The Breeding Chamber - Chapter 4

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Chapter Four – Victoria and Madeline’s Backstory


Victoria Eglin

Victoria Eglin’s eighteenth birthday was approaching and she was both excited and fearful. Victoria was a third generation breeder. She never knew her mother because her mother was sold to another city-state not long after Victoria was born but in any event she wouldn’t have gotten to know her mother because children were taken away from their mothers as soon as they were weaned.

When Justin Durden created the breeding program he knew that if mothers bonded with their offspring they might become so protective of them that they might become difficult when their daughters came of breeding age or when their sons were selected to become Comfort Girls. He instigated a regime where there were no familial connections so that the breeders and Comfort Girls had only their contemporaries with which to bond.

Victoria's first memories were of being raised by older females and retired Comfort Girls known as Brood Mothers. They instilled in her and her ‘sisters’ their ethos, morality and values as breeding stock. They were taught that they were saviours and the key to the future of Durden City.

Young breeders were educated to the extent that they could read and write and studied history especially the recent history of the pandemic which had caused world war three, the subsequent civil wars and the anarchy that followed. Of course the story of how Justin Durden had the foresight, acumen and power to create the sanctuary that was Durden City and implement the breeding program was essential.

They had access to a huge music, video and literary library and were exposed the arts, although access to the interweb was heavily censored until they were adults.

Breeders took deportment classes and undertook regular exercise, their health was constantly monitored and any of them who had imperfections which distracted from their beauty had the imperfections corrected. They were programmed to believe that they had only two purposes in life: to provide pleasure to men and to breed.

When females began to ovulate they were screened for fertility and those deemed infertile underwent aparoscopic or hysteroscopic surgery to correct the problem if the diagnosis could be ameliorated. If an infertile breeder could not be made fertile she was doomed to have one purpose in life and there would be no respite for her from the breeding chambers. Some fertile females used the derogatory pejorative ‘fuckpuppets’ to describe the infertile women and they were often shunned.

Victoria had been friendly with another young breeder named Susan Solister until Susan was found to be infertile and destined to become one of the fuckpuppets and then the friendship ceased.

Young females interacted with Comfort Girls both young and old. Boys were selected for the Comfort Girl program based solely on their appearance. The adage ‘pretty boy equals pretty girl’ was often used. The selected boys were raised as girls alongside the female breeders until they reached puberty when they were removed and taken to one the Comfort Places to continue their education and training until they reached the age of eighteen when they were put to work.

Victoria remembered her childhood as being rather idyllic, being pampered and coddled. The girls were given lessons in how to dress and how to behave. They never wore pants or trousers or anything masculine or dowdy, they wore dresses, skirts and blouses always with sensual lingerie and hosiery. They were introduced to makeup and educated how to make themselves look beautiful and desirable. They were educated in reproduction but there was no explicit sexual discourse and they were not sexualised until they reached eighteen.

There were many disputes about this subject by the Commission when the programs were first initiated but Justin Durden was adamant that both breeders and Comfort Girls were not to be sexualised until they were adults. The first reason for this was based on medical advice regarding the best way to maximise the breeding success of the females. The second reason was also based on medical advice. Both females and Comfort Girls were to spend most of their adult life servicing men and it was soon established that they could only endure the physical and psychological stresses involved for so many years. So it was determined that it was best to let them reach adulthood and keep them active in their respective programs until they reached the age of forty.

After that they would become Brood Mothers tending to the younger women and girls but would still be available to pleasure men on a more restricted basis if warranted.

The third reason was that even though both the breeding and Comfort Girl programs might be considered by some to be sexual slavery, Justin Durden considered sexual congress with adolescents abhorrent. He was well aware that the moral standards of the world had been extinguished but he insisted that his own moral code be applied when it came to matters of sex. His son and his grandson had seen no need to change what had proved to be very effective way of optimising and fully exploiting the breeders and the Comfort Girls.

Very few men had access to the females inside of the Breeding Facility except of course in the breeding chambers. There were the trusted Praetorian Guards who protected them, doctors and other medical professionals who cared for them and of course the Commissioners who had unfettered access to the breeders. But even the Commissioners could not have sex with them until they reached breeding age.

Twenty four year old Michael Durden was being given a guided tour around the Breeding Facility by his father who was explaining to him that one day he would be City Commissioner and responsible for the breeding program when Michael first saw Victoria Eglin and fell head over heels in love with her.

Victoria stood 173 centimetres tall (Justin Durden had enforced the use of the consistent and coherent metric system and had abolished the outmoded and archaic imperial system). She had a voluptuous figure but what enraptured Michael was her shoulder-length glossy black mane and her brilliant emerald-green eyes set in that beautiful face.

Michael Durden had broken away from his father’s entourage to speak with Victoria who was both flattered and bemused to be talking to a man about anything besides her function as a breeder. To Michael her voice sounded rhapsodic, she smelled ambrosial, her eyes sparkled and she spoke eloquently.

Michael made frequent visits to the Breeding Facility to meet with Victoria and he became besotted with her. The visits were always chaperoned as was mandated when men were in the company of virgins but he and Victoria disappeared into their own world when they were together.

Word soon got back to the City Commissioner who confronted his son.

“What are you doing?” Stephen Durden pulled his son aside where they could speak in private.

“She hasn’t been to the chambers yet but her birthday is only days away. I want her dad. I want her for my own,” Michael pleaded with his father.

“There are certain secrets to which you are not yet privy but they will be revealed to you when the time is right. As City Commissioner you can pretty much do as you please but if you take a woman and make her your own you will be despised as a hypocrite; you could never become City Commissioner,” Stephen explained to his son.

“When Victoria enters the breeding program you can have her as often as you want but you can’t keep her for yourself. The truth is that she is not worth the risk no matter how you feel about her,” Stephen continued.

“The City Commissioner is the only citizen of Durden City who has an offspring with lineage. He controls the city but only while the Commission and the populous revere him. He has privileges that others do not have but there are some lines that cannot be crossed,” Stephen said sagely.

“You may have your pick of breeders any time you chose but you can’t remove them from the breeding program. You can have no queen, no empress, no consort. All females participate in the breeding program; that is sacrosanct,” Stephen drove his point home.

“I’ll change the rules when I become City Commissioner,” Michael sniped at his father.

“At your own peril! There are certain aspects of the breeding program that you are not yet aware of; that very few people are aware of, only my strictest confidants. I trade females for gold,” Stephen said abruptly, stunning his son into silence.

“If you continue to insist on keeping this girl for yourself I will trade her right now. A beautiful young virgin like her will bring a high price,” Stephen grabbed his son’s lapels and growled into his face.

“You choose! She goes into the breeding program or I sell her off and you will never see her again,” Stephen hissed.

Michael had no choice. The woman he loved would enter the breeding program on her eighteenth birthday and would be available to all those who paid the price to use her.

