A Mime's Job Is Never Done Part 5

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The next morning Colette regretted eating all those ghost pepper hot wings. She wakes up with her stomach hurting, and when she goes to do her morning business. She experiences a burning sensation as her bowels empty themselves.

It was good that she used wet naps instead of normal toilet paper. She hops into the shower and takes a quick shower, unlike her normal half-n-hour one. Afterward, she gets dressed and slips on her low heel wedge sandals.

She grabs her sunglasses, purse, and car keys. She walks downstairs towards the parking lot. She was going to run around, and instead of taking her scooter, she took her Honda.

She gets in the car and starts it up. She adjusts the temperature for the A/C as she puts the car into gear and back out of her parking space.
In the first part of the morning, she knocks out several things she needs to do. She stops at Buns & Things for lunch at one in the afternoon. They made the best bacon hamburgers and homemade fries.

After lunch, Colette visits her favorite antique and outside marketplace. The place was normally busy on the weekend, so most of the places she would normally visit weren’t open. The open places. She visits and finds a few things she could use for her place and some of her performances.

After Colette finishes shopping, she stops at her favorite hair salon to see if Frankie can see her. As she enters the salon, she spots Frankie finishing up with a customer. She walks up to Debbie at the counter.

“Hey Debbie, does Frankie have an opening available?” Colette looks at the young teenage girl.

Colette remembered when she first started at the salon. The poor girl was confused about what her duties were and how to use the appointment software the salon used.

“Hey, Colette. He’s almost done with Mrs. Thomas and can fit you in.” Debbie knew Frankie would never turn Colette away. He would even work through his break for her.

“Cool.” Colette was happy her favorite hairdresser could fit her in.

“I’ll call you when he is finished.” Debbie liked Colette.

She always remembers her birthday and would either send a cake to the shop for her or bring it herself. Colette would also send a birthday card with a gift card inside to her favorite place or to go shopping.

Colette sits down and reads a magazine until Frankie is done with his current customer. She normally would wear a blonde wig, but this time she would do things differently. She knew she’d get some blonde jokes from her friends.

Frankie finishes up with his current client, and when he walks with her over to the checkout. He spots Colette waiting for him. He looks at her “What brings you in today, Colette?”

Colette looks up at Frankie. “I need a major work over. Do you have time today?”

“For you, yes.” Frankie would never turn down Colette
Their friendship went back to when they were in high school together. She stood up for him and helped him get revenge on some of the bullies in school. She also comforted him when he found out he was HIV positive.

“Good, because here is what I need to be done.” Colette stands up and walks back to Frankie’s workstation.

After four hours and a lot lighter bank account, Colette walks out of the hair salon with blonde full hair. All she had to do was style it like she needed to for dressing as She-Ra. Her head hurt from the extensions being installed, but the pain slowly faded away. She couldn’t believe she was a blonde now.

By the time she left the salon, it was late in the afternoon. She stops at the Latin House to grab some dinner. None of the patrons knew her there, and she heard the food was nice. The portions were more than she could eat. So, she had leftovers to take home. She hasn’t forgotten about being drugged at Peter’s place.

She wants to know why did the person single her out. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman at the pool party. Hell, compared to most of the women there, she looked like a child. She was just glad she managed to develop B-cup-size breasts.

Her mother wore a DD cup bra, and her sister was in a large size C cup. She preferred to wear D-cup bras because of how big her breasts were. Also, her breasts increased in size even after she weaned her children from breast milk.

By the time Colette arrives home. She stands before her full-length mirror and admires her new blonde hair. She wouldn’t have chosen the blonde color she got, but it was for a job, and she didn’t mind. Also, it gave her an excuse to act like an airhead since most people think blondes are.

Colette takes her sundress off and puts it in the dirty clothes hamper. She slips her night clothes on and heads towards the living room and curls up on the sofa, and watches Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Colette gets up early the next day and prepares herself for the birthday party. She makes sure her makeup and costume are perfect. She grabs some of her specialty smoke bombs and her specially-made sword.

The sword had blunt edges and made certain sounds for different effects. She double-checks everything and heads downstairs to her Honda. She inputs the address into her cell phone and looks at the directions as she pulls out of the parking lot.

It was going to take her thirty minutes to arrive at the address, which was plenty of time.

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This is going to be an interesting gig

Samantha Heart's picture

She-Ra aka Princess Adora He-Man Aka Prince Adam's twin sister. So this WILL be an interesting & prob fun gig.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.

She hops into the shower

"She hops into the shower and takes a quick shower, unlike her normal half-n-hour one." Hah! A 30 minute shower is quick shower. That's hardly enough time to get good and wet! Sixty minutes is a more reasonable time. That isn't including time to take care of my hair. :-)

Add: It just occurred to me that "Frances" is also a girl's name. Perhaps Miss Frances needs to see what being roofied is like from a female perspective.

"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”
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