A Mime’s Job Is Never Done Part 6

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When Colette arrives at the house where the birthday party was taking place at. She was amazed at how the mother went all out for her ten-year-old daughter’s birthday. All the guests were dressed as one of the princesses from the television show. The boys that had come, were dressed as male characters from the television show or the He-Man cartoon. One little boy was dressed as a princess from the cartoon.

Colette performs a few magic and juggling tricks she knew. She also performed in a few acrobatic stunts as well. She had a trick rope, that she could cause to rise into the air and stiffen, so she could climb it. She got the idea from an old James Bond movie she had watched. She had an engineering friend of hers build it for her.

By the time the cake and ice cream were served all the girls and some of the boys were interested in other things. It didn’t bother her, as she packed up to leave. She enjoyed having fun at the birthday party.

As Colette was carrying her things out to her Honda, Mrs. Wilds comes out of the house carrying a covered-up plate. She walks over to Colette “I thought you would like some birthday cake to take home with you.” As she hands the covered-up plate to Colette.

“Thank you, Mrs. Wilds. I had fun entertaining your daughter and her friends.” As Colette accepts the covered plate from Mrs. Wilds.

“They enjoyed you as well.” Mrs. Wilds saw how excited her daughter and the other girls were when Colette appeared from a smoke cloud.

“Well, I had fun performing for them. If you ever need me for another job, you know how to get in touch with me.” Colette smiles at Mrs. Wilds.

Mrs. Wilds smiles at Colette, before turning around and walking towards the front door. She was happy she hired Colette to perform for her daughter’s birthday party. She walks back into the house and the backyard.

Colette gets into her car, after securing the plate on the passenger seat. As she drives away from the house. A smile appears on her face as she listens to the music playing through her car speakers.

While she is sitting at a stoplight, a little girl spots her and waves. A smile appears on her face as she waves back to the little girl. She loved children and wishes one day she will be able to have children of her own, but until then. She’ll settle for entertaining other people’s children.

After all the snacks and such Colette had at the party. She wasn’t hungry, so she keeps driving home. As Colette is about to start driving under the stoplight when it turns green. She gets T-bone from a tan Ford Fusion sedan.

The next thing she knows, her airbag goes off and she is spun around from the impact. Her left shoulder hurts from the impact as she is slammed against the side of her car. The front windshield explodes from the impact, as she blacks out.

The next thing she knows, she is woken up as a firefighter uses smelling salts to wake her up. Her vision is blurry, as she tries to make out who was helping her. She tries to move her head but is stopped by the firefighter putting a collar around her neck.

“Easy, ma’am. You might have a neck injury.” The young paramedic helping Colette thought she was cute.

Colette looks at the young man as he helps her. He was a little blurry, but she could still make him out.

“What happened?” Colette couldn’t recall what took place.

“You were in a car accident, ma’am. Do you have any more bones broken?” Locklear noticed the young woman was dressed as some sort of superhero. He didn’t recognize how she was dressed.

Colette is carefully moved from her damaged Honda and carried over to the nearest ambulance. She is secured and transported to the nearest hospital.

Several hours later, she sits next to George in his F150 pickup truck. She had called him to come and pick her up from the hospital. She was so doped up with the painkillers they gave her.

George glanced at Colette as she sat next to him in the truck. She was resting her head against the sidewall of the cab. Her left shoulder had been dislocated and her chest was wrapped up.

When they arrive at Colette’s place, George helps Colette up to her apartment. He knew she was still doped up from the painkillers she was given at the hospital. He helps her undress and lay her down on her bed. Just before he leaves, he looks at Colette “I hope you feel better, Colette.”

Colette looks at George and a goof smile appears on her face “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Now, get some rest.” George turns and leaves Colette’s place.

Colette closes her eyes and falls asleep in no time. The painkillers in the hospital cause her to fall into a very deep sleep.

She wakes up around mid-day the next morning. The only reason she woke-up, up was because her bladder needed to be empty. She nearly falls out of her bed, because she was still feeling the effects of the pain medicine and the fact her body was hurting her.

Colette manages to make it to the toilet and sit down before her bladder relieved itself. Her left shoulder was hurting like hell. Her head still hurt her as well. Once she was done doing her morning business.

Colette makes arrangements to go and retrieve her stuff from her Honda. While she is picking her stuff up, she sends pictures to her insurance agent so they can see the damage.

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Defensive Driving like a Fighter Pilot

BarbieLee's picture

No such thing as green at a stoplight means it's safe to go go ahead. Colette wasn't paying attention to the other drivers and accepted the green light as go. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count all the times I've seen drivers, including semi trucks scream through a red light. Five months ago a red light runner plowed into a pickup and horse trailer. Made a mess of the PU, trailer, SUV and the red light pole. I was there before the police. Green light means look left, right, and if clear, go ahead.
Hugs LadyDragon, you write some interesting chapters.
The odds of making it past shelf life is better if one keeps their attention on the present.

Oklahoma born and raised cowgirl


Closed head injury and knocked out from the impact = concussion? Multiple rib injuries plus the shoulder is a setup for inadequate breathing, maybe a lung contusion. Yet they load her up with dope and send her home? Can't says as that seems very smart. Probably should have been held overnight for observation.

Hope she is OK.

Hmmm this was no "Accident"

Samantha Heart's picture

Either the other car was stolen & running from the police, OR it was someone out for revenge I feel.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.