On her eighteenth birthday Victoria Eglin was prepared for her first breeding. Her makeup was heavy and provocative, she was dressed in a black and red satin basque, the suspenders clipped to sheer black fully-fashioned stockings and her feet shod in black four-inch high heels. Her pubis was freshly shaved and moisturised and she was sprayed liberally with perfume. The Perspex screens had breathing holes drilled into the top to prevent them from fogging up and to allow the man breeding the woman opportunity to smell her as well as watch her.

Victoria had been educated on breeding chamber protocol. She knew that only her lower body would he exposed through the sanctity hole. She knew that this was her destiny; it was why she existed and she had been programmed accordingly but she was still trepidatious.

A Brood Mother, it had not yet occurred to Victoria why there were so few, helped Victoria to step up onto the breeding platform and get comfortable on the satin-sheeted mattress.

“Squidge down a little honey and push your legs through the sanctity hole,” the woman said in a soothing tone.

Victoria was so nervous that she got a heel caught in the sanctity curtain. A Chamber Maiden standing on the other side of the chamber untangled Victoria’s foot and helped position her buttocks on the part of the breeding platform that protruded through the chamber. She cinched the sanctity curtain around Victoria’s waist.

Victoria could hear the girl in the chamber beside her going through the same ritual.

“Are you ok honey? Are you ready? Just relax. The male breeders will be entering the breeding room soon. Try to smile, the first one might sting a bit but you’ll soon get used to it,” the Brood Mother said sweetly and closed the chamber before Victoria could answer.

What was there to say anyway? This was her destiny.

Victoria could hear the women either side of her breathing heavily, going through the exercises that the females had been taught to do so that they would be as comfortable as possible and not cramp up in the confined space.

Victoria's head rested on two satin pillows that lifted her head sufficiently so that she faced the Perspex wall. She felt a little awkward with her legs dangling in the air but she’d practiced being in this position for extended periods and the other breeders told her that most of the men held the women's legs while they bred them so they were supported through most of ‘the procedure’.

There wasn’t much time to think of anything else because the lights in the breeding room became subdued and background music began to play and the doors to the breeding room opened and the men began to file in. LED lighting in the chambers was switched on ensure the men had an unobscured view of the women they were fucking.

Outside the breeding room men were lining up anxiously. They were kept in order by City Guards but they behaved themselves anyway. Any form of disobedience would result in their removal, forfeiture of credits paid and possibly a ban on using the Breeding Facility. Chamber Maidens, who were Brood Mothers and breeders not working the chambers that day, also scantily and provocatively dressed to keep the men aroused, greeted the men and scanned their devices to see which breeder the man had been allocated and what place in line the man held.

Not all of the breeders cost the same. Younger breeders cost nearly twice as many credits as those approaching retirement and the cost of a virgin was beyond the means of most of Durden City’s middle class. Only those with the highest incomes could afford the luxury of purchasing a virgin. A man’s position in line was also relative to the credit he was willing to put forward, those who spent more went to the front of the queue.

Not that it mattered to Michael Durden. He arrogantly brushed past the City Guards and ignored the Chamber Maidens; they knew who he was and what he was here for.

As was his right Michael had claimed the virginity of Victoria Eglin; if he could not have her exclusively for himself he would at least be the man who took her first.

Michael entered the breeding room. The women lay on the breeding platforms side by side separated by the thin walls, twelve women on each side of the room, their legs and lower extremities poking through the sanctity holes with elasticised curtains drawn tightly around their waists so that the men had access to the women’s sex parts and legs but not their bodies and faces

The women’s names were engraved in white letters on red traffolyte signs above the chambers which were also numbered with large numerals to make it easier for the men to find their allocated breeder, like numbered racehorses sequestered in their starting boxes.

Victoria was easy to find because she was in chamber number one.

Michael approached the chamber and saw the woman he was besotted with lying on her back looking apprehensive. She was beautiful, her figure enhanced by the basque, her raven hair fanned out on the pillow, her face a visage of sensual beauty enhanced by her gaudy makeup and those long legs sheathed in sheer nylons poking out of the sanctity hole. Her pubis was smooth, the cleft inviting.

He wished that he was alone with her lying on a bed so that he could kiss and caress her. One day soon he would be able to do so but not today, as it was mandated, she must make her debut in the breeding chambers.

He reached out and stroked her long legs, delighting in the feel of her flesh clad in the silky nylon stockings. Victoria felt someone caress her legs and she looked through the window panel and saw that it was Michael. It felt so wonderful and sensuous as his hands stroked her thighs she felt herself becoming moist. Michael was rampant and ready and when she looked at him and smiled with those gorgeous red lipsticked-lips, her emerald eyes twinkling, his heart lifted and his passion soared.

Victoria too wished she could feel Michael’s body pressed against her, feel his lips on hers, she wished she could hold him and caress him and feel his heart beat as fast as hers was beating now. She knew that after today, even though she would have to continue to perform her duties in the breeding chambers, Michael would be able to visit her in the Breeding Facility any time he pleased and they could be alone together.

Michael looked around the breeding room, men were lining up in front of their allotted stalls in the order they had been assigned. The men at the front of the queues had already dropped trou and most were vigorously fucking the women, the men behind them looking on, some of them masturbating in anticipation of taking their turn.

Comfort Maidens prowled the floor ensuring that order was maintained and no rules were broken. They each held a call-button that would summon a City Guard within seconds should they push it and the offender would be ejected and face the consequences. The Comfort Maidens seldom had to do so. These men were privileged to be a part of the breeding program and had spent hard-earned credits to enjoy that privilege.

Michael looked behind him and saw a line beginning to form, the men respectfully looking elsewhere but anxious to take their turn with a newly deflowered breeder. It was at that moment that the stark reality of the situation hit him. He could claim Victoria Eglin as his lover and see her as often as he wanted but she would have to take her turn in the breeding chambers. Hundreds of men would fuck her. Her vagina would be flooded with the comingled seed of strange men. She would give birth to fatherless children. She would be his but not his exclusively.

He already knew this of course but the reality of the situation was on him. He looked at Victoria again, lying on the platform, her lower extremity poking through the sanctity curtain. He loved her but he hated her. In any event he was going to fuck her.

He lowered his pants and positioned himself between Victoria's legs and opened the outer crease of her sex exposing the coral pink lips of her labia and her clitoral hood. He could see the dewy wetness there that he had elicited when he stroked her legs and caressed her thighs. His manhood was fully engorged and rampant.

Victoria looked at him through the glass and she closed her eyes when he began to gently circle her clitoris with his finger. She bucked a little, surprised by the sensation. He watched her enter an almost dreamlike state as he expertly fondled her labia and clitoris. He lowered his mouth to her and began to lap at her slit and lick her clitoris.

