Love Story - Chapter 9.5

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The next morning, my wife woke up before me, full of energy. She got up, turned around and climbed on me, while I was still asleep. She gave be a hug, body touching body, her head on my shoulder.

I could smell her hair and feel her softness and warmth, like a blanket on a very cold morning.

"Mmmm", I woke up and yawned, hugging her back, tightly. I placed kisses along the side of her neck, stroking her hair with one hand.

It probably tickled her some. She let go of me giggling, and sat up on me.

"The day is just starting and you want to do it already?", she said ligthly slapping my arm.

I was annoyed that she had let go, leaving me cold, "Come back darling, let's cuddle some more. You are like a very fuzzy blanket"

Indeed, she was so soft, it was unbelievable. She leaned in and gave me a quick kiss, holding my face. She looked in my eyes and then got down to get her morning routine done.

I sighed and got down, giving a nice stretch. I went to the kitchen and put on some coffee to boost the morning, when she walked in.

She stopped and looked at me. I was wearing nothing but underpants. My hair was hanging down to my shoulders. I guess, from the back, she had a good view.

"Enjoying the view?", I asked, hearing her stop. I carried her cup over to the table. Her spell broke and she walked over and sat down.

"Hmm-mm, yes, it's a very nice view, to be honest", she replied. I leaned down and kissed her head, "Be right back"

After I was done with my routine, I went back to the kitchen and sat sipping coffee from my cup. She was making some rice chillas.

Once she was done, she set two plates down on the table and sat. We ate in silence for a while. I was starving, and I am sure she was too. I mean, who wouldn't be, after the things we did last night?

Thinking about last night bought a smile to my lips. She noticed, "What are you so happy about?"

"Can't you guess?", I challenged her.

She gave me an annoyed look, "You know I hate guesting"

"Last night", I told her.

She gave me an innocent look, "What about last night?" She was such a tease.

"Yeah, I had a nightmare last night that the devil sat on me and fed me her snake", I said sarcastically.

She burst out laughing, "Okay, okay, I am sorry. I tried to keep a straight face. But your sarcasm gets me every time. Did you have a good time?"

"Yes and no. Did you?", I countered.

"Umm, yes, very. But, like you said, yes and no", she replied, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"What was it that you didn't like?", I asked, subconsciously mirroring her movement and stroking my hair.

"Stop it, it's creepy", she said taking my arm and moving it away from my hair. "I enjoyed what you did to me. But the dildo-in-your-mouth part didn't particularly do anything pleasurable to me"

"What do you mean? If you don't like it, we don't have to do it"

"It's not that I liked or disliked it. It wasn't disgusting or pretty. It was just some action I did. I did not get any sensation out of it, like I did when you put it in me", she told me.

"I feel the same. It didn't particularly do anything for me, except maybe choke me a few times. Honestly, I did it because I thought it was turning you on"

"No, it didn't turn me on. I did it because I thought it might turn you on. Did it?", she asked, furrowing her brow, thinking about it.

"No, it didn't. It was just an action", I said thinking about the things we did, "if that's what it's like for women, I don't know why they do it. As I understand it, it doesn't give their bodies any pleasurable sensations"

She explained, "They don't. Most men think women find it exciting to fellatio them, but really, most women find it very disgusting to do it and they don't generally get any bodily pleasure out of it. It's not like there's a second vagina in our mouths"

I hadn't thought of that.

"Honey, what are we doing?", I asked her very quietly.

"We are experimenting", she answered, "When you came out to me, I wanted to find out what it meant for you to be trans. I wanted to see, if what you wanted was going to work for me or not. I wanted clarity, whether I should stay with you"

There was a pregnant pause, and then I asked, "Do you want to stay?"

There was so much emotion behind that question, so many complications - her family, my family, her friends, my friends, her colleagues, my colleagues, and least of all, medical financial. Sure, I wasn't trans by choice, but there was a choice for her, to be my forever or not.

Her answer was simple, "Yes, I do"

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This made me much……

D. Eden's picture

Happier about where this is going. The whole fellatio thing bothers me - just because you’re trans doesn’t mean you are dying to give blow jobs. In fact, many transgender women are not attracted to men, let alone wanting to suck cock.

What had me worried was that the wife was enjoying it as being power over her more submissive husband. Once again, back to the forced fem thing - where a wife gets her enjoyment out of forcibly feminizing and humiliating her husband. That isn’t love. Rather, it is all about power and domination; getting enjoyment out of belittling and humiliating the person you claim to love is pure bullshit. Forcing your spouse or lover to do things they don’t want just because you get off on it, or because it makes you feel powerful or fulfilled has nothing to do with love. The only emotion involved in those actions is anger, and anyone who feels otherwise is delusional. Love is being willing to do things for the person you love - not forcing them to do things because you enjoy it and they don’t.

I am very, very glad that the wife wants to stay with her husband. I can sympathize with this entirely having been in this very situation, and yes, it is fraught with emotions and fear. Her experimenting is showing her that not only does her husband love only her, he wants to stay with her and please only her. He went out of his way to do something she would enjoy, and did something he didn’t like just because he thought it was turning her on. It is good that they are talking about these things rationally, and even better that they feel much the same.

D. Eden

Dum Vivimus, Vivamus