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Written by Dauphin

"Inspired by a film, this story shows at the end of the day, we all decide for ourselves" Diana
"Many consider this a flop and not one of my best. Funny enough, it took me ages to write" Dauphin

Being re-written, to correct the spelling and grammer mistakes

This is the scrapbook from the DNN concerning what we reported on “TV star”. The most controversial reality show ever. You be the judge. Has TV gone too far?

DNN February 11, 2008
New Reality show will cost millions.

Hollywood has been shocked today as multi billionaire Bates has announced he will produce a new reality show that will cost close to $600m.
He has revealed that a town will be built within a bubble. Where a human is cut off from the rest of the world. The project will test an alternative world that Bates hopes that will teach us new values and hopefully will inspire us.
The content of the reality show has been secret. But Hollywood analysts has said that the cost of the project itself shows the ambitions of the new show

DNN March 3, 2008
Village Presented

The “TV Star” ambitions and scale has been revealed today. Pictures of Sissville have been released. You may be wondering what Sissville is. This is the village where “TV Star” will be filmed. Over the last few years, Billionaire Bates has been building this village that will have a population of about 200 people. The Village itself has been built in the middle of the desert. But it is now a village on an island. Bates has used a lot of money to build an artificial ocean around Sissville.
The next stage in the project is to build a dome around Sissville and its artificial ocean, some architects have said this will be the 8th wonder of the world and could be seen from space. Others think that Mr. Bates has gone totally insane.

DNN August 15, 2008
“TV Star” shocks

Bates has announced the details of the upcoming reality show “TV Star”.
“Ladies and gentlemen
In 2009, the largest reality show this world has ever experienced will reach every home on the planet. It is a reality show that will be based in Sissville. This town, which reminds us all of a town in the 1950’s will be cut off from the rest of the world. The problems that the world has such as war, poverty, injustice, greed, crime, sexism will be cut off from Sissville.
But Sissville will influence us. We will follow the events in Sissville. We will question our own values and traditions. It is my hope that Sissville will make this world a better place to live.
Sissville will follow the life of one boy that will live there. To him he will be born there and die there. He will not know the outside world. He will only know the town that he lives in. The boy will not live in the world values that we have. He will not be raised as a boy. He will be raised as a girl. This may sound controversial to everyone. But the idea is that in life, we teach boys to be boys. To be competitive, sexist and aggressive. What happens when we take this all away and do not set people in categories or boxes? What happens when we set our own values?
This boy will be a test tube baby. We will create him out of unknown seed and eggs. He will be under the custody of Bates Enterprises.
The rest of the people there will be actors and actresses. They will be told what to do and what to say. The idea is to create a world where our boy can be raised in.”
There you have it. Even though there were a lot of questions to Mr. Bates over the project, he left the scene. It appears as if he will create a boy, and raise that boy in an artificial world. In doing this, he hoped to change the world.

DNN September 4, 2008

There were protests in several cities today and outside Sissville, the planned location for the reality show “TV Star”, in which a boy will be test tube baby and raised as a girl.
The demonstrators have called this playing God, saying that creating a boy that will be owned by a multinational company is immoral and wrong.
The demonstrations have also pointed that raising a boy as a girl is against the human race, and against every moral fiber that we have.
There has been no comment from Mr. Bates or Bate Enterprises. Security around Sissville has been strengthened. Bates Enterprises has also announced that there will be an electric fence around Sissville.

DNN December 8, 2008

The boy that will star in the future “TV Star” is now on the way, according to Bates Enterprises. The boy is a test tube baby, from unknown sperm and an unknown egg. The egg has been fertilized. A boy is on the way
Bates enterprises have said despite the demonstrations, the reality show is now a reality. The Show is expected to start airing next June. The baby is due at the end of June. Bates Enterprises has also announced that merchandise will be available for the reality show, which they expect to be very popular

DNN June 1, 2009
“TV Star”– Season One
Despite protests over the last year, numerous demonstrations and discussions and debate in the media, “TV Star” aired for the first time.
In the USA, It won its time slot, having an audience of 34 million people.
In Latin America, It also won the top slot.
In the UK, BBC has refused to show it. But an independent TV station is showing it. It broke all records in the UK
The same can be seen across Europe
In Asia, it has not done that well, with the exception of Japan.
And what was the premier of the show? There was no baby. It was simply Mr. Bates showing us around Sissville. The place where the future world of the unborn child. The only place he will know.
The show is said to have an excellent start, breaking many TV records.

DNN June 19, 2009
“TV Star” Drags on

The new reality show has continued over the last few weeks. Yet, there is no baby.
We have met the actors that will be the baby’s parents. We have seen some of the actors that will act as shopkeepers, and teachers, workmen, street cleaners. Everything a small town needs.
Needless to say Sissville is squeaky clean. There is one policeman, but he looks more like a Santa figure than anything else. The houses are clean and well maintained. The streets are not over crowded. You can even see squirrels and hear the birds sing. It is like an American TV shows from the 1950’s. Some analysts say it is a huge step from reality, and just an experiment from Bates to create a world that he wished he grew up in.
Bates Enterprises has already started to fill the shops with merchandise; the most popular is cups and clothes with the words, “What he will be called?” They also plan to release a doll that is a boy but in girl baby clothes. It is expected that this will be one of the most popular toys this year, despite protests from mother groups and religious groups.

DNN July 4, 2009
Babies Age: 0 years, 0 months

TV records were once again broken when the reality TV child was born. Not surprisingly it was a boy. You could not see whether he was a girl or boy when images were shown of him.
As of yet, there has been no name given to him, or should we say her. This is of course part of the shows marketing strategy, as merchandise guessing his name is being sold. Posters of him as a newborn were sold out the first day as well as the doll. Bates Enterprises might have spent close to a billion on this project, but they know definitely how to get their money back. The problem is the new born baby will never get a penny of this, as he will always be kept in the dark about it.
There are also many that says that while the UK has a prince, and many other countries have royalty, this new reality show know has created an International commercial princess. Despite the ethical and moral demonstrations concerning it
But after seeing the birth of the baby, we all have to agree that she is beautiful.

DNN July 14, 2009
Babies Age: 0 years, 0 months

Yesterday’s episode of “TV Star” was what I call a woman’s episode. The little princess was taken out in Sissville for the first time. Unaware what was happening, the little girl/boy seemed not to care that his mom was buying clothes for her. It probably made many viewers disgusted buying a boy pink and white baby dresses, and pink footers, and fluffy clothes. The little baby really did not care.
The assistant selling the clothes did not waste any time telling how well the clothes where they could be bought outside Sissville. Bates Enterprises of course owned them. All in all this was one big episode that could be considered a commercial. Nonetheless, it is expected that Bates baby clothes will be in many homes this year.

