A Mime's Job Is Never Done Part 4

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“Colette, you are suicidal.” Troy looks at Colette as she faces off against Brandon.

The two of them were competing against one another in eating ghost pepper chicken wings. Brandon had bragged that he could eat more spicy chicken wings than Colette could. Troy and Casey knew Colette loved spicy foods.

“Maybe, but Brandon shouldn’t have bragged that he could eat more then me.” Colette looks at Brandon with a sly smile on her face.

“I know I can.” A smirk appears on Brandon’s face.

“I think you’re both are nuts.” Casey looks at both his friends.

“You know Colette. She loves her chicken wings.” Troy had asked checked in on Colette after she came back from the doctor’s office to see how much damage was done to her.

He was relieved to hear that it wasn’t too bad. He also asked about her mental state as well. He knew her past and after the panic attack she had when he was at her apartment. He wanted to make sure she wasn’t facing another one. She did confess to him that she had another panic attack while taking a shower the other day.

Casey, and Troy watches as Colette falls behind in how many wings Brandon was beating her by. He noticed the sweat streaming down her forehead and into her eyes. He could tell she was reaching her limits when she picked up her glass of milk and finished it off.

An evil smile appears on Brandon’s face as he bites into the next to last wing. He knows he has this contest in the bag.

Colette looks at the last three wings and over towards Brandon’s plate. He had one wing left, compared to her three wings.

“Fine, you win, Brandon. I’ll pay for the wings.” Colette knew she wasn’t going to be able to finish the last three wings.

“Told you, no one can beat me when it comes to eating hot stuff.” Brandon finishes his beer and sits back in his chair.

“I think you’re both crazy. No one could eat that many wings and not be affected by them.” Casey looks at all the bones of the forty-seven wings
Colette managed to eat, compared to Brandon’s fifty wings.

“You’re welcome to my last three wings, Casey.” Colette offers the plate to Casey.

“No thanks. I hate ghost pepper wings.”

“I’ll take them.” Troy accepts the plate and finishes the three wings off.

Troy noticed that the wings weren’t too bad, but the more you ate. The more the heat built up in your mouth and throat.

“I don’t want to be near you guys when you have to go to the bathroom.” Casey felt sorry for Colette and Brandon when they have to go to the bathroom.

“Well, whatever goes in, has to come out.” Colette hopes the milk she has been drinking helps.

“Still, I don’t want to be near you guys.” Casey drinks some of his iced tea.

Later on, Troy drops Colette off at her place. He watches from his car as she goes upstairs towards her apartment. Once he was sure she was inside, he drives off.

Colette walks into her apartment and puts her keys in the crystal bowl she keeps by the door. She had fun tonight with the guys as she walks into her bedroom and changes out of the skirt and blouse she wore. Once she was redressed in her night clothes, she goes into her work room to finish up on the She-Ra outfit she has been working on. It was almost done and she wanted to give herself enough time to make adjustments if it needed it. She presses play on her cellphone and listen to some music while she works.

Colette works late into the night finishing up and making adjustments to the She-Ra costume. By the time she quits, its four in the morning. She checks her schedule to see what she has lined up for later and notices she has the day off. She stretches and yawns as she stumbles towards her bedroom and fall onto her bed.

When Colette wakes up mid-day the next morning. Her stomach felt upset. She makes her way to the bathroom and sit down on the toilet. She moans as her bowels releases its contents. She was regretting all those hot wings she ate last night. One day she is going to come to her senses and not let people challenge her.

After doing her business in the bathroom. Colette walks into the kitchen and open a can of fruit cocktail and eat it. She moves the curtain aside to see what the weather was like, because they were calling for rain for today. She notices a few grey clouds in the sky.

She changes out of her night clothes and put on her jogging clothes. She adjusts her sports bra so it was sitting better under her breasts. She was still amaze at how big they got.

Colette links her headphones with her cellphone and leave her apartment. Instead of taking her normal route, she takes an alternate route. That way if someone was watching her, they wouldn’t know which way she would go.

She knew it was going to rain, but she wanted to get some exercise in before it starts raining. She heads down the street that led towards the nearby beach area. Normally, it was only a short drive on her scooter, but it takes her a little longer jogging.

Colette waves to some of the people she passes that she knew. She has lived in this neighborhood for the past five years, since she came back from mime school. At first, it was hard to make a living as a professional cosplay person and as a mime. However, as more and more people saw her perform down at the boardwalk and at the local outside malls and parks. She started developing a reputation.

She quit her part time job as a maid and started performing full time. She was glad she did it, because her heart wasn’t really into being a maid. She loved entertaining people and showing off.

She was glad that she had her operation before she took her classes. Although, paying off the loan she took out to pay for the operation was a huge burden on her finances.

She was lucky she won some money off the scratch off tickets she bought with some money she found that someone had dropped. It wasn’t much, but it did let her pay off half of the loan. She did try to find the person who lost the money, but they were gone.

Colette jogs down the street and cut across an empty parking lot. The parking lot belonged to a company that closed down during the pandemic. So, far no one has been interested in buying the place.

She continues on until she arrives at her turn around spot and jog back towards her apartment on a different route. As Colette is jogging, she witnesses a decked-out Ford F250 extended cab truck ram the rear end of an eighteen-wheeler. The person inside of the pickup truck gets out and looks alright and pissed. The female trucker of eighteen-wheeler gets out of her truck and check out the damage to her trailer.

The old man starts complaining to the truck driver about stopping all of suddenly. She had witnessed the accident and the truck driver hadn’t done that. She was sitting still waiting for traffic to start moving when the guy didn’t stop in time. She calls the police and before long, two police cars arrives and she watches as the officers handle the two drivers. One of the officer notices her and they ask her about what happened. She tells them what she witnessed.

When the police officers were done with taking her statement, she jogs back home.

By the time she arrives back home, the rain had started and she was soaking wet. She walks into her apartment and shivers when her exposed skin is hit by the cold air in her apartment. She walks into her bedroom and changes out of her jogging clothes.

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