembers hearing about them.

“Why do you enjoy pretending your Posh Spice?” Reggie looks at Terry when he asks that question.

“I’ve always loved wearing designer clothes and such. Plus, I liked their music as well. I’m into the girl groups from the ’90s and such.” Terry liked being Posh Spice.

“How about you Michelle? Why do you like being Scary Spice?” Reggie hasn’t talked with the new members that much.

“Are you kidding? I’m just like Emma. I was born looking like Mel B. There are only a few differences between us.”

“True, even if you’re not wearing makeup, you look like her.” Reggie noticed that about Michelle.

Michelle and Terry go upstairs and changes out of their exercise outfit. They take a shower together so that Reggie could hop in afterward.

When Reggie walks by Emma’s workroom, he hears the music playing. The song that was playing was by Culture Club. Reggie just shakes his head as he heads upstairs to his room to change.

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