DNN September 8, 2009
Babies Age: 0 years, 2 months

Finally we know the name of the “TV Star” princess has been announced. Once again in a media stunt, this was done while the baby was being baptized. The Baptism was a Catholic one, as Bates himself is a Catholic.
The baby was in a long baptism dress that was embroided and said to be worth a lot. There were diamonds in it as well as real roses. There was a pink bow around the dress. The show showed definitely that the baby was now a girl.
And the name of the baby - Rose. This was in dedication to the winner of S-Idol. The S-Idol was also present at the baptism in a cute velvet dress,
What a strange world we live in! Rose took the baptism quite fine, and didn’t mind that he looked like a little princess that was being baptized.

DNN December 25, 2009
Roses Age: 0 years, 5 months

The last few weeks of “TV Star” have been hard to watch. This has also shown in the amount of viewers, as less and less people are looking at the reality show. Merchandise concerning the show is still selling, but it is limited to how much we can be entertained watching a sissy baby that sleeps and eats, and then sleeps again.
We have seen how his nursery looked. It has pink walls with roses and other flowers and fairies on the ceiling. Everything looks so soft; it’s no wonder that we all fall asleep when seeing “TV Star”.
Rose was able to sit up as he opened his Christmas presents, which was a lot of pink soothers and other baby things. It was a boring affair, but Rose did look pretty in his satin red baby dress, and his hair is now growing so there was a hair band in it. As I said, it was quite pretty, until you pinched yourself saying that he is a boy!

DNN January 14, 2010
Roses Age: 0 years, 6 months

“TV Star” has nearly gone to a standstill, as we are waiting for Rose to do something. The whole project is losing viewers and money.
However last night, the producers and most of all Rose got a shock when someone knocked at his window. The man started shouting, “You are a sissy. You are an experiment. Your masters are playing God.”
Roses Mother, Played by Abby Costello rushed in and took the 6-month baby into the room.
The man, named as Sam Wilkins was arrested for trespassing on private property. He is bound to get a huge fine. It is also certain that many will see Sam Wilkins as a hero.
Blake Enterprises has announced that security will once again be strengthened, but they cannot stop the protests that are in the streets and media.

DNN June 1, 2010
Roses Age: 0 years, 11 months
The ratings for season one was released. This shows the position of "TV Star” in the TV ratings:
USA #11, UK #7, Canada #23, Brazil #10, Germany # 29, France #11, Spain #10, Italy #33, Russia # 9, China # 17, Japan #7, Australia # 42
This has been a disappointment for a reality show that a lot of money has been invested in. Despite good ratings at the start, they have been falling constantly. The controversy is over for now, and it’s boring watching a baby doing very little.
Bates enterprises have announced that the show will continue as Rose is growing into a beautiful princess, and this is what the world needs.

DNN August 3, 2010
Roses Age: 1 year, 1 month

Something happened today that actually made people turn on “TV Star”. Rose has started to walk. He was pointing at his bottle for a long time, and his father, played by Joseph Maple was reading the newspaper. The scene showed poor Rosie pointing for the bottle, and his father annoying the request.
Then Rose starts crying. We heard a cry from another room. Roses’ mother is telling her husband to help the poor baby.
Then forgetting he was on camera, Roses father mutters, “That sissy baby is treated better than a princess. Good job that girlie boy isn’t my real son”
For the first time since the project has been televised, the telephone rang. Sources say it was the producers telling Joseph to be the father and not to say his personal feelings on the show. In other words to follow the script.
While his father was talking on the telephone, Rose stood up and staggered over to the bottle. This was the first time the TV princess walked.
The controversy does not stop here; BBC received thousands of complaints when the news of Roses first step was on the news. Many viewers considered it irrelevant.

DNN December 25, 2010
Roses Age: 1 years, 5 months

”TV Star” has been having hard times lately, as the show continues to miss viewers. It seems as if the show has recovered a bit after Rose took “her” first step. To help create an interest in the show, Bates Enterprises has produced their own Rose doll. In which girls can raise their own sissy Doll. Needless to say, the doll has been the Christmas sensation, where Bates enterprises have had a hard time meeting the demand.
Rose also opened his present on TV. He did not notice that the doll looked like him or did he notice that the doll was different to other dolls. The Doll was a baby boy in a dress. Surprisingly again, Rose had on the same dress as his new doll.
Rose was very happy for the doll, and we can expect him to play with the doll for several more episodes.

DNN March 17, 2011
Roses Age: 1 years, 8 months

”TV Star” had another stepping point today. Rose spoke his very first words.
It happened when Rose was playing on a pink fluffy rug in the sitting room. He was playing with Kelsey, whom the producers bought in to spike up the show. Kelsey is a real girl and has been playing with Rose for the last few episodes. It is hoped that Kelsey and Roses friendship will help the show in its ratings.
While the two children were playing, Kelsey took Roses doll. Rose got mad and snapped the doll out of Kelsey’s hands and said, “My doll!” Everyone went silent and Rose looked quite confused. Rose’s mother broke the silence by saying that he now could speak.
There have been worries about Roses speech, saying that it was very late.
A doctor told DNN that girls usually speak first, and this shows because you put a dress on a boy, does not mean that they will speak first.

DNN June 1, 2011
Roses Age: 1 years, 11 months
The ratings for season two was released. This shows the position of "TV Star” in the TV ratings:

USA #84, UK #79, Canada #99, Brazil #44, Germany # 94, France #73, Spain #29, Italy #96, Russia # 49, China # 87, Japan #17, Australia # 72

”TV Star” had a disastrous year. Its popularity has plummeted across the world. The only country it can boast of a moderate success is Japan. However in the rest of the world, it has now lost its popularity and seems to be had forgotten.
Bates Enterprises still believes in the project, and are paying some TV stations not to axe the program. One TV analysts said that this show would under normal circumstances have been axed, but Bates has the money.
Bates explains that Rose Merchandise is very popular, and the show will become more popular as Rose grows up and starts to experience more and more.

