A Mime's Job Is Never Done Part 9

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Colette’s Place:
Colette stumbles into her apartment and falls face-first towards the rug-covered floor. She blacks out with her apartment door slightly opened. Since she is unconscious, she doesn’t feel herself picked up and carried toward her living room.

Frances looks down at Colette with an evil look on his face. He finally had her where he wanted her. The drugs he slipped into her drink without her knowing, were finally working. He had been informed that she would be at a party a mutual friend of theirs was throwing. He made sure to confirm that she was going to be there, before selecting the drugs he was going to use on her.

He was already tired of the prostitute he took off the street and kept her as his plaything. He has worn the poor thing out after using her for one last time. He left her naked on the outskirts of Charleston without any id after cleaning her up.

He has been fantasizing that she was Colette and did to her what he has been wanting to do to Colette. As he was about to have his way with Colette, there was a knocking sound coming from Colette’s apartment front door. He lets out a little growl, as he walks over to see who it was.

He looks through the peephole and saw an older man standing on the other side of it. Frances opens the door to see what the man wanted.
Bobby had seen Colette stumble up to their floor after being dropped off by an Uber. He has seen the car before and knew it was someone
Colette knew. As he was parking his car. He spotted a shadow moving up the stairs. After parking his car and rushing up the stairs, he spotted the shadow entering Colette’s apartment. Something didn’t seem right to him.

So, he stopped at her apartment door and knocks on it. He wanted to make sure Colette was okay. He knew she had just been in a car accident, which left her valuable.

He knocks again until the door opened and spotted a young man on the other side of it. Something about the young man didn’t seem right to him as he looks at him.

“Hi, I’m Colette’s neighbor, and saw her stumble up the stairs. Is she okay?” Bobby was trying to see past Frances.

Frances knew this wouldn’t work for him. He was going to rape her and leave no presence. This guy saw him and that complicated things for him.

“She fell down inside her apartment unconscious. I just got finished putting her to bed and was going to leave.”

“If you don’t mind, I would like to check on her. I care for her like my own daughter.” Bobby wanted to make sure Colette was okay.

“Sure.” Frances steps aside to let the older man inside.

He watches as the older man walks toward the master bedroom. He hated the fact the guy ruined his plans. He wasn’t going to get many more chances to have his way with Colette.

Bobby looks in on Colette and notices she was still wearing the dress she had worn. He walks over to her and makes her more comfortable by removing her heels. He lays the throw blanket laying on a nearby chair over her body.

Once he was sure she was okay, he walks back into the living room, where Frances was standing. A smile appears on his face “She’s going to have a headache when she wakes up.”

“I think you are right.” Frances had used a drug that would give Colette the runs.

“I’ll check on her later.” Bobby starts walking towards the front door.

“I’ll call later and check on her as well.” Frances follows Bobby out of the apartment after checking the door was locked.

The next morning Colette wakes up and rushes towards the bathroom. Her bowels were about to empty and she didn’t want to have poop all in her underwear or dripping down her legs. Her bottom hits the toilet seat just in time as her bowls release their contents.

As she is sitting on the toilet, doing her business. She wonders what the hell happened last night at the party. She doesn’t drink alcoholic drinks, but it felt like her drinks had been spiked. On top of that, she made sure to keep a close eye on her drinks after what happened at Peter’s pool party. Whatever she was given last night, it was playing hell with her stomach and giving her the runs. She finishes up doing her business in the bathroom and head towards the kitchen to fix herself some light breakfast. Her mind was still a little fuzzy from whatever was given to her.

Her shoulder was still hurting and there was a huge bruise on it. She pours herself a bowl of frost mini-wheats and sits down at the kitchen table to eat. She watches an episode of MASH 4077 while she is eating. She likes the pranks that Hawkeye and BJ pull on Major Winchester.

After she finishes eating, she goes into her workroom and works on a few projects. Every once in a while, she has to get up and run to the bathroom. While she is working on her projects, she hears someone knocking at her front door. She leaves her workroom and walks towards the living room, and looks through the peephole to see who it was.

She spots that it was Bobby White from the apartment across from her. A smile appears on her face as she opens “Good morning, Mr. White. What do I owe this visit?”

Mr. White smiles at Colette “I thought I would check on you and see how you are doing after last night.”

“Please tell me I didn’t do something stupid that will come back to hunt me.” As Colette steps aside to let Mr. White into her apartment.

She shuts the door behind him and escorts him to the living room. She looks at him “Please, have a seat.”

“Thank you, my dear, and no, you didn’t do anything stupid that you’ll regret. Your friend made sure of that.” Mr. White sits down on the sofa.

“My friend? I don’t recall riding home with anyone.” Colette looks at Mr. White with a puzzled look on her face.

“You don’t remember a gentleman with dark stylish hair coming into your apartment, last night and putting you to bed?” Mr. White watches Colette’s reaction.

“Nope, I remember getting into a Uber and coming home. I was so out of it last night. That I was slurring my words, would you care for a cup of coffee or anything to drink?”

“No, I’m fine, Colette. There was a nice young man with short stylish black hair that said he was a friend of yours in your apartment last night.”

“Did he give you a name, Mr. White?” Colette doesn’t remember coming home with anyone. She had a confused look on her face.

“I’m afraid I did ask him, Colette.”

Colette sits down next to Mr. White on the sofa. She looks at him “Do you remember anything else about him?”

“He was well built and real nice. He was dressed all in black. He was also about six or seven inches taller than me. He seemed that he was concerned about you.”

Colette knew a lot of guys that match that description. She tries to remember if anyone came home with her.

“I have no idea who it could be.” Colette was stumped on who it could be.

“Well, I’m just glad you're okay.” Mr. White wonders who the guy was he met last night.

“Thanks. So, other than checking up on me. What have you been up too?” Colette watches Mr. White.

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Colette better watch it

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ARROUND Francois he's dangerous! Hope he gets caught & SEVERLY punished!

Love Samantha Renée Heart.