This practice was expressly forbidden in the breeding chambers but who was going to stop the heir apparent to the throne of Durden City? He was the one and only son of the City Commissioner.

Victoria began to writhe and buck on the breeding platform; she kicked her legs and screwed up her face. A deep tingling began in her lower extremities and crept upwards through her belly. Then it intensified as ringlets of extreme pleasure radiated from her clitoris as Michael Durden held her legs wide open and lapped at her cunt, lashing his tongue over her sensitive nubbin.

Victoria cried out as her orgasm blossomed into a crescendo of delight and extreme pleasure. She was the first of the breeders to cry out in ecstasy in the breeding room that evening but she would not be the last. The level of excitement in the room became palpable. The men in the lines turned their heads to watch Michael perform this illicit act and to watch Victoria Eglin writhe in passion through the Perspex window.

What they didn’t know was that Michael Durden would never perform cunnilingus on Victoria ever again

Michael gripped Victoria’s ankles and opened them wide and stepped up close to the chamber, positioning his glans in the folds of Victoria's vagina.

There is a misconception that the hymen is some kind barrier deep inside the vagina that a man must rip open during a woman’s first penetrative sex. It is in fact a thin piece of tissue that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening and when Michael pushed the head of his cock inside Victoria he felt only slight resistance. Victoria hissed at the pain. It was like a paper-wasp sting: sharp and fleeting with no residual soreness after.

Michele looked down and watched the head of his penis slip inside Victoria’s tight channel and he heard her gasp. She winced and it gave him wicked pleasure to see her do so. He adored this woman but she would never be exclusively his and he unreasonably blamed her for this. He thrust again and his cock slid all the way inside her, fortunately her vagina was lubricated by the orgasm she had just experienced.

Victoria stifled a scream as Michael’s huge phallus plunged into her virginal sex. It felt like it was going to tear her open.

“No! No! No!” Michael cried as he orgasmed.

Her warm, wet, intensely-tight clunge rippled as he ejaculated deep inside her. He couldn’t stop it.

Victoria forgot her pain and looked at Michael's face, screwed up in ecstatic bliss as he climaxed and she realised what had happened. She could feel his penis throbbing as it spewed his issue inside her vagina and the pain dissipated. Victoria realised that she had caused the second most powerful man in Durden City to orgasm and she suddenly felt a little powerful.

A deep delightful warmth began to grow in her sex, much like when Michael had licked her genitals. She felt Michael move his hands to her thighs and grip her and begin to fuck her. Despite having just climaxed he was still rampant and insistent. His long slow strokes elicited deep feelings of ebullience in her vagina and the base of his penis pressing on her clitoris began to evoke now familiar sparklets of desire from her sensitive nubbin and she groaned lecherously.

Michael felt Victoria become wetter, her juices were flowing freely and he could smell her sex. His recent orgasm had tempered him hardly at all and his scrotum began to roil.

“Huh! Huh! Huh!” Victoria grunted as Michael thrust himself in and out of her tight, quivering, sheath.

She locked her legs around him and pulled him in tighter, wriggling her pudenda to extract every scintilla of pleasure from his hard appendage. Michael gasped and gripped Victoria’s thighs tighter and rammed his cock all the way inside her as his orgasm struck him almost violently, his phallus juddering as his scalding ejaculate spurted into Victoria’s quivering maw.

She was staring at him through the Perspex, watching the almost pained expression on his face as Michael came inside her a second time, the sensory receptors in her vagina began to glow then burn and her clitoris tingled with delight as Victoria climaxed again.

Michael held onto Victoria until his orgasm reached its zenith, then plateaued and finally began to subside. Victoria was also spent and she uncrossed her ankles from behind his back and she lay still.

A Chamber Maiden sidled up beside Michael.

“I’m sorry sir but I must request you move on. You have already breached the sanctity of the breeding chamber by performing cunnilingus on the woman and copulating with her again after your fist emission. I know who you are sir and I say this with most deference but I’m sure you are aware that this is for your own good,” the Chamber Maiden whispered respectfully.

Michael Durden looked at her. He would remember who she was when he became City Commissioner and revengefully he would sell her to his counterpart in Austin, hoping that she spent her days being fucked into unconsciousness.

Michael was spent in any event and he let go of Victoria’s legs and moved aside to use the tissues from the dispenser on the wall. He cleaned himself and put his manhood away and pull up his trousers.

The man next in line moved up and plunged his erect penis into Victoria unceremoniously and began to fuck her semen-clotted quim.

Michael glanced back and saw Victoria wrap her legs around the man as she moaned like a slattern. He loved her but he hated her for doing so.

Victoria climaxed again not long after Michael had left the breeding room but after that her quim became numb and then it became sore. She lost count of how many men used her body that day but by then it didn’t matter. She had already begun to learn how to disassociate her mind from her body and she was away in another place as the line of men ravished her one after another.

Madeline Smith

At eighteen years of age Madeline Smith had very few memories of being a boy. She was selected for the Comfort Girl program as soon as it became evident that she would make a pretty girl. Madeline was removed from the other male offspring who would spend their formative years being schooled and educated in a boarding school. The boys intellectual and practical abilities were assessed and a vocational profile was created for each student. Some went onto tertiary education while others became tradesmen whilst some simply went into menial employment. Durden City needed men of all calibres to keep a city of its size running effectively and efficiently.

Madeline could not even remember her birth name. She was given the name Madeline Smith when she entered the Comfort Girl program and that would be her name until the day she died.

Nobody except the Durden’s had familial names because there were no familial lines; names were assigned randomly at birth as a means of personal identification. Madeline had always liked her name and thought it sounded pretty and feminine. She had a friend who had unfortunately been given the name Gladys.

Madeline spent her formative years playing with and being educated alongside other Comfort Girls and young females, the idea being that the femininity of the females would influence the young boys, although Comfort Girls never really thought of themselves as boys and the few that couldn’t adjust to the paradigm were removed and placed back with their male colleagues or so she thought.

Madeline knew that she wasn’t female and was well aware of the biological differences but she had always thought of herself as a girl and enjoyed all things feminine especially the clothes. As puberty approached she was removed from Breeding Facility and the care of the Brood Mothers and sent to live in one of city’s four Comfort Palaces where she would learn her true vocation.

Just like the breeders, Comfort Girls were educated in reproduction but there was no explicit sexual discourse and they were not sexualised until they reached the age of eighteen. They were given hormone treatment and underwent laser hair removal or electrolysis, facial feminization surgery, a tracheal shave and breast and buttock augmentation. Treatment was tailored individually for each girl depending on their physique and their physical needs, the outcome being to ensure that the Comfort Girls were as feminine as possible.