DNN August 9, 2011
Roses Age: 2 years, 1 month

It is quite funny when the TV sissy princess goes on her daily walk to the playground every day. Usually cars are just going back and forth outside the house. The telephone only ring when the producers are mad, and even the TV is deeply censored. Yes, and we all have got used to Bates Enterprises merchandise being advertised on the program.
Last night’s episode was reality that entered the highly protected Sissville.
Rose was going to the park to play on the swings. He was in a lovely summer dress with lots of lace. His hair was in ponytails with lovely ribbons. If no one knew what “TV Star” was, they would have thought that he was a pretty young toddler.
When Rose went out the door, we seen all the actors and actresses suddenly go into action, making Sissville look like it was a busy town. Rose obviously does not notice that they are putting on a show for him.
This time was quite different. Rose was playing in the sandcastle with Kelsey. Once in a while arguing over some toy. TV Viewers have followed the growing friendship between Rose and Kelsey. In fact, Kelsey has moved in Sissville, so she knows nothing about the outside world. Another victim many say. The introduction of Kelsey has strengthened “TV Star” fans, and many are saying can they notice a difference between a sissy boy and a real girl when they played? If you ask me, Rose looks more like a girl and acts more like a girl. When they fight, they both fight like girls.
Rose was in a summer dress, and an old woman came up and told the two children how cute they looked. Then she praised Kelsey because she was no longer in diapers. She lifted Kelsey’s dress and said, “I can see you are a pretty girl.”
Then she lifted Roses dress, and commented, “I see you are still in diapers. My grandsons were in diapers long after their sisters stopped.”- Then “TV star” viewers were shocked when she looked down the diaper and said, “I see what they say about you is true. You are a pretty sissy.”
Everyone that seen the episode was in shock.
Rose looked very confused and ran to his mother and asked what a sissy was. Rose’s mother looked confused and answered that the old woman thought he was a boy, and a boy that looks like a girl is a sissy. Rose looked very confused and said, “Doesn’t she know that only girls wear dresses?”
There was no more to talk about it from Rose. But across the world, many people will be debating this for the next few days.

DNN May 5, 2012
Roses Age: 2 years, 10 months
Once again “TV Star” was an emotional roller coaster last night.
Rose was visiting his friend Kelsey, when they were playing in her room. As the two Children become more stable walking, it is hard to keep them in one place.
Rose and Kelsey were in her room playing while their mothers were drinking some coffee.
Kelsey was wearing overall jeans while Rose was wearing a pretty petticoat dress, which was pink with small butterflies. The dress is of course a part of Bates enterprises merchandise. Rose and Kelsey are totally unaware that there is a telephone number at the bottom of the screen where this new petticoat could be ordered. I wonder if boys are wearing some of the Bates petticoats outside Sissville.
Suddenly Kelsey wanted to show Rose some new paint she got. She was also going to show her the glass of water where she washed her brushes. But the dirty water full of paint fell on Roses dress.
Rose went hysterical. His dress was ruined. He ran down to his mother and then we had to hear him mumble and sputter while he was crying that his dress was ruined. It took his mother a long time to calm him down, and convince him he can get a new dress.
What was our reaction? Rose may have the parts of the boy, but he is a real princess.

DNN June 1, 2012
Roses Age: 2 years, 11 months
The ratings for season three were released. This shows the position of "TV Star” in the TV ratings:
USA #73, UK #70, Canada #64, Brazil #52, Germany # 90, France #59, Spain #59, Italy #66, Russia # 29, China # 17, Japan #9, Australia #29
“TV Star” goes in its fourth season now.
Season 3 showed that the project has a few more viewers, but is not the success that the show was hoped to be. Rose Merchandise is still very popular, and more people watch demonstrations concerning the show rather than the show itself
DNN TV Critic: This is now a cult show. Bates will not pull the plug on it yet despite the poor ratings. The show is slowly becoming more interesting as Rose grows more and more. The thing is people interested in seeing a toddler being raised as a sissy? Maybe there are some cross dressers that are following the show. It is becoming popular in China and Japan for some strange reason.

DNN October 11, 2012
Roses Age: 3 years, 3 months

Last night Rose showed that he likes luxury. Most boys don’t mind when they are muddy or dirty. But not the princess of the Reality shows.
After playing all day, Rose tells his mother that he wanted to take a bath. His mother said she had lots of work to do and Rose could take a shower. Then we have seen an ordinary bathing scene, where a child’s clothes are taken off while the mother looked stressed. Then Rose is nearly shoved in the shower, while his mother explains that it is just like standing in the rain.
For the first time, we see Rose acting like a boy. He is screaming and saying that he does not like the shower. The mother looked a bit surprised, nearly as if she did not have the time for this.
Then Rose ran out of the shower and stood in the bathtub saying, “Bubbles not rain.” His mother smiled and gave in. She filled the bathtub and added some perfumed bubbles to the bath. Of course the details of “Roses bath Bubbles” were on the screen, so thousands of people could buy it and see why he was interested in them.
Rose was now quite happy and said that “These bubbles smell like flowers, they are so nice”

DNN January 19, 2013
Roses Age: 3 years, 6 months

Last night in “TV Star”, there was a cute scene.
Rose had his grandparents on visit, as well as Kelsey and her family. He was dressed in a denim dress and very fluffy Blouse. His now long hair was put in a ponytail.
The highlight of the show was when Roses mother played the piano and Rose sang “Over the rainbow”. The conclusion is that he can sing and charm us all. He even sounds like a girl when he sings.
Typical Bates Enterprises, the song will be released as a single.

DNN March 1, 2013
Roses Age: 3 years, 8 months

After weeks of toilet training, Rose can now boast that he is a big girl. He no longer needs diapers. This was celebrated when his mother took him to the local clothes shop so he can buy his first panties. I think most of the viewer’s feel asleep while he was picking out what panties that he wanted.
At the end he picked several pairs, the most noticeable the ones with Roses on them
“Mummy, these have roses on them, just like my name!”

DNN May 16, 2013
Roses Age: 3 years, 10 months

In one of the last episodes, we have seen what looks like to be the start of the end of Sissville.
Rose was put in bed with his new snow-white nightdress on. He still sleeps in his crib and I always wonder how he can sleep with so many teddies.
Downstairs, the Actors who play his mother and father were arguing,
“This is wrong, I had enough of this,” The father shouted
“Why, we are doing the job that we were asked to do!”
“We are pretending to be parents to a boy that thinks that he is a sissy”
“He is not a sissy. He thinks and believes he is a girl”
“That’s because we have brainwashed him. Everyone in this twisted town is guilty of this”
“We are here to do a job”
“Not screwing a human life. If he has chosen to be a sissy, then it’s OK. But he was born believing that he is a girl. This is wrong!”
“Please don’t shout as he might hear you.”
“So. I am leaving this wicked show. I only hope God can forgive me for being part of it!”
“Please don’t leave. After so many years, you have become like a husband to me. I love you.”
During this discussion, the telephone was ringing but it was not answered. This was a sign that the producers were starting to panic. The gather stormed out of the house leaving the mother crying. Real life has now hit Sissville. Parents that disagree and parents that get divorced.
The next day, we saw Rose coming down to breakfast. He asked where Daddy was. Mummy said that he left and won’t be coming back. That happens sometimes.
“Mummy promise you won’t leave me”
“I would never leave you princess.”
“Mummy I heard you and daddy last night. Why did he call me he and not she?”
“You must have heard wrong. A girl cannot be a he, can she”?
The episode needed where we could see Roses watery eyes.

