A Mime’s Job Is Never Done Part 11

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Colette wakes up in her bed a few days later after spending the weekend at Mona’s house. She enjoyed herself with all three women and wanted more of it. The meaningless sex she had after her surgery didn’t turn her off to sex with men, but she felt the sex she had with another woman meant more.

She gets up out of bed and walks into the bathroom to take a shower and do her morning business. Her shoulder was doing better and figured by next week, she could stop using the sling. After Colette finishes her shower, she brushes out her hair and checks her email. One of her clients wanted to know if she would be willing to do a funny strip show for her.

Colette just smirks when she reads the request and who the email is from. She wasn’t surprised that the request came from Mrs. Corning. She always liked to do something unusual, plus she has known Mrs. Corning since she started performing.

Colette responds to Mrs. Corning's request and asks her who she would like for her to perform as. She knew Mrs. Corning always had an idea of what she wanted to see. Once she was done answering the numerous emails she got. She gets dressed in a pair of leggings and a sleeveless top.

Colette grabs the keys to her new, used Honda and her purse and walks downstairs to her Honda. She just received it a few days ago and hasn’t driven it much. Since she has a doctor's appointment, today. She was going to drive over to see her doctor.

Colette drives over to see her doctor and is told she doesn’t have to use her sling all the time. She is told that she can’t be doing any handsprings or cartwheels. Neither can she be doing any juggling either.

After visiting the doctor, Colette stops at the nearest convenience store to buy a soda. She needed the quick energy boost. Since she has been at home a lot, she needed to restock her pantries.

As she is walking out of the store. Colette notices some sketchy individuals walking towards the store. An evil smile appeared on her face as they came closer.

She hangs nearby and watches as they walk into the store. She could see what was going on inside. One of the young men grabbed a cube of beer and walked towards the cashier to pay for it. Just as he gets close to the cashier, he runs towards the door with the beer. The other two guys that came in with him, go to block the cashier from intervening.

Just as the guy with the beer goes to open the door, she sticks her foot out and watches as the guy falls to the ground. The other guys following him, fall on top of him, after tripping on him.

“Smile guys, you’re on the dumbest crooks around TV.” As Colette records them with her cell phone.

One of the guys looks up at the young woman recording them. He gets up and tries to knock Colette’s cell phone out of her hands. He misses as she steps back from him.

“Sorry, but I have already sent the picture to channel ten. You guys are going to be famous.” A smile appears on Colette’s face.

The police show up and arrest the young men. When they searched the guys, two of the three young men found two Glock handguns on them
with the serial number filed away. While Colette explained what happened and showed the video, she sent it to channel ten. She noticed that the female police officer that had shown up, kept looking towards her.

Colette wonders why the woman kept looking towards her. She watches as the older woman walks over to her. There was a smile on her face.

“Hi, I’m Officer Wicker, could you tell me what you saw, Ms.?”

“Thorton, Colette Thorton, mime extraordinary.” Colette liked adding on the last part.

Officer Wicker looked at Colette and couldn’t believe that this young woman had been the one she had been hearing about at the precinct. Some of the officers who knew Ms. Thorton spoke about how trouble always seemed to find her.

“You know, Ms. Thorton. You have a reputation down at the precinct.”

“Let me guess, trouble seems to follow me around?” Colette figures that was what people were saying about her.

“Yeah, it seems that trouble likes to find you.”

“I’m not hard to find, officer.” Colette smiles at Officer Wicker.

“From what I hear, that is true. Now, if you could tell me what happened. You can be on your way.”

“No problem.” Colette noticed that Officer Wicker had hazel eyes.

Colette starts telling Officer Wicker everything. She even shows the video of the guys as well. She notices that Officer Wicker smirks when she spots the young men fall to the ground.

After giving the officers a copy of the video. Colette leaves and goes to pick up some lunch. After lunch, she heads home to see if she has everything, she needs to do the strip show. She never exposes her own body but uses a nude body suit that has the right prosthetic body parts to cover her body.

She checks her email again and finds out that Mrs. Corning wants her to show up as Harley Quinn. A smile appears on her face, because she loved playing Harley. She knew the body measurements and the prosthetic parts on the nude stocking matched the ones for Harley Quinn.

It’s been a while since she has worn the body stocking. The last time she wore it, was for a gag she pulled on her friend. Her friend’s wife and her dressed similar to each other and pranked her friend.

She takes the suit and toss it in the washer, along with a few other items and run the washer on delicate. That way the suit won’t get damage. While the laundry was going, Colette walks into the kitchen and looks at what she wanted to make for dinner.

Colette decided to order out instead of cooking something. She dials her favorite sub shop and order a sub and onion rings. While she is waiting for the delivery, she selects a Batman, cartoon movie to watch.

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Trouble does seam to find ColetteIt

Samantha Heart's picture

This young lady never goes looking for trouble, but she sure seems to find it in the most unusual or usual places lol.

Love Samantha Renée Heart.