The Angels: Rodeo Tour Chap. 15 (Final Chapter)

Cassady walks into her apartment and turns the lights on. She was so glad to be home, as she walks into her bedroom to get undressed. She’ll go by the studio tomorrow to pick up all her stuff. All she wanted to do now was take a nice relaxing shower and crawl into her bed.

She strips out of her clothes after dropping her keys on her dresser. Her skin was still red from tanning outside in the nude. Their last rodeo gig had gone smoothly and there was going to be an update about their touring schedule.

Cassady sets the water temperature in her shower, before stepping into it. Once the desired temperature is reached. She steps under the stream of water and lets the water cascade down her sunburned skin. She had so much fun sunbathing, that she was thinking about getting a membership to one of the nudist colonies in her area.

She spends a long time in the shower and when the water starts getting cold. She gets out and dries off. She makes her way to her bedroom and slips on one of her spare nights. She checks the alarm on her cellphone, before laying down and falling asleep.

Cool Vox Recording:
The Angels were all sitting around the conference table in conference room B. Jessie looks at her cousin “How did you sleep?”

“Like a baby. It was nice being back in my bed.” Cassady felt well-rested and energized.

Debbie looks at Angela “Do we know what this meeting is about?”

“Nope, but it must be important.” Angela was curious why they were all here instead of having the day off.

After a few minutes of waiting, a young woman with short dark brown hair comes walking into the room. She wasn’t very tall and stood only four feet, eight inches tall. She was wearing a skirt that stopped about mid-thigh and a cream color blouse. A pair of gold-trimmed glasses sat on her youthful-looking face.

A pair of silver earrings hung from her ear lobes. She had lightly tanned skin and a wedding ring on her left hand. She stops at the head of the conference table and looks at everyone.

“Morning, my name is Lindsey Weathers. I know you ladies have done a successful tour of the rodeo circuit and you still have a major one coming up. I also know you were told you would be touring Europe as well. Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding. You will still be going to Europe, but only a few countries.”

Lindsey looks around the table at the young women. She could tell they were confused about what was just said.

“Excuse me Mrs. Weathers, but what has changed?” Cassady was curious.

“Our European touring manager got your band mixed up with another group we managed. So, some rearrangements had to be redone.”

“Sounds like you need a better manager.” Juni looks at Mrs. Weather when she says that.

“We’re in the process of looking for a new manager. As for your group, you will be touring Canada for a few months and coming back here to the States to begin your tour. Some studio time has been set aside for you to record a second album as well. So, I need for you to start working on what songs you would like to have on the second album.”

“We just got done recording our first album. How many are we going to do?” Angela was curious about how many they had to do.

“According to your contract, your group is required to produce four albums. Since your band has already produced one, which I have to say sounds awesome. I figure you might want to start on a second one. I have some songs I would like for you to listen to and look at to see if you would like to use them on your second album.”

“Who are they written by?” Angela was curious.

“A few by me and a few by some of the songwriters we employed.” Lindsey had listened to the songs the Angels had written and it inspired her to write and record a few for them to listen to.

“So, you write songs as well?” Juni wonders what else this Lindsey person did.

“I write, play, and direct. I’m an assistant conductor of the Athens Orchestra.” Lindsey figures she would be upfront with the Angels.

“How much time do we have before we start our Canadian tour?” Jessie was curious.

“Your first gig in Canada is in a few weeks. So, you have time to relax and make arrangements.”

“Cool.” Debbie was glad she was going to have time to make arrangements.

During the rest of the meeting, Lindsey explains to the girls what their pay will be and what extra benefits the company is investing in them. After the meeting, the girls are treated to lunch by the recording studio. After lunch, they pick up their stuff and head home.

In the upcoming weeks, the girls get together to look over the songs that Mrs. Weathers mention. They also listen to the ones she recorded and loved a few of them. Angela figured out a way they could change a few words to make it sound like their style of playing.

They also start making a list of songs they would like to record for their second album as well. The girls work on their songs and album before, they leave to start their tour in Canada.

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