DNN June 1, 2013
Roses Age: 3 years, 11 months
The ratings for season four were released. This shows the position of “TV Star” in the TV ratings:

USA #56, UK #66, Canada #48, Brazil #12, Germany # 68, France #33, Spain #35, Italy #69, Russia # 27, China # 9, Japan #3, Australia #15
TV analyst: “TV Star” is slowly getting more fans. In fact Rose Fan clubs is springing up throughout the world. It is now very popular in China and Japan. Some critics are saying that the many demonstrations outnumber the people that see the show. The walk out by the father has definitely given critics more ammunition.
In season 4, we have seen a happy toddler. Acting like a toddler and doing what Toddlers do. It was a sentimental season, as how often did we say that Rose looks so adorable. But he is growing up, and this will definitely give us something more to look at.

DNN July 4, 2013
Roses Age: 4 years, 0 months

Yesterday’s episode was both funny and strange; it was of course Roses 4th birthday. Amazing we have been following this sissy boy for 4 years now.
Rose ran down to the kitchen, and after his mother giving him a huge birthday hug, Rose ran to the window. He shouted that there were so many vans coming in town and this was confusing him.
Rose jokingly told his mother that it looked like everyone was now moving in town.
The sad fact is that this is true. Bakes Enterprises have decided to move 200 people full time in the little village, as Rose was now getting older and would be out of the house more often.
Bates enterprises have said that it was a tough process of choosing actors and actresses that they could trust would not say anything bad to Rose. The most difficult was choosing children.

DNN September 5, 2013
Roses Age: 4 years, 2 months

What a happy mother and son that attended playschool for the first time. There were both boys and girls. Our Rose was dressed in denim overall jeans with the little mermaid in the front and flowers down the legs. One must admit that he looked very pretty, and you could not tell that he was actually a boy.
The scene was like many parents have experienced their first day. Rose started crying when his mother was about to go. He hugged his mother and would not let her go,
Then we saw him sit beside Kelsey and after a few minutes they were laughing and joking. His first day went totally good, as he spent most of his time playing with Kelsey and a few new friends while they were playing house.
At the end, we could experience some humour when his mother came and Rose got mad at her saying that he wanted to play with the other girls and was not ready to go home yet.

DNN March 16, 2014
Roses Age: 4 years, 8 months

“TV Star” has become a bit different, and yet more interesting. It is nice to see Rose out amongst other children. There is no teasing; everyone thinks that Rose is a girl. One thing that I noticed when he comes to school every day is his huge wardrobe. Some of the prettiest clothes that a mother can wish her daughter to wear. Of course, these clothes are part of the Bates Enterprises Merchandise. If a sissy boy can wear them and look pretty, what will your daughter look like in them?
Rose has a lot of friends in play school. He is one of those children that spread happiness and smiles to others. He plays typical girl games, like house and skipping and playing cheerleader. In a way, people that are becoming fans of this show are following Rose very much in his new friendships. We see an intelligent and pretty girl that gets on with others, although Rose does have a temper.
In September, Rose will start at ordinary school. In Bates Enterprises own school system.
Until then, we can sit back and watch Rose play as any other girl would.

DNN April 7, 2014
Roses Age: 4 years, 9 months

Last night’s episode of “TV Star” showed how much of a sissy our Rose is.
He was playing house with 4 other girls. Then a boy called Stephen wanted to join the game. This is quite surprising, as all year; it has only been girls that have been playing this.
When Stephen asked if he can play house, Rose got hysteric and shouted, “No way, only girls are allowed to play. I hate boys.”
Poor Stephen was forced away from the game. We all sat watching TV with some thoughts in our head….

DNN June 1, 2014
Roses Age: 4 years, 11 months
the ratings for season five have been released. This shows the position of “TV Star” in the TV ratings:
USA #16, UK #9, Canada #4, Brazil #2, Germany # 6, France #3, Spain #1, Italy #9, Russia # 2, China # 2, Japan #1, Australia #1
TV analysts: Our little Sissy girl is growing up. In the last season, she has started at play school and this has meant we can see how much of a sissy he really is. He plays with other girls and hates boys. Rose considers himself a girl. The Interaction he has, as well as the sissy fashion has meant that this show is finally a hit throughout the world. A few years ago, many stations were talking about dropping the show. Now “TV Star” is getting serious. What will happen when he finds out that he is really a boy?

DNN July 4, 2014
Roses Age: 5 years, 0 months

We have now experienced Roses 5th birthday. How time flies. His mother put some clothes on the bed. Rose woke up and was delighted that it was his birthday, but was quite confused about the choice of clothes that were left out. It was a white blouse that was fluffy around the neck and some very tight leggings and leather boots. Rose looked disappointed, mumbling that he wanted to wear a lovely new dress for his birthday.
No doubt Rose gave his mother a little frown when she gave him his yearly birthday hug.
His mother noticed this and told Rose that the birthday prize could not fit in the house, that they had to go out and get the birthday present. This shocked Rose. He was sure that his mother forgotten the present.
They went out on a walk, which looked like a 50´s sitcom. Everyone was wishing Rose a happy birthday as they were working in their perfect gardens.
Then Rose came to the stable, and was shown a little black pony. He looked twice and then his mother said that the pony was his birthday present, “All girls should learn how to ride a pony,” She said.
Rose started to cry, and so did we.
The next few episodes are bound to be our TV Princess getting used to her horse and learning how to ride.
The show finished with an amazing statement. Rose was asked what she would call the horse. When Rose said Sissy, you could nearly see his mother faint. When asked why the pony should be called that, Rose said, “Remember that woman called me sissy because she was blind and thought I was a boy dressed as a girl. Well I don’t like boys and this horse is a boy. So I will call him sissy.”

DNN November 14 , 2014
Beauty Queen
Roses Age: 5 years, 4 months

Sissville had a huge event last night, where 7 girls, including Rose had a beauty pageant.
We have seen Rose in a lovely and white Princess dress walking very confident around showing off her new dress. I think that Millions of people across the world had a little tear in their eyes as they seen our princess show off her clothes.
Then Rose came in with a bathing suit. She looked down at her mother and whispered that it was cold. That made everyone giggle. It’s quite true, prancing around in a one-piece swimming suit in the middle of November
At the end, we see that Rose sings Ben; you know the old Michael Jackson song. Rose sang it like an angel, and I could see millions of grandmothers crying across the world at this.
At the end Rose came in second place. We were all interested what he would say to Jessica who won the Contest. Rose walked up to her and gave her a big hug and said he really liked her dress.
As for us, we have seen proof that Rose is a boy when he had the swimming costume on. I don’t have to say why
DNN May 28, 2015
Roses Age: 5 years, 10 months
The last episode of this season is an episode that people who hates “TV Star” has been waiting for.
Kelsey and Rose were out playing when they said that they have to use the toilet. They walked to the girl’s rooms and went into one stall.
Kelsey was the first one to pull down her panties and then we saw Roses mouth drop as she seen for the first time what a girl really looks like.
“What’s the matter with you?” he asked
“What do you mean?”
“Are you sick?”
“No! Why?”
“It’s because you have a hole there. See what I have?”
“You have the same as my brother has. I thought you were a girl!”
“I am!”
“You have the same as my brother, not what I have.”
Rose looked confused and started to cry. The producers must have panicked, because before we knew it, Roses mother was in the toilet. Without asking, she explained to Rose, “Listen all people looks different. If you look at Kelsey, she has a little thing sticking out. That is called a clit. Your clit comes out more. You can see that it is smaller than the other boys. Kelsey will also say that her brother has a bigger one. You were born without a hole, and you can get this fixed from the doctor when you are a bit older. You are a girl, and don’t let anyone else tell you anything else.”
Rose gave his mother a hug and Kelsey said sorry. But this might show some problems that Rose will experience in the future.