Hormone treatment was strictly controlled to ensure that the Comfort Girls maintained an active libido. In the early years of the program it was soon discovered that Comfort Girls who enjoyed their vocation performed better than those who undertook their employment grudgingly. The girls undertook all of the tasks necessary to maintain the Comfort Palaces. They cooked, cleaned, performed rudimentary maintenance and learned how to tend bar, how to dance, how to engage in meaningful conversation and generally entertain men. They kept in shape through regular exercise.

They were uber-feminised and seldom wore male clothing except to perform manual tasks and they always wore makeup. Unlike the female breeders Comfort Girls were allowed out of the Comfort Palaces but always under supervision. Comfort Girls were not as valuable as breeders, however a lot of time, effort and money had been expended on them and they were still a precious commodity.

Upon attaining adulthood Comfort Girls were trained in the art of lovemaking. Unlike the breeders who simply lay on their back and allowed men to penetrate them, Comfort Girls were trained to flirt, to kiss, to fondle, to fellate and gratify men in every way that men desired. The importance of anal hygiene was impressed upon them and they were schooled in the use of personal lubricants and anal dilation using dildos and sex toys.

Comfort Girls had no virginity to offer up but neophyte Comfort Girls making their debut in the Comfort Rooms were still highly priced.

Madeline was excited to be making her debut and had no trepidation, in fact she was eager. She had been fabricated, inculcated and indoctrinated to please men and she couldn’t wait to do so. Customers were known to the girls as ‘Trade’ and a small proportion of the credit that the Trade paid went to the girl. If the girl performed particularly well the Trade was likely to tip the girl directly.

Once the girls began working the Comfort Rooms they became self-sufficient and had to provide for themselves until they retired at the age of forty when they became Brood Mothers to young breeders and Comfort Girls. Even then the ‘Comfort Grannies’ were available to service men selectively.

Men chose the Comfort Girl they wished to have congress with by selecting them on a website, their availability changing daily and the price dependant on factors such as age, beauty and experience. The girls were on a roster and not always available and some men were more selective than others. Some girls became favourites and the Trade would always request the same girl although of course there could be no interpersonal relationships outside of the Comfort Rooms.

Madeline had dressed carefully for her first evening working the Comfort Rooms. She wore a silver sequin sheath shift dress with a plunging V-neckline and short fringed sleeves. It was cut short to show off her long toned legs swathed in fifteen denier fleshtoned pantyhose so sheer that her legs almost looked bare except for the sheen of the yarn. She wore a pair of black nylon panties over her pantyhose and a matching brassiere; the garments so snug as to be undetectable under the dress. She selected black four-inch fuck-me-pumps and had accessorised with emerald costume jewellery to compliment her eyes. Her long glossy hair framed her heavily but exquisitely made-up face. She was stunning and she knew it.

As a Commissioner, Harlan Cooter had the right to any Comfort Girl he wished and he wished to deflower Madeline Smith. Harlan was still a young man and new to the City Commission. He knew that most of the other Commissioners took their pleasure in the Breeding Facility, using the bevy of women available to them whenever they wanted them but Harlan had always had a thing for those ‘special ladies’.

“You are delightful,” Harlan greeted Madeline as she exited the waiting room to make her debut.

Brian, who had just started working at the Comfort Palace, issued Madeline her scanner on which were the details of the eight Trade she would be expected to service that night. He gave her the key to Comfort Room one which was the VIP suite.

Madeline had deposited the passkey and the scanner in her little silver clutch and was holding it tight when Harlan introduced himself.

“And you are a very handsome man,” Madeline flashed him her biggest, brightest smile just as she had been taught.

“Come let me buy you a drink and let’s get to know each other a little better,” Harlan offered Madeline the crook of his elbow and she took it and he led her to a booth.

Harlan was a lecher disguised as a gentleman and he soon had his hands all over Madeline and rained increasingly passionate kisses on her mouth. He took her hand and placed it in his lap and she felt the girth of the first penis she had ever touched beside her own. It felt massive and she was a little apprehensive about what Harlan was going to do with it but she knew that she had been trained to perform her duties flawlessly and she would do so.

“Fuck this! Let’s go to the room,” Harlan had become impatient and his gentlemanly traits were strained.

He led Madeline to comfort room one abruptly, dragging her as she tottered on her high heels to keep up.

The spacious room was dimmed with mood lighting, there was trans porn playing on a muted large screen TV and a bottle of champagne was chilling in a silver ice-bucket and the king size bed was made up with satin sheets. It was a far cry from the pokey ‘fuck-holes’, that the girls called the regular comfort rooms. As the years passed and she grew older and less popular with moneyed elite and visits to the VIP suite became a very infrequent event.

Champagne there may be but Harlan Cooter had no interest in it. He threw Madeline on the bed, tore off his clothes and fell on her.

He kissed her fiercely while he fumbled with her dress which Madeline was able to slide out of and toss on the dresser before Harlan reached for her again.

“That’s better, now I can get at you,” Harlan grinned and popped Madeline’s breasts from the cups of her brassiere.

He suckled a teat and stroked the other and they hardened like a ripe berries and Madeline sighed as ripples pleasure radiated from her nipples. She nursed Harlan for a while as he stroked, caressed and licked her breasts in which he seemed to have great interest. He traced the fading silvery scars in the creases of her breasts, a consequence of her augmentation surgery, then he stroked the creamy globes which illicited a delicate, pleasurable sensation which intensified when Harlan returned his attention back to sucking and stroking her nipples.

Harlan’s cock was rock hard and pressing into Madeline’s leg. She could feel the heat of it and feel a warm wet patch spreading on her silky hose where driblets of pre-seminal fluid were leaking from the eye of his penis. She reached for it and felt the warm bare flesh of another man’s penis in her hand for the first time and it excited her.

Harlan’s cock felt hard, veiny and powerful, it was slightly pulsing and the urge to stroke it was overwhelming, she could feel her own cock hardening between her legs where she had tucked it away. Harlan kissed her again, very passionately; driving his tongue into her mouth and Madeline reciprocated and slipped her tongue into his. His breath was fresh and minty. He rolled on top of her, pressing his cock on her belly, rubbing his cock on her panties while he kissed her.

“Come on honey let’s get that toy out from between your legs,” Harlan drove his hand down the waistband of her panties and pantyhose and freed her thickening penis and lay it flat against her belly under the tight satin and nylon.

Madeline had been told that many of the men she serviced would not want to see or touch her penis but Harlan was obviously not one of those, in fact he rubbed his own penis on hers through the layers of diaphanous fabric. Her own pre-ejaculate mingled with Harlan’s.

They kissed and ground their cocks against each other until they were breathless. Madeline’s penis was tingling with delight, her whole body lit up with lust and expectation.

“Ok girly, let’s see what you can do with that mouth,” Harlan grunted as he lifted himself off Madeline and grabbed her neck and pushed her face into his groin.