DNN June 1, 2015
Roses Age: 5 years, 11 months
The ratings for season six have been released. This shows the position of “TV Star” in the TV ratings:
USA #3, UK #2, Canada #2, Brazil #1, Germany # 5, France #3, Spain #1, Italy #4, Russia # 1, China # 2, Japan #2, Australia #1
TV analyst: “TV Star” is now extremely popular across the world. The Show won an Emmy this year for the best TV show. This was a shock concerning a show that most would have dropped a few years ago. Now it has a huge following. And it looks like it will get more interesting, as Rose is now getting more intelligent and everyone is asking will he find out that he is in an experiment? The new season is said to be very important if you look at the last episode, where he was told he was born a bit different than other girls. How long will he believe this?

DNN August 9, 2015
Roses Age: 6 years, 1 month

Yesterday’s episode showed Rose talking with some girls in schools football field. Rose was in a loose white top and white and pink short. His hair was in 2 pigtails. It was an ordinary girly discussion about if they should go to the beach and ask their parents if they wanted to.
Declan, one of the boys that were playing football came up to Rose and asked does he want to play Football.
“No way” Rose laughed and said, “I am not playing some stupid boys game”
“Why not? It looks like you have a wiener, even though it is so small. You nearly look like a boy. Why not play football so”
Rose stormed off. Later we could see him sitting below a tree, speaking to himself. Little did he know that he was sharing his thoughts with the whole world?
“I am not a boy. I am a girl that was made wrong. Mummy promised that the doctors would fix me, so I would look like Kelsey and the others. Boys are so stupid. They don’t even understand that God can make a mistake and maybe I look like a boy. But I know that I am a girl.”

DNN September 6, 2015
Roses Age: 6 years, 2 months

One of the producers has spoken with DNN about “TV Star”. Here is an excerpt of his interview:Are you happy with the Ratings?
Yes, The last season has meant a lot to us, and this season has started well. We are getting more and more viewers every week. At first we thought that people did not want to watch a sissy, but now they do for some reason. We are following a girl that does not know the truth. He thinks he is a girl, and yet has some doubts. Many people can identify with this.
Rose has been getting information that he looks like a boy, does this not worry you?
The last few months have been a hard time for Rose. Other children are telling her that she has the parts of a boy, and she looks like a boy. Rose was told that she is a girl and was born with mistakes that can be fixed. So far she has accepted this. The production team is worried about other children looking at her privates. We have to draw attention to Roses personality, and not body. Rose is very intelligent, so how long will she believe this?
Why continue the lie about it? Some say it is Brainwashing.
Our critics would say this, that we are brainwashing a child. Rose has been a very happy child. He is in an identity crises at the moment. Again society is more worried about which sex he is being raised as, not whether he is happy or not.
Could this harm Rose, believing he is something he is not?
I noticed that DNN always calls Rose a “he”. But Rose is a girl in his head and soul. Again the world is concentrating on the sex of Rose, not whether she is happy or not. If she is happy, then, Rose will not be harmed.
What about if this was your child?
My boy is truly a boy. We could not brainwash him or convince him that he is a girl even if we wanted. The debate could be if we raised him as a girl, what would happen? Even though he is a boy, I have seen him play with Rose Merchandise.

DNN October 19, 2015
Roses Age: 6 years, 3 month

Disaster struck the “TV Star” today as Rose was riding his pony. Usually there is no problem riding SISSY, and sissy is a very calm pony. But suddenly the pony went crazy and threw Rose off the horse, He fell on some logs and when people came to him, he was unconscious.
Everyone started to panic. The town ambulance came within minutes and Rose was taken to the hospital. Millions of viewers were shocked to the show as the last we seen was Rose being looked at by the doctor. There was blood around his legs and the doctors were running back and forth. Rose was unconscious and the heartbeat did not sound too good.

DNN October 20, 2015
Roses Age: 6 years, 3 month

No matter if you like the show or not, the media today has been full of Roses accident. The earthquake in India that killed several thousand people was pushed to page 2, as Rose was on the front page.
Bates Enterprises were very silent, and refused to give any press conferences. People flocked to the Sissville Complex. They were far away, but they could get the feeling that the TV princess was inside. The Question was if the child was dead, and Bates was hiding this fact.
When “TV Star” hit the TV that night, it once again broke all records. We were treated to the media attention that the accident had the vigil outside the complex as well as re-runs of the accident. Bates knew how to bring the emotions out in people.
Then we were shown Rose. He was in a hospital gown and for the first time, his long hair was a mess. I must admit, I have been following this story for 7 years, and tonight, I could not stop crying. Rose looked like he was dead, despite the beeping sounds that came from the machines. It was like that he was society’s child, and he was hanging between life and death.
A doctor from Bates enterprises came and explained that Rose has hurt his bladder area, and he is in a coma. They do not know if he will recover, but the best doctors in the country are now being flown in.

DNN March 28, 2016
Roses Age: 6 years, 8 months

We have followed Rose through the last 5 months. The drama and the waiting have been nerve-racking for us all. Tears have been flowing out of our eyes as we expected that he would never wake up again. We waited until there was some movement or his eyes opened. We shared in his mother’s sorrow. Nothing happened. During the next episode, we have waited again and watched it, hoping that things would change. After 5 months, we were given up hope.
However last night, something happened. We were watching his mother reading a story. Then Rose clenched her hand and opened his eyes. After a few minutes of his mothers and nurses crying for joy, Rose asked in a weak voice, “How is Sissy?”
You could hear the cheers across the world as he spoke his few words. He did not realize how bad he was, but was more worried about his pony. How sweet can this be?
The doctor then had a press conference, “Rose will recover. However her bladder has been damaged so much, that she will have a problem controlling her bladder. To make life better for her and less embarrassing, she will have to wear diapers. Rose has not been told about this.”

DNN May 6, 2016
The Truth
Roses Age: 6 years, 10 months

It has been a few weeks before Rose has woken up after his coma. Doctors are very pleased with the development and say that Rose should be released quite soon.
Last night was emotional as well, As Roses mother told him about his damaged bladder and that he would have to wear diapers for a few years until the bladder recovers. Rose started crying, thinking that everyone will think that he is a baby. It was nearly impossible for his mother to calm him down.
Then his mother said without thinking. “Look on the bright side, the others won’t see your big clit and call you a boy. What do you prefer to be called, a baby or boy?”
“A baby”
“And your good friends will not call you that!”

DNN June 1, 2016
Roses Age: 6 years, 11 months
The ratings for season seven have been released. This shows the position of “TV Star” in the TV ratings:
USA #1, UK #1, Canada #1, Brazil #1, Germany # 1, France #1, Spain #1, Italy #1, Russia # 1, China # 1, Japan #1, Australia #1
Awards: Emmy for best TV show
TV analyst: It took “TV Star” seven seasons to hit the top of the pack. In fact the show is now a huge success. Last season we have been through an emotional roller coaster. Rose has nearly lost his life, and after months of waiting, he is now well again. He is a diaper child, but Rose (who we all think we adopted in our hearts) is healthy

DNN November 10, 2016
Roses Age: 7 years, 4 month

Life in Sissville has gone back to normal after the tragic accident last year.
Rose’s life has now a routine. Every morning he gets up, takes off his wet diaper and takes a bubble bath, which smells like a meadow on a spring day. Then he puts on a girly pull-up and his school uniform and does his hair. For every year that goes, he spends more and more time doing his hair.
Hardly anyone at school knows he wears diapers. All the Parents do, but they were instructed not to tell their children. Only Kelsey and a few good friends know about them.
However in last night’s episode, we could see how children can be cruel with each other.
Rose was playing in the playground on the monkey bars. He was sitting on the top talking to Kelsey and another girl on how fun it is to shop. Then below him we have seen Abby laughing and pointing up at Rose. Soon, there was a flock of children there. They could see Roses diaper up his skirt that he was wearing.
“Piss pants, Miss Pampers, diaper girl, baby….” All these names were being thrown at Rose that just cried. Rose would rather be on the top of the monkey bar rather than to come down to the girls below.
When the teasing was done, Rose went home crying to his mother. She tried to console him that the next day no one would think about the diapers. The viewers did not buy that. We know that Children can be so cruel. I doubt that Rose was convinced about it

DNN January 7, 2017
Roses Age: 7 years, 6 months

Rose has been having a tough time lately as the others at school have been teasing him because of his diapers. The Utopia that “TV Star” was supposed to be is not working out as we thought. Millions of children experience mobbing every day, and Rose is now one of these statistics.
He is too afraid to go to the teacher. He only talks to Kelsey about it, because she doesn’t try to offer excuses. She tells him that he is an easy target. Then she tried to change the subject by asking should they try on each other’s clothes.
In yesterday’s episode, Roses mother decided to do something that would cheer the TV princess up. She gave Rose a present. He smiled as he opened it. It was a leotard, tights, pointers and a tutu. Rose looked at them while his mother said that he would start ballet.
Rose looked at the clothes, and then started crying, “These clothes are so tight. Their pretty and all, but everyone will see my diaper, and I don’t want to get teased more than I am teased now.”
His mother tried to explain that she has spoken with the doctor and Rose can get some medicine that will control his bladder. The problem was that he should not get this medicine all the time, but a few times when he was going to ballet was fine.

DNN May 28, 2017
Roses Age: 6 years, 10 months

In the last few episodes, we have seen that Rose was doing well. He was still being teased at school, but he started in ballet and seems to like it. It was clear for everyone that seen him do ballet that he did not have the body of a girl. Girls “clits” are not that big. However as we seen him in his daily life, it was clear that he thought and considered himself a girl.
One day when he was coming out of Ballet, he was nearly knocked down by 4 teenage girls.
“Please give us your autograph”
“It’s you, I watch you on TV every day”
“You are a cute little sissy”
“Can I kiss you”?
“Can’t you see what you really are?”
Rose was very frightened. He never saw these girls before. Why were they clinging on to him? Suddenly some security guards came and led them away.
Rose Looked very pale. What did they mean he looked like a sissy? What did they mean that they saw him on TV?
Rose’s mother knew what he was thinking. She said that they must have confused him with someone else.

DNN June 1, 2017
Roses Age: 7 years, 11 months
The ratings for season eight have released. This shows the position of “TV Star” in the TV ratings:
USA #1, UK #1, Canada #1, Brazil #1, Germany # 1, France #1, Spain #1, Italy #1, Russia # 1, China # 1, Japan #1, Australia #1
Awards: Nominated for the best TV show
TV analyst: “TV Star” is now the Queen of the shows, for the second year in a row, breaking all TV records. Last year we have seen Rose recovering after his accident. It was a hard year for Rose, as he was the victim of mobbing. Everyone was teasing about his diaper. Rose found a new interest in ballet, something girl’s loves to do.
A new season will start. It promises to be one where Rose develops as a princess, or is it now he finds he is a princess in disguise?

DNN September 10, 2017
Roses Age: 8 years, 2 months

The new school year has started, Rose was happy that he started at ballet again. He felt normal when he did it, as he could take some medicine and wear panties.
Rose was also happy to be at school again, he was used to the teasing about his diapers and it was not as it was last year. I suppose it gets boring after a while. Rose knew that he was strange; he knew that he was an outsider.
Rose was walking on the way home from school. Suddenly he heard his name. It was Kelsey. She ran up to him and said,
“I can’t talk for long. Mum is expecting me home. But tomorrow we have to speak. Something is very fishy here. I don’t think any of this is real. I don’t think you are who you think you are. I think there are strange things going on. We can talk about it tomorrow. I have to show you what I found. It was a TV guide that mum hid in her room. I’ll show you tomorrow.”
Rose went home, and his mother asked why he looked sad. He was quiet. Of course his mother knew. Rose just said that Kelsey was a bit sad and he was confused.

DNN September 10, 2017
Roses Age: 8 years, 2 months

In yesterday’s episode, Rose was supposed to meet Kelsey that seemed to have information that would tell Rose the truth.
Rose went to school, and he looked around, but could not find Kelsey.
The teacher said that Kelsey would no longer be in this class, as her family moved to another town.
Tears started to come to Roses eyes, as he just realized that he lost his best friend. She wanted to tell him something, but it would not have been this. Then she wouldn’t ask to meet the next day. Rose ran out of the classroom and ran home to his room and hugged his teddies. There were many things that he did not understand, and Kelsey’s words ran through his mind, “I don’t think any of this is real…. I don’t think you are who you think you are….. I think there are strange things going on…. We can talk about it tomorrow…. I have to show you what I found. It was a TV guide that mum hid in her room.”
Of course Bates Enterprises seen that Kelsey’s mother has hidden a copy of a TV guide, where there was a profile on Kelsey. Kelsey found this and was confused. Then she figured everything out. Who says that children are stupid? Bates could not allow Rose to know this, so Kelsey and family were removed from the show.
Some doctors say that Kelsey will find it very difficult living in the real world