His pubis was freshly washed and smelled of cologne and Madeline lapped at his hard rod and cupped his scrotum and Harlan moaned. He found Madeline's penis and rubbed it through her panties and pantyhose and sparklets of pleasure erupted from her groin and Madeline groaned and engulfed Harlan’s turgid staff and began to suckle it. She used her lips on the shaft and her tongue on his glans and was rewarded with a mouth full of creamy semen as he instantaneously ejaculated.

He held her there, forcing Madeline to swallow his issue as his cock juddered in her mouth, spewing forth the warm, salty musky sperm. Madeline pushed his hand away from her neck, he didn’t need to hold her there because she had no intention of moving. She loved the feel of Harlan’s cock exploding in her mouth and his semen tasted delightful. She was so excited that Harlan felt a puddle of warm viscous goop bubble up in the front of her panties as Madeline ejaculated too.

She was so excited feeling Harlan’s hard cock pulsing and throbbing between her lips and his seed filling her mouth so fast that she struggled to swallow it while Harlan stroked her rampant member through her panties and pantyhose, eliciting a premature but very welcome orgasm.

“Oh my god, we’re both coming together. You are fucking hot girly!” Harlan squealed.

Madeline worked her lips and her tongue on Harlan's cock until he was drained but he did not become flaccid, if anything his cock was even harder.

“Ok, let’s see how tight that ass of yours is,” Harlan growled and rolled Madeline onto the bed face down.

He was too impatient to remove her panties and instead he pushed the gusset aside and tore a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose and jabbed at the crease of her buttocks with his steely appendage.

The drawer on the bedside table was filled with personal lubricants, including exotic flavours as well was sex toys and dilators but it was well out of reach. But although she had never been one, Madeline subscribed to the Girl Scout motto: ‘Be Prepared’ and prior to her evening encounter had inserted several capsules filled with silicone lubricant inside her anus.

They had dissolved releasing the lubricant and Harlan enjoyed a silky-smooth welcome as his penis entered Madeline’s perfectly lubricated tush.

Silky-smooth the welcome might have been for Harlan but for Madeline it felt like someone had driven a red hot spike into her rectum and she bucked and shuddered under him, kicking and writhing as she tried to shake him off.

“It’s all right girly, just lie there and get used to it. You’ll like it soon enough,” Harlan chuckled as he pinned Madeline to the bed, holding her down on the satin sheets as she writhed beneath him.

At that moment she hated Harlan Cooter not so much because of the pain he had inflicted on her when he had unceremoniously impaled her on his hard cock but mainly because he was right. As he lay still on top of her with his cock buried in her ass and his weight on her panty-clad buttocks, the burning sensation began to dissipate and in its place a warm delightful tingling began to bloom.

The pleasure receptors in Madeline’s sphincter began to light up as the girth of Harlan’s steely shaft stimulated them, his glans pressed on her prostate invoking a decadent feeling of sensuality that she had never felt before. Her cock, encased in the gossamer pantyhose and silky satin panties pressed into the satin sheets throbbing with titillation. The weight of Harlan’s body pressing into hers was comforting, especially his groin pressing on her buttocks.

Harlan sensed this and slowly began to fuck her.

Madeline moaned like a slattern as Harlan drove his cock slowly in and out of her tight anus, extracting his penis until his glans was encircled by her tight pink sphincter and then driving it back inside her.

“Oh god,” Madeline moaned as her pleasure centres lit up.

She pushed back against Harlan as best she could, encouraging him to put every millimetre of his turgid weapon in her as far as it would go. She wriggled her buttocks enticingly as a sense of deep fulfilment radiated from deep inside her rectum and her penis tingled with delight.

Harlan rolled Madeline over, and as he entered her again, she lifted her buttocks to facilitate his entry and wrapped her arms and legs around him and sought his mouth with hers. She clung to him, kissing him, bucking under him, making him drive his cock deep inside her. She scissored her nylon-sheathed legs on his sensitive flanks and raked her heels on his flesh, and scratched his back with her long red fingernails, encouraging him to fuck her harder.

The feel of his rock-hard member driving in and out of her tight ass was indescribably pleasurable and her cock pressing on his belly, still trapped inside her panties, was throbbing and aching for release.

Harlan drove his tongue deep inside her mouth to stifle a scream as he orgasmed and his cock exploded deep in her anus, spewing forth its searing glutinous issue. He felt Madeline’s scalding issue on his belly at the same time and he loved her for it. They joy of simultaneous orgasms was not often experienced and Harlan adored her for it.

Madeline’s cock was rubbing on Harlan’s hard belly, the silkiness of her pantyhose and panties eliciting featherlight circlets of delight from it as her issue oozed from the eye. Her anus was palpitating, gripping Harlan’s cock, milking him of every drop of his spend as her sphincter dilated causing her anus to ripple with freshets of intense pleasure whilst his bloated prong pressed on her prostate causing a bloom of intense delight.

They lay in each other’s arms and kissed and canoodled until Harlan’s cock became flaccid and fell out of her anus with an audible plop. A rivulet of spunk gushed from her sphincter and soaked her nylons.

They drank champagne and did it all over again until Brian pounded on the door insisting that Harlan’s time was up. Commissioner or not, Madeline had other men to pleasure.

After Harlan left Madeline cleaned herself up, refreshed her makeup and changed into fresh pantyhose and panties. Brian took the key to the VIP from her and issued her with a passkey to one of the regular comfort rooms where Madeline worked late into the early hours of the morning satisfying the rest of her Trade. She went to bed sore and exhausted.

Madeline was Harlan’s favourite for about a week and then a new Comfort Girl became available and his interest in Madeline waned.

Madeline settled down into her life as a Comfort Girl, content with her lot in life until the fateful day she was kidnapped by Billy Brody and his troop of Revolutionaries.


Victoria Eglin

Victoria complained bitterly about being cuffed but the City Guards in the Humvee remained silent and surly. When the convoy passed through gates of Durden City the Humvee carrying Victoria peeled off from the other vehicles and sped on to the Breeding Facility.

As the vehicle drove through the entrance into the Breeding Facility it struck Victoria just how much it looked like a prison, which for all intents and purposes it was: a prison for the female population.

Pope Durden was in full combat uniform and when the Humvee came to a stop in the courtyard he moved in and opened the door to the vehicle and helped Victoria alight. He was overly caring and attentive and then Victoria saw that they were being filmed.

The story that Michael Durden had led a raiding party to rescue Victoria Eglin would be all over the media with pictures of her chained to the light post and video of her being assisted from the vehicle by the man who had rescued her. Pope would give an interview and embellish the story further, proclaiming to the citizens of Durden City that he would not tolerate the Revolutionaries stealing their women.

No mention would be made of the ransom paid or the Comfort Girl left behind.

With the welcome home festivities completed Victoria was led in handcuffs to her quarters to await Pope Durden who arrived sans-uniform, wearing a smoking jacket and drinking bourbon on the rocks. Victoria had been given only water and was still cuffed when Pope entered the room.