DNN January 14, 2018
Roses Age: 8 years, 7 months

Here is a conversation that Rose had with his mother last night:
“Mom, do I look pretty in dresses and girls things”
“That’s a strange question, of course you do, and all girls look pretty in dresses and girl clothes”
“But why do my privates look like a boy?”
“I explained that it was the way you were born. You are a girl and you will now be getting vitamin pills to help your body look more like it should. You notice that your nipples are quite big now”
“Soon they will grow and look like my breasts”
“Mum why did Kelsey move?”
“Because her father got a job somewhere else.”
“Why didn’t she know?”
“You really miss her. Maybe they didn’t want to upset her”
“Mum tell me the truth. Why did they move?”
“I told you”
“Tell me the truth, why am I a girl in a boy’s body. “
“You do not have a boy’s body. Your clit is smaller than their penis, and your nipples are bigger. You are a girl. I understand that you miss Kelsey, but you will get a new friend. I promise you. Be proud of who you are.”
“Mum, why are you crying? It’s like you don’t believe what you are saying yourself. Anyhow I don’t have many friends because they think I am a baby with diapers.”

DNN February 5, 2018
Roses Age: 8 years, 8 months

The absence of Kelsey has caused a lot of problems with Rose. He is now experiencing identity crises. In every DNN report, we have referred to him as a boy, not a girl. This is because he is a boy being raised as a girl. Last night we have now a cause to call Rose a boy, despite the hormone pills that are disguised as vitamin pills.
When Rose woke up yesterday morning, he walked by his girl school uniform and put on a boy uniform. This shocked everyone. He let his hair hang loose so it looked more like a boy’s hair.
Rose went down to eat breakfast. The Telephone was ringing again. By now Rose realized that the telephone only rang when there were problems. He always thought who would ring, but he can see that this time his mother looked very worried.
Rose told his mother that he would be a tomboy; he will wear boy’s clothes and do what boys did. He couldn’t explain why he wanted to be a tomboy.
DNN psychiatrist has explained that Roses life has been turned around since Kelsey left. There are a lot of questions for an 8 year old to answer, and in one way he is totally mixed up. He is a victim of the lies and the media stunt that he has no idea of.
In the last episode, Rose was teased once again for looking like a Tomboy. The other children still consider him a girl, and think it’s funny that a girl wanted to be a boy. Still he put a brave face forward and started playing boys games and talking with boys.

DNN March 27, 2018
Roses Age: 8 years, 9 months

This DNN news is reporting from a court case in Ireland, which is connected to “TV Star”. A child, who is called Andrew, has been removed from his mother by the Child protection services.
The Mother that is a keen supporter of “TV Star” has raised Andrew as a girl since he was born. Andrew is now 6 and he was removed from his parents.
The Judge has said that, “Even though this is happening in the TV series, it does not make it right. We see many things come from Hollywood, Sex, drugs and violence. This does not make this right. I too have seen a few episodes with Rose on TV Star. It is to my belief that this is a total infringement of human rights, and do not understand why people look at it. We have seen in the last few years, that Rose has been unhappy and in an identity crises. Something an 8 year old should not have to go through in a brainwashed world with tears and pain. Now Andrew was forced to do the same. Maybe I cannot stop the abuse of the so-called TV princess, but I can stop the abuse of Andrew. Andrews’s mother is to lose custody over him”
Bates Enterprises had no comments.

DNN April 7, 2018
Roses Age: 8 years, 9 months

After a few months when Rose tried to be a boy, he has given up the fight to be a boy.
When he was talking with his mother, he explained he was still teased. His body was not exactly like the boys. They even said his clit was too small and his nipples to big. He played football and other sports like a girl.
Rose smiled and said, “Now I have tried it, I know that I am a girl. I am happy that I tried it because it will no longer bother me. I do miss Kelsey though”

DNN May 15, 2018
Roses Age: 8 years, 10 months

Tonight was the school play. Rose’s life has once again come under some control again. He once again he believes that he is a girl. He has started with Ballet again, and seems to be quite happy.
Last night we have seen him in the school play, where he played sleeping beauty. Most Grandmothers and mothers would think that he looked very cute dressed in a long dress and a princess crown. He played the role very eloquent and was the true star of the show.
It was even cute, when the Prince, played by Stephen, whom Rose hated years ago, had to kiss and wake him up. A slight careful kiss on the cheek and Rose was awake.
I wonder how many parents stayed home from their own child’s school play to watch this!

DNN June 1, 2017
Roses Age: 8 years, 11 months
The ratings for season Nine have been released. This shows the position of "TV Star" in the TV ratings:
USA #1, UK #1, Canada #1, Brazil #1, Germany # 3, France #2, Spain #1, Italy #4, Russia # 1, China # 2, Japan #1, Australia #2
Awards: Nominated for the best TV show
TV analyst: This has been a hard year for Rose, but it managed to keep the show popular all over the world. The TIMES did a special article of the show after Kelsey left. The sad thing is that she is very confused and cannot get used to the real world. She also missed her best friend. Her mother said that she is allowed to see the show, so she has some contact with him. We have also seen that Rose is now under Hormone treatment. This must be Bates first step in making him to a real girl with a girl’s body.

DNN September 15, 2018
Roses Age: 9 years, 2 months

Rose came home from school and put on his ballet costume. He was in no mood to practice. Then he took out his diary. Of course with Sissville cameras, we could read what he wrote in his diary.
“Dear Diary,
You are my only friend. I know I am not like the others. Even though there are small bumps in my chest, that’s the only part of me that looks like a girl. My Clit has also gone smaller. Maybe Mum is right, my body is turning to normal. But I don’t feel normal.
I have no friends, because no one wants to be a friend with someone that wears diapers. The teacher explained again and again that it wasn’t my fault. I could have died. I don’t want to die. Because I would miss Mum. I wonder where Dad is. Why has he never sent me a card? Does he also know that I am weird?
I miss Kelsey. Sometimes I feel a bit dizzy as if I know she is watching me. I think everyone is watching me. It’s like sometimes I am the center of attention.
Diary, if you could talk, I hope you would say that people loved me for whom I am. I hope you would say that people liked me. I wished that I would believe this”

DNN December 20, 2018
Roses Age: 9 years, 5 months

Last night Rose was at a sleepover with three other girls. Rose was in a long nightdress with a huge Rose in the front. You guessed it, its part of Bates Merchandise.
When the girls where in Abby’s room, they started talking about school. Rose was very quiet. He didn’t quite understand why he was invited over to the sleepover.
Then Abby said, “It’s nice to have you here Rose. I know we haven’t been such good friends. It’s because all our parents do is talk about you. They talk about your problems and how popular you are making Sissville”
Rose was confused, “Nobody knows me outside Sissville. And how would your parents know what my problems are.”
“I don’t know. It’s just annoying they speak so much about you”
“It’s not your fault. But after you have been here, we can see that you are cool to be with. Don’t worry; we will never tease you about your diapers again.”
Then a group hug occurred that brought tears to everyone’s eyes. The girls then started to compare their boobs, and Rose came in a second. This made the other girls praise him even more and apologize once again that they said that he was a strange girl.
Before they slept, Abby told everyone that Stephen fancied Rose. This made Rose blush. Rose did not answer and soon all the girls were fast asleep.

DNN April 10, 2019
Roses Age: 9 years, 9 months

The media across the world had a major headline, “BATES AND CHILD ABUSE”. The story refers to Roses accident in 2014, where he fell of his pony.
A major documentary shows that the usually calm horse was given something that made it wild and threw Rose off the horse. Rose was in the hospital with a coma. But some say that this coma was created to give the show an extra audience. At times, Rose was semi awake so his brain cells would be simulated.
The worse allegation was is that Rose was given medicine to make him loose control of his bladder. He gets this medicine once a day, and this has made him a diaper sissy.
The documentary showed Kelsey’s mother, “We were part of this fiasco, and were witness to everything. The only ones that were kept in the dark were Rose and the other children. The producers planned this accident to make Rose a diaper girl, so he will be teased about diapers and not what was under them. It was first when I came out of the show, that I have seen how much this has hurt Kelsey. It has taken her this long to get over Sissville, and the problem is if she will ever get over being used as a guinea pig?”
Bates enterprises have denied all charges, despite documentation shown on the show. They say that the Kelsey family is just bitter.

DNN April 10, 2019
Roses Age: 9 years, 10 months

It was in the playground just after Rose was eating his lunch. 3 girls and 3 boys were playing spin the bottle.
The bottle pointed at Stephen. His challenge was to kiss Rose. Rose became very red and embarrassed but leaned over and let Stephen give her a peck on the lips.
Despite the allegations towards Bates Enterprises over the accident, millions of people followed the first kiss that Rose had.

DNN June 1, 2019
Roses Age: 9 years, 11 months
The ratings for season ten have been released. This shows the position of “TV Star” in the TV ratings:
USA #1, UK #1, Canada #1, Brazil #1, Germany # 1, France #1, Spain #1, Italy #1, Russia # 1, China # 1, Japan #1, Australia #1
Awards: None
TV analyst: “TV Star” remains the top TV show in the world. It seems as if Rose has had a good year, and has accepted that he is a girl. He is making more friends, and even tried his huge kiss.
However Bates enterprises have been damaged by the allegations that they have made him incontinent to fool the other children. This has strengthened demonstrations across the world.

DNN December 5, 2019
Roses Age: 10 years, 5 months

This morning, Rose went down to breakfast. He was going to give his mum a big kiss. But then he was surprised that another woman was there.
“Who are you?”
“I am your Aunt Mary”
“Where is Mom?”
“She is not here. She had to go to your father?”
“Why didn’t she take me with her?”
“She thought that you would be better off in Sissville. From now on, I will take care of you. Now go on and put on your uniform.”
Rose went sadly up to his room. There was no hug. All the people he loves leave Sissville sooner or later. He is always left behind. No one asked him that if he liked his aunt, and why didn’t his mom tell him that she was leaving.
The truth is that Roses mother has been depressed after the allegations of the accident. Deep down, she knew that it was true. She just thought it was part of her job. But after the allegations, she could see that Sissville was not a utopia. It was manipulating people and especially Rose. She loved Rose too much to do this, so in the nighttime, she left. Leaving the producers a few hours to replace her before Rose woke up.

DNN March 9, 2020
Roses Age: 10 years, 8 months

A sad episode. Rose was now getting used to life without his mother, who he loved so much. His aunt was very strict and he didn’t really think that she loved him at all.
This was proved when one day he said that he didn’t want to go to ballet. Stephen was playing an important football game, and Rose wanted to cheer for him.
Aunt Mary took him over her knee and said that he was quite tired of him being a spoiled sissy, and those 10 spankings would help. The phone started ringing a few seconds after. Every time the phone rang, Rose was spanked.
Rose went to ballet. But we could see in his face that he hated his aunt, as I am sure that millions of people across the world did.

DNN May 6, 2020
Roses Age: 10 years, 10 months

Today Kelsey’s parents and Roses screen mother has taken “TV Star” to court. Roses mother, although she is not his real mother asked for custody of him.
They also state that this is a case of child abuse, where Rose is being brainwashed, does not know that his life is just a reality show and he is being given medicine that is not good for him.
They also feel that Bates Enterprises should compensate the children.
Many feel that this court case is a waste of time, as Bates will have the best lawyers in the country. Bates has also counter sued, saying that they have signed a contract not to talk to the press.
DNN June 1, 2019
Roses Age: 10 years, 11 months
The ratings for season eleven have been released. This shows the position of “TV Star” in the TV ratings:
USA #3, UK #2, Canada #4, Brazil #1, Germany # 3, France #1, Spain #1, Italy #2, Russia # 1, China # 3, Japan #1, Australia #6
Awards: None
TV analyst: A new mother for Rose. This season made us feel sorry for Rose. It seems as if it’s no longer a game. Now with a court case, it is given Bates a problem, as he will have to defend the many allegations in court.

DNN August 7, 2020
Roses Age: 11 years, 1 month

Despite court cases and bad press, “TV Star” continues.
Today Rose was walking home from school. Stephen caught up to her. They were walking very silently and it seemed like both wanted to say something, but were embarrassed to say this.
“Rose there is something that I want to ask you…”
“Never mind, I’ll tell you some other time.”
“You have been saying that for weeks. What is it?”
“Ok here it goes, will you be my girlfriend?”
Rose turned around and gave him a huge kiss. It appears as if her answer was yes

DNN November 6, 2020
Roses Age: 11 years, 4 months

The Court has ordered that “TV Star” is to be closed down. After 11 years on TV, the judge has announced that Rose will be put in foster care and get the relevant help that he needs. Kelsey and Stephen and his mother from the show will be allowed to visit him.
The court case concerning custody is expected to continue. But Bates enterprises think that “TV Star” can continue.

DNN July 4, 2021
Roses Age: 12 years, 0 months

Extract from Judges verdict:
“This case is so sad. It is amazing it has taken 12 years for this even to come to court. Why has society allowed this? “TV Star” has been a huge TV success, but can we say it is a success that reflects human morality. No we cannot.
There are a lot of victims in this case. The most important are the children, and especially Rose. None of these children have accepted that they can be used as an experiment. No child including Rose was asked.
The profits from the show as well as the merchandise will be divided amongst the children. Rose will get 50%.
Rose’s mother on “TV Star” will now have custody for him. This is what Rose wishes.
It is up to Rose if he wants to continue as a girl with the medicine or a boy. Rose will get counseling to help him here.

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