“Take the cuffs off please Michael,” Victoria offered him her wrists.

“You look like shit and you smell like it too,” Pope sniffed the air distastefully and ignored her outstretched wrists and walked to the bar.

“What did you expect?” Victoria bristled.

“How many of them raped you?” he turned her way as he poured bourbon over ice.

“All of them,” Victoria whispered.

“Was it rape though or did you just lie back and enjoy it like you used to in the breeding chambers?” Pope sneered at her.

“I fought them at first. You can see what happened,” Victoria sighed.

“Are you going to uncuff me?” Victoria held out her wrists again but Pope ignored them and sipped his drink eyeing her critically.

She was wearing the same red satin sheath dress she had been wearing when she was captured but it was stained and the bodice was ripped. Pope stepped into her and unzipped the garment and let it fall as far as the sleeves caught at her wrists would allow.

Her brassiere straps had been cut, almost certainly by men fuelled by lust, leching after something they seldom, if ever, got to touch. Her panties were semen-stained and torn in the seat, her black fully-fashioned hold-up stockings were similarly stained and full of runners. Her red pumps were scuffed and the soles caked in a veneer of filth.

She smelled like an animal, sweaty and musky; her hair was a tangled mess and her makeup was smeared over her face.

The previous evening in Freetown she and Billy had what amounted to an orgy of sex, Billy ejaculating in Victoria numerous times. Susan had supervised and joined in the debauchery. While this was happening a needs must situation was being dealt with. Volunteer troopers in the ops centre barracks room were watching pornography whilst masturbating into Victoria’s panties and nylons, some of them spending their issue on her dress.

Sacrifices had to be made if Victoria was going to pass scrutiny when she returned to Durden City.

Pope studied the mouse under her right eye and her split lip and the yellow-purple bruises on her upper body.

“But you stopped fighting,” it wasn’t a question it was statement.

Victoria lowered her wrists and bowed her head in shame.

It was all the answer that Pope needed.

He stepped into Victoria and pushed his fingers inside her tattered panties. Her vulva was swollen and tender and she hissed. He pushed two fingers inside her and she winced. He could feel the glutinous congealed smegma inside her bruised vagina.

Pope withdrew his fingers and sniffed.

“Just like when you were a breeder and I would come to you after your shift in the breeding chamber,” Pope inhaled the stench on his fingers.

“You wouldn’t let me bathe. You insisted that I come to you like that,” Victoria hissed.

Pope would never admit it but it was a form of self-punishment, making love to the woman he adored after she had been used by strangers. He loved Victoria but he hated her for what she was, even though he knew that she had no control over her life.

“So how many?” Pope leered at Victoria.

“I don’t know. I lost count,” Victoria whimpered.

“And some would have come back for seconds,” he taunted her.

Victoria said nothing.

“Did they fuck you before they let you go?” Pope plunged his fingers back inside Victoria’s vagina.

He circled her clitoris with his thumb and god help her Victoria felt herself releasing fresh juices. Pope had liked fucking her after her shift in the breeding chamber and she was used to him attending to her while her vagina was still tender and she was full of semen from unknown donors. She had become conditioned to it and because she loved him she had endured it and come to enjoy it because the man she loved enjoyed it.

“The two men who shackled me to the post both had a go,” Victoria lied matter-of-factly.

“Really?” Pope stirred his fingers in Victoria’s vagina and found the erogenous zone at the front of her vaginal wall while his thumb circled her sensitive nubbin.

Victoria gasped.

She didn’t need to act. Pope was genuinely arousing her. She was conditioned like Pavlov's dog to respond. She could see that he was concupiscent; his robe was tented where his erect penis bulged the velvet fabric.

Pope dragged Victoria over to the occasional table by her cuffs and bent her over it.

He was mercifully swift, plunging his rampant member through the gaping hole in the seat of her panties into her putrid maw. He could feel the congealed issue of other men inside Victoria and memories of the silent rage he felt returned as he pulled Victoria’s head back by her matted hair and drove his cock in and out of her vagina.

Victoria gasped not only with pain but also with pleasure as Pope rammed his cock into her aching sheath. He had an arm around her belly so he could finger her clitoris while he ravished her. Recollections of the past flooded her brain: Pope making love to her after she had returned from breeding chamber, his need so powerful that he often took her two or three times before he would let her bathe.

She felt his bloated phallus, as engorged and swollen as it had ever been, fill her vagina. He tickled her clitoris and freshets of vaginal juices began to flow. The stench of sex filled the air and assailed their nostrils.

Victoria screamed as a colossal orgasm wracked her body, Pope pulling her head back by her hair, pounding his cock in and out of her clunge, his pelvis slapping into her buttocks still clad in her tattered panties.

She felt his member swell and palpitate as he spewed his issue deep inside her and Pope gasped and bit down on her shoulder.

They both shuddered and moaned and uttered obscenities until they were done, then Pope pushed Victoria off his still rampant member and she fell to the floor.

“Suck it clean,” he growled, tangling his fingers in her hair, pushing his cock into her mouth.

She did so and heaven help her she became aroused yet again as she suckled Pope’s stiff rod, licking the sperm and vaginal goop from it; using her tongue expertly to elicit droplets of pre-seminal fluid.

Victoria had been instructed by Susan to bend to Pope’s will and willingly participate in all and any sexual perversions he requested but she didn’t need to pretend; she was lascivious and prurient, aching for him. She wanted him and she needed him, despite her hatred and loathing.

He pushed her face out of his groin and she fell to the floor on her back and Pope mounted her again, climaxing almost as soon as he was inside her. Victoria wrapped her tattered stocking-clad legs around him and held him tight as she came right along with him, his kisses stinging her bruised lips.

Pope was finally done.

He helped Victoria to her feet and picked up the house phone and spoke. Victoria remained silent, her head bowed while Pope poured her a drink which he handed to her without a sound.

Silvia Cornish entered the room and saw the state that Victoria was in. She could smell the scent of sex and knew instinctively what had happened.

“Get her cleaned up and then bring her back here to me,” Pope tossed Silvia a set of handcuff keys and dismissed the two women.

As they were leaving the room Pope called out to Victoria.

“What happened to the Comfort Girl?” he asked.

“Madeline? Last I saw of her she was being gang raped by those fuckers,” Victoria hissed.

“I doubt she will last much longer,” Victoria added.

“Comfort Girls are easily replaced; females are not,” Pope shrugged his shoulders and turned on the television to watch himself on the nightly news.

Madeline Smith

It was still early but Freetown was busy as Madeline jogged down the dirt road past the repair shop and fuelling station where lightweight fighting vehicles and ranks of Humvees were parked nose out. She had finished her workout in the gym and would complete her ten kilometre run at the latrines as was her morning routine.

She was wearing black lycra tights and a red nylon/elastin crop top. Since arriving in Freetown she had firmed up an already svelte body and added some muscle. She was still very feminine and the body-hugging tights and crop top showcased her tight bubble-butt, full perky breasts and long well-formed legs. The men who were up and around this early appreciated the show as she jogged past them.

She stopped at the latrines and took a deep breath before she entered the porta potty and took care of business, then she jogged back to the quarters she shared with Virgil, deliberately banging the steel door closed to wake him.

“Fuck Madeline; it’s still early,” Virgil rolled over, intending to grab some more shuteye.

But Madeline had other plans and leapt on the bed and snuggled up to him.

Virgil had been on an overnight patrol with his troop to Telegraph Hill whilst Madeline had scored sentry duty, keeping post on the wall of the stacked containers. Now a fully qualified Trooper she went into the regular rotation of collateral duties.

“You stink,” Virgil whined, pulling the coverlet around him as Madeline snuggled up to him deliberately annoying him.

“You didn’t say that to me the last time we were out on reconnaissance when you dragged me into that house in Odessa,” She nibbled his earlobe and he tried to bat her away.

“Yeah, well that was different. I hadn't been up all night on patrol and you weren’t sweaty from the gym,” Virgil whined, burrowing deeper under the covers.

“I was wearing my dusty ACU and smelled of gun oil, cordite and Humvee exhaust fumes,” she snuggled up to the lump of man under the coverlet.

“Go away. Let me sleep,” Virgil whined.

“Maybe I’ll go for a walk around Freetown in my slinky PT gear. There are plenty of men who’d appreciate my attention. I see them looking,” Madeline teased.

“Yeah. Go suck a few dicks in the motor pool and leave me alone,” Virgil mumbled.

“Right! That’s it asshole!” Madeline gripped the coverlet and pulled on it, toppling Virgil out of bed.

“You bitch!” he sprang to his feet and pinned Madeline against the wall.

He pushed her arms up high and pressed his body against her as she struggled to break free. Virgil was dressed only in boxer shorts and his penis poked out of the fly, still erect from nocturnal penile tumescence. It pressed against her lycra tights.

Madeline’s wrists were sweaty and she was able to free one of her hands and she jabbed him playfully in his hard belly then grabbed his dick and squeezed.

“You always have to win don’t you?” Virgil winced.

He snatched her hand away and pinned it back against the wall.

“You’re getting old and slow Sergeant Benning. Maybe I need to trade you in for a younger model,” she nipped his ear and he yelped.

“I’m man enough for you Trooper Smith,” Virgil tried to kiss her but she moved her face aside.

“But you’ll do for now,” Madeline broke into a grin and kissed Virgil tenderly.

“I think I’ll keep you around for a little while,” she cheekily kissed him quickly on side of the mouth.

“You’ve kinda grown on me,” she kissed him again and Vigil let go of her arms and she wrapped them around him.

“Come shower with me and then we can get some chow,” Madeline squeezed his cock again.

Virgil slipped his hand between her legs and found her semi-tumescent penis lying along her perineum. It still amazed him how she was able to present herself tucked, exhibiting a perfect feminine mons pubis in her panties or when she wore tight pants.

“I should be mad at you for waking me so early,” Virgil removed his hand from between her legs.

“Yeah you should. But you love me,” Madeline gave him a mischievous smile.

“Yes. I love you,” Virgil said suddenly serious.

“Well that works out perfect because I love you too,” Medline leaned in and kissed him again.

She led him to the shower and showed Virgil just how much she loved him and he soon stopped complaining.

Freshly showered, Madeline rubbed her hair vigorously with a fluffy towel. Her shoulder-length jet black hair was now cut into a short blunt-cut bob with bangs. It was for more practicable and manageable in her role as a trooper, slipped easily under her Advanced Combat Helmet and was easy to keep clean.

She put on makeup. Even though she was now a trained fighting machine, her upbringing wouldn’t allow her to step outside without makeup. Besides if Commander Solister could wear makeup in uniform so could she – what was good for the goose was also good for the gander.

Madeline slipped into a dri-fit sports bra which gave her support under her khaki t-shirt and ACU blouse and allowed her skin to breathe. Next she slipped into a pair of cheap black pantyhose, one of nearly fifty packages that she had commandeered from an abandoned Walmart. They weren’t worn for the aesthetic, they were worn so that she could easily slip into her skin-tight ACU pants which she had tailored to accentuate her legs and butt. When Susan Solister had seen Madeline wearing them she ordered Madeline into her office to teach her how to alter her own pants accordingly.

She slipped a pair of plain black nylon-lycra panties over her pantyhose and then lay on the bed so she could shimmy into her ACU pants. She tucked in her t-shirt put her combat blouse on over it and laced her boots.

Virgil was sitting on a kitchen chair reading an ancient magazine waiting patiently for her. During their recon missions together they had acquired more furniture and homewares. The marine grade plywood walls were painted pastel colours, the floor a slate grey, scattered with throw rugs. Framed prints adorned the walls and the rickety table had been replaced by a small country-kitchen dining suite, even though they mostly ate in the mess.

The double bed had been replaced by a king with a Helix mattress and Egyptian cotton sheets. An armoire held all of Madeline's feminine attire whilst a functional wardrobe was home to their uniforms and Virgil’s civilian clothing.

The extra furniture made the space feel a little confined but homely and even though he complained about it Virgil appreciated the woman’s touch that Madeline had brought to their little abode.

Six months ago, having proven herself in combat and passed the necessary written intelligence tests, Madeline had been recommended for promotion to Trooper by her Troop Captain and her promotion was supported by Major William Brody.

She had been brought before Commander Susan Solister for her promotion to be confirmed.

“How long have you been with us Smith?” Susan arched her brow.

“Coming up on a year now ma’am,” Madeline stood at attention and stared straight ahead.

“Well you should be proud of yourself. You proved me wrong. I’d have had you thrown on the heap if Sergeant Benning hadn't rescued you,” Susan said, her voice a little gravelly.

“That’s ok ma’am. I rescued him not long after,” Madeline couldn’t help feeling a little smug.

“Leave us please gentlemen,” Susan nodded at Madeline’s Troop Captain, Billy Brody and Virgil Benning who were present at the little promotion ceremony.

When they had the room to themselves Susan turned to Madeline.

“At ease Trooper, please sit,” Susan indicated an easy chair and she sat down opposite Madeline.

“I was a cunt to you,” Susan began and held up a palm to silence Madeline when she tried to protest.

“I let those men rape you and I was going to have you killed,” Susan admitted.

“Ma’am I was a Comfort Girl all my life. I know it sounds insane but I never understood what rape was, I was conditioned never to say no. You're right, Sergeant Virgil Benning saved me ma’am but in my own way I saved him. I made him a better person,” Madeline almost whispered.

“You make everyone you meet a better person Madeline; I certainly envy your vivacity and congeniality. I know it can’t be easy in a city full of men. I’m their Commander but I still feel their eyes on me,” Susan confessed.

“They know that I’m Virgil’s and his by choice, just like they know, unofficially of course, that’s you're Major Brody’s.” Madeline smiled.

“Well, I like to think of him as mine,” Susan smiled but and the sarcastic curl resurfaced like a piece of paper charring in the ashtray.

“Anyway I just want to say I’m sorry and that I’m proud of you,” Susan stood and Madeline stood too and Susan hugged her briefly.

“Us girls have gotta stick together,” Madeline smiled.

Susan gave her reproachful look and Madeline realised that she had gone too far.

The men were called back into the office and the promotion ceremony was concluded. When Madeline left the office in company with her Troop Captain and Troop Sergeant, Susan came to the door and called out, stopping them in the ops centre.

“You're right Madeline, us girls have gotta stick together,” Susan winked at Madeline and the closed the door.

The ceremony seemed like a lifetime ago. Her life in Durden City as a Comfort Girl seemed like dream, Madeline thought to herself as she and Virgil walked to the mess.

They queued up in line for breakfast, both of them loading up their plates. They worked hard and needed the fuel and burned the calories with strenuous work and exercise. As a Comfort Girl Madeline had eaten like a bird, conscious of her figure. Eating like a bird also meant that sanitary preparation for her shift in the Comfort Palace each day took very little time: ‘when the water runs clear, you’re clean as a queen,’ was the little mnemonic she and the other Comfort Girls had been taught growing up.

“How was Telegraph Hill?” Madeline asked, shovelling eggs and bacon into her mouth.

“Mostly boring. The troop kept watch while I waited for the transmission. The data burst didn’t come until around three AM,” Virgil washed down pancakes with coffee.

Victoria Eglin had been given a communications schedule worked out by the intelligence team in the ops centre but it was a loose schedule. Victoria could only transmit the intelligence she had gathered when she was sure that it was safe to do so.

Initially the information that she sent was of little value because her access to sensitive information was restricted. Victoria’s ransomed return had been treated sceptically by Pope Durden at first. It took a while before Victoria was trusted enough to be reinstated as Pope’s confidant and co-conspirator in his ‘girls for gold’ scheme.

Once Pope was satisfied that Victoria could be trusted he put her back in charge of the Breeding Facility. He needed to keep his secret dealings with the other city states as close-hold as possible and Victoria knew how to conduct those transactions on his behalf. She knew how to cook the books, as it were, to make the breeding program appear to be legitimate.

Victoria needed to re-establish trust and she knew that Pope was watching her. She strongly suspected that Silvia Cornish had taken her place in Pope’s bed while she was a prisoner in Freetown and had been Pope’s confidant during her absence. Victoria maintained her love affair with Silvia but she no longer trusted her but she used Silvia to feed Pope information to verify that what she told Pope had happened to her in Freetown was the truth.

It was time consuming and often difficult for Victoria to extract the incriminating information she needed from the complex encrypted system and then to re-encrypt and compress it into packages that she could send as files via her mobile phone to the Revolutionaries. Keeping to the agreed schedule was difficult because she was seldom by herself in the evenings and attempting to do so in daylight was just too dangerous.

So the Revolutionaries kept a patrol on Telegraph Hill from dusk until dawn every night waiting for Victoria to send them messages from her phone.

“I dropped the phone off at the ops centre and went straight to bed. I was sleeping soundly until some sweaty floozy kicked me out of bed,” Virgil gave Madeline a sarcastic smile around his sausage and egg filled mouth.

Madeline kicked him under table and he winced.

“Don’t speak with your mouth full,” she admonished him.

“You should take your own advice. You were quite verbal in the shower this morning darling,” Virgil quipped which resulted in his being kicked in the shins again but Madeline was smiling.

“Benning, Smith, the Commander wants to see you in her office at noon,” their Troop Captain barked as he approached their table, his tray loaded with own breakfast.

“What’s it about sir?” Virgil asked.

“Fucked if I know, I’m not on the need-to-know list. Mind if I join you?” he nodded to a vacant chair.

“Sure, join us,” Virgil replied.

It was not unusual for other troopers to want to join Virgil and Madeline. At first the troopers had been jealous of Virgil and sceptical of Madeline until she proved that she was just as good as any of them. She slowly and begrudgingly earned their respect out in the field performing as well as any of the other troopers and had shown nerve, tenacity and courage under fire.

Madeline also had an engaging personality, some of it came from her Comfort Girl training but the longer she was away from Durden City the more her own personality had developed. She was funny and intelligent and ready to give as much as she got when the banter became risqué and bawdy. It helped that she was easy on the eye and Madeline was aware that a lot of the camaraderie and admiration she received was from men who would gladly jump her bones if she let them.

“How was your shift Trooper Smith?” the captain asked, sipping coffee.

“Boring sir but I know its essential work,” Madeline replied.

“We all have to pull our weight when it comes to guard duty. You’re due back on the recon roster with Sargent Benning but I seem to think the Commander has another task for you. Not that I’m privy to what happens in the op centre mind you,” the captain munched toast.

“Shit rolls down downhill sir,” Madeline gave him one of the trooper’s catchphrases.

“And gripes go up, not down,” but you seldom whine Trooper Smith.

“I’d rather be out in the field than in the rear with the gear sir but I shut up and colour when I’m required to do so,” Madeline smiled and stuck another pancake in her mouth.

Madeline spoke like one of the guys, using military slang when she was in uniform. Out of uniform she maintained her femininity and the men were courteous and polite to her at such times. Virgil kept a close eye on her but he wasn’t possessive. The troopers liked the hardnosed Trooper Smith and respected her as one of their own but they also liked the attractive and engaging woman she became when off duty.

“I still can’t really fathom you sometimes Madeline but I’ll tell you this; I’m glad you’re in my troop,” the captain smiled at her and then nodded his head at Virgil.

At exactly twelve midday Sergeant Benning and Trooper Smith stood at parade rest in Commander Solister’s office. She told them to relax and had coffee brought in.

“I’ll get right to it Madeline,” Susan began, surprising Madeline by speaking so informally to her.

“I need you to go back to Durden City, Victoria is in trouble and needs your help,” Susan said solemnly.

To be continued

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It just keeps getting

Better and better. You are definitely on my gotta read list. Congrats to you and me for this story.


It just keeps getting

Better and better. You are definitely on my gotta read list. Congrats to you and me for this story.


What Victoria Is Doing

joannebarbarella's picture

Is definitely dangerous. She is a double-agent and Pope Durden is a man without scruples. If she is caught she's dead and she shouldn't trust Silvia either. She is bound to be spying for Durden.

Madeline, however, seems to have established herself with the Revolutionaries but that won't stop them from using her.

And then on both sides there's sex